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Good Morning, Everyone!             🍪 HERE WE DOUGH AGAIN...🍪

🎶 C is for COOKIE, that’s good enough for me, C is for COOKIE, that’s good enough for me…C is for COOKIE, that’s good enough for me…Oh, COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE, starts with C…🎶 “C is for Cookie” – Cookie Monster 1972 https://tinyurl.com/y5duzvhf

🍪 Ruth Wakefield was a chef renown, who owned the Toll House Inn,
And she took bits of chocolate and created sweet heaven.
Who doesn’t love a Chocolate Chip, I’ve KNELT before its’ stacks…
I find the Cookie Aisles to be SCENIC with its racks…
You take a BROOM to sweep a floor, a sponge to wash a dish,
You take a Chocolate Chip Cookie to fill a sweet tooth’s wish…
I’ve given up a HAIRDO many times throughout the years,
But I’ve stayed true to Chocolate Chips, I hold them way too dear.
So here’s to Ruth and her idea that started out a rookie…
And turned out to be nothing short of simply ONE SMART COOKIE 🍪

Our words today are all SWEET Repeats. Some SWEETER than others…While KNELT and HAIRDO are both making their 8th appearances, SCENIC comes in at 6, and we’ve seen BROOM only once before, on July 4th of last year. KNELT‘s been in Jumble play at least once every year between 2014-2018, and is our most recently seen word, from November 28th, ’18, when it had a slight variation, at LENKT. And while none of our words were too hard to SWALLOW, 4 of the Early Birds felt that they BIT off a little more than they could CHEW with HAIRDO…And now, on to our MAIN COURSE.

RUTH  GRAVES WAKEFIELD was a CHEF who owned the TOLL HOUSE INN, and created the Toll House Cookie, the first Chocolate Chip Cookie. But instead of telling you about her BIT by BIT, here’s a link that you could use to read about her if you CHEWS. https://tinyurl.com/y26bgfpm  And I have to admit…the minute I read today’s cartoon, I immediately thought of an episode of FRIENDS, called “The One With Phoebe’s Cookies” where the character Phoebe spoke about her Grandmothers’ Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Here’s a clip, https://tinyurl.com/y2x7ebm9  but I believe the entire episode is on line…and it’s well worth seeing. So, today Jeff’s brought us to the Toll House Inn, circa 1938. We see Ruth, offering her newly created cookie to two patrons dining there. Both the man in the background, as well as the woman being served display wide smiles of approval as they bite into Ruth’s new creation. And the woman, answering Ruth’s question of “what do you think” by telling her she’s a GENIUS, serves up our solution on a silver platter. Ruth was…ONE SMART COOKIE. Good one, David…Short and SWEET!

Eye Candy? It’s a pretty clean, CRISP drawing, with a light beige shaded background. We see the Kitchen off to the left, a spoon lying atop a mixing bowl of COOKIE DOUGH set upon a table. Our three characters are dressed in period clothing, the man sporting a CRISP white dress shirt with a black tie, while both women are wearing bow-necked blouses. The female guest wears a rose colored collarless suit jacket over a white blouse, while Ruth is clad in a blue apron over gray. Jeff’s captured Ruth’s period HAIRDO of SOFT waves and curls styled atop her head. (Note Ruth’s photo in the bio).  We see the table set with a bright yellow scalloped tablecloth familiar to the time, and a visibly steaming cup of coffee placed in a vintage ornately-patterned cup with matching saucer. A small dessert plate lies beside it, and an opened book is placed above it. And of course, we see the brown Chocolate Chip Cookies, with their darkened Chips. But the eye catcher? The now classic vintage Bentwood Cafe Chairs and Table…at the time so INN. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And treat yourself to a COOKIE today…in honor of Ruth’s BATCH made in Heaven! 🍪🙋🏻

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  1. Angela:
    I was wondering if there was a connection to the Toll House cookie dough I sometimes get in the store. I found this in your Wikipedia article:
    Andrew Nestlé and Ruth Wakefield made a business arrangement: Wakefield gave Nestlé the right to use her cookie recipe and the Toll House name for one dollar and a lifetime supply of Nestlé chocolate. Nestlé began marketing chocolate chips to be used especially for cookies and printing the recipe for the Toll House Cookie on its package.
    My hardest word was HAIRDO. I got the first 3 CW’s and guessed the answer, but still didn’t think of hairdo. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

