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Good Morning, Everyone!     ♠️♥️WHEN THE STAKES ARE RARE! ♦️♣️

🎶 You’ve got to know when to HOLD ‘EM, Know when to FOLD ‘EM...Know when to walk away and know when to run…You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table…There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.🎶.The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers 1979

♠️♥️ For some it’s just a HOBBY, a pastime amongst friends,
For others it’s more serious, a true means to an end…
The TRUTH be told if you’re amongst the group where stakes are high,
Prepare to MUTATE yourself…or else kiss your chips goodbye.
A gambier on a losing streak’s just looking to REDEEM,
It’s patience and a stony face and somewhat of a scheme…
Just play your cards close to your vest and you won’t be the debtor,
And save the smiles for when it’s done, and you’re the BETTER BETTOR♦️♣️

I know I may regret saying this, but I’m taking a GAMBLE. Is it possible that REDEEM has never been used before? I mean what’re the ODDS? It’s such a common word, that I’m having a hard time DEALING with the fact that we haven’t seen it in GAME PLAY before. But I searched, and I came up EMPTY. I did have much BETTOR LUCK with our other three. We had HOBBY and TRUTH in 2017, and it’s MUTATE that we haven’t seen since 2016 that CHANGED the temperature in the room this morning…2 PLAYERS went cold… Oh well, what can I say? The LUCK of the DRAW I guess….

Today our cartoon OPENS with us seeing JEFF, in his favored Wilco T-Shirt, HOLDING court at a POKER table. It’s a familiar scene…Well the poker table is anyway…Jeff sitting FLUSH? …well that’s another story. You may reCALL, that we’ve had many puzzles before where POKER was the theme, but in those, for Jeff…Uh, let’s just say WINNING wasn’t his strong SUIT. He’s had his HI/LO going fo a few years now…In fact, the last time we sat aROUND a Poker table, back on 11/10/18, the table wasn’t in a Casino, it was in someone’s basement, and we saw Jeff pressing his LUCK. That day, sitting next to a woman HOLDING a Royal Flush, and he having gone ALL IN, he was overheard telling her to FOLD. HA! She folded alright…all the money on her way out the door! …But obviously, those were the leaner days…because today we see that Jeff’s CLEANED UP his act. And the table…since he’s the only PLAYER of the four with any chips. And from the dialogue we can TELL that this isn’t any flip FLOP…this may now be the new norm. And they’ll all just have to DEAL with it…because Jeff’s become a BETTER BETTOR. Good one, David! It deserves a HAND!

Ok, the candy. Off in the background, there’s a black silhouetted table, with a DEALER and two players. Jeff’s table looms LARGE at front, and is the customary green color. Seated to Jeff’s left is his good friend, and fellow Poker aficionado, Lissa Sears, who you may remember from a puzzle last year where she appered on “The PRICE is Right”. The man to his right, who looks familiar enough to make me feel that Jeff’s featured him before, resembles his Father, Tom somewhat, but the nose looks a little off. The remaining man dressed in what looks like a San Diego Padres jersey and cap, looks totally WIPED OUT...and the DEALER, deck of cards in hand, is seen rolling her eyes…Could it be she thinks Jeff is still bluffing? But the winner this morning? It has to be Jeff’s stack of chips. They’re all RED…which are worth $5 a piece. And there’s 6 stacks, with 7 chips in each…$210. Hmm…$210?  Patience, Jeff patience…In the meantime...the drinks are on me! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember..Always BET with your head, not over it! ♣️♥️♠️♦️🙋🏻

And Jeff? You know I’m just PLAYING with you! 😉❤️🙋🏻







29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/29/2019

  1. Good morning. Mutate would be my choice for hardest word. It made me think rather than come automatically. The cartoon answer was easy once I arraigned all the letters. You could see they were almost the same word. A clever answer by the boys. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. Good morning once again. We missed each other in transit like yesterday Angela. Loved your song choice and use of the words. There are four of us that just started to play knock rummy on Thursday’s at the church which has card or game day once a week for its senior citizens. It’s now closed for the summer but we four will join come September. I prefer that game because there is no bluffing involved. Best hand wins. For some of us it’s been 30 years or more since we played. You would be surprised at the turn out every week. I would say its close or more than 100 men and women. For the last day till Sept they had Pizza,Soda and ice cream plus coffee and tea. There were two women that celebrated their 92 and 95 birthday. As always take care.

