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CARTOON ANSWER:   She could hand-sew a hem very quickly and made it – – –


AE   SS   AE   MY   =   “SEAM” EASY 


Good Morning, Everyone!          ✂️ And SEW it goes…✂️

🎶 Let’s take it nice and EASY…It’s gonna be so EASY for us to fall in love…The problem now of course is, to simply hold your horses…to rush would be a crime…’Cause nice and EASY does it, nice and EASY does it…Nice and EASY does it every time…🎶 “Nice ‘N’ Easy” – Frank Sinatra 1960 https://tinyurl.com/y6xf8az8

✂️ My Grandmother, a wondrous Soul, so often tried to teach
Me how to knit and crochet, but it all was out of reach…
A simple hem was challenging…Her voice I still can hear,
Italian ACCENT-English, but her meaning very clear…
“It’s coming out all MESSY ’cause your hands like that can’t stay…
The needle ‘goes the other side’…you’re doing it backways…”
Enthusiasm would ABATE, my left hand oft belied…
And SKIMPY little knotted balls were all that I’d provide…
So ’till this day I’m still inept, and tailoring makes me queasy…
But I remember Grandma always making it “SEAM” EASY✂️

Thinking about what David was telling us the other day concerning the EASE of working with some words as compared to others when creating a Jumble, today we may have hit the Jackpot. This blog only goes back to 2014 with word listings, but today 2 of our words are appearing for the 10th time, while the other 2 are bringing up #8. And an interesting little tidbit…We just saw SKIMPY 13 days ago on the 7th. And while we’ve seen our other 3 words in 2018, MESSY goes back the farthest to February 22nd, where it was anagrammed as it is today. But ACCENT showed up on 12/17/15, and it’s another repeat anagram. SEW…with none of our words being stumpers, I’d say enough talk about the reTHREADS, and let’s make a SEAMless move onto our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves at home in someone’s living room. We see two women, SEAMingly close in age, but with the one standing appearing to have a slight EDGE. I started wondering if the one kneeling, SEWING a HEM, might be Sydney, Jeff’s daughter. Currently a student at the University of Cincinnati, where she’s studying FASHION design, there could be a THREAD of truth to it…So I went back and looked through my cartoons to check. If I’m not mistaken, the last time we saw Sydney was back on July 2nd, ’18, where she was featured, along with her Mom, Kathy, in a Jumble titled, “HAMPERED“. Before that, we saw her almost a year ago to the day, on February 21st, where Jeff had her appear along with Tim Gunn, in a CLOTHESly related situation titled “SEAMS” POSSIBLE. On that day, Sydney was being asked if she could finish a DRESS within an hour. In both drawings, we’re seeing her full face, and this one today is a profile, plus the hair style’s different, so I can’t say for sure…SEW if it’s not her, I’m TAGGING our girl TAILOR SWIFT, since we hear that she’s being told she’s a lifesaver for working so QUICKLY, without any HEMMING nor hawing…And since she worked in an ALTERATION shop, she just made it…”SEAMEASY. Good job, David, you’ve SEWN up another one!

Ok, eye candy. With a carpet of very light beige, the cocoa colored walls blend perfectly. The drapes are a cranberry color, and you can actually see the rings at top where they hang from the drapery pole. Nice detail, Jeff. Our woman in disDRESS is clad head to toe in purple, with knee high boots and a handbag to match. TAILOR sports a powder blue top, with black pants, and white socks, sans shoes. And there’s a small spool of purple THREAD lying by her right foot. But what caught my EYE? The NEEDLE…Jeff’s drawn it that we can actually see it in her hand, PLYing its’ way through the HEM. And she’s a SOUTHPAW!…Now I can definitely COTTON to that! SEW…There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And should you find yourself in a situation today where you’re DARNED if you do, and DARNED if you don’t? Just say a QUICK aMEND…it always helps. ✂️🙋🏻

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  1. Good to see you back for the weekend now that I know your schedule. Can relate to hemming and knotting as well. Bought a mini Singer for the house several years ago. Sits neatly in its original box with the phone number to our personal tailor attached. Sewing is not our schtick and will stick with our amazing Miss Lilly who gets the job done in no time flat. Off to the office to gut out another day toward retirement. Have a good one!

