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  1. Happy Monday everyone. I’m pleased to report that STEEP was a brand new clue word this morning. Fans of a specific Berkeley, CA coffee roaster, like our good friend Steve from Oakland, probably saw the solution as PEETS! All of the answers came into view with zero effort. Early voting suggests that TAVERN is going to be the stumper for today. The layout did look like REVANANT, so the confusion is completely understandable.

    I’ve often wondered how folks get rid of old garbage cans. I happen to have a prime candidate for disposal that’s clinging to life with the help of some TLC and duct tape! The gentleman in our cartoon seems to think the garbage men will know it’s trash by placing it in his new receptacle and hoping for the best. I’m glad to see he’s fitting a round can into a square one because it would be nearly impossible to do if it were the other way around!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of seven letters. Two of them were vowels and five were consonants. The visual clue of the cans as well as the length of the layout made the final solve a breeze. Have a wonderful start to your week, and keep Jumbling!

  2. STEEP = NEW WORD (Used on 8/10/78 as final answer)
    ADAGE = Last used on 01/29/21 as GAAED
    TAVERN = Last used on 11/29/20 as VTRENA
    UPHILL = Last used on 11/26/18 as PLIUHL

    REVANT = Used on 05/27/14

  3. Today I got 3/4 of the anagrams and 4/4 of the J solutions! I thought the solution was humorous and cute. David and Jeff make great puzzles daily and I am happy to work them….
    Now that we got vaccinated we went to dinner at a great restaurant which was greatly Covid secured. Escargot and Beef Bourgeon floated my boat and the martini didn’t make it worse.
    Dodgers looking good in spring training and the pitching staff should make all of you with teams in your city shiver in your boots!
    Bryson De Chambeaux, what can I say?

    • I’m happy to hear that you had a wonderful dinner, Mig! I’m no fan of escargot, but beef bourguignon is right up my alley. One time in Paris we ordered it and it was made with beef cheeks. They were surprisingly tender and delicious!
      Wishing you a very merry Monday, my friend!

  4. It was a steep, uphill battle with REVANT and wished I was in a tavern but the old adage, about trying again worked. I received first vaccination this weekend and it was a good experience so I will not trash it. Have a great work week folks.

  5. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🤷🏻‍♂️ When it came to his Internet provider, and its STEEP fees, he knew he’d have to TRASH IT, when faced with the assignment of rewriting an ADAGE, he was forced once again to walk UPHILL to the TAVERN to use their WiFi…🤷🏻‍♂️

    ❤️ He saw her in the TAVERN, and he felt his heart beat deep,
    As if he’d just walked UPHILL…and the climb was definitely STEEP…
    And like that age old ADAGE that love most times is blind,
    He still was sure the woman of his dreams was here to find…
    And when she turned and looked at him…that smile as she flashed it?
    He knew his search for romance done…for her he’d definitely TRASH IT! ❤️

    Happy International Woman’s Day! Wear purple…and celebrate! 💜🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Good morning. Thank goodness it’s Monday. It’s usually the day that gives us our confidence back when doing the jumble. Today was no different. Breezed through both ends and came out feeling ready to tackle tomorrow’s jumble with a renewed outlook after having had a pretty tough week. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. Apart from tavern,the anagrams were an easy Monday solve,as was the cartoon solution.Having gotten the cartoon solution,and needing the T and R from tavern ,led to that anagram solution.

  8. I wasn’t paying enough attention this morning, and solved REVANT as venter. When I got to the answer, it came out SHAVE IT. This was obviously wrong, found the A, and making TAVERN, giving the correct answer. Slow start this week.

  9. No challenge here today.
    Boy do we love Mondays !
    I suppose we need Mondays after a busy weekend full of parties, drinking, socializing, trips and restaurants!!!

  10. No difficulty here this morning. Easy breezy puzzle for a Monday. Our garbage company supplies the garbage, recycling & composting cans so I think if they wear out you just have to ask for a new one. Hope all of you have a good day.

  11. Hi all – Well, the first word was obvious since I’d just come back from PEET’S (Coffee and Tea). Yup Mike, you nailed it! 😂 But I guess STEEP would also apply to the tea. TAVERN took a couple of jumbles, and both the UP and double letter tricks worked for UPHILL.

    The cartoon and answer brings back the Lily Tomlin routine about buying a new wastebasket – she brings it home in a big bag, then takes the wastebasket out of the bag and throws the bag in the wastebasket!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    🎵”They call it Stormy Monday
    But Tuesday’s just as bad.”🎵(The Allman Brothers, T-Bone Walker song)
    Looks like we’re in for three days of on-and-off clouds and showers in what they say is probably the last rain of the season here, warming trend after that.

    “Just like the old ADAGE about walking to school, the talk at the bar was about how in the old days they had to trek to and from the TAVERN UPHILL in both directions.”

  12. Trash the trash can? This is an example of an object which can operate on itself. One uses a trash can to get rid of objects, and the trash can is itself an object, so one can TRASH IT. Other examples include a clerk, a person, at a store; he/she operates on people by taking their payment for goods, but the clerk is also a person, so the clerk him/herself can make his/her own purchase by paying for the item. One can have a sentence operating on sentences, leading to this sentence: “This sentence is false.” Is it true or false? A fancier version is ” ‘Is false when preceded by itself in quotes’ is false when preceded by itself in quotes.” Someone can write a novel entitled “Can I Write It?” about the efforts someone makes in writing a novel and describes that someone’s writing a novel entitled, “Can I Write It?” So I find things that operate on themselves interesting and I therefore am not willing to TRASH IT.

    • Jim, this sounds like a class I took that everyone agreed was the hardest they’d ever had – “Recursive Function Theory.” The professor just let everyone take the final exam home and work on it together.

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