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  1. Happy Thursday everyone! For a moment I thought MATRIX was going to be a new clue word, but it turns out it was used once before back on 05/16/13. So close! Three of our scrambles were new though, with NEESS being the only repeat. I located it in six different puzzles. The most recent use was on 12/05/19 and the oldest on 09/20/12. All of the jumbles solved quickly except for MATRIX. I figured the X would go at the end of the layout, but all I could come up with was TARMIX and RIMTAX! Since it took a few extra minutes to solve, I’ll make it my pick for today’s hardest anagram.

    Today’s cartoon showed us a line of 11-people that were waiting to get into a show. All of the characters were arranged in groups of two except for the shadowy figure in the back who appeared to be by himself. The poster on the exterior of the building identified the show as JUMBLE THE MUSICAL. Underneath the title was an image of a person that had their arm raised in the air. It looked exactly like the poster from the play Hamilton, but with one exception. In Hamilton, the character was standing on a star, while this poster had the character standing inside a clue-letter box! Just below that were a few letters that seemed to hint at one of the actors that would be performing. The letters were: MAN RANDA, which was enough for me to get Lin-Manuel Miranda. For those who don’t know, Lin was the brilliant mind that created Hamilton. David and his wife Claire also made an appearance. I didn’t pick up on any clues in their dialogue exchange, but it sure was nice to see them again! The only other detail I noted was a person wearing a WILCO shirt near the end of the line.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. The layout was OUTSTANDING, but the leading nature of the sentence made it an instant solve. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow plays out. Until then, be well and enjoy the day!

  2. SENSE = Last used on 03/28/20 as SSEEN
    GUMBO = Last used on 07/09/19 as MUOGB
    DAINTY = Last used on 07/02/19 as DAYTIN
    MATRIX = Last used on 05/16/13 as RAXMIT

    NEESS = Used on 12/05/19, 03/17/16, 02/10/16, 07/18/14, 05/02/13, 09/20/12

  3. Good Morning, Everyone… 🔠 JUMBLE…THE MUSICAL! 🔠

    🎶 OUTSTANDING (So OUTSTANDING, yeah)….Girl, you knock me out…Exciting (I’m so excited, Baby)…You make me wanna shout…🎶 “Outstanding” – The Gap Band 1982 https://tinyurl.com/ymj7e8n

    🔠 We wait in line for many things, but sometimes we don’t mind,
    To see a show that’s such a hit…lately it’s a rare find…
    Perhaps some DAINTY hand-held treats might make some SENSE to bring,
    While waiting patiently to hear the Jumble chorus sing…
    The music kin to GUMBO…a mix of this and that,
    And all the reviews out so far have never fallen flat…
    The MATRIX is a wide one, Claire and David understanding…
    And so they’d stand to see a show that’s simply spelt OUTSTANDING! 🔠

    • And the play’s logo, as Mike mentioned, the man’s image encircled in the square letter box, is a direct take-off of the way Jeff always presents his Signature Jumble “J” logo. Brilliant! Can we SPELL art…imitating art? 🔠🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Sitting here in Frankfurt with NY Times int’l newspaper… So jumbled earlier than the USA. Blind solve again… think the thought clue was “standing in line” …. whick gave the answer. That said, was glad I solved it as had to back in MATRIX.

  4. 🥪 She didn’t think it made any SENSE to serve DAINTY finger sandwiches along with her OUTSTANDING GUMBO…it just didn’t fit the MATRIX…🥪

    🍲 To keep within their MATRIX, she just figured common SENSE,
    Too DAINTY or too rugged…she need find a good balance…
    The menu choice left up to her…GUMBO was what she chose,
    Since this group goes for spicy…least as far as she now knows…
    She’d love a permanent job here, so she’s def pushing her branding…
    And hoping when the night’s over, they’ll call her dish OUTSTANDING! 🍲

  5. An Outstanding Jumble to be sure. Continually amazed by details in the cartoon. Not to be Dainty but it feels like the Matrix while trying to make Sense of Jeff’s tasty Gumbo of images. Got out the magnifying glass to check Mike’s evaluation and he’s spot on. Looking forward to time off as the heat turns near 100 this weekend.

  6. Good morning. Had to look up Matrix. I couldn’t get it no matter how I changed the letters. Once you see it you wonder how you missed it. Once I had the letters down it was another quick solve on the cartoon. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. To see this blockbuster show,
    These folks would line up in the snow,
    But it’s up for debate,
    Just what’s “worth the wait”
    The time, the weather or the dough?

    • Hi Helen…👏🏻👏🏻

      🎭 With a play written by Lin-Manuel,
      Stands to reason the tickets will sell…
      And they’re in such demand,
      In long queues you will stand…
      For the hype…well, it hardly will quell! 🎭

  8. Each of the anagrams were troublesome at first but readily popped into mind with dainty and matrix being the last solves.The cartoon solution was virtually a blind solve with all the patrons out standing in a line to get in.Speaking of Broadway shows,I really wasn’t a theater fan,but the president of WIU ,Al Goldfarb was a theater professor, who organized annual summer trips to NYC to see a week’s worth of Broadway shows,and tour the sites of NY in the daytime.My wife and I joined the trip several summers,and enjoyed the experience,and even I became a theater fan.

  9. DAINTY took the longest for me, as the other jumbles were quickly solved. For the answer, I saw ING, and with the letters left, guessed astounding. However, there was another irritating T left over. Then I saw sound, but that didn’t work either. Then I looked back at the picture and realized the people were standing in line, and got OUTSTANDING.

  10. Slight pause at matrix but other than that things fell into place nicely this morning. Thanks for all the details, Mike. Have a good day all.

    • Hi Betty. You sure dodged a bullet on MATRIX! It wasn’t so easy for me.

      My pleasure as always. Wishing you a wonderful Thursday! 🙂

  11. Hi all – MATRIX took me the most jumbles to see. The length of the answer was daunting, but as soon as I wrote the letters I saw OU and then OUT and then the rest, which fit the picture.

    My thanks also for the details, Mike and Angela. Never would have noticed.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The new chef got the SENSE that his spice MATRIX was far too DAINTY for the hearty GUMBO he’d been asked to produce.”

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