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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! Pigs are very intelligent creatures. Google informs me that some studies have found that they’re actually smarter than dogs — and even 3-year-old children! They also supposedly have excellent long-term memories, and can solve problems just as well as chimpanzees. I think it’s unfair to call them stubborn, or even pigheaded when they refuse to move or relocate where people want them to. To me, the more intelligent an animal is, the more likely people will call it stubborn because it doesn’t respond to our commands. Show that farmer who’s boss, porky!

    All of today’s clue words were recycled repeats. Three of the anagrams were new though. The only one we’ve definitely had before was TEYPT. A slight pause on PHYHNE was my only hang up. Since it was the only one to cause a delay, I’ll pick it as the hardest anagram for today.

    It looks like this farmer is going to be putting someone’s snout on the wallow shame! His prize-winning pig is refusing to take a bath, and no amount of words or directional cues are going to get him into the tub any sooner. There were several details in today’s panel that I thoroughly enjoyed. My favorite was the different shades of mud on the underbelly of the pig. It looks like he’s been playing in the mud for quite some time, and some of it is drier and lighter in color than others. The knothole on the fence rail was probably the smallest and most difficult detail to see. You can go ahead and skip your next eye exam if you spotted it!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. Four of them were vowels and five were consonants. Since hog was mentioned in the cartoon sentence, I knew PIG was going to be in the final answer. With those letters removed, HEADED was easily found to seal the deal. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. BONUS:

    Here are the anagrams from the last time PIGHEADED was used as a final answer on 10/09/99. Can you solve them? I’ll post the answers later this afternoon! 🙂


  3. Oddly today’s J was not hard. I spent a short time on the anagrams and even shorter on the solution. I was not pig-headed. Not to be petty but I felt I triumphed on this one!

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well….🐖🙋🏻‍♀️

    🐖 My mind’s on pork with GARLIC, with some ginger…maybe braised,
    The puzzle ODDLY made me think of food…my senses raised
    But let’s deal with the task at hand, a hog who’s like a mule,
    He’s stubborn with a narrow mind…and don’t play by the rules…
    I bet he’s kind of PETTY too, behavior bad will siphon…
    A self-indulgence out of some…(do those words get a HYPHEN)?
    He’s dirty and he doesn’t care, he’s insolent besides,
    His attitude and language not the things Farmer abides
    The bottom line, our Hog right here, he’s one that’s oft times dreaded…
    ‘Cause hog or not, there’s no excuse for being so PIGHEADED! 🐖

  5. 🧄 Known for being an ODDLY personable, yet very PIG-HEADED man, (yes, it can have a HYPHEN)…he became PETTY about the GARLIC, insisting it be roasted…🧄

    🤷🏻‍♀️ Considering that she’s the chef, she felt he’s being PETTY,
    And ODDLY he’s here butting in…when things are hardly ready…
    She’s mincing up the GARLIC, giving him the old side eye,
    While curses with a HYPHEN, run through her head by and by…
    And if she hears him one more time talk battered vs breaded?
    She might explode and toss him out..he’s just so damn PIGHEADED! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I was flying through this, with what I thought was the greatest of ease, got to the end and thought “why is this not spelling out .. pigheaded”? Then realized I put DOLLY down, instead of ODDLY! 😜 Duh! Have a good one!

      • IKR! 😁 Hey! those old anagrams were a lot harder than today’s! Thanks for the bonus challenge! I got fed up with the 3rd one, taking too long, and finally went to Jumble Solver (I know…. I can hear …. “Boo Hiss” !!) But time was of the essence, and I just had to know! I’m sorry!😔 Hey, we are supposed to get up to 5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow here in PA! Talk about “Boo Hiss”! 😡Take Care All! 🤗

        • I thought they were quite challenging, Kim. And GAINED was almost spelled backwards! Good luck woth the snow if you get any. We were forecast to receive a few inches last weekend here in NH, but it never materialized. Hope you didn’t pack your shovel away!

  7. Just a Petty problem but I Oddly used the puzzle solve to find Garlic and then Hyphen was easy. Finding out that not being Pigheaded about how I solve makes things easier. Dreary on the Plains with rains but sun forecast for golf day on Friday. Happy April 20 to all and (for all us non-retired folk) time to get to work!

  8. No problems today. I loved Jeff’s drawing of the pig, though, I recently learned on National Pig Day that pigs are rather clean animals. They like to roll in the mud to stay cool.

    • …And yet pigsty is defined as a dirty, messy place! Hmm…A fly in the oinkment? Hope your day’s going well, Caroline. Stay safe out there…🐷🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Pretty easy-peesy today….A pig in the cartoon and they didn’t use the word “pig”. That was the big takeaway. So, like the others, will be a part of the 70% club today. Hooray !!!

  10. A Monday easy puzzle on a Tuesday,w repeated letters galore in petty,oddly,and even hyphen,to make the anagrams a quick soove,as well as with the obvious pig related cartoon solution.Snow overnight here,making it seem like March rather than April.

  11. Easy breezy puzzle this morning. Great cartoon picture. That’s one determined porker. Not sure who’s going to prevail.

  12. Hi all – The double letter trick showed the first two words quickly, and I just recognized the last two from previous puzzles and game apps. Then the answer was pretty obvious. A neat and tidy Jumble; nothing SLOPpy about it.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “It seemed ODDLY PETTY that the restaurant owners should have a PIGHEADED falling out over whether the menu item ‘GARLIC encrusted wings’ should have a HYPHEN in it or not.”

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