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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🔜🔝 THE JUMBLE…GUISE? 🔝🔜

    🎶 STRAIGHTEN UP and FLY right…Straighten UP and FLY right…Straighten UP and STAY RIGHT …Cool down papa, don’t you blow your top. Ain’t no use in divin’, what’s the use of jivin’…Straighten UP and FLY right…Cool down papa, don’t you blow your top…🎶 “Straighten Up and Fly Right” – Mr Nat King Cole 1943 https://tinyurl.com/naup72j

    🔝🔜Where once words “Open SESAME” performed a magic trick,
    Today the ODDEST angle does ASSIGN Dave’s bailiwick…
    You may have heard the MURMUR…’bout how EASILY things change
    Well no man is an ISLAND…so he looks to expand range…
    These readers waiting for their books…Dave, do you think they’ll kiss you?
    Right now it don’t look all that good…the Drone has RAISED SOME ISSUES! 🔜🔝

    You gotta laugh…really. Drones delivering our magazines? Not laugh at the feasibility of it…no, I mean laugh at David coming up with the puzzle idea, and Jeff taking it that step further…Because if you look real closely, you’ll see that the magazine being delivered is none other than…”The Jumble Guys”! And let’s be honest here…you didn’t really think it was going to be Popular Aeronautics, did you? Of course not…But I’m jumping a little ahead of myself here…let’s come back down to earth…

    All of our words today are coming up as old favorites…and so are four of our anagrams. RRUUMM from Jan ‘15, SAYILE: March ‘18, TDOSED: June ‘19, and the most recent, SMEEAS: just this past February 12th. Seems like a lot of old, for a puzzle with such a new theme, n’est ce pas? But then again who knows anymore…lately everything seems to be up in the air…And as for level of difficulty? The Early Birds had no problem coming up with any of them…except for a tiny pause at SANGSI. ING was heard floating around, and that threw them off course…Ok…Let’s move on…

    If you were to Google Drones, or UAVs, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), https://tinyurl.com/qhbvj6c, you’ll find a ton of information out there. But I’m looking at it like this. If you know about them, and you’re interested, fine. But if they’re a little over your head…you may not care to read about them at all. So I scanned over a bunch of articles, landed on this one, and decided to fly with it…. https://tinyurl.com/y3ygtlmp. It seems to be the most current, and it explains the delivery thing pretty well. And then again, if you’d like to know more, as I said there’s a gazillion articles out there…Feel free, the sky’s the limit…

    So, our cartoon. We see three publishing employees…how high up on the corporate ladder they are…I don’t know. Today causal dress is very widespread…Looking up at two of their Drones hovering overhead with their magazines intact, the conversation centers on whether or not the idea of Drone Delivery will get off the ground…And it doesn’t seem to be taking off very well…Social media seems to be looking down on it, and as our controller at right says…”They keep slipping out”. Might be those glossy covers…But obviously there’s still a lot left up in the air. So when it comes to Magazine Delivery via Drone? It comes down to this…It RAISED SOME ISSUES! And how clever is that? ISSUES! You gotta laugh reading that! I’m tellin’ ya, how David keeps coming up with these witticisms is beyond me…and this one may just be up there in the Top Ten…

    And the eye candy? I’d be amiss not to mention our controllers legs. They’re hairy…I like the touch..but as I mentioned in my opening, it’s the Magazine that tops the charts today. The artwork soars…See if you can enlarge this https://tinyurl.com/y8zz8aoq, and zoom in on the Magazine. If you look real closely at the one atop the pile, you’ll see Jeff, left and David right, working at their desks; Jeff with his tablet, and David at his laptop. The signature Jumble “J” is at the top of the magazine, encircled in the square. And again, the Magazine is entitled “The Jumble Guys”. But the clincher? They’re both wearing masks…New theme…n’est ce pas?

