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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! I found today’s puzzle to be quite a challenge for a Tuesday offering. The anagrams weren’t the problem as they all solved quite easily and with minimal delay. The difficult part for me came via the single word solution that was a whopping 13-letters in length. When they’re that long, it’s nearly impossible to find a starting point in which to begin. Fortunately for us there were a couple of suffixes and prefixes to play around with this morning, as well as a few hints in the cartoon to help us get the job done.

    All of today’s clue words were old friends. Three of the anagrams returned as new with TDOSED being the only one we’ve definitely encountered before. It was also the only one that I didn’t see straight away so it’ll be my choice for today’s hardest anagram.

    The setting for today’s cartoon is an outdoor concert where we see a band performing on stage. The ominous clouds in the background lets us know that rain is on the way and the the crowd is told to immediately seek shelter. The folks in attendance look a bit shocked by the news, but we do see a couple of them heeding the warning.

    The logo on the drum identifies the band as The Warrior Kings, and their website describes their music as being hard rock with a dark blues soul. They’re actually a three piece band, but it looks like only two of them made it into today’s Jumble. Benjamin Williams is the lead vocalist, and he’s also the gentleman giving the weather announcement. Casey Harshbarger is just to his right and he plays lead guitar. Since they’re from Indianapolis, Indiana, I’m guessing Jumble Jeff has attended a few of their shows. They don’t have any t-shirts listed on their website yet, but I’m sure we’ll see one featured in the Jumble just as soon as it’s available!

    The final solve was a spectacular 13-letter scramble. Four of the letters were vowels and nine were consonants. The layout kept the answer well hidden and nearly impossible for me to crack. With absolutely nothing coming to mind, I decided to eliminate a few letters from the layout by tackling the suffix first. With -ING eliminated, I happened upon CONCERT after quite a few self-jumbles in the margin of my paper. The DIS- prefix was all that was left to seal the deal. It definitely wasn’t easy to complete, but the punny finish sure made it worth the extra effort. Have a terrific Tuesday everyone, and just keep LUGMJNIB!

  2. GOURD = Last used on 06/08/20 as RUDGO
    CLICK = Last used on 04/22/13 as CCILK
    INNING = Last used on 06/03/18 as IGNNNI
    ODDEST = Last used on 09/28/20 as DOSTED

    TDOSED = Used on 07/12/20, 06/18/19

  3. No problem with the anagrams though ODDEST took a moment.
    The solution was a lot of letters, which usually are hard for me but I saw the ING then put together the rest of the word.
    It was disconcerting to not get it immediately but I am used to that!
    Hoping everyone is doing well as the new week progresses.

  4. Like others, long words make me stumble and today was no different. Saw the ING but couldn’t put it all together. All anagrams solved quickly….maybe tomorrow.

    • Long words are hit or miss for me. If the letters are unique, I usually don’t have any trouble coming up with the answer. Today’s layout was a rarity in which all of the letters were common and they all blended together perfectly. Needless to say, it took much longer than usual! And you’re right, tomorrow is another day. I wish you the best for what remains of this one. 🙂

  5. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🥒 She found it terribly DISCONCERTING that every GOURD she’d planted was wilting, and the ODDEST part was that the herbs were all thriving…and she likened it to the bottom of the ninth INNING when you’ve watched one team CLICK…while the other still can’t get a run to save it’s life…🥒

    ⚡️ You’re watching the third INNING, when a CLICK you suddenly hear,
    The TV’s blank, it’s thundering…the message loud and clear…
    You check the circuit breaker…but the ODDEST thing you see
    It looks ok…and then you think…”It’s probably not just me…”
    You try the lights…and nothing…it now gets through your GOURD,
    A power failure from the storm…the neighbors all accord
    Your freezers full, it’s hot outside…face it…there is no skirting…
    And you just hope it don’t last long…’cause this is DISCONCERTING! ⚡️

  6. Good morning. The long and the short of it. Words no problem. The cartoon answer I was unable to master and if I didn’t look up the answer I’d still be at it till tomorrow’s paper arrived. I had the ing but the other ten letters were to far in the clouds. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • The week is young, Paul. With this one out of the way, I’m sure the rest of the week will be easier. Well, that’s the way it usually is….. 🙂

  7. Hi Everyone – I tried playing around with the letters for quite a while, but the only thing I could come up with for the answer was a possible ING or ED ending. Then I tried thinking of words related to the puzzle and was lucky that Concert came to mind. It still took me a bit longer to recognize the prefix Dis.

    • That’s exactly how I figured it out, Caroline. And you’re right, the DIS did require a bit of thought. Congrats on solving it! 🙂

  8. I got the words with no problem and the ing in the solution but couldn’t solve it. I see I wasn’t alone so that make me feel better. Have a great day everyone.

  9. I like the others figured the cartoon answer ended in “ing” but I couldn’t come up w the rest, despite the obvious concert connection.Well tomorrow’s another day.Enjoy the rest of today.

  10. Challenging puzzle for a Tuesday. Paused at oddest and brought out the pencil to figure out the cartoon solution. As a others did, I figured out the ‘ing” quickly, had to study the word clues and once I figured out performance was another word for concert, things fell into place. All in all it was a good mental workout. Have a good Tuesday all.

  11. Hi all – Got all the words quickly, even though IC was not at the end of CLICK. I actually remembered Caroline’s trick of spotting the EST to get ODDEST (Thanks Caroline! Unless it wasn’t you 😂)
    My first guess at the answer was ELECTRIFYING, but had one too few letters.
    It pretty much had to end in ING though and the remaining letters showed CONCERT leaving the DIS to complete the solve.

    I think the band might have continued despite the rain, but those lightning bolts were sure to get everyone’s attention, especially the band, holding mikes and guitars.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Angela, your poem reminded me of watching the beginning of game 3 of the 1989 Bay Bridge World Series and seeing the TV feed flicker out. Speaking of which:

    “The Giants’ fan had the ODDEST feeling before he decided to CLICK on the online summary that said they had gone from first to third over the weekend, and had the DISCONCERTING revelation that the clip wasn’t talking about a running play in one INNING but that the Dodgers had played out of their GOURD and dropped them that far in the standings.” 😱

    • That Giants fan wouldn’t happen to be you would it, Steve? I see what you did there, and it was quite impressive! 🙂⚾️👍🏻

    • Glad if it helped, Steve. I think we’ve been seeing more endings like that.
      Got a kick out of your Gourd line.

        • You definitely sunk your teeth into this one…didn’t you? 😉🧛🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

          • That was in the Dracula one, eh? Just to show how my memory is, I can hardly remember the puzzle, let alone which words were in it! 😂

  12. ODDEST was the only anagram that wasn’t an instant solve, as it took a few seconds. For the answer, I figured it was weather related, but couldn’t find anything except condense, which led nowhere. I finally found concert, and then the rest. Challenging.

  13. Saw suffix “ing” too, stopped there. Maybe if I had considered prefixes “dis” would have leaped at me. I only considered sufixes though. Maybe next time I will. Buenos dias y guten tag all!

  14. Well, darn! I knew “concert” had to be part of the answer, but my indoor performance was subpar. 🤣

  15. As with everyone else, started out with “ing” and it still looked like a mess, so I thought it’s got to have something to do with band! Concert popped out and bingo! Have a great day! ☺️

      • I actually heard something on tv the other day that mentioned it, and thought of you! I’ve got a dvd saved on my Amazon favorites, that was actually a PBS show that I have already seen, but it reminds me to keep looking for the one you said was on Netflix! Thanks again!

  16. the clues were easy.. The last 3 letters fit in, but i could not solve it• Better luck tomorrow, Brian

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