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Good Morning, Everyone!     🎱 The CRIES Have It!🎱

🎶So c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon c’mon….CRY CRY Baby, CRY Baby, CRY Baby, CRY CRY Baby, CRY BABY..🎶. “Cry, Baby” – Garrett Mimms and The Enchanters    1963 

🎱 A crying Baby sometimes can grate harshly on ones’nerves
It’s all a part of raising kids, it’s life throwing those curves.
The WEIGHT is sometimes heavy, we HOBBLE as we try,
To comfort and console them…but alas they still do cry.
It’s bad enough when INLAND, what really is the pits,
Is when you’re on an airplane…and everyone’s teeth grit.
Some people react RUDELY, like they don’t have a notion…
You try to calm the Baby, perhaps with a soothing LOTION.
But looking here at this cartoon…(Does Day Care get a HYPHEN)?
We can’t help see the stress as eight kids all the air do siphon…
I’m pretty sure we all relate, each of us can recall,
When crying from a Baby put us BEHIND THE EIGHT “BAWL” 🎱

Two things before I get to the KIDDIE Litter…One: I realize my rhyme is a little flighty…disjointed. These words were no CHILD’s PLAY…I had more than an ITTY BIT of STRESS trying to bring THEM ALL TOGETHER…And Two: Yesterday’s puzzle answer, BETTER BETTOR? It was gnawing at me all day. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just couldn’t shake this ODD feeling ..And let’s face it Folks..no one likes to be iGNAWED. Anyway, I went digging. And sure enough, back on 09/12/2009, there was a Jumble puzzle with the answer: BETTER BETTOR. Need I say What’re the ODDS? No, we did enough gambling yesterday. Anyway, I just needed to get these two things out there…Does me no good to keep stuff BOTTLEd up…Ok. Our words today. I’ll just go down the list …LOTION: 02/17/10 – 06/05/18. INLAND: 07/01/14 – 06/08/18. RUDELY: Looks like another new KID on the Block. WEIGHT: 01/22/16 – 03/04/17. HOBBLE: 12/22/12 – 03/13/19-Same anagram as today: BLOHEB. And lastly: HYPHEN: 08/10/14 – 09/30/18. PHEW! That EIGHT up half the page already…Oh, and none of these BABIES caused us to CRY Uncle! Ok…Time to CHANGE direction

Today’s cartoon takes us into the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” Day Care Center. Strange name, no? Happy Happy? Joy Joy? I don’t get it. Actually, in light of what we’re seeing. I might have gone with..”CRY a Little Tenderness“, or perhaps “Great BAWLS of CRIER”...(But then again, that’s just me, I relate everything to music). We see two harried Day-Care Workers, and EIGHT crying Babies. (I’m sooo tempted again to say What’re the ODDS…(ratio), but I’m sure by now if I say it again..you’ll all just DIE). PER my calculations, this works out to four babies to each worker. Hmm. Is this where the Happy Happy Joy Joy comes in? I mean does it look like these two women are having a BAWL? ..And we can see and HEAR from the dialogue, that a chain reaction has now linked up, and now all EIGHT Babies are CRYING, when they should be napping. Definitely a case of Resisting a REST…But who do you call? The POOlice? And with all the kids CRYING, and needing attention, nothing’s getting done. No feedings, no diaper changes, etc. So our poor workers are way BEHIND in their work day today, and at a great disadvantage...It’s just a TEARable situation…And the CUES here for solving this puzzle? BEHIND. CRY=BAWL.and count those Babies…EIGHT. The “NUMBER” stated in our question…So, the workers were…BEHIND THE EIGHT “BAWL”. Good one, David…The wit of PLAY-DOH!