    So, There you have it, Folks…Drone…Oh..sorry typo…I meant Done. Hoping you all enjoy your day, I’ll leave you with a little Drone Humor… Apparently soon you’ll be able to place an order with your local bakery and have it delivered to you via drone…Sounds like pie in the sky to me. Drop the 🎤…Be well, Everyone…and stay safe out there…🔝🔜🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🌱 After his Uncle decided to ASSIGN the ISLAND property over to him, he wondered if he could EASILY plant SESAME seeds in an enclosed bed, but then he began hearing the ODDEST MURMUR here and there about zoning laws that RAISED SOME ISSUES…🌱

    📃 She wasn’t one to just ASSIGN an essay willy-nilly,
    A topic like a SESAME seed to her was sort of silly…
    She hoped to teach of ISLAND beauty, and things of the such
    The ODDEST of the topics she just didn’t want to touch…
    She knew that she would lose her kids…’cause boredom did come EASILY
    So she decided she‘d keep things lighthearted…easy, breezy…
    Then when a favorable MURMUR from the children reached her ears,
    She smiled and thought happily…that she’d allayed her fears…
    And looking at her students she thought…”How I’d love to kiss you…”
    But let it just be fleeting…lest she hear “You RAISED SOME ISSUES! 📃

  3. Hi Everyone –
    Thanks, Angela, for all the details I missed. I’m glad that Jeff and David are pictured in masks. As it said on our local movie theater with the movie/Covid messages – “It’s elementary, Watson. Wear a mask.”
    I drew a blank on the answer and was concerned about so many vowels. I couldn’t think of a verb for the first word so I started by writing down 4-letter words. Most made little sense but I finally found Some. I then saw Raised, leaving the rest to unscramble.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. YVW! I hope you were able to get to see Jeff and David on the cover of the Magazine. And yes, I wish masks were a nationwide requirement…I always enjoy READing your means of solving, and thanks again for sharing. I immediately thought ISSUE this morning, and the rest DELIVERED itself!😉 Hope you’re doing well weather-wise…it’s definitely a tough beginning to Summer. Enjoy your day, Caroline…Be well and stay safe out there…🔝🔜🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I was able to enlarge the magazine but not to the point where I could see the masks. All good here. It rained a lot yesterday and cooled off. Hope all’s well downstate.

        • Oh, I’m sorry you couldn’t see it, Caroline. I’ve forgotten how to create a link from the picture so that I could post it…I’m going to play around with it and see if I have any success…And I’m glad you were spared the brunt of Fay…It’s calmed down here…except the heat 🔥and humidity seem reluctant to leave…🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Good morning. Must admit I had trouble with all the words at first but then the brain started to work. The one that took the longest for me was Sesame. I was stuck on the cartoon so I put it aside and watched TV for a spell. When I returned I was able to get the answer with 5 minutes. Loved the answer and your song choice Angela and will read you after posting. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I hope you’re keeping cool…I’m glad you enjoyed my song choice, somehow you can never go wrong with Mr Cole…And I’m glad you stuck with the solve, it’s a gem! Be well, Paul…stay safe…and be careful with this heat… Wishing you a good one…🔜🔝🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi all – It seemed like the words should have been harder with IGN instead of ING in ASSIGN and the silent ‘S’ in ISLAND, but I guess I just recognized them, and I have the ODDEST feeling that I’ve seen that one a lot lately.
    I saw MISSED in the answer and thought OVER must be in there, but then realized that I had copied down the U as a V. With that corrected, ISSUES popped out and gave the rest of the really good pun.

    I liked the touch that the jumble guys were both wearing masks when I looked online, and I also liked your song, Angela. Did you happen to see that Nat King Cole’s brother passed away just recently? He seemed to be happy in the career he carved out for himself. And casual dress becoming common is certainly shown by the recent bankruptcy of Brooks Brothers.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The NBA could EASILY ASSIGN some teams to an ISLAND bubble, but when the gourmet dinner turned out to be a bag of chips and the ODDEST looking fish on a SESAME bun, you could tell from the MURMUR audible on the mainland that it RAISED SOME ISSUES.”

