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Happy Wednesday everyone!  There weren’t any new clue words to start the month of September.  All of the anagrams are returning as new though.  The ones that spell out numbers are some of the hardest for me to see so I’ll choose RHYTTI as the most difficult anagram for today.  

Today’s cartoon brings us to a park where we see a couple walking their dog.  The cartoon sentence informs us that the gentleman had been struggling with a gambling addiction, and the fact that he’s out for a stroll indicates that he’s replaced it with the healthy habit of exercise.  In the background we saw a couple of young men playing catch with a football, but what caught my attention was the clock tower displaying a time of 4pm.  We’ve seen this clock tower at least a half-dozen times in the past, but nobody seems to know where it’s located.  Although it wasn’t relevant to the final solve, it’d be cool to solve this mystery once and for all.  To sweeten the deal, I’ll send the first person to correctly identify the location in the comments section an “I ❤️ Jumble” coffee mug as my way of saying thanks!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. The visual clue of him being overweight and the dialogue exchange between him and his partner made “BETTOR” OFF a blind solve. We had a similar solution back on 04/05/11. In that one the cartoon sentence was: WHAT THE POKER PLAYER WAS WHEN HE WAS LATE FOR THE GAME, and the solution was: BETTER OFF. I like today’s a whole lot bet-ter. On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. —Mike


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  1. FLOOR = Last used on 01/23/20 as LOFRO
    BOTCH = Last used on 09/08/17 as TCOBH
    INFUSE = Last used on 08/15/21 as FNSUIE
    THIRTY = Last used on 01/24/19 as HRYITT


  2. Good Morning, Everyone. 🏈 WHEN ALL BETS ARE OFF 🏈

    🎶 I’m DONE with pretending, I’m over regret…I’m not gonna cry another tear for a love that’s already dead…I’m MOVING ON, and I made it through hell…Now that I know, I’m BETTER OFF loving myself…🎶 “Better Off” – Ryland James 2020 https://tinyurl.com/253t6dmz

    🏈 I guess he hit rock bottom, saw his life scraping the FLOOR,
    And his wife said, “One more BOTCH up…and you’ll def be out the door”…
    She tried hard to INFUSE in him that he needed to quit…
    The sitting ‘round and gambling…that had turned him so unfit
    He finally decided to just let that monkey go,
    So now they’re walking every day, THIRTY minutes or so
    It’s water he’ll be drinking…no more gambling and beer quaff…
    And happy now they’re looking as he’s so much “BETTOR” OFF! 🏈

  3. 🤷🏻‍♂️ After the FLOOR manager warned him that he would BOTCH the entire THIRTY cases of gin if he didn’t INFUSE them properly, he decided he’d be BETTER OFF just leaving it to the more seasoned employees…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🤦🏻‍♀️ “INFUSE in boiling water”, the directions said to do,
    And she had THIRTY flowers that she still had to go through…
    Afraid that she might BOTCH it all, she’s pacing ‘round the FLOOR,
    And realizing she’s lost the confidence she had before…
    She looked at the directions one more time and had to scoff…
    She’d read them wrong…she’s quitting…knowing she’ll be BETTER OFF…🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Clever little puzzle this morning with a not so surprising Blind Solve. All anagrams solved speedily except couldn’t quite put THIRTY together….and trying to back it in, had to ask myself if Puzzle used BETTOR/ER…and that took some jumbling time in my brain.

    • Hey Terry, Good Morning …He’s a BETTOR who’s gone OFF betting…So he’s both a “BETTOR, OFF” (inclusive quotes in this case)😉, who’s Better off! There was a solve of BETTER OFF used back on 04/05/11, and at the time David said he waffled between the two, but liked the Better, better…😂…and was saving the Bettor for another day…Well, here we are! And I think I like it BETTER this time around! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    • The quotes were the big hint that BETTOR would be the better choice. 🙂
      It’s always a pleasure reading your comments, Terry. Thank you for taking time out of your morning to leave them.

  5. Increasingly, the Jumble is a source of calm in my mornings. I would be “Bettor” Off if I could Infuse some of that serenity, get off the Floor after a mishap and not Botch the job at hand. Keep your eyes on the horizon and tack with the wind.

