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  1. Happy Thursday everyone! It looks like the young men featured in today’s cartoon weren’t the only one’s receiving presents. Our favorite Funcle’s, David L. Hoyt and Jumble Jeff, delivered us a doozy of a gift that took a fair amount of effort to unwrap. Those guys never disappoint!

    Our solve began with four repeat clue words. That was quite alright with me as the final solve was challenging enough. Speaking of the final solve, I discovered that it has been used once before, but it was back in 1996 and I doubt anyone would remember seeing it. The anagrams for that day were: AIRLAD, FLEEBI, VINSTE, YOLFEN, BRAGLE and HIRTHE. Any stumpers?

    Hey, I recognize those cakes! The same sports-themed design was featured on a cake that Jeff drew back on 3/9. There were a couple of differences between the two though. In the previous one, there were only two candles on top, a 1 and a 0, whereas today’s cakes had 12 individual ones. Jeff also included an additional sport on the side. The small net that you see is used in a sport called Spikeball — and guess what? Our very own Jumble Jeff is the proud inventor of it! My favorite detail was the font that Jeff used for the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner. I particularly enjoyed the way the crossbars on the letters protruded a smidge and weren’t flush with the vertical lines. It definitely added a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise nearly symmetrical cartoon.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 14 letters. Four of them were vowels and 10 were consonants. The brothers competitiveness, and dad mentioning arguing in his dialogue brought SIBLING RIVALRY instantly to mind. REVELRY was deciphered from the remainder after scrambling the letters a few times. Definitely not a piece of cake, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge after a relatively easy week. Have a terrific Thursday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. BISON = Last used on 02/26/20 as SAME ANAGRAM
    VINYL = Last used on 01/26/21 as NILVY
    EASILY = Last used on 01/31/21 as SELYIA
    LARGER = Last used on 03/17/20 as GEALRR
    SIBLING “REVELRY” = Last used on 08/18/96 as RLBELIVSNYGRIE

    OSBNI = Used on 02/26/20

  3. No other posts yet? This is Easily a Larger event than putting down my Vinyl flooring for Bison to roam on here in the Great Plains. Bison are very common in Omaha. If you think I’m telling a tall tale, use a search engine to look for “Bison downtown Omaha images.” They’re everywhere. Now to work.

    • Quiet morning eh? You know, OO, we can just chat it up a little………….

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🎶 It’s a long, long road…from which there is no return…While we’re on the way to there…Why not share? And the load doesn’t weigh me down at all…He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…🎶 “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” – The Hollies 1969 https://tinyurl.com/4nk6fvh2

    🧍🏻🧍🏻 To Celebrate is “Revelry”…with Sibling…here’s a given,
    And as we see these pre-teens… the competing def is driven…
    A BISON is a wild ox, and siblings can get wild,
    It’s understood though EASILY, when it’s child ‘gainst child…
    But VINYL-coat our picture here…a birthday should bring peace,
    So who will be the LARGER sort…and let rivalry cease?
    Today’s solve is an easy one…but what’s the chance we’ll see…
    These two bury the hatchet…Enjoy SIBLING “REVELRY”! * 🧍🏻🧍🏻

    * https://tinyurl.com/5xpruskr

  5. Each word took two or three glances, as did the solution. Of course thought it was sibling rivalry at first, even knowing full well the letters didn’t match! Have a thoroughly wonderful Thursday! ☀️

    • I’m happy to hear you figured it out, Kim. Definitely not the easiest of solves. Enjoy your Thursday TWO! 😀😀👋🏻👋🏻

  6. It was turning out to be a stumper of a day, until that glorious “aha” moment arrived. All anagrams solved quickly, giving the dreaded 14 letters to unscramble into two words, one in quotes…Yikes!!! Worked feverishly for about 5 minutes until jumble answer delivered from above. Probably some good luck involved. Well, actually what popped into my mind was RIVALRY, but that was closed enough for government work !!! I’ll give myself 4 stars for the effort.

  7. 🙇🏻‍♂️ Theirs was a classic case of SIBLING RIVALRY, but this competing over who’d be first to finish reading the VINYL-bound book on the life of a BISON, was EASILY one of their LARGER disagreements…🙇🏻‍♂️

    🦬 The BISON spotted EASILY, through VINYL-covered lens,
    And it looks so much LARGER…guess on distance it depends…
    I hope my photo’s better…and that my brothers agree
    I doubt they will though if it is…it’s SIBLING RIVALRY! 🦬

  8. Good morning. Breezed through the words but bombed on the cartoon answer. No light bulb went off in this head. In fact I think it needs to be changed. I had a complete black out. Once I saw the answer it was Gee I should have…..Gosh I could have….. Fact is I failed miserably, I didn’t even get sibling. The up shot of this is that tomorrow brings a new jumble and I can do it all over again. Loved your song choice Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you! And hoping you’re well and staying safe too…🧍🏻🧍🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. The twin related Jumble got me despite our having darling twin granddaughters Kate and Jane.Larger looked like “regale” which was listed in the Oxford dictionary,so I was stumped by that anagram,and the too mny letters,stumped me regarding the cartoon solution.Definitely a Thursday and not a Monday Jumble.

  10. Good mental workout this morning. Had to bring out paper and pencil for the cartoon solution.. Figured something would end in “ing” so hit upon sibling and the rest fell nicely into place. Hooray!! Hope all of you have a good Thursday. 🎉

  11. I thought the solution was clever…. May Gray continues here. Most of the fires are in homeless ‘camps’.
    Have a fine day!

  12. Hi all – LARGER took me the most time to unscramble today, after first reading it as GARGLE or LAGER (which I wouldn’t recommend doing!)
    No idea at all about the answer, and I finally gave up on it.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    No stumpers in the 1996 Jumble Mike, but it took me a minute to get YOLFEN and AIRLAD, and had to write the letters down to get FLEEBI.

    “When the team’s BISON mascot gained weight he had to be replaced, since the VINYL costume could not EASILY be made LARGER.

    • AIRLAD had my gears turning, Steve. Some of the anagrams in the older puzzles can be quite challenging.

      Impressive sentence as always. I was particularly impressed by your use of vinyl. Well done!

      • Thanks Mike. Reading that, I was just reminded that I had a vinyl spacesuit when I was a kid, probably a Halloween costume. It was too hot to wear for long, and I can still smell that plastic aroma!

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