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    • Good Morning, Mike. I always make it a point to read whatever I give a link to…(just in case there’s a pop quiz)! 😂 and I meant to mention in my post that maybe she was ONE SMART COOKIE because she negotiated such a savvy business deal with that chocolate! But as we can see…I never got it in there! As for the dough, I jumped around from link to link trying to see something in print to verify that Ruth had a connection to the produced dough itself, but I fell asleep around 4. (Note the time of my post)! Here’s one of them that might shed some light…https://tinyurl.com/yyqpjcxe Let me know what you think..
      As for hairdo? Didn’t we have a conversation in the past about the word and the “guy thing”? I’m sensing a Déjà vu…If I get a chance, I’m going to look it up. I do think I remember the men having a problem with it..and as I mentioned in my post, 4 of the guys this morning PARTED 😉 ways with it too! 🍪🙋🏻


      • Angela:
        I looked at your link, but it just says that the commercial chocolate chip dough uses the brand “Toll House”, not that Ruth had a connection to it. I hope that they gave her a lifetime supply of free chocolate for her restaurant, not just her own personal use. 🤩
        All this talk to cookie recipes made me think of the famous urban legend involving the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe.

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      • Mike…The Neiman-Marcus saga I’m aware of..but not all the rest. There’s a lot of info in this link…I just scanned through. I have to get a chance to digest it all…No pun intended! 😘 And herre in NY, whenever being seen with a Neiman-Marcus shopping bag, some how the story would always pop up…
        As for Ruth’s Chocolate deal, it was Chocolate in perpetuity..and all for that single dollar! …..”Andrew Nestlé and Ruth Wakefield made a business arrangement: Wakefield gave Nestlé the right to use her cookie recipe and the Toll House name for one dollar and a lifetime supply of Nestlé chocolate” …..Yep, ONE SMART COOKIE that Ruth!

        But from this excerpt within the link, I gleaned that the ties were gone by the time the dough began to be produced, so I don’t think Ruth held any connection any more…

        …”The original recipe is still printed on their bag of chocolate chips. Nestlé owned the rights and took all profits from the “Toll House Cookie” until 1983 when ambiguities were discovered in the original agreements with the Wakefields and Nestlé lost their exclusive rights to the trademark.
        From that point, “Toll House Cookies” became a descriptive name only. The name “Toll House,” however continues to be a subsidiary brand of the Nestlé Company and is still used on Chocolate Morsels, chocolate chip cookie dough, and coco powder- all products coming from that one, off the cuff baking decision and accidentally delicious result” ….🍪🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Clay. 9 that we know of! 😂 I’m sure it was used many more times before this blog started keeping track in 2014! I guess it’s just your Achilles Heel! …Or as Mike and I were just saying…could it be a gender issue? It does seem to be a word used by women a lot more than men…Care to do some research? 🤔 After all, you are our resident research artist! 😉 Hope you’re having a great day so far, Clay! 🍪🙋🏻

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    • Good Morning, Chuck! Did you see my reply last night about the bridge? If not, turn back and take a look….I don’t want you to think I left you hanging…No Pun intended! 😂
      Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 Hag=Broom! I like it! Very well done! You never disappoint! I had trouble working HAIRDO into the mix. I played around with it until about 3 AM, and when it started to bring me to my KNEES, I threw in the towel…But here’s a few twists I came up with…Hope you didn’t get hit too badly with the snow..We had a fair amount, but luckily it’s dissipating on its own now with the temp rising…🍪🙋🏻

      ° As she KNELT looking through the BROOM closet, she noticed the calendar hanging on the door, with a model sporting the latest HAIRDO while posing at a SCENIC ski resort.

      ° The 1960 company’s campy commercial for its’ innovative electric BROOM, embossed with a SCENIC mountainside logo, stressed that no woman ever KNELT to pick up debris, thereby preserving her bouffant HAIRDO.

      ° The congregant with the outlandish HAIRDO, was asked to move over a little by the man who KNELT behind her, since he couldn’t see the SCENIC enactment of Christ using the proverbial BROOM to clear the temple of the money changers.


      • Angela, Thanks so much for the Verrazzano bridge! I knew you’d know the answer. We lucked out and only had an inch of that white stuff. Hope your day is going well.

