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Happy Tuesday, Jumble fans! All of the clue words looked familiar at first, but by digging a little deeper, I found that PRIME was a brand new one. DAINTY was by far the hardest to solve out of all of them. Even by using the “Y Trick” of placing the Y at the end of the layout didn’t bring it into view. We saw KNOTTY near the end of last year, and the anagram that we see today was an exact duplicate. It did slow me down a smidge, but nowhere near as long as DAINTY.

Will Jeff be doing a whole weeks worth of cartoons about television shows? Yesterday we saw caricatures from Modern Family and today we were greeted by some folks in Star Trek cosplay. It looks like this ragtag group might be at a convention since they’re all holding what I assume to be photos for their idols to autograph.

Not being a Trekkie made it difficult to identify the characters that we see this morning so I apologize to any hardcore fans that I may offend if I get a few of them wrong. From left to right are Kirk, Worf, Kathryn Janeway, Quark, and a Cyborg. How’d I do??? Better yet, don’t answer that question!

A few details caught my eye, and the first was the knife being held by Worf. This must have been a smaller convention because most of the big ones ban any type of weaponry. The first three characters had buttons on the left side of their costume, and they were all slightly different. My best guess is that it signifies either rank or different seasons in the show. And finally, my favorite detail of all was the Vulcan salute going on in the background. I ended up laughing quite a bit when I saw it because Jeff had to draw the five finger hand gesture on a character with only four! Live long and prosper!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. It would solve into three words with the second one containing quotes. The layout was superb, but the cartoon made TREK my go-to word. With that solved, a quick reread of the sentence made the rest of the answer flow naturally. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!









36 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/02/2019

  1. The words were not too easy
    But yet not very hard.
    As letters were being written
    the eyes kept looking toward….
    a solution.
    As the mind raced forward
    to a hopeful brighter day
    the “k” jumped out
    and gave it all away.

  2. Good morning. Loved Jamu’s post. I felt we were at goldilocks and the three bears house. Not to soft not to hard “just right”. When we say that none of the words were hard,is there a time limit on each word. If the first word actually took five seconds more than the second word then how can we say that none were hard. Like today,I’m in that classification. To me they were easy but Enjoy actually took a second look. Oh well,maybe I’m just a tad too fine. The cartoon answer came after awhile of starring at the letters. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. The PRIME thing the DAINTY old woman did in the morning was to open her drapes and ENJOY the beautiful KNOTTY pine tree standing majestically in her back yard.

      • Sorry, noticed afterward that you wrote not to tell you. You got the hardest one which was Janeway. Lovers of the original series did not like the change in the Klingons appearance, hence the guy playing Kirk is upset about it too. Here is a funny clip when Worf went back in time to see the way they looked earlier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xka6IYCpj4E

      • I don’t think so. It was just a funny way to discuss the elephant in the room, namely, why the heck the writers of future Star Treks changed the Klingons’ appearance.

      • I gave up on Star Trek tv series when “Enterprise” was so poorly written. Have not watched “Discovery” at all and it looks more and more like I made the right decision! Looks awful in ads, with a lot of politically correct dreck !

        • LOL…The only thing that ever appealed to me about Star Trek was Patrick Stewart. But being so much older than me, and getting married and divorced like a game of roulette…I just figured there was no reason to persue it…and I just went on explore other strange new worlds…😂😂🙋🏻

  4. “Space: the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before”…OR NO WOMAN! Good Morning, Mike.Good Morning, Everyone. Mike, I too, like you are no Trekkie. But one would have to have been living under a rock to not be familiar with some of Star Treks’ trivia, right. I’ve never seen a Star Trek episode nor a movie, but there’s ONE thing I do think may have come into play with today’s solution. Riker, “Will” is usually called “Number ONE” by Captain Picard, because his position on the Enterprise is that of FIRST Officer. X-word puzzles, nephews, (and unfortunately one too many short-lived relationships with Trekkies)..🙄 have allowed me to become privy to a host of these little tidbits. I love X-word puzzles, I adore my nephews…my sentiment towards the relationSHIPs? …I think of them as SPOCK Market crashes! I may have lost some money…but I got out alive! 😉🚀🙋🏻

    • Good morning, Angela! I’ve struggled through a few of the episodes and movies. The whole intellect over brutality concept may have been edgy at the time, but it didn’t really appeal to me. Have a good one!

