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  1. Happy Wednesday everyone! This zookeeper deserves a big pat on the back for her honesty. She could have easily dodged the question by pointing out some of the other unique features about the giraffe, but instead she owned up to the shortcomings of her knowledge and gave our little buddy a truthful response. Jumble Jeff didn’t leave us hanging though! I thought it was brilliant how he incorporated the vertebrae answer into the wording of his sentence without making it seem overly-educational. It just goes to show how much thought and effort both he and David put into these puzzles. Truly a talented team!

    There weren’t any new clue words to greet us this morning. CLIFF would have been new if not for its only other appearance back in November of 2013. David dealt KNELT just eight days prior so I was surprised to see him offer it up again so soon. The double-letter trick would have worked well on both EMBLEM and SUDDEN, but they were both quite visible as scrambled.

    Today’s cartoon showed us an interaction between a zookeeper and a couple of school-aged children. I doubt this is a field trip because we would have seen a lot more children milling about. When I first saw the Giraffe it immediately reminded me of Geoffrey from the old Toys “R” Us commercials. Remember those? What’s in the bucket is anyone’s guess, but it’s definitely not meat since giraffes are herbivores. Their favorite leafy treats come from the acacia and mimosa trees. They do, however, chew on old animal bones from time to time. This behavior is called osteophagy and it’s common among pregnant females that need more calcium and phospates in their diets. I was conflicted when trying to choose which detail I enjoyed the most. The look of delight on the giraffes face as it ate out of the bucket was my first choice, but then I noticed the other giraffe having a bite to eat in the background and it instantly warmed my heart. It’s probably best to follow the example set by the zookeeper and admit that I don’t honestly know which one was my favorite. But you can bet giraffe I’ll pick one for you tomorrow!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of nine letters. Three of them were vowels and six were consonants. I thought the layout was well-crafted and hid the solution extremely well. NEXT TIME flowed naturally after reading the sentence which made finding the punny part in quotes a breeze. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

  2. Notaproblem! Anagrams and solution sooooooo easy! David & Jeff must be taking a in-week vacation!
    Tomorrow I take my wife to Dodger stadium for her 2nd Moderna shot, YAYYYYYYYY!
    The wait was long for her first shot so I hope our mileage may vary tomorrow…. After that we may go downtown for a fantastic Phillipe’s French Dip Sandwich.
    I ate lunch INSIDE one of my favorite restaurants today, been longer than a year for that, and it felt great.
    Dodgers spring training is winding down and the team looks awesome. Maybe a TWOpeat!

  3. Quick tune up for the day. I hope everything at work goes as smoothly. Stay safe and have fun.

  4. Good morning. No problem again today. Looking at the cartoon I thought I was going to have trouble but once I put down the letters the solution came in seconds. Really cute drawing. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  5. To me this has a really convincing shadow solution, namely NECKS ITEM. Both NECKS ITEM and NECKS TIME are good answers. Sure, she may try to remember the NECKS TIME, but she could also remember the NECKS ITEM, which could be another aspect of the giraffe (such as the legs) or another animal in the “necks” cage, perhaps the fact that the Siberian tiger in the next cage is the largest cat. Actually, words like MEETS, TIME, and TIMES have many anagrams, giving rise to a huge number of anagrams of the solution, but the only ones that seem plausible are NECKS TIME and NECKS ITEM.

  6. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🦒

    🦒 These kids look up at the Giraffe, to them high as a CLIFF,
    And they’re asking many questions, hopefully they’ll cause no riff…
    And those EMBLEM-looking spots they see, in different shades of brown,
    Leads to a question about bones, since the head’s not falling down…
    The Zookeeper says “Vertebrae”? No SUDDEN answer known,
    She’ll need to do some research for the number of the bones
    But it’s too bad that the creature hadn’t KNELT, that would be prime…
    ‘Cause then the kids could reach it…who knows…maybe the “NECKS” TIME! 🦒

    I’d be sticking my neck out if I said I knew how many vertebrae a Giraffe has. No-body ever brought it up!…And that’s the long and short of it! Have a good day, Everyone…Be well and stay safe out there…🦒🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. 🧗🏻‍♂️ As he KNELT at the edge of the CLIFF, staring at the EMBLEM on the gloves that he wore, he felt a SUDDEN jolt…and then awoke..swearing that NEXT TIME he won’t drink so much…🧗🏻‍♂️

    🙏🏻 He KNELT in Church and prayed a SUDDEN miracle would come,
    He felt as if he stood upon a CLIFF…no where to run…
    Bearing sadness like an EMBLEM, no reason nor a rhyme,
    He hoped for resolution when he came back the NEXT TIME…🙏🏻

  8. Anagrams were a quick solve but not so for the cartoon as the “necks” first word in quotes stumped me.Solutions in quotes tend to be my bugaboo.

  9. Another easy puzzle this morning. It’s so nice when everything falls into place quickly. Hoping all of you have a good day.

  10. Hi all – Another quick solve today of the words and the answer with just one detour of seeing UNUSED before SUDDEN (double letter trick.)

    Mike, I too laughed seeing you stick your neck out a bit with the “bet giraffe” joke. I sure do remember Geoffrey the Giraffe, not least because the Toys R Us store in Sunnyvale just south of here was haunted! 👻
    It finally closed 3 years ago yesterday on 3/23/2018, but was used in the fall of 2019 as a seasonal “Spirit Halloween” store!

    🎵”The monkeys stand for honesty, Giraffes are insincere.
    And the elephants are kindly but they’re dumb”🎵
    (Simon and Garfunkle, “At The Zoo”)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The CLIFF diver KNELT and kissed the EMBLEM he always wore around his neck before making a SUDDEN leap into the ocean below.”

    • I didn’t think of Geoffrey as much as April the giraffe from upstate NY, whose labor and delivery were live streamed on Facebook and YouTube a few years ago. That was definitely something…But just last week there were stories that Toys R Us may be coming back. 👏🏻👏🏻…I’d love that. With all the Little Ones in my family, it’s definitely a stretch getting gifts when birthdays and Christmas rolls around…Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe out there…🦒🙋🏻‍♀️

    • What a story! I wonder if anyone has checked the property deeds to see how close the Murphy farm was to the store? 😉👋🏻

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