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Happy Tuesday everyone! Our wordsmith extraordinaire, David L. Hoyt, gave us a new clue word this morning. Last Wednesday brought NIFTY into the Jumble lexicon, and today he gave us HUBBY! It was solved in no time flat as were the rest of today’s offerings. MNHAU was used exactly eight months ago on 1/28/21 and was the only anagram returning for an encore.

Today’s car-tune introduced us to five young adults who were taking a pause between music pieces. The three flutists in the front were in seated positions and their gazes were focused on the conductor who was giving them instructions. The two violinists to the right, who were also in seated positions, decided to use the extra time to crack a punny joke using baroque. Baroque was also a clue to the final answer as Bach’s music was created during the Baroque period which Wikipedia says lasted from approximately 1600 to 1750.

The cartoon sentence gave us the names of the pieces they were practicing, but not being a classical music aficionado meant I’d be solving this one by ear. Some of the amazing details in the panel were six music stands with sheet music but no notes, the beginnings of a goatee on the chin of the male flutist seated to the far-right and my favorite which was the hair style of the conductor who looked an awful lot like Jumble Jeff!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The fact that there were so many repeating letters made BACH a cinch to find leaving TO for a speedy finish. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. //Mike


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  1. HUMAN = Last used on 01/28/21 as SAME ANAGRAM
    OCCUPY = Last used on 01/17/21 as COYCPU
    CAUGHT = Last used on 01/04/21 as GAHUCT

    MNHAU = Used on 01/28/21

  2. I have done many ‘Bach to Bach’ cruises and enjoyed them all……………
    Reading the cartoon dialog allowed me to solve the J.
    Anagrams quite easy.
    Clever solution was enjoyable!

  3. Good morning ! What a great jumble ! The words were so HUMAN and I didn’t get CAUGHT on any of them ! When I got the letters to the jumble I put the c , b, a , h , cause there were 2 of each and it jumped out BACH to BACH ! I went to sleep, then woke up and commented now ! Well I’m going back to OCCUPY my sleep again , so everyone enjoy and have a great day !

  4. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️


    🎶 Oh, GET BACK, yeah, get back….Get back to where you once belonged…Yeah, get back, get back…GET BACK to where you once belonged…🎶 “Get Back” – The Beatles 1970 https://tinyurl.com/6anayxjn

    🎻 It’s HUMAN nature to make jokes, and our girl’s out for fun,
    The other violinist’s saying…”Please stop…with the puns”…
    They OCCUPY a place there that is too close to be CAUGHT,
    Not listening to Maestro as Bach’s music is brought forth…
    (Is he somebody’s HUBBY…and if so is she okay,
    With how he’s wearing his hair…’cause it’s definitely on display)?
    But anyway he’s trying to ensure that should time lack…
    He’ll keep the pace by calling for the pieces “BACH” TO “BACH”…🎻

  5. 🎷 CAUGHT up in all the excitement, it was only HUMAN nature that they’d want to OCCUPY the entire front row, when the Club President’s HUBBY gave his solo performance at the opening of the two concerts, BACK TO BACK…🎷

    🔬Anatomy, the HUMAN kind had her and HUBBY too,
    Hitting the books both night and day just trying to get through…
    So CAUGHT up in their studies, it did all but OCCUPY,
    Whatever time they had each day…and weeks were going by…
    They had to find some leisure time…get themselves back on track…
    And change their schedule to cut out these classes…BACK TO BACK 🔬

    • Amazing ! Two of my favorite songs inspired by Bach ! I didn’t know 🎶like a “bridge over troubled water “ and wait , I hear something outside ! 🎶 Blackbird singing in dead of night 🎶. I am so impressed, thanks Angela ! Very nice ! Have a great day !

    • Amazing ! Bridge over troubled water 🎶. And Blackbird singing in the dead of night 🎶 were inspired by Bach ! Cool , thanks Angela ! Two of my favorites ! Have a good day !!!

  6. Spotted the puzzle answer in a short Blind Solve this morning…and will have to admit I needed to back in CAUGHT. All in all a good morning. Another song I don’t recognize. Will go back and listen later to see if I recognize the melody.

  7. Almost threw up my hands when I saw it was a classical music puzzle but the answer came quickly. Her Hubby is only Human so he was Caught trying to Occupy the couch to watch sports events “Bach” to “Bach” as Arnold Schwarzenegger might say. That’s all I got. Hot again today in flyover country but not very humid. Look both ways while crossing the street, kids.

  8. The musicians might just start to balk
    And keep their eye on the clock
    With piece after piece
    The work will increase
    That’s the way it is with Baroque!

    • Hi Helen…🙋🏻‍♀️

      🎻”Long-hair music” …it’s given that name,
      And of course we’re aware of its fame…
      And the Maestro seen here,
      Definitely has flair…
      Was his long hair his intended aim? 🎻

      🎻When it comes to the music by Bach,
      For the most part I’m under a rock…
      It’s just not my forte,
      Keys of B, D or A?
      I’m not part of that musical flock…🎻

      🎻Music classical does have its place,
      Much beloved by the human race…
      But for some it falls flat,
      No ac-chord is there that…
      Will allow them the music embrace…🎻

      🎻So our girl who is making the pun,
      Shows a cleverness definitely bar none…
      Her friend tries not to laugh,
      It would be quite the gaffe…
      And her concert days just might be done! 🎻

      🎻It’s Baroque that we deal with today,
      And our group seems to be in full sway…
      With the music of Bach,
      They hope they’ll have a lock…
      When they’re called on in Concert to play! 🎻

  9. Good morning. Another continuation from yesterday. No problem with the words or cartoon answer. Not a blind solve though. Enjoyed your song choice and extra information Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

      • Hey I did the same thing ! I’m with ya Marlene, I look up my reply and can’t find it so I text it again , so I had to hang up on my friend , Peety and his cousin RePeety !

  10. Another quick blind solve for me as well on a Tuesday no less.No syrprise for this former classical musician,who played several Bach fugues on his accordion,while a member of a concert accordion band,in the early 60’s, now a member of an accordion combo.

    • It’s been an easy week so far, Chuck. Wednesday is usually the turning point in terms of difficulty so we’ll see what it brings. Enjoy the rest of your day and be well.

    • Good afternoon, Betty. Brandenburg in the cartoon sentence was a great clue as well that I didn’t pick up on until after the solve. Very clever indeed! Wishing you a wonderful rest of your Tuesday. 🙂

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