      • I hear ya, Mike. DATA and the fact that I just never ENJOYed Sci-Fi…🚀🙋🏻

      • Janeway was the second best captain. She was as tough as Kirk. “Voyager” was therefore my second favorite series after the original. The other captains would have gotten their whole ship killed being the wimps they were. lol

    • In the first 1965 Star Trek pilot episode “The Cage” (and speaking of PRIME numbers), the Spock role was originally a woman named “Number One”. When it was rejected by the network, a second pilot was filmed with the familiar Kirk and Spock roles being created. “Number One”, Majel Barrett, stayed on to play Nurse Chapel in the original and other roles later (and married Gene Rodenberry), and film from the first pilot was incorporated in the episode “The Menagerie”.

      • Hey Steve…This came up mine, because it was part of my thread, so I’m not sure…But I read this all this morning…I personally was just going by the character being identified as Riker. But with Clay saying it’s Kirk, my horse can finish out of the money…and I’m way ok with it! 😉 ..This is starting to remind me of one of those “relationships” …😂😂 🙋🏻

  5. First PHASE: 🚀🙋🏻
    ° It was a KNOTTY relationship from the very beginning…since she was so DAINTY and prone to ENJOY the finer things, while he was a PRIME example of devil-may-care, with a ONE TREK MIND…

  6. Second PHASE: 🚀🙋🏻

    ° So desperate to learn macrame…a class she thought she’d take
    But things quickly got KNOTTY, since she couldn’t even fake…
    The twisting or the hitching…so she could not ENJOY,
    What others did so naturally…no matter what her ploy…
    Her movements no where DAINTY, her work so far from PRIME,
    She overheard the teacher mumble something ’bout a crime!
    It all just proved so useless…something else she better find…
    ‘Cause macrame was not for her…despite her ONE “TREK” MIND

  7. I’m totally clueless when it comes to science fiction so it was fortunate that the only thing we needed to know was the title of the program. Must confess I have never seen an episode of Star Trek. Nevertheless was able to solve the clue words and puzzle without difficulty. Am still recovering from Sunday’s cartoon answer which really stumped me.

    • I’m almost entirely in yout boat, Betty. I’ve seen a few and was able to match the cosplayers to photos that I found on Google.
      Sometimes I wish that D&J would do a whole week of Sunday puzzles as a special like they do with Guest Jumbler Week. That would be a blast!!!

      • I agree Mike. A week of Sunday puzzles would be a real challenge. I too really like Guest Jumble Week. When is it coming again?

        • It’s the week before Thanksgiving, so Nov 18-24! Maybe D&J will read our comments and surprise us with a week of “harder” Sunday style Jumbles. 🤞🏻

    • Hi Betty…I’m not sure if this would help, but I did include this link in my blog Sunday, just in case. The EIGHT CRYING babies, And BAWL being the pun on BALL…They found themselves at such a “disadvantage”, that they were BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL…I was hoping I broke it down well enough, but I guess not…(Plus I’m a pool player…so…)! LOL! Have a good one, Betty! 🎱🙋🏻


      • No, Angela, our explanation was perfectly clear. I just didn’t count the number of babies and was stuck on the idea that “wail” would be in the answer. It was a great workout. I just love the hard puzzles.

        • Oh, ok. I’d just hate to think that I let you down. I too love the Sunday puzzles..my favorites! I live for the challenge! LOL! …And guest Jumble week is every November. We have a way to go…Hope you’re having a great day! Ciao, Bella! 🙋🏻

  8. I wonder if it was purposeful or coincidence that PRIME was the first word, as the Prime Directive is a big part of all the shows. The Code to not interfere with the natural course of alien civilizations!

  9. Prime reminded me of prime numbers in math.Trek was a given for a solution word.Only 90+ THI this morning for my Tues morning golf league.

  10. Clay-I go even further back than you. I left the series when the original left me. The first seemed to mirror Spock; LOGIC, not emotion in reasoning.Great primer for a jury panel.

  11. Hi all – Got KNOTTY from the double letter trick, and DAINTY after a couple of jumbles and convincing myself that it was spelled right. The answer had to contain STAR or TREK, and writing down the letters showed it.

    Two things about the cartoon – At first, I thought they mixed series and the short person had a Princess Leia cinnamon-bun hairdo, but then realized he was probably a Ferengi. Then looking at the silhouette figures in the background, I was trying to decide whether the two on the left were conversing with the Vulcan leader T’Pau, or admiring an alien Stanley Cup.
    Also, never insult a Klingon holding a huge knife!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “There was a disconnect in Joe’s favorite restaurant between the DAINTY KNOTTY pine covering the walls, and the thick slab of PRIME rib he was about to ENJOY”.

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