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      • You’re very welcome, Chuck. But growing up in Brooklyn most likely gave me the advantage….I always remember hearing about the “unique” number of suspensions. I didn’t give it much thought though while doing the puzzle the other day,…but after you mentioned it, I have a feeling it may have given a lot of people “cause to pause”…especially those living outside of NY. Leave it to the Times to make us scratch our heads, right? 🤔 Good to hear that you didn’t get slammed with the snow…We’ve hardly anything left….got away without any shoveling at all…And the sun’s now out in full force…Hoping you have a great day, Chuck! 🍪🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. There are days when doing jumble one rises to the highest of highs and then there days that you just go flat. Today the mixture of words were good with Scenic being the hardest one followed by Hairdo. When it came time to the cartoon,my mind was as stale as outdated yeast. After seeing the answer it should have risen to mind. Angela you gave us a plethora of information (yes I used it) and enjoyed every bit of it. Cookie Monster filled the bill. Until tomorrow stay well

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    • Brooklyn…Wherefore art thou, Paul? Still no name? Like America’s Horse? 😉 (Let me know if you get that bit of trivia)! Good thing I’d know you anywhere…Yea, Paul…it gets that way sometimes. Some days we eat the bear, some days the bear eats us. Today I guess you’re breakfast! 🙄 Kudos on your RISES, HIGHS, FLAT, MIXTURE, STALE, YEAST and RISEN! You’ve RISEN to the occasion, and COOKED up a PLETHORA of baking tidBITS! 👏🏻👏🏻 You’ve said a MOUTHFUL! I love it! 😘 Thanks for the Shout Out, I just couldn’t resist going with Cookie Monster. The little cutie patootie! Who says it better? 🤔 Wishing you a great day, Brooklyn…🍪🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Professor. How SWEET that the Jumble can not only entertain, but evoke beautiful memories too, right? I’m sure you’re enjoying yours. I, for one, am eating Chocolate Chip Cookies as we speak…Yea, I’m taking one for the team! 😂😂 Not Toll House though…another well known brand, famous I believe for their soft-baked product….And yes, Prof…Yummy it is! 🍪🙋🏻


  3. Hi all – The KN was the tipoff for KNELT, the SC already together gave SCENIC, and I *finally* got HAIRDO quickly from having been stumped by it so many times before.

    Thanks for all the info and detail Angela. It’s so interesting when one of the seemingly generic items in our lives can be traced back to a specific person or idea. Great sentences too.

    And thanks Chuck, for your sentence also. I had no inspiration at all, but yours instantly brought up a picture of the forest witch kneeling before her oven making a big batch of cookies to entice Hansel and Gretel.

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    • Generic? Chocolate Chip Cookies? You mean you don’t revere them as I do? 😂 Thanks for the Shout Outs, G….it was an interesting subject once you start doing that leaping link-to-link thing we’re so known to do! 😉 But what’s up with this? You, invoking a Fairy Tale? 😂 Be still my heart! I’m shocked I tell you, shocked! You’ve thrown my whole day out of whack! LOL! …As for HAIRDO? Was it you and I that had the gender issue conversation? 🤔🙋🏻


  4. LOL. The morbid fairy tales make an impression I guess (especially when you’re Hansel’s age and feel in danger of being eaten. 😂) The ones about riding horses with bells to Bannockbrook Gate for St. Swithen’s Day etc, not so much!

    Could have been us with the gender conversation, but mine has progressed to HAIRDON’T. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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    • ROTFL! Yea, whatever! Although I do agree, the morbid ones did leave an impression…and there were more morbid ones than should have been allowed, right? Only thing, G…I don’t remember cookies being part of the wicked witch’s lure…cakes and candies, yes…cookies, no…😂 And I’m LOL at Bannockbrook Gate! .👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻..The conversation? I do think it was we that had it…and if I’m not mistaken….you made the same joke! HAIRDON’T! 👴🏻🙋🏻


  5. Wow!! Hairdo did me in yet again. I seem to have a mental block against that word. Had to back into it after solving the cartoon. Love those Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. Thanks for the link to the story behind them, Angela. Have a good Thursday everyone.

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    • Hi Betty, Fellow Chocolate Chip lover! 🍪🍪 You know something? I do believe that there’s some words that just cause the pause every time. As you can see, you’re in good company! And you’re quite welcome for the background info…I came across so much interesting material. Sadly, there’s not enough hours in the day though to get to it all….but it’s always nice to learn something new. Here’s to a great Thursday, Betty! Enjoy! 🍪☕️🙋🏻


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