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Happy Monday, everyone! It was a quick solve this morning, but we did have a new clue word in CHEESE. The anagram for DADDY was the only repeat and I had to search back to 4/5/10 to find it. CLOUT was the only word that wasn’t instantly visible so it’ll be my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day.

If the characters in today’s cartoon looked familiar, it’s because they’re from the long-running television show, Modern Family. In the panel we see spot-on caricatures of Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) and Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen). In the background we see some closet space and a single hanger on a rod. Fans of the show would have no problem piecing together that the business being handed over would be Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds. For everyone else, it could easily double as a boutique clothing store or a home furnishings type of business.

The extra details in today’s cartoon were slim as Jeff wanted his caricatures to be front and center. I did notice that Jay was wearing a watch and the time was set to approximately eight o’clock. I stopped watching this particular show many seasons ago, but I think it might be a nod to the start time of new episodes.

The final solve was a Monday morning gimme and was 9-letters in length. Seeing the S & U in the sea of C’s and E’s made the answer jump right off the page. I’ll take the easy win because I’ve been battling a head cold ever since coming back from sunny Florida. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!






23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/01/2019

  1. The CLOUT her DADDY attained in the CHEESE industry had a strong EFFECT on her during her lifetime and obviously helped her as she SUCCEEDED in the business world.

  2. Tomorrow is now here
    And too is gone the fear
    I carried so very near.
    The words came unheeded,
    The solve was hardly needed.
    It’s great to have succeeded.
    Good Monday All!

  3. When Jay said he’d retire, he turned “Closets” over to Claire,
    But he found it too hard to keep himself away from there…
    He felt his CLOUT could not be matched, he put his 2 cents in,
    And all the while he did it with that silly offside grin…
    But it took an EFFECT on Claire, she saw through all the CHEESE,
    And ‘oft times she felt unworthy…cause Jay is hard to please…
    A girl with DADDY issues is always going to fear,
    That she can’t hold a candle to this man she holds so dear.
    But Claire’s doing a fine job…all the angst was so not needed,
    And Jay should check on Stella now…cause Claire has def SUCCEEDED!

  4. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone!

    ° When the man they all called DADDY decided to sell his business, “CHEESE, Please” he didn’t realize the EFFECT it would have on the neighborhood, but he used his CLOUT with the vendors to make sure the new buyer SUCCEEDED…

      • Hi Mike. Good Morning. Same to you. And I hope you feel better. As for a great start to the week, it is as far as the Jumble goes. Modern Family is my favorite show, (Altho I embarrassingly named Jay, Phil earlier)! 🙄 and I’m dreading the loss of another intelligent, well-written comedy. But when it returns for its 11th and final season in September, it’ll still be at 9 PM. I always felt it was just the slightest bit “edgy” for 8 o’clock, although most of its’ finest moments are puns and innuendo that I’m sure the majority of younger viewers wouldn’t even understand…. Anyway. Today’s puzzle. It has me thinking…I’m always creating Jumbles in my head, (as I think you are too)! and I’m debating with myself over today’s answer. I wonder if “HUNG IN THERE”.wouldn’t have been a better solution, in light of the CLOSETS, and especially with the Hanger showing. I used the words: Green, Guise, Change and Thrown, and produced the needed letters….which with a nod to David, is by no means an easy task. SUCCEEDed is all well and good, (as a HomoGRAPH goes) 😉 but there’s no Zing to it…Just a thought. Think it PHIL’s the bill a bit better? 🤔🙋🏻

        • That would have been a good one!!! Finally feeling a bit better, and I hope you are too. My head still feels like it’s in a vise but I’m pretty sure I’m on the tail end of the cold. Have a great night. 🙂

  5. The EFFECT of DADDY having so much CLOUT at the CHEESE factory was that our refrigerator was always well-stocked with cheddar and mozzarella!