Ok, eye candy. Blue shaded nursery. 5 boys, 3 girls. Clockwise, Left to right…The blonde, holding a boy, pig-tailed girl, boy, boy, all three standing. The redhead, holding a boy who’s kicking. Girl with a bow in her hair, standing reaching out tonwards the worker. Girl, lying down, holding a toy bunny, and lastly a boy standing. Only 7 Cribs, which are made of netting are visible…But nothing’s CRYING OUT to me…Bottom line…EIGHT IS ENOUGH. So, There you have it, Folks..Done! Have a great day, Everyone! Happy Happy Joy Joy! 🎱🙋🏻

**A little something extra for all you guitar aficionados out there…”Behind the 8 Ball” – Fosterchild ( seriously)! 1978  🎱🙋🏻

*** FYI: I don’t know why one of the dates highlighted. It’s NOT a link. There’s only 3 links. The songs at beginning and end, and the “great disadvantage” at the middle. ***




14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/30/2019

  1. Good Morning, J. Happy Sunday to you too. Yep..there’s always tomorrow! Hope you’re having a great morning! 🎱🙋🏻

  2. Another..PHEW! I’m not KIDding when I say that melding these words almost brought me to TEARS! 😥🙋🏻

    ° It all started when he so RUDELY told her that he didn’t approve of her intention to use a HYPHEN joining both their last names, saying it was some INLAND tradition; and now realizing that she was BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL, she stood abruptly, put too much WEIGHT on her bad foot, started to HOBBLE, and knocked over the entire tray of LOTION…

  3. I may need a BOTTLE of Scotch after this! And to all of our Readers celebrating World Pride Day today, I wish you a wonderful time! 👬 👭 🙋🏻

    ° His recent WEIGHT gain put a strain on legs already weak,
    And he felt the need to HOBBLE where he once ran a blue streak.
    Then his partner spoke so RUDELY, as some LOTION he applied,
    And he thought the INLAND trip they planned might just be put aside…
    His happiness, the HYPHEN name, now tainted by his gall…
    And now Pride Day’s diminished…he’s BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL

  4. We’re home for a rare Sunday,so I could peruse a real Sunday paper for the Jumble.Rudely came to me right away but looked strange.I didn’t notice the ‘8’ babies,so eight wasn’t a given to start the solution,but crying or bawling babies was obvious.Enjoy your Sunday.

    • Ah, Professor…That was a big CUE…With David making a point of mentioning NUMBER in the question…But you were quick to make the most of BAWL. I think it was very clever…and I really felt that they SPOON FED it to us…Happy that you’re getting a day to relax, Prof. Enjoy! 🎱🙋🏻

  5. Angela- had to laugh, calling me, “J”, join the family & call me “Shamu” it’s sooooo funny, my brothers get away with it, but my sister gets called “whale of a sister”, & whines at my cruelty.

    • Jamu I only did it because I was in a rush, and my spell check constantly gives me grief whenever I go to type your name. 😉🙋🏻

  6. Angela- please don’t misunderstand, I’m sure if you have brothers, they have (or had) a nickname for you. I’ve had mine for years, so in family gatherings, its endearing, sorta like kids again. I AM interested in what spell correct calls me. If it brings you a smile, I’m happy too.

    • Hey Jamu. No worries…It stops at the Jam…separates the u, or prints Jams. 🎱🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – I *really* didn’t think I was going to get the answer today. I saw the words with the help of the -LY trick for RUDELY. I figured the first word of the answer would end in ING, but couldn’t see anything to fit. After a while, I looked for something related to crying, tried WAIL, and then saw BAWL, and had to laugh when I realized that there were eight babies.

    The term “Happy happy joy joy” sounded familiar, but I was never a Ren and Stimpy fan, so had to google it.
    I guess the workers could use a bit more training. Seems like the fact that the babies might cry would be somewhat predictable.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    Many thanks for the songs Angela – outstanding today!
    I’ve never heard of Fosterchild, but that sure is a great example of that era’s type of classic straight-ahead rocker (Hey, I used a HYPHEN!), like ZZ Top, Foreigner or Foghat. (Did you know them, or did it come up googling “eight ball”?)
    And after all this time, I had always thought that “Cry Baby” was written by Janis – in fact I was going to use it here. Thanks for the info!

    🎵”At twelve o’clock a meeting round the table
    For a seance in the dark
    With voices out of nowhere
    Put on specially by the children for a lark.
    Cry baby cry
    Make your mother sigh
    She’s old enough to know better.
    So cry baby cry cry cry cry baby”🎵 John Lennon song on The White Album

    “The STEVE-dore (the only way I could work a HYPHEN into this) had to HOBBLE INLAND for treatment when the WEIGHT of the 55-gallon drums (hey, there’s another!) of LOTION RUDELY strained his groin”

    • LOL…Yea, Hyphen was a tough one! 👏🏻👏🏻 Have a great day, Steve! 🎱🙋🏻

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