    • Hey Brooklyn.. I saw you pop up before at exactly the minute I hit the post to print…But I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head…6 stops already and I have 2 more to go….I’ll get back to you as soon as I get back home..❤️♠️🙋🏻

    • Hey Brooklyn.I didn’t forget you. My Mom, Buon Amina, belonged to the Senior Citizens group in our Church. They had a similar thing going every week, and she loved it. They didn’t play Knock Rummy tho, they played some other game with three decks of cards and 5-6 hands to a game. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten the name…I think it’s great that you have that going..the fun and the social interaction is always welcome, especially during the winter. And that’s a great turnout…you got half of Flatbush there! 😂 ..,But as far as the bluffing goes? There’s NOTHING worse than a bad bluffer. Might as well just hand over your money and call it a day…make it easier on yourself! 😂😂…And yea, MUTATE’s definitely the GAME changer today! Thanks for the Shout Out…and stay cool, Brooklyn! It’s hot as h–l out here on the Island! ♥️♣️🙋🏻

  3. Mutate(?) a stumper,but better bettor was a given on the puzzle solution. We’re home this weekend with our daughter and 2 boys,Harrison and Luke( see the Star Wars connection with Harrison Ford and Luke Skywalker) here for Macomb’s Heritage Days summer celebration.

    • Good Morning, Professor! Love the names! And yes, MUTATE’s a real CHANGE of pace! Enjoy your celebration! Have a great day! ♦️♠️🙋🏻

  4. This one reminds me of the Betty Botter story; for example, Betty Botter’s batter was bitter, so she got some butter. The butter made Betty Botter’s bitter batter better. I don’t know if this made Betty a better bettor.

    • Good Morning, James. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Miss Betty Botter! I still have trouble with old Peter Piper! I enjoyed reading this..despite the difficulty! 😉 Thanks for sharing, and have a great day! ♣️♦️🙋🏻

  5. Jamu…Good Morning…These words? They’re the words from 06/29/2018…What’s up, Dude? 🤔🙋🏻

    • Hi John. I like your “followed suit”! 👏🏻👏🏻 I think I should mention that yday, the reference I made in my reply to you about Thanksgiving? I was growing so weary of hearing…GOBLET GOBLET…that I jokingly segued to ..GOBBLE GOBBLE. But my friends reminded me that without the inflection, and in light of the fact that not everyone follows my strange train of thought…It most likely didn’t translate well here in writing. So…I apologize. I do spend quite a bit of my time outside the box! 😉 And yes, I agree…it’s an easy go of it today. Have a good one, John! ♦️♠️🙋🏻

      • Been riding your train for a while, no apologies necessary! That I got it says something….

        • ROTFL!!!…Yes, it certainly does say something, doesn’t it! ..But can it be said here on a family blog? 😂😂…And I pray you bought a round-trip ticket! 😂 I’d hate to see you stuck somewhere in this crazy abyss of a mind! Thanks, John…I think! 😉 Here’s to a great day! I needed the laugh! ♠️♦️🙋🏻

  6. In TRUTH, all he wanted to do was REDEEM his winning ticket and spend the proceeds on his HOBBY, which was learning how different insects MUTATE over time.

    • 🎊🎊DING! DING! DING! 🎊🎊…We have a WINNER! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Excellent., Chuck! …And for a moment there I thought you were going for one of those “custody battle” winning tickets! 😉 You know the kind…where the divorce proceedings screech to a halt..because the Lottery proceeds supercede all the old angst…and introduce the new!!! 😂😂 Those stories crack me up…especially when it all plays out on the 6 o’clock news! …Well done, Chuck…you’ve amazed me once again! Hope your day’s going well! ♣️♦️🙋🏻

  7. Easy one today. I know the Betty Botter tongue twister,James. Don’t think butter has made me a better bettor but perhaps I should make up a new batch of batter. Have a good day everyone.