    • HI Mike. Good Morning. Your sentence gave me a laugh…But I’m wondering… How are you pronouncing Mozzarella? 😉 …So, this new movie out, “Yesterday”? Are you aware? The lead, Himesh Patel? I’d never heard of him…But he does a rendition of 🎶Yesterday🎶 that would make Sir Paul himself proud. He was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, and he almost brought me to tears. He blew me away. Where’s he been all our lives? A lyrical genius IMO. Check him out…and let me know what you think…🎸🙋🏻


      • Angela:
        What do you mean,”How are you pronouncing Mozzarella?” I didn’t misspell it, did I?
        The movie–I’ve been well aware of it for some time. Being that it’s based on such a far-fetched premise, that the whole world forgets about the Beatles because of sun flares or something, I’m not going to rush to see it. (Would the premise mean that Paul and Ringo forget everything that happened to them in those years?)
        Himesh–I played your clip and I have to admit he’s a very good singer.
        Usually there is a Beatles-themed Jumble around Paul’s birthday, June 18. This year we’ve gotten to July without it. I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to have it around Ringo’s birthday, July 7. In the words of Ringo–“Peace and :Love”.😎

        • Mike….No, not at all. And I’ll be honest with you, good thing spell check hooked me up, because I was spelling it wrong! I was just joking about the way we Italians, especially us here in NY pronounce it. When you get a chance, Google it. I’m sure there’s a gazillion parodies of us saying Mozzarella. TBT? When I do hear it pronounced in what I “suppose” is the correct way? I cringe! 😂 Environment, I guess. Anyway…I think I told you, I don’t “do” movies. Not in the theaters anyway…If I’m really hyped about one, I’ll get the DVD. Along the same line, I’m no Sci-Fi fan either! 😉 So this movie per se doesn’t faze me. But it brought this guy to my attention, and he definitely does. I think his rendition is excellent. The Beatles puzzle? Yes, I remember you mentioning it, and I was on the prowl for it too. But maybe you’re right. Ringo’s birthday would be a nice change of pace. We’ll have to wait and see. But look at today….How cool a puzzle on “Modern Family”? My favorite show! I think I could pass on the Beatles this once, in lieu of this. It’s their last season too… I’m going to miss the show terribly….So, I wish Peace and Love to you too, Mike…And a wonderful day! 🎸🙋🏻

  6. Good morning. Welcome to Mondays version of Kindergarten 101. It’s fun to start the week off slow but I hate it when I feel like it’s a crash course for dummies. Putting that all aside,let’s just say it was easy peezy from beginning to end. Yesterday I was able to get the words with Hyphen taking much longer to get. The cartoon I had to put aside and never got back to it because I was out the door real early. I’ll try later if I’m up to it. Until tomorrow stay well.

  7. I’ve always been “offish” about the Beatles. I’d knew about them two yrs before and considered them clownish and their music so-so and just as a family needs outside intervention to pull them from their grief, so did we. We were pulled from deepest mourning by the “British Invasion”. The beachboys had already achieved in songs & harmonies what took the Beatles two and a half more years more to do musically. Yes, I remember their artistry but more so the pain.

  8. Easy Monday morning puzzle so we’re off to a good week. Am sure the puzzles will get more difficult as the week progresses. Welcome back, Mike. I hope you feel better soon. Wishing all the rest of you a happy Monday.

  9. Cheese gave me reason to pause but the succeeded puzzle answer was a given.Enjoy the July 4th holiday week,

  10. Hi all – Fun bunch of letters with all the doubles and all the E’s. In fact, counting yesterday and today, I think that’s Two Triple E’s (side order of fries). CHEESE did take an extra look. No idea about the answer until I wrote the letters and stared for awhile.

    Nice to have you back, Mike. Sorry you caught a cold, but I’m glad you didn’t use up your vacation days going to London for the ballgames!

    Special note to Betty: Ummm – about that NBA package that’s being sent across the Bay to you – You know those labels that say “Contents may settle during shipping”? Well in this case, the contents have become UNsettled. In fact, some of the pieces have even been replaced and are broken and/or missing. Unfortunately it’s all been done legally under the rules, so you’ll just have to make the best of it when it arrives. Good luck in October!

    Have a great day and week, everyone!

    “The rapper’s choice of the stage name ‘CHEESE DADDY’ had the EFFECT of greatly reducing his CLOUT in the music industry and insured that he never SUCCEEDED”.

    • Hi, Steve. I’m feeling a bit better after resting for most of the day. It was nice to see that you used CHEESE in a completely different way than everyone else. Well done! 😎👍🏻

  11. Yes, indeed, Steve, as the Chronicle said this morning, “We are in Flux”, which I guess is sports speak for “It’s a mess and we need to regroup”. \I don’t think we’ll be sweeping up any confetti on this side of the bay any time soon. I’m glad that your fair city had some years of glory to celebrate.

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