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Happy Thursday everyone!  Both of the six-letter anagrams gave me quite a challenge this morning.  ORIGIN will be my pick for the hardest one because all I kept seeing was IRONING.  The triple vowels in EXPIRE took a couple of seconds to sort through, but once I latched onto “EX,” the rest of the answer flowed quite nicely. None of the clue words were new offerings, but two of the scrambles, RNIKB and PRXIEE, returned as such.

Jumble Jeff left us quite a few “Jems” in today’s cartoon! In the back left we saw some folks trading an electric guitar for a French horn. To their right we see what appears to be a wine decanter (or maybe a tea infuser?) being swapped for a Rolling Stones album. The most notable exchange came from the flea-musketeers in the foreground. They were looking to part with their GIZMO toy, and the vendor thinks a couple of Hummel figurines would be a fair trade. GIZMO is the name of Jumble Jeff’s precious pooch, and we’ve seen him numerous times in the past. The Jumble game in the child’s hands was also fun to spot, but the “What’s in Jeff’s Head” game really caught my eye. The name of the game is actually “What’s in Ned’s Head?” and Jeff invented it back in 2003! He also created another game called “Monster Under My Bed!” but it wasn’t featured today.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The cartoon sentence mentioning the tally of folks in attendance had me thinking “MORE OR LESS,” but writing out the clue letters made it apparent that my guess was incorrect. The “V” eventually led me to GIVE and the rest — making today’s solve the hardest one for me (so far) this week! We had a similar solve back on 01/27/15. In that one the answer was GIVE AND TAKE, and the cartoon sentence was: GETTING A GOOD DEAL AT A SWAP MEET INVOLVED A LOT OF – – -.

On to tomorrow! Until then, be well and enjoy the day. —Mike


22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/02/2021

  1. Give or Take was my most difficult solve but it was all good!
    I liked the cartoon but am not a flea market enthusiast so all I could do was put letters together.
    Tomorrow will be fun, I expect……

  2. Good Morning, Everyone. 🔁 SWAP ‘TIL YOU DROP 🔁

    🎶’ Cause I know it’s a GIVE AND TAKE..and I know make no mistakes…Some might stay and some may go…Oh I know it’s a GIVE and TAKE…🎶 “Give and Take” – Stone Jets 2018 https://tinyurl.com/7m586z6

    🔁 They say that one man’s treasure can come from another’s trash,
    And sometimes you get lucky…and you’re looking at some cash…
    The kid here is a savvy one, with Jumble game in hand,
    And “What’s In Jeff’s Head”😉lying there? Worth maybe what? A grand?
    The Jumble box…who’s pictured there? Is that Gizmo we see?
    And if it is…where’s his sidekick? The Princess Miss Fifi?…
    There’s so much stashed in this cartoon, Jeff’s Gems they run amok…
    And since this is just swapping…looks like some will be in luck…
    (The Hummels though? Look closely…and you may get a surprise
    I’m staying mum on that one…ask no questions…tell no lies)!
    What maybe many years ago was sitting in a VAULT,
    The ORIGIN not known and therefore no one did exalt…
    But treasures don’t EXPIRE, so their value doesn’t sink,
    And oft’times one may swap or sell, if money’s on the BRINK…
    So if you partake of these meets…be sure, for goodness sake…
    To know that what you’re trading’s not worth thousands…GIVE OR TAKE! 🔁 🙋🏻‍♀️

    😉 “Whats In Ned’s Head” – A game created by Jeff Knurek

    • On the front table, there’s also one of those Tricky Triangle Peg Games that are popular at Cracker Barrel Restaurants, and atop the “Jeff’s Head” Game is a Monopoly Game that looks to be a Cat vs Dog Edition. The plate near the two Hummels, (“School Boy” and “Umbrella Joy”), and the Owl under the table of the guy selling the albums…I can’t identify. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. 💸 They were pretty much on the BRINK of bankruptcy, GIVE OR TAKE the few thousand left in the VAULT, so they decided to research the ORIGIN of the company, before they saw the last of the money EXPIRE. 💸

    🐟 He saw the fish EXPIRE, one by one they bit the dust,
    The ORIGIN of the sickness…discover it he must…
    He wondered if there were some notes, perhaps stashed in the VAULT…
    He’d hate for the old man to think that this was all his fault…
    The vault search it proved futile, and he’s feeling on the BRINK,
    Of totally just freaking out, best he ‘fess up he thinks…
    “Hello, Sir, yes some bad news…there’s a need to hold a wake…
    Somehow some fish are dead here…Uh…like twenty…GIVE OR TAKE”? 🐟

  4. Angela, I’ll start with this, although there area number of possibilities and a lot of detail in the cartoon. it’s still early in the day – for me.

    When it’s a question of give and take
    The choice is yours to make
    If you like what you see
    And to a price you agree
    You’ll just hope that it’s not a mistake!

    • Good Morning, Helen.

      🤷🏻‍♀️ Little treasures like those we see here,
      Weigh their value by what one holds dear…
      But you just never know,
      Something could be worth dough…
      So with value one needs to be clear! 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • I’ve never been to a Swap Meet Helen, so I’m not sure either. There doesn’t seem to be any money displayed anywhere though, so I think it’s just the trading. Swap = Give or Take, making a good pun of David’s estimate of the crowd size?…🤷🏻‍♀️

          • I just wondered if a swap meet was another piece of Americana. Sorry to hear about rain in NYC. Watching Open tennis yesterday evening, it seems there was a deluge and that it’s continuing today.

        • The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “swap meet” as: A gathering for the sale or barter of usually secondhand objects. I’ve never been to one, but you’re right, Helen. It does sound like a bit of both.

  5. Somewhat of a partial blind solve this morning….looked at puzzle answer, had the answer on the tip of my tongue, thought a few seconds…and then my eyes peeked ever so slightly at the words and I spotted a G, V and K, which gave the answers I needed. Just like in aviation when practicing flying in the clouds, a peek is worth a thousand cross-checks !!! Old instrument flying adage.

  6. I love me some flea markets but, Give or Take a few minutes, this was a tough puzzle solve. You’re so right, Angela. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! My weekend starts after work today and it’s much needed. Have fun this Labor Day and remember all the union folk who made it possible!

  7. Good morning. No problem with the words or cartoon answer. First time hearing your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. I had give for the first cartoon word but thought the 2 letter word was to,which prevented my getting the complete give or take solution,

  9. No problem with the anagrams or cartoon solution this morning though I don’t do swap meets or garage sales. They’re just not my thing. I hope all of you East Coasters have avoided the wrath of Hurricane Ida. Our poor state is on 🔥 fire – beautiful Lake Tahoe is a mess. Blessings to the fire fighters and all those folks who help us through these disasters. Stay safe all.

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