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Happy Thursday everyone! To bit, or not to bit, that is the question. Some horse trainers swear by them, while others say they’re cruel as they cause a horse to react based on pain. For those folks unfamiliar with horse tack, a bit is a piece of equipment that is put in a horse’s mouth to help the rider cue its movements. The problem some people have with them is that inexperienced riders can tug too hard on the reins, and the tension on the bit hurts the horse’s mouth. There are kinder alternatives to horse bits, such as sidepull bridles, which direct the whole head of the horse and avoid the mouth entirely.

There were no new clue words to be had today. A couple of the anagrams were new, but we’ve definitely bumped into CROUC and GATIMS before. GIFNE is the one that happened to STIRRUP the most trouble. I was seriously considering backing into it, but my third self-Jumble of FEGIN brought it into view. Phew!

Our cartoon brought us to a stable where where we saw a horse trainer holding a bridle in her hand. The horse’s MANE concern is that the bridle would interfere with its breathing. The trainer does her best to reassure the horse that all will be ok by giving it a gentle pet on the nose and offering up some words of encouragement. The fact that MOUTH and MOUTHPIECE were used clued me into BIT, but the rest of the answer remained a mystery.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. With BIT and A removed, the V in the remainder brought NERVOUS into focus for a speedy finish. Looking back, it should have been a blind solve, but oh well. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. //Mike


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  1. FEIGN = Last used on 08/03/16 as FENGI
    OCCUR = Last used on 08/18/21 as CORUC
    VIABLE = Last used on 06/19/21 as BAILEV
    STIGMA = Last used on 05/07/21 as GTAIMS

    CROUC = Used on 06/02/12, 11/17/60, 08/24/60, 07/22/59, 09/06/58
    GATIMS = Used on 09/30/12

  2. GottemALL!
    Fun, easy, peasy etc.
    IM working on creating a J puzzle so we will see how that goes…..

    • Good luck, Mig! I’ve created Jumble puzzles for years…It’s my art work that leaves much to be desired! 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. A good week to raise those batting averages…snapped up in record time. Will check later for Angela’s relevant song.

    • Hey Terry…Have a good one…🐎🙋🏻‍♀️ 🎶 I get a little BIT NERVOUS (I get a little BIT NERVOUS) around you…Get a little BIT stressed out (I get a little bit stressed)…”Nervous” – Shaun Mendes 2018 https://tinyurl.com/9cxa9ck9

        • He’s no Sinatra…(or Cole Porter for that matter)…😉…but he’s been around a few years, and he’s ok to listen to. Got all that angst in his music going for him…😉🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. No horsing around today. I’ll nominate “Horse with No Name” for song and, if that choice is Viable and should Occur, I won’t Feign that I don’t recognize the Stigma of me being stuck in the 70s. Obviously, I’m A Bit Nervous about such a label, but they don’t call me Old Omaha for nothing. Glorious weather on the Great Plains again today and tomorrow is dedicated to golf. Ryder Cup and locally.

    • Horse with No Name, by America, is metaphoric for a car. Note that horses have names but cars don’t. The song symbolizes a drive across the desert.

      • The car is very questionable…The song symbolizes a journey of self discovery… 🐎🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Good morning. Failed on Feign. Had to look it up. No blind solve but it was simple to get once I saw the letters. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Saw all anagrams promptly. When I saw the horse and mention of mouthpiece and a three letter word in the solution, I just knew bit had to be there leaving only the word nervous to be unscrambled. An easy Jumbling week so far; beautiful crisp morning today in South Georgia!!

  6. Stigma seemed like a recent repeat? Anagrams went quickly as did a and bit for the first 2 cartoon answers.I had to sort through the letters to see nervous as the final word,with the s and v quick tips to that answer.Temps down to 49 this morning for more than a hint of the fall arrival in Illinois.

  7. The four short words were for the most part words you would not use every day, especially FEIGN. That made this Jumble hard. There are all kinds of BITs lying around. This horse was probably purchased using BITcoin funds; it certainly cost more than two BITs (there isn’t even a coin for a single bit, 12.5 cents). Each stall of the stable either contains a horse or doesn’t contain one, so that the stalls can be regarded as BITs, and if the stable has eight stalls, the stable itself is a byte. This reminds me of the slogan chafing at the BIT, which happens if you hold your horses. So I learned a little BIT about horses today.

  8. A quick look at the days Jumble didn’t encourage me to do it…being lazy! After my coffee, horsing around with the first jumble, I easily solved it … the rest is history! Good Jumble!
    Let’s hope for a pleasant Fall! Can’t wait to enjoy the colours in the countryside !

  9. 🐎 With a horse who is starting to train,
    Trepidation there’s no need to feign…
    He’s nervous it’s true,
    The bridle all new…
    But his worry… we hope it won’t “rein” 😉 🐎

    🐎 A bridle is part of the deal,
    Soon the young horse, he won’t even feel…
    The bit that she holds.
    And the story unfolds…
    Stable life…on a most even keel…🐎 🙋🏻‍♀️

    • A BIT late today ad I had a very early start to the teaching day so thank you Angela for kicking off in the saddle

      The young horse who champed at the bit
      Didn’t think it a very good fit
      As he looked down askance
      Was there even a chance
      He would take it as even legit!

  10. I had a very early start today, checking students’ covid screening proof on their phone, so a late effort from the land of loonie limericks! See below Angela’s offerings.

  11. Had a hard time with this one ! , but look up “ a bridle in the morning “ poem by Paul Kerm . That’s all I got ! See you all tomorrow! Jumble down !

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