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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. 🍇 I hope this finds you well…🍇

    🎶 I need your love so badly…I love you oh so madly…But I don’t STAND A ghost of a CHANCE with you…I thought at last I’d found you…But other loves surround you…And I don’t STAND A ghost of a CHANCE with you…🎶 …“I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You” – Linda Ronstadt 1983 https://tinyurl.com/yx99yfnf

    🍇 A BUNCH of ripe bananas, an apple and a peach,
    Street carts are so convenient…with fresh fruit within our reach…
    Some covered with a CANVAS, protected from the sun,
    While some so large they bring to mind ARENA-like…bar none
    But it’s always the ODDEST thing when two stand side by side
    Especially if one’s so large…the others’ fruit it hides…
    Poor Sal’s feeling the pressure, he knows he can’t compete
    With Mega Market’s grand display that takes up half the street…
    I never get why this is done…but looking at a glance
    It’s obvious that our guy Sal? He just don’t STAND A CHANCE…🍇

    A cash register vs a money bucket?…You just can’t comPEAR. Sal and his Gal are left practically sPEACHless..And they know this is RAISIN the question of whether or not they’ll need to move. There’s a lot to FIGure out. It’s a BERRY bad situation, since what once was subLIME is now the PITS…And their business isn’t looking so FRUITful any more…I hope they can SEED their way clear…Be well Everyone…and stay safe out there…🍇🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 💁🏻‍♂️ After they told him that he didn’t STAND A CHANCE of getting the job done on time, he quickly gathered up a BUNCH of CANVAS, covered the pallets in the ARENA, and left them all to remain with the ODDEST looks upon their faces…💁🏻‍♂️

    🎨 He stood before the CANVAS, a BUNCH of brushes close,
    And had the ODDEST felling that he never would compose
    The painting he had promised, Greek ARENA of years past,
    He hoped his instincts would kick in…how long could ‘voidance last?
    He wished he promised differently…maybe a scene from France…
    Because all this is Greek to him…he doesn’t STAND A CHANCE! 🎨

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Jeff’s cartoons are worth a MELON!

    Knurek, Jeff “Jumble Puzzle 9/28/20”, Mon. 28-Sept-20, Orlando Sentinel, Page B5

  4. Yes, the jumble was pretty easy, except for arena, which was a little blip. Multiple A’s always seem to get to me. Does that mean that if the word were banana, I wouldn’t stand a chance of solving it??

    Like the cartoon for its colorful fruits, and Mega’s sunglasses are so cool, lol.

    • The SCTV comedy show had a Yoga instructor named “Swami Bananananda”. You really wouldn’t STAND A CHANCE with him! 😂

  5. Hi all – ARENA took me a couple of Jumbles. The last word no longer seems like the ODDEST one because it’s shown up so often – maybe in other puzzles, but I think here in Jumble as well. For the answer I first thought the small seller no longer had enough A-PEEL, but a second look at the cartoon brought STAND to mind and the rest followed.

    🎵”You stopped and smiled at me; asked if I’d care to dance
    I fell into your open arms, and I didn’t STAND A CHANCE
    Now listen honey…”🎵 (Dusty Springfield, “I Only Want To Be With You”, 1963)

    Nice detail of the cash register and money bucket that I hadn’t caught, Angela! And “sPEACHless” made me laugh.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The ODDEST BUNCH of people showed up when Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show pitched its big CANVAS tent in the parking lot of the local ARENA.”

  6. This was a ‘snaparoo’ as we are wont to say on the left coast. A true Monday Jumble. I need to find a link to the color version of the cartoon. The solution slowed me for a moment until I worked the letters and was able to underSTAND it!
    Onward and upward to Tuesday my friends…..

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