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Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Mr. Hoyt started off our weekday Jumble duties by offering up a new clue word in SAVOR. We’ve seen SAVORY numerous times in the past so this one wasn’t any trouble to decipher. The rest of our words were all recycled favorites, but their anagrams were brand new. DECENT required a few extra glances before coming into view making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Our oldest word in the group was LOFTY with its last appearance in gameplay on 2/27/17 and scrambled as FOLYT.

Monday puzzles are usually pretty tame in regards to difficulty so I was pleased to see the surprise answer contain one word in quotes. The cartoon featured three animals in a pasture where there is an abundance of dialogue being exchanged. The large horse in the rear, who appears to be female as indicated by her long eyelashes, exclaims that Trig should go back to the barn and rest. Trig’s dialogue states that he’s feeling better but his droopy eyelids are a good indicator that he still needs to take it easy.

There wasn’t much extra detail in today’s panel, but there were a few items definitely worth mentioning. The long fence in the background lets us know that these animals have a lot of space to roam while the smaller fence in the foreground separates the goats from the horses. There were four tufts of grass drawn into the pasture which makes it look lush and green. My favorite detail was the bony shoulderblades of the goat that give it some extra character. Jeff could have easily kept its back flat and we wouldn’t have thought twice about it. My final thought about the cartoon was the choice of “Trig” as the small horses name. Was this a tip of Jeff’s cap to Trig from the Roy Rogers Show of the 50’s or merely a coincidence?

The final solve consisted of 11-letters in a cryptic anagram. With the visual clues of horses in the cartoon, I spotted HORSE almost immediately. LITTLE took a few seconds to decipher but wasn’t any trouble whatsoever. The word in quotes didn’t end up being the challenge that I expected, but it was a cute play on words that started my morning off on the right hoof. I wish everyone Happy Trails today, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow! 🐴


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  1. Good morning. Thanks Mike for an interesting post. You get so much more out of a picture than I ever would. Today’s jumble was a typical Monday. The words were first glances. I never had to go back a second time for the solution and even the cartoon was an instant read. I might add it was very cleaver. Yesterday’s jumble was challenging but I was able to get both parts done. I just got side tracked and forgot to comment. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good afternoon, Paul. I agree that once you got past the clue words the rest was fairly obvious. Not much to see in the way of extras, so hopefully Jeff will knock our socks off tomorrow. 🙂

  2. The picnickers climbed UPHILL to SAVOR their lunch with a LOFTY view and a more than DECENT appetite.
    Interesting puzzle for Monday.
    BTW Mike, Roy Roger’s horse was named Trigger–a beautiful palomino

  3. And Dale Evans horse was Buttermilk.We had a blizzard here in WCentral Illinois overnight,so no newspapers were delivered this morning.My online version came thru,and I was trying to spell savor as savior,but otherwise no problem w the anagrams or final solution.My teams came thru on the weekend w the huge Buckeyes win on Sat and the Browns yesterday.

  4. Hi Everyone,
    This was definitely a Monday puzzle. I’m almost fully recovered from guest Jumbler week, which was interesting and fun but not easy.
    I also thought of Roy Roger’s Trigger, having been a big fan of cowboy shows.
    Trig can also be a name – Sarah Palin has a child named Trig.

    • Hi, Caroline. I thought that we were in for a Monday surprise with one word being in quotes, but the solution was just too obvious. I was also impressed by GJW and thought that this years puzzles were the hardest in the 6 years that they’ve been running them. That EMPA-NADA’S one was the most difficult one for me. 🙂

  5. Hi all – Got LOFTY by putting the Y at the end as usual. UPHILL looked mysterious until putting the UP together which works more often than not, and DECENT continues the string of words with the DE at the beginning instead of ED at the end. No problem with the answer. Not only is the pony a little horse, he’s out standing in his field. (Rim-shot. Thank you, I’ll be here all week. 🙄)

    Happy Monday everyone.

    Yes Mike, I did remember to “kiss the cook” last week, and every day, even when she doesn’t cook anything. 😂
    🎵”…Until we meet again”🎵

  6. We could not even work our jumble because the paper (or someone) keeps putting an extra half square on the front end, which made up a part of the six letter words but was not included in the five letter words. This made it difficult to know where the circles belong. Why have they commenced doing this again

  7. Easy one this morning. I agree with Caroline that Guest Jumbler week presented puzzles that were more difficult than usual so it’s nice to have a break. Happy Monday everyone.

  8. I am not getting e-mails and cannot find the place to re-subscribe or whatever I have to do. This happens weekly.

    • Sorry to hear that, Earl. You can add your email address to the mailing list by entering it in the box on the front page of the website. Go to http://www.jumbleanswer.com and it’s on the right hand side. Are the emails in your spam/trash folder? If so, you can mark them as “safe” and they’ll go to your inbox. Hope this helps! 🙂

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