    • ODDEST! Don’t get me started! 😂😂 I tried spelling it “redundant” one day…but I had the wrong letters! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Good Morning, Steve…Thanks for the Shout Out on my song….And yes, in SOME of the latest news, I did see that Freddy Cole, the Jazz Man, and Brooks Brothers both met their demise…with neither one SUITing my taste…And the ING word RAISED enough childish, nonsensical banter this morning for me to take ISSUE! 😉 But it’s your sentence that has me LOL! …Hmm..I have the ODDEST sense of dèjá vu! Spot me a bedbug and a mouse…and we got ourselves a game! 😂😂 Enjoy your day, Bunky…And stay safe out there…🔜🔝🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Seems like a bad gourmet meal is ASSIGN of the times, but I’ll at least try to send over some bug spray and a mousetrap! 🕷 🐁

        • LOL!…Yep…You know how I feel about…I’d hate to burst anyone’s BUBBLE…But IMO? It should be a SIGN…period. Take heed…stop the greed! This damn virus is wayyyyy OUT OF BOUNDS! 🏀🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Could you mark the letter places that are used to get the solution? My newspaper does not print a Sunday puzzle. They are known to be A _ _HOLE_! Hint: the letters missing are repeats of the same letter–but being the experts you are, you’ve already figured out that answer!
    Soooo, I go to this site to vote and to try to figure out the Sunday puzzles, and I am spending way too much time trying to find the solution without knowing which letters are involved. Surely, I’m not the only one with this problem. Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping some of us busy and out of trouble!

  7. Assign got me but then I was handicapped by the lack of a real live newspaper,since we were gone tending to the twins yesterday and then their 6th birthday party today.Unfortunately,as we all wherein their backyard for lunch,the party came to a screeching halt,when their Uncle Greg,sitting across from me at the picnic table,got a call that his covid 19 test,had come up positive.He and his girls immediately left the party,unfortunately he had been at a vacation lake in Minn last week with his sister and her family.Then we spent last night at her house.So Greg exposed her and her family,who may have exposed us,and we all exposed the party group today.We’ll all be tested tomorrow and pray we can all test negative.Greg though testing positive,has had no symptoms: no fever,no cough,no shortness of breath,etc.Wish us well.

    • Oh, Professor…this breaks my heart. That’s the thing no one understands…when you come in contact with someone, you’re coming in contact with everyone they’ve been in contact with too, etc, etc… Its a huge net..If you don’t mind me asking, what prompted him to be tested though, if he was asymptomatic? I had surgery 2 weeks ago, so I had to be tested first. I was a little tense, but the tech was understanding, and it went well. It’s ok, as long as you relax. Just take a deep breath and relax. I’ll be praying for you…and your entire family. My best thoughts are with you all…Please be well…🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I don’t really know what promoted him to be tested other than the fact he and his girls had been in Minnesota.Probably wanted to better be safe than sorry.Thanks for your reply and more importantly for your prayers and concerns.

        • Professor, you’re a good man, and a man of faith…I’m sure you’ll be fine. And I apologize if it was prying to ask. Be assured you’re more than welcome, and I wish I could offer you more. 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Thanks for the post about Freddy Cole. I missed the news of his death. We saw him on our honeymoon, and then again at Jazz at Lincoln Center a few years ago. Sounded a lot like his brother, at least to us.

    • Hi Harvey. I too saw him perform live, and he was fabulous. I read a few articles, but this is a good one…You may enjoy it..
      And my favorite piece? …”He was pushing 60 when he began more forcefully to assert his musical independence with the 1990 record “I’m Not My Brother, I’m Me.” The title song, wry and bluesy, featured a lyric that put Freddy at the center of the Cole musical legacy…“I’m here to entertain you in my own special way. Hey, if Nat sounds like me — well, what can I say?”…

      Have a good night, Harvey. Be well and stay safe…🎶🙋🏻‍♀️


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