    • Good Morning, Jim..weekend? But it’s only Wednesday, isn’t it? 😉 Don’t confuse me..I never know what day it is, as it is! Mike went on vacation, so you’re stuck with me for 2 weeks. Non stop….Yes, I can hear the groans! Ah, so you have a Miss Lilly. I have a cousin or two..They’re righties…They learned! 😂 Enjoy the day, Jim…Hope it goes by QUICKLY! 🙋🏻

      • Hah! Just saw your reply. I’m on limited duty at work this week and yesterday was just feeling like a weekend coming on. Look forward to your rhymes for no reason other to entertain. Thank you.

        • Good Morning, Jim. I’m glad you explained it..You had me in search of the calendar…I’m forever screwing up the days! Thanks for the Shout Out…for some strange reason I do find it easy to come up with a rhyme at the drop of a hat. My friends have dubbed me the Idiom Savant! 😉 …
          They tease me almost mercilessly, these men I call my friends
          Good natured I suppose it is, and yet it never ends….
          It’s natural to me, always been…a rhyme just comes to life…
          I rather make a joke of things than deal with bull—t strife!
          I find the beauty poetry is, in any place or time…
          I’m staying just the way I am… The woman with the rhyme!
          Have a good one, Jim. 🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Guess what today is. Come on people,guess what today is. If your not sure just ask the camel because I would have bet today was Monday. Today’s jumble was one of those easy ones that is usually reserved for the start of a new week. I breezed right through the words never having to blink once. When it came time for the cartoon,once I put down the letters it was an instant solve. Didn’t have to think,the answer popped into view. I’m still having trouble and am unable to do as you suggested Angela. Clicking does nothing. I see “old blue eyes”is on your mind this morning. Nice choice for the start of a day. Enjoyed your use of the words with poem and puns. Mike would be proud of his right hand Girl. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. For a minute there you had me going…Hump Day, not Hump Day? I thought you were going to throw me a curve! 😉 But yep, I wholeheartedly agree…easy, breezy, clever and cute…This name thing…I’m sorry Mike M’s suggestion didn’t pan out for you. I looked, and I see that I do have my name entered where he spoke of…But what about when you go to post? There’s no boxes there asking for your name and email address? (Which don’t worry, it would never show). I just don’t get it…Maybe Steve or someone else can suggest something else for you to try. I know a few of us had the problem…Yes, Frankie, front and center this morning. I could listen to him sing that song all day. Note it was circa 1968…when he went a little nuts though, IMO. Thought he was a hippie or something. Looking at the clip, I was thinking…ok, scrap the beads, scrap the white suit, definitely scrap the Nehru jacket…I ended up just closing my eyes…! 😂😂 I mean, I didn’t mind the orange T-shirt that much, but with that suit, I kept thinking Creamsicle! 😂Anyway, guilty…love the guy, what can I say? SEW…Thanks for the Shout Outs, Brooklyn, and I hope your day’s off to a great start! Ciao, Bello! ✂️🙋🏻

  3. At the girl’s dorm, the ACCENT on keeping rooms from becoming MESSY seemed to ABATE as more attention was being directed to the SKIMPY outfits the female students were wearing.

    • ROTFL!!! I guess the outfits got skimpier because half the clothing was strewn all over the floor! 😉 Good Morning, Chuck B. Is it snowing there yet? Rumor has it you’re in line for another hit…Loving the sentence, you made me LOL! I may give it a whirl, just to shake things up a bit…Stay tuned! ✂️🙋🏻

      • Hi, Angela. Inch on the ground and expecting another inch or two. Hope your day is going okay. Stay warm!

        • I thought so. We haven’t started yet, slated for around noon…I plan on staying put indoors…warn and dry! Stay safe if you go out there to deal with it…❄️🙋🏻

        • SEAMS like I definitely spoke wayyyy too soon, Chuck. Snow started about an hour ago….and it’s coming down with a vengeance! SEW much for dodging anything! 😉🙋🏻

    • ° With the ACCENT on the MESSY scandal rocking the Church, donations began to ABATE, and what was received were SKIMPY..
      Notice how terse I made this (for a change of pace?)..It’s a subject I can’t get out of my mind, while at the same time I’m at a loss for words over…(Well, I do have words, but I can’t get away with using them here)! IMO..IT SEAMS EASY enough what should have been done …years ago.🙄🙋🏻

  4. Problem was I couldn’t figure how to spell abate,but the puzzle was a blind solve given the cartoon pic.We dodged the forecast of 2-4 in. of snow but did get an ice coating with freezing drizzle still falling.

