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  1. Happy Wednesday Jumble fans! There weren’t any new clue words to be had this morning. The scrambles for METAL and CAMERA were new while the other two have been seen before. According to my count, CORUC has been played 10 times, with 05/09/20 being the most recent and 04/24/64 the oldest. MCEAAR took two extra tries before coming into focus so it’ll be my pick for today’s hardest anagram.

    Adventurous cartoon of some folks visiting the largest National Park in the Continental US. Death Valley covers a total of 3.4 million acres (or 5,270 square miles), and only a few National Parks in Alaska are larger. Most of the park is located in California, with a small triangular-shaped piece of it being in Nevada.

    The sign that we see in the background of our cartoon is located just east of Olancha off California Highway 190. The blazing sun just above the sign coupled with the Park Ranger’s “Hello!” in the dialogue were both great clues, but they didn’t dawn on me until after the solve. A few of the smaller details I noticed were drops of sweat rolling down their faces, the Ranger’s hair being in a ponytail and a smart watch on his wrist.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. The layout was wonderfully cryptic and didn’t seem to give anything away. Looking at the letters in reverse made WELCOME quite easy to spot. WARM was a breeze to suss from the remainder and seal the deal.

    The temperature in Death Valley was 90 degrees at 10:30am est, with the high expected to be 108! There’s a 51% chance of thunderstorms on Friday, which I’m sure will be a welcome relief to the creatures that call Death Valley home. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day.

  2. METAL = Last used on 02/24/21 as ATEML
    OCCUR = Last used on 12/18/20 as UCROC
    CAMERA = Last used on 06/26/20 as RMEAAC
    WILLOW = Last used on 07/07/21 as OLWIWL
    WARM WELCOME = Last used on 12/25/13 as RMMCWWAELOE

    CORUC = Used on 05/09/20, 03/31/18, 04/04/06, 06/22/00, 05/21/94, 08/13/88, 04/12/82, 03/29/74, 09/17/69, 04/24/64
    LLWIWO = Used on 03/12/21

  3. CAMERA slowed me for a while but I got it and all the other anagrams. The second word of the solution also caused my boat to leak, but I got that also. An easyish J for a Wednesday….
    Dodgers had a great win last night. They are tied in the 5th tonight, so I think I need a fifth…
    Drinking it all in, I remain, Mig!

  4. Good morning. Two for two. Another easy jumble from the words to the blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. Didn’t happen in my camp….No clue to puzzle answer, but words done speedily and puzzle solved with the letters in front of me. Maybe Angela will sing Cole Porter’s “It’s Too Darn Hot” today !!

    • Hey Terry…There’s so much good music out there related to “heat”. A lot of them went through my mind. But I went with what I did because it was the first one that started “playing”. I think my favorite HOT song though would be The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City”, but it didn’t fit with the Death Valley thing! Anyway, here’s Miss Ella for you. Enjoy! https://tinyurl.com/9x55uktj 🌵🙋🏻‍♀️

      • You always make excellent choices….But if I were standing in Death Valley…and probably sweating…..I’d look around and say…”It’s Too Darn Hot”. See ya. TC

        • 😂 LOL! Yes, I’m sure you would…and not in those exact words either! 😱 But I’m glad you brought it up…Miss Ella did more than justice to this Cole Porter gift, and I definitely enjoyed listening to it again. So I thank you twice…Once for appreciating my choices, and again for “It’s Too Darn Hot”…Have a good one, Terry…Be well and stay safe out there…🔥🔥🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Another blind solve on the puzzle which was needed so I could put Camera together. “Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas is my song for the day in Old Omaha. A Warm Welcome will Occur for any Camera toting visitors to the famous Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium because the heat will test their Metal until they find a Willow tree to rest beneath.

    • Good Morning, OO. As I mentioned to Terry, there’s so many great songs out there that relate to “Heat” and “Hot”. This one too came up for discussion last night…and it’s one of the old 45’s that are in the collection I inherited from my Father. This one’s for you! Enjoy your day, OO. Stay safe out there… https://tinyurl.com/58mkpz2c

      • Your dad and I are likely both Baby Boomers. I grew up in the 1960s and the music cannot be topped! Thanks for pulling up the video.