    • Hey B B B B….Betty! Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻 😉 Here’s to the Batch of Batter…I hope it’s Brownies! Have a great day, Betty! 🍩🙋🏻

      • You got it Angela. I’m a total chocoholic so if I bake anything, it will definitely be brownies.

        • But of course! Isn’t Chocolate one of the five major Food Groups? 😉🍩🙋🏻

  8. The dealer is ROLLING her eyes as you say. Maybe she is BETTOR SUITed for the Craps table!

    • 👏🏻👏🏻 !! Well PLAYed, my Friend! …I love it!…And SHOOT! .You may just be on to something! Or maybe she’s just prejuDICEd against guys who don’t TIP! 😉♦️🙋🏻

  9. Hi all – Ok, so I lied! Actually, my weekend appointments got rescheduled, so I’m happy to be here, especially since all the comments are so enjoyable today.

    Interesting that there were three chances to try the double-letter trick, and it only worked once, on HOBBY. MUTATE looked like AUTUMN at first, and as for REDEEM, I don’t know if there’s a triple-letter trick, but all the E’s gave it away. No idea about the answer until I wrote the letters down; then it was obvious.

    Jamu, my favorite English teacher introduced our class to e. e. Cummings, and I loved the offbeat creativity.

    I have also heard the bitter butter batter better Betty!

    Angela, the only card game I know that uses three decks is Canasta. My family used to play it, and it prompted us to buy a couple of automatic card shufflers to save our hands and fingers. I liked your use of the word “tell” in the description, also.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The boy confronted the bitter TRUTH that he would have to REDEEM about ten thousand books of S&H Green Stamps before his model train HOBBY could MUTATE from the cheap layout he had to the expensive one he wanted.”

    • We only used 2 decks for Canasta. That’s a lot of red threes with three decks but it would also make for more pure Canastas for sure!

      • Hey Clay…You know what I’m speaking about? There always was at least 8 or more people playing I think sometimes there’d even be 4 decks….My cousin said that I must have the rules they played by written down somewhere here with all my Mom’s card stuff. And I probably do…But I need the right “heart” whenever I go looking through Her things, and I just don’t have it today. I see Her handwriting and they’ll probably be scraping me up off the floor. 😥 But I do think I’ll look one day soon, because I’m so curious now. I played with them myself many a time…I just can’t remember…And thanks, once again! ♣️❤️🙋🏻

      • PS: …and Clay…BTW…I love me a good Red 3! My favorite card! ❤️❤️❤️🙋🏻

    • Hey Steve….I just hung up with one of my cousins, and we both agreed that they called it Ginasta. Probably some hybrid combination of the two games. Gin and Canasta. I know you had to make three 3’s, then four 4’s, etc. The last hand was 6 or 7 of a kind I think. How the game started off…I don’t remember. Just that it started easy, and progressed as it went along. And they used the shufflers too, (In fact, I still have 3 of my Mother’s here)..,except when my Mother and Her family would all play at my Grandmother’s house…Then I’d deal for them if I was around. Fastest deal in the East…and lefty to boot! 😉 My Grandmother would say that she couldn’t watch me…I made her dizzy! LOL…And like Her sayings, til this day, every time I deal for the guys? I think of Her. 💔 Anyway, very creative with the sentence…👏🏻👏🏻 Well PLAYed! I guess the kid just got DEALT a lousy hand, huh? 😉 But the S&H Green Stamps? Now that’s reaching way back into the vault! Too funny! Thanks for the,Shout Out…But..uh… JUST Tell? 😂😂 And want to hear something cool? The Hi/Lo I referenced as to Jeff’s winning and losing wasn’t just for the pun…Jeff had designed a game that was a take on Poker…called Hi/Lo. I put it in intentionally…Have a great day, G. Don’t bet the HOUSE! 😉❤️♠️🙋🏻


  10. Angela. I don’t know how you do it!!! You never cease to amaze me! I hope it’s cooling off somewhat up there.

    • Hey Chuck…In the midst of a torrential thunderstorm as we speak…Hail included! Will it cool things off? Remains to be seen! 🤦🏻‍♀️😉
      Thank you, Chuck! I try! Stay safe! ♠️🙋🏻

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