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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…✖️WHEN “X” MARKED THE SPOT”✖️

    🎶 It’s A SIGN OF THE TIMES…And I know that I won’t have to wait much longer…Maybe my lucky star at last decided to shine…Maybe somebody knows how long I’ve waited to make you mine…🎶 “ Sign of the Times” – Petula Clark 1966 https://tinyurl.com/u8283t38

    ✖️I know David’s a kind man, who just loves the use of words,
    But these he’s given here today? With this theme? Quite absurd…
    We’re talking ‘bout the symbol “X”, and I’ve got CAVIAR?
    Combine it with the ENZYME?…I’m lowering the bar…
    I’ll talk about how symbols helped the GROWTH of modern Math,
    And found a way to INFUSE easier ways goin’ down that path…
    But nothing’s doing much here to help SOOTHE my ego bruised,
    Because there’s not ENOUGH to speak of Math with the words used…
    I’m “totaling” my losses, feeling just plumb out of rhymes…
    And hoping that this won’t now become A SIGN OF THE TIMES! ✖️

    While we can trace Multiplication back at least 4,000 years, to the TIME of the Babylonians, the “X” symbol representing it wasn’t seen until the 1600s. https://tinyurl.com/xb7djece Now, let’s be honest…Show of hands…How many TIMES in your life have you thought about that?…Same here…But today, once again, through the wonder of the Jumble, we’re all about to get schooled…(no pun intended)…

    In a repeat of last Sunday’s puzzle, we’ve no new words to ADD to the Jumble lexicon, but it looks like five of our six anagrams may be appearing for the first TIME. But TOSHOE? A shoe-in! We’ve seen it, as is, at least five TIMES over the years, and it always entertains. TO SHOE…I like it. And as for today’s degree of difficulty? I’d say there may have been a TOTAL of maybe three or four various erroneous guesses being bandied about amongst the Early Birds…until they all came home to roost…But the solve? SIGN them all up as Jumble experts, because to a man, no DIVISION, they SUMMED it up in no TIME…

    So…Circa mid-1600s, today we find ourselves in the European chamber of a Mathematician, who most likely is William Oughtred https://tinyurl.com/6pwsbk7r …Although ODDs have it that it might be John Napier https://tinyurl.com/yt2s8hj2 …but it’s iffy…and I’m not TOTALly sure..(Y’all know how bad I am when it comes to Math)…But if I was up against the wall? I’d put my money on Oughtred. Anyway, the two men we see, are discussing the multiplication of the number 5, and as we can gather from their dialogue, how the development of the symbol “X”, and its subsequent standardization, was revolutionary and exciting for its TIME…The new Math symbol was…A SIGN OF THE TIMES! Now is that not a TOTALly clever solution, or what?

    Jeff’s Gems? I love the period clothing, and the meticulously beautiful Italic script shown on the parchment. So elegant. And there’s a row of bound scrolls lying on a back table. There’s also a second sheet of paper, showing the number 55, which has a lot of different meanings. https://tinyurl.com/3r7y2r2s But what Jeff’s looking to SYMBOLize here, I’m not sure. Maybe he’ll tell us…But the little gem that caught my eye? If you look real closely, you’ll see that he’s ADDED a writing implement, with an elaborate period-point, which may be a feather, into the left hand of the man at left…So, is our guy a leftie? I hope so…it’s about TIME we see another southpaw in our cartoons!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one…Be well, stay safe and take some TIME out today to smell the roses…✖️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🙇🏻‍♂️ It was A SIGN OF THE TIMES that the CAVIAR, containing a GROWTH of a questionable ENZYME, was ENOUGH to infuriate some people, and a total recall was the only way to INFUSE a sense of safety, and SOOTHE the angry patrons…🙇🏻‍♂️

    👨🏻‍🏫 The teacher said an ENZYME makes sugar out of starch,
    The lesson in Biology now dealing with that arch…
    The extraction with CAVIAR came up and was discussed,
    And chemical reaction when it came to iron rust…
    He tried to INFUSE all he could into the lesson plan,
    Like how bacteria slowed GROWTH…and what things should be banned…
    How systemic enzymes proved to SOOTHE a stomach’s griping pains,
    And how the enzymes played a part when dealing with some grains…
    He hoped it all would be ENOUGH…because he knew enzymes
    Would show up on the finals…being A SIGN OF THE TIMES…👨🏻‍🏫

  3. Hello Angela:

    Well, John Napier certainly knew how to multiply; he had 12 children. Quite a lad. At school, I was reminded of him daily, as I walked past what remains of his ancestral home. I never quite mastered logarithms however, maybe just too close for comfort.

