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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🦎

    🎶 LOUNGE LIZARD, LOUNGE LIZARD…Lookin’ for some fun…LOUNGE LIZARD, LOUNGE LIZARD…Lookin’ for the one….We all know why I’m here…But I’m tryin’ to look sincere…🎶 “Lounge Lizard” – Alive and Well 2020 https://tinyurl.com/y6zlgr88

    🦎 They used to call them Larrys, guess the “L” just made it fit,
    You’d see them in the clubs a lot..and in the bars to wit…
    A few of them were SKINNY guys, but mostly you’d see paunch,
    They thought of themselves as a PRIZE …and with their lines they‘d launch…
    Some ones follically-challenged would really take the cake,
    Why not embrace the baldness?…No, they’d don toupees too fake…
    Some wigs looked like a DOLLY, that sat upon their head…
    They’d be much more appealing bald…and then they’d have some cred…
    But these guys would come on so strong, an OUTAGE you’d pray for,
    And hope that maybe you’d escape…and make it out the door…
    But here there’s “crawling” Larrys…and it doesn’t take a Wizard
    To figure out just why back then, those guys were called LOUNGE LIZARDS! 🦎

    The dialogue? “Thanks for HANGING out”…LOL!
    It didn’t take very long to solve this puzzle about LIZARDS… https://tinyurl.com/yyhka888 I had it from the GEC-KO….
    Be well, Everyone. And stay safe out there…🦎🙋🏻‍♀️

    …And continued thoughts and prayers as the fires persist in California. 🙏🏻

  2. 🏆 When the OUTAGE hit, just as she was pulling on her DOLLY brand SKINNY jeans, she lost her balance and fell onto her husbands PRIZE possession… the dance trophy from the LOUNGE LIZARDS costume party…🏆

    🕺🏻 While searching through the attic, he found so many things,
    A DOLLY was his sisters and some costume jewelry blings…
    His Mothers attic crammed with stuff, he’s glad that he was SKINNY,
    He smiled when he found a game…Donald, Mickey and Minnie…
    His search was for the PRIZE he’d won when he was just a kid,
    He wrote the winning essay on the OUTAGE of the grid…
    …And then he stopped and shook his head…some pictures from a blizzard…
    And in the snow his Father dressed just like those old LOUNGE LIZARDS! 🕺🏻

    • Just back from Peet’s! All they were offering was free delivery and 25% off beans, so it was just a normal morning for me.

  3. The cartoon answer is unfamiliar and even obscure. Therefore the answer could be either LOUNGE LIZARDS or LIZARD LOUNGES. So this Jumble is cooked. It could even be the case that the bar’s LIZARD LOUNGES are full of LOUNGE LIZARDS.

  4. I saw this artice on the FRONT PAGE of the Spokane Daily Chronicle. The date was 11/30/54 and it’s advertising a new word game that the paper will begin carrying called Jumble!

  5. Dolly originally looked like oddly to me,and lizard as the first word came to mind rather than lizards for the second word,but then lounge sealed the deal.

  6. I’m kind of busy, but I did do a quick CRAWL through the files…I didn’t find all that many uses of the word LIZARD, but the BAR was set high for the words LOUNGE and IGUANA! There’s an outPOURing of them out there! And I think this puzzle from March comes closest to our theme today ..And IGUANA tell you, it’s a persANOLE favorite of mine! https://tinyurl.com/yynuxpdc

  7. Outage was my slow word, but after laying out the designated letters the solve was instant! The “Z” gave it away. I hadn’t seen, heard, or used the phrase since radio. We used it to describe night club lotharios, but never knew where it came from. My very first instant solve and this was it? Embarrassing! Til tomorrow, stay well.

  8. Hi Everyone –
    The drawing and answer made me smile, as did “Iguana Hold Your Hand.” Also got a kick out of the newspaper article announcing the new puzzle.
    Ladies first popped into my brain for the answer, but then I spotted Lizards, with the rest left to quickly unscramble.

  9. Easy one today. Snakes and lizards give me the creeps so that’s one lounge I wouldn’t go to. Reptile dysfunction, Angela?? Love it. You started my day off with a good laugh. Stay well all.