    • Hey, Prof.. I thought so too, the solve was a give away. And the cartoon was excellent, but yes, you would need correct spelling! 😉 Chuck, did you happen to see what a guy Jim posted last night about percentages and the Jumble? If not, go back and take a look at the bottom of ydays page.I wonder what you think about it….The ice is always a problem. Be careful…I hope you’re staying indoors until it dissipates…❄️🙋🏻

      • I did read it, Angela, and found it to be very interesting. I was surprised to see that B was one of the top three. The order of the other 23 didn’t faze me much.Got the drive shoveled. Waiting around for the next blast.

        • B? What about W and J? I don’t think we see those letters frequently at all…maybe I just don’t pay close enough attention…I solve with the cartoon, and the words just follow…(I Just used 2 “J” words, didn’t I)? 😂😂 SEW here? Within “J”ust the past hour or so? Some serious accumulation…Take it slow, and be cautious…🙋🏻

        • What? Where? It does say faze…😉 Magic! (And it went right past me the first time too)! 😉🙋🏻

      • The other Chuck answered your question about the most frequently occurring letters in the Jumbles.I,the retired math prof Chuck.just looked up his list and also question the frequency of w,j,or b.There also was a misprint in that he listed the w as being most frequent,then again in his list of letters as occurring most frequent after p.All in all,an interesting analysis of the jumbles.

        • Hi Prof, yes he did. It’s all good, I appreciate the different insights. TBT, the whole thing confused me somewhat, and I did note the contradiction. But as I said to him, all the analysis IMO, takes its toll! 😉 The Jumble should just be fun! 🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – The words were quick – the double letter trick showed ACCENT. I thought “quick work” for the answer, but that didn’t fit and I didn’t see anything else right away. Bur, the picture made me think of a Joni Mitchell lyric which gave me the word SEAMS, which showed SEAM EASY.
    🎵”But even on the scuffle
    The cleaner’s press was in my jeans
    And many an eye for detail
    Caught a little lace along the seams”🎵(“The Boho Dance”)

    Funny, the first day of Mike’s vacation and the song playing from the ceiling at Peet’s was “Now it’s the same old song, but with a different feeling since you’ve been gone”. 😂

    Nice call on fellow Rhode Islander “Tailor Swift” Angela – made me laugh.

    Have a good one, everyone!

    • Hey G…Thanks. Always happy to give you a laugh…(I chuckled a little myself)! Wishing you a good one too, Steve! ✂️🙋🏻

  6. Angela, I think we’re interpreting diffferently what Jim meant. I think he means if either J,W or B appears in a JUMBLE word, there’s about a 2 out of 3 chance that said letter will be the FIRST letter in the JUMBLE word. Are you interpreting it that way?

    • Hey Chuck.TBT, I wasn’t interpreting it at all at first. I was way more caught up in the “multiple” conundrum. But yes, I see your point and his now. I wish I had a data base of the words alphabetically…because I wonder how often “W” appears. The “J”, I think I remember having a discussion with Steve about some months ago. Personally, I know that I use the word “Just” a lot. Too often, perhaps. I JUST do! 😉 But again, yes..in re-reading his statement I can see where it does seem correct. So now I echo your questioning the “B”. …JEEZ. I hate thinking about %’s! Where’s the NY Time X-Word Puzzle when you need it? 😉🙋🏻

  7. Angela, one last comment for the day which winds up being a question. In the 2/10 NYT crossword, the clue was something like: location of 14 laned bridge. The answer was: Unique New York which is (was) a play on words. What would the actual answer be? Do you know? Have a great night!

    • Chuck. I think the question was the location of the world’s only 14 lane “Suspension” Bridge. I took the key word :suspension, and figured they had to mean the Verrazzano here that connects Staten Island to Brooklyn. It’s a double-decked suspension bridge. The answer was a little flaky in my opinion, but you know the Times. LOL! I interpreted it as the bridge being unique in its’ number of suspensions, and the location being NY. It fit, so I made my peace with it! 😉 Hope it helps…And here’s 🍷 to a great night for you also! 🙋🏻

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