    My limerick’s on its way. I have an early game of tennis first.

    • Good Morning, Helen…Seems like old John really took, “Go forth and MULTIPLY” to heart! ✖️🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Interesting that he had 12 children. I guess he didn’t like prime numbers and so avoided 11 or 13.

        • I’m trying to find something that I read last night that said he had 14 children from two different wives, but I can’t pull it up. I went through too many articles…my brain was fried…But I think it did mention that he lost children in infancy.🙋🏻‍♀️

          • Below is what I have found, from wikipedia. There were likely more children, possibly an infinite number, who did not survive infancy. Interesting too that Napier was the son of a 16 year old dad. A prolific family! Napier University in Edinburgh is a highly popular choice for math and computing studies and of course nowadays, IT.

            In 1572, Napier married 16-year-old Elizabeth, daughter of James Stirling, the 4th Laird of Keir and of Cadder.[31] They had two children. Elizabeth died in 1579, and Napier then married Agnes Chisholm, with whom he had ten more children.

            • This is taken from the “Clan Napier Society” site…There’s a ton of conflicting data out there. This site says his father was 17….Suffice to say record-keeping back then didn’t always ADD up… And suffice to say the man definitely ADDED to the world’s population at the time! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

              …He married, firstly in 1572-3, Elizabeth Striveling (or Stirling), daughter of Sir James Striveling of Keir and his wife Jane Cheisholime (Chisholm), by whom he had at least four children, according to available sources: Archibald (who became the first Lord Napier); Joan (who is mentioned in a document of 1595), and Agnes and Barbara (probably twins because they were both christened on the same day, 18 September 1575 according to the Old Parish Registers). This Agnes is probably the Agnes that is sometimes referred to as the daughter of John and his second wife (see below). It is not known what became of Barbara but it is likely that she died young.. Elizabeth died in 1579 and John married for a second time. All that is known about the date of this marriage is that it took place “a few years after the death of his first wife”. His second wife was Agnes Chisholm, from the same Chisholm family that had provided the second wife of his great-grandfather.. In fact, Agnes Chisholm was a second cousin of John’s first wife, and also a second cousin of his father! This second marriage produced at least ten children…

  4. Unusually easy Sunday solve…and a blind one at that !!! All accomplished within less than a minute. Even the words spelled out fairly easy today…It doesn’t happen that often, so will relish the moment this morning. See you Monday. Will have to listen to song and history lesson later. Thanks for sending.

  5. Infuse and caviar gave me reason to pause,but having gotten the anagrams,I was thinking a shot in the dark rather than a sign of the times for the cartoon solution .I also regarded the ‘x’ as an unknown as in algebra,rather than the multiplication ‘times’ sign,so was stumped by the cartoon solution,even though I’m a retired math prof.A nice quiet at home Sunday for us today.Enjoy the day.

    • Point well taken with the ✖️, Professor!😉 Hoping you enjoy your day too…✖️🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. A number of configurations came to mind today. Here’s one:

    When figuring out the relation
    Every time you do an equation
    Learning the tables
    Definitely enables
    And you’ll find the solution is multiplication!

    • Hi Helen…I don’t think any of what I wrote this morning follows closely to yours. I just stayed with the puzzle itself. But there might be a bit in each of these that ADD to your thoughts! ✖️🙋🏻‍♀️

      ✖️While Math’s all about the equation,
      Came a man who rose to the occasion…
      And he multiplied hence,
      And it all made great sense…
      Plus it wasn’t a time of dissuasion! ✖️

      ✖️While a sign of the times’ what we see,
      To these guys it was nothing but glee…
      It would benefit all,
      As they answered the call…
      And that symbol of “X” was the key! ✖️

  7. Good morning. Took the easy road as it’s time to get out. Looked up one of the simple words and then straight to the cartoon answer. Saw your perfect song choice Angela. Will look at rest later on. Take care. Stay healthy.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you…but this morning, the song picked itself! Talk to you later…And be safe out there…✖️🙋🏻‍♀️

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