    • ROTFL! 🤦🏻‍♀️ …And God knows there’s so much of it going around! 😂 Gotta laugh, Betty. The alternative’s gaining too much ground! And I’m sooo with you..Anything that crawls, flies, slithers, etc, etc…uh uh. Hoping you’re staying well too, Betty. And safe. 🦎🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. My puzzle has DOLLY Angela, not DOILY! Maybe this is your poetic license, eh?
    OUTAGE is the only word that slowed me for a moment but the rest was easy peasy. LOUNGE LIZARDS usage is very familiar and goes back a long way in my aging memory banks.
    Very fun cartoon, good Jumble.
    Latest heat wave is here in SoCal, complete with triple digits and low humidity and Santa Ana winds (which are off shore very warm winds that can be quite dangerous). I am not hearing a lot about the hurricane coast but the fire coast is still newsworthy, sadly.
    May you all have livable weather today.

    • No, hardly. 😉 I made a mistake. But Steve just told me about it a few minutes ago, so I’ve fixed it. I need to stop juggling so much! 😂 But at least I was consistent…I blew it in all three places! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Sending prayers your way, Mig. Be well, and stay safe out there. 🦎🙋🏻‍♀️

      • You don’t often make a mistake so you earned one (or three). I used to be a proof reader so I notice these things quickly. Thanks for the good wishes and, as always, the interesting commentary on the Jumbles….

        • Oh…I make plenty. After all, I am only human…(despite what you’ve heard)! 😉 YW, and thank you too. But just for the record? Three? No.. I’m calling a hat trick with Dolly. I mean, let’s not go crazy here…😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Hi all – Another super easy puzzle today. The double-letter trick showed SKINNY, and I’ve certainly seen OUTAGE enough recently with all that PG&E has been dealing with this summer. I’ve also used LOUNGE LIZARDS myself recently, either in a comment on a comic strip or possibly even here.

    The pianist is sure they’ll like the upcoming song, because it’s “Iguana sit right down and write myself a letter” (rim-shot). At least those patrons won’t go hungry with all the barflies hanging around.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “had it from the GEC-KO” Angela? Groan. (That’s a Good Thing!)

    “The SKINNY was that the power OUTAGE had ruined the director’s DOLLY shot, costing him any chance at the film festival’s first PRIZE.”

    • Barflies? Jeez..I’m trying to eat my lasagna here! 😉 (But it’s a good one… So’s your song choice)! And thanks for the Shout Out. I have to admit, I like that little gecko in the Geico commercials….As long as he doesn’t ANIMATE in my direction! …And thanks for the pickup on Doily. I’d hate to have people think I was LACING my morning coffee! 😱 Be well, Steve, and stay safe out there. 🦎🙋🏻‍♀️

  12. I enjoy the comments and the back and forth on this blog. Angela, you put a lot of effort into it and I do appreciate that. My only momentary hangup on the clues was outage. And seeing Lizard in the assembled letters made me want to put it first, but that got straightened out.

    I enjoyed the look at a 1954 newspaper and the little article about jumbles. Depressingly, I wondered if the Spokane Daily Chronicle still has a print edition. I get the Los Angeles Times delivered on Sundays only (other days I read a selection of newspapers online) and it has shrunk enormously over the past few years to a fraction of what it used to be. Of course, as a one-time subscriber for every day delivery, I’ m contributing to that shrinkage!

    • Hi Sandy. Thank you very much. It’s a lot of fun….A lot of papers are dwindling today…both in size and readership. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast. Just like the demise of so many brick and mortar stores. Technology…Be careful what you wish for, huh? And here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the Spokane Daily Chronicle. https://tinyurl.com/y3cv7n3p. Unfortunately, it’s gone too….Shut down in 1992, after 111 years in operation. Wishing you a good one, Sandy. Be well and stay safe out there. 🦎🙋🏻‍♀️

  13. Wow, so the Spokane paper shut down even before so very much was online. Thanks for the info, Angela. What I understand is that that although the big national papers are surviving, more and more of the local papers are disappearing. Local news is important too, but unless a capacity for inexpensively-generated online local papers develops over time, they may never come back. The world is sure changing.