  6. It’s time to switch off the bets.
    Tidy up, pay off the debts
    Now it’s his wife who is betting
    That the new path they’re setting
    Is going to be as good as it gets!

    • Good Morning, Helen. I hedged my BETS, and approached it from both ends…Before and after…And as you, I made sure that the wife was the good SPORT in the end! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

      🤦🏻‍♂️ A monkey he had on his back,
      ‘Cause his gambling had gotten off track…
      His wife did berate,
      “You just have to get straight…
      Or your bags you’ll be needing to pack”…🤦🏻‍♂️

      👫🏻It’s a happy pair now that we see,
      ‘Cause that monkey he forced it to flee…
      And his wife’s feeling good,
      After all she’s withstood…
      Glad he’s back to who he used to be! 👫🏻

  7. Seemed like a Monday after the almost blind solve of the obvious cartoon solution.Anagrams were almost as easy w a pause on infuse that looked like fusion at first.Our high temps have dropped into the 70’s for a welcome respite from the August heat on this first day of September.Tom Skillings as has our local weather forecaster,has pointed out that the meteorological summer ends on Aug 31.

    • The fact that we saw INFUSE a couple of weeks ago on 8/15 made it easy for me to spot. But now that you mention it, I can see how it could look like fusion.

      We’re in the 70’s here too, Chuck. Remnants of Ida will bring 2-4” of rain later this afternoon. My phone emitted an alert tone early this morning warning me of a flash flood watch for my area. I’ve never received one before so it was pretty neat to get.

  8. No fuss, no muss, no bother; do I seem ‘vleecr’?
    Easy daily jumble completed quickly….
    Fall like weather in La La Land but a change is a coming!
    Dodgers now 1/2 game out of first with a month or so to go, let the fun begin!

  9. His wife’s name was Betty Botter. Betty Botter put some butter in her bitter batter and made it taste better. But was it good for her husband? Did the better (not bitter) tasting pancakes mean he was BETTER OFF? or BETTOR OFF?

  10. No blind solve, but an easy one! Had to look up “Whale” after voting! I had never heard of the term before, and always get a kick out of the “ None of the above” voting words too! Always a little pun, all of their own! Makes my day too! I know they never get talked about much on here, but they are noticed and appreciated too! And, Mikey, you are a such little sleuth, by the way! 😉😉! Have a great day all!

    • Congrats on the solve, Kim! And thanks for mentioning the puns in the poll question. If you only knew how many hours it takes to come up with some of them it’d scare you! I always test them on my wife and kids and if they get a *groan*, I know they’re good enough to use. Your compliments definitely made my day! Take care, Kim. 🙂

      • You do a good job! I have always gotten a kick out of those little “poll” puns, as well! And I do a little head scratch…. Thinking ….”Now, how did he come up with that one”?🤔 Always very fitting to the subject at hand! 😁 Many compliments to you! No pressure though, and no worries! Take good care too! ☺️

  11. Hi,
    I hope I don’t BOTCH this answer, but I would like to answer your question about the clock tower in the illustration. Is it the clock tower at Memorial University of Newfoundland? After thinking about it for THIRTY minutes, I’m not sure about the 4 o’clock time. That has me FLOORed. While I continue to drink my tea INFUSEd with lemon, I can only think my answer might be a gamble and I might be BETTOR OFF going out for a walk. Have a good day!

    • Thanks for taking a shot at it, Jane. It’s been nothing but crickets so I appreciate the effort.

      I Googled your suggestion, and although close, I don’t think it’s an exact match. The bottom portion of the tower is different than the one in today’s cartoon. Your sentence using the words was delightful and enjoyable to read. Thank you for including it in your reply. 🙂

      I’ll do a giveaway for the mug after Labor Day if nobody figures it out. Be well, Jane.

  12. Almost looks like the Bell Tower at Chautauqua Institute in Chautauqua, New York. I know it’s not! The top is different! Oh well, why am I even on here! Do I hear more crickets! 👂🏻….🦗🦗🦗🦗 Yep, there they are! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. Good evening. Back home safe and sound from Atlantic City. On the way I forgot to take my paper on the bus so I was unable to do it. Had my neighbor pick it up. First time in quite awhile the church had a bus going. I quit with $6;00 to the good. Take care.

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