        • You’re very welcome, OO..But no, my Dad was pre-Boomer. He was a music lover who amassed an unbelievable collection…that He inherited, and added to…and after His passing, it all became mine. It starts with tons of 78’s…and runs through the decades..and I treasure it, along with the appreciation of music that He instilled in me. It seems like there’s always something playing around in my head! 😂 Have a good one, OO…and here’s hoping we never lose our love of good music! 💽🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. The ranger was there to greet
    And advise of the scorching heat
    “You’ll need a souvenir
    To prove you were here
    So a photo will be hard to beat!

    • Hi Helen….

      🌵 Death Valley’s no place for the weak,
      With that sun and the temperature at peak
      And the guide says “It’s hot…
      So first stand at this spot…
      Have a picture for proof, so to speak…” 🌵

  8. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶The HEAT is on (flames are burning higher)…The HEAT is on (Baby, can’t you feel it) …”The Heat Is On”…Glenn Frey 1984

    🌵Death Valley lives up to its name…it’s hot, it’s dry, it’s low,
    Yet people visit its huge park..as we see these two go…
    They take along a CAMERA, and their walking sticks of METAL,
    And hike a trail in all that heat…you wonder why they’d settle…
    To be in the Earth’s hottest place, where trouble can OCCUR
    The dizziness and headaches…not to mention the heel spurs…
    You’ll see a lot of cacti, but not a WILLOW tree,
    And even though these two are warned…we see them both agree…
    That despite what the guide’s telling them, with sweat upon his brow,
    They still intend to venture forth…at least they will for now…
    They’ll have their picture taken, and neither is looking glum…
    Let’s hope that they fare well out there…after their WARM WELCOME! 🌵

  9. Took 4 tries 4 me to get camera! Everything else was instant! 📸 😉 Take care, out there! 🌧

  10. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Trying to guarantee that nothing untoward might OCCUR, they felt the need to install a METAL detector and a security CAMERA at the entrance to the WILLOW Brook Fair…still hoping to evoke a feeling of WARM WELCOME…🤷🏻‍♂️

    📱 He photographed the METAL shed with the CAMERA of his phone,
    He did the same with WILLOW trees and horses colored roan…
    They wanted pics of everything, in case theft might OCCUR,
    And agreed that they would pay him not by hour, but pic per…
    He did just as they wanted, though it might reach quite a sum…
    But they didn’t mind…Their main concern?…Project a WARM WELCOME…📱

  11. Anagrams went quickly as did the cartoon solution,after I got warm as the first word.Today’s Jumble reminded me of a drive we made in 1981 thru Death Valley in a non air onditioned Chevy Citation hatchback w our 3 kids in the back.On an unrelated topic,today is my birthday,so I send comparable greetings to my fellow birthday celebrants.

    • Happy Birthday 🎈 Professor! Wishing you a wonderful day! Cento Anni! 🍷🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Chuck. According to one of my calendars other folks who shared or share your birthday are: Meriwether Lewis, Shelley Winters, Roberto Clemente, Patrick Swayze, Edward Norton, Denis Leary, Christian Slater, Andy Smberg &and Miesha Tate – so you’re in good company. 🎉 🎈

        • ROTFL!! 😂😂 Yeah, ok…My good Sir, it’s Edward “L” Norton you speak of!….The “L” stood for Lillywhite, which I believe may have been his Mother’s maiden name. And you never fail to give me a smile. Hope is well with you and yours, Chuck. Always a pleasure to see you, and I wish you good one. 🙋🏻‍♀️

        • Hope “ALL” is well with you and yours, Chuck. Always a pleasure to see you, and I wish you “A” good one. …*@7=! &# fingernails! 💅🏻 🙋🏻‍♀️

          • L for Lillywhite. Thanks, Angela, I didn’t know that! I wonder if she approved of his profession.. Have a good one..

            • The position of Engineer in Subterranean Sanitation? I’m sure she did. As Ed would explain, “It might not have been a white collar job…but it was a good “wet” collar one”! A noble profession! 😂…And I think it might even have been his Mother who gave him this little “motto”…that always gave him “comfort in time of need”…“When the tides of life turn against you, and the current upsets your boat.. Don’t waste those tears on what might have been, just lay on your back and float.”…Here’s to us all floating ‘oer the troubled waters, Chuck! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. Easy today. No problem with CAMERA. For the answer, my first guess was “nice picture”, but that isn’t very clever. Surprisingly, I saw WELCOME before WARM.

    I’ve been to Death Valley NP three or four times, but never in the summer. It has beautiful views and interesting geology. Highly recommended.

  13. Pretty easy puzzle for a Wednesday. Welcome came to me first and then warm was a given. We’ve had a good week so far. Wishing all of you a good day.

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