    • YW, Sandy….Yes, I guess their ad sales diminished, which is instrumental in keeping a lot afloat. It’s funny we’re speaking of this, because I sometimes watch the Kelly and Ryan show. They always gave away amazing trips/prizes each morning with their Trivia Contests. Since they’ve returned to doing live from the studio, their prizes have diminished considerably. They were all centered around the trips, and now with the virus, and air travel so iffy..no more trips, and prizes that pale in comparison…And yes, the local papers always suffer more. Mine is hurting, the reporters have taken turns being furloughed, they’re moving, etc. But the big papers are feeling it too. The NY Times is offering amazing deals in an effort to garner readers, and I know that the Chicago Tribune has furloughed its reporters also. Everything was beginning to change “before”. But now? With the pandemic? God only knows what’s on the horizon…😥🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Kelly and Ryan used to give fantastic prizes but with travel on hold for now I guess it’s back to TVs and refrigerators. Most people who watch their show in the morning probably don’t work anyway. A good flat screen TV might make their day….

        • TV’s and refrigerators? I never remember that. I only remember great vacations and monetary gifts to certain well-known websites. You may be talking about years ago…And trust me, they reach a ton of people who are “at work”…Anyway, I’m sure it’s exciting to be called and to win a prize. You hear some people say that they’ve been waiting for years…I don’t knock it. We all could use a little cheering up now and then…🙋🏻‍♀️

  14. Well, I honestly don’t know who Kelly and Ryan are. Never watched much daytime tv, and I’m losing interest in tv news as well. Prefer to read it online selectively — have about five go-to papers. During Covid, I’ve been doing a lot of binge-watching old (some newer) tv series on Amazon Prime. And doing puzzles, of course!!

    • Kelly and Ryan is what used to be Regis (Philbin 😥) and Kelly…if that helps any! 😉 Morning show that comes on after Good Morning America, here in downstate NY. I’m not a daytime TV person at all, but I am a news junkie…My local station starts broadcasting news at 2:30 AM…and I don’t sleep well…soooo…I’m watching. The news segues into GMA, and then after that…K&R. TBT, I watch until they do the Trivia contest…I like to see if I’m able to answer the question, which is always about something that was said or occurred on the day before’s show. And more TBT…I started watching when Michael Strahan ❤️co-hosted with Kelly. Ok…enough confessing! 😉🤦🏻‍♀️

      • I watched Regis and Kelly, then Strahan came on and I liked him a lot (I am also a football fan). When Seacrest came on the show lost my interest. I only watch now when the guest is interesting. I enjoyed their remotes as well but none of that now!

        • I’m a HUGE Strahan fan. And Giant fan. As for Ryan? He’s good… He’s an acquired taste. He seems very genuine, and he’s an amazing philanthropist, which I admire him for. He seems to be a very nice person…and the more I see of him, the more I’m getting to like him. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  15. Well, I confess to being an old lady who always watches Jeopardy. I’m only interested in whether I know the answers (questions, lol), and am one of the apparently few people who don’t like Alex Trebek, so my tv is on mute except when the actual contest is going on.

    How’s that for a confession? Now I have to duck and avoid the missiles from people who DO like Alex.

    • Ohhhh…Sandy. I do so love Alex. And I’m praying like crazy that he’ll beat his cancer. But…you’re definitely entitled. As for Jeopardy, I love it too. (It comes on right after the 6 o’clock news)! 😂… And I doubt you’re an old lady…I prefer to use the term “seasoned”. You’re seasoned. And it seems quite well, too…since your mind (and your conversation) seems very well intact. Ok…gotta run. It’s pouring here…and I need to close a window…plus …the News at 4 has started! 😉 Wishing you a wonderful night…Be well, Sandy, and stay safe out there…🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Alex has a stodgy side which can make him off-putting but I like him otherwise. I watch the show most days and do ok compared to the contestants. Took the online test a couple of years ago but didn’t make the cut. I will probably try again now that it’s an all LA show….

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