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Happy Tuesday, everyone! There weren’t any new clue words in today’s puzzle, but all of the anagrams were new. IGLOO has given me problems in the past, but it was instantly visible for some reason this morning. The peskiest of the pack ended up being DEFIED due to the double D’s and E’s. David decided to group all of the B’s together in BOBBLE but it too was instantly visible. SCOFF ended up being our oldest clue word with its last appearance on 6/11/15 and jumbled as FOCFS. Once solved, all of our clue words were in reverse alphabetical order.

Today’s cartoon brings us to an unamed pizza parlor where a scene for a movie is being filmed. We see a director in the rear of the panel that is coaching the actors on how to say their lines in an effort to give the scene an “everyday” feel. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the dialogue in the panel and thought that the flow was off by having both of the characters say “for me”.

The drawing itself was superb and contained quite a few extra details when compared to yesterday’s panel. The microphone dangling over the counter and the lighting panel on the wall lets us know that this is a big-budget production. The actor on the left is dressed in streetwear while Sal can be seen wearing an apron. The pizzas in the display case looked delicious with one pie being pepperoni and the other appearing to be mushroom and onion. My favorite detail overall was the cameraman filming the action. He has his hat on backwards so he can get a super close look into the camera and perfectly capture the scene taking place.

The final solve consisted of an 11-letter anagram with SLICE being instantly visible due to the visual clue in the cartoon. OF was the obvious two letter word leaving LIFE to be found in the remaining letters. Be sure to cast your vote down below for the word that gave you the most trouble and be sure to check back tomorrow to see the results. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🍕

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    • There was a movie that came out in the Summer of 1989, called “Do The Right Thing”. https://tinyurl.com/y8p4qlu9. It took place in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY and was written, directed, produced and starred Spike Lee. The pizza place owner pictured here, Sal Frangione was played by Danny Aiello. Jeff’s drawn Spike, (wearing his trademark baseball cap and earring), in the background directing, seemingly blocking out the scene with a stand-in for himself, since he played the part of Mookie, the 25-yr old delivery man. It was an extremely controversial picture, especially back then… “Everyday conversation” to say the least…

      And eye candy? The panel’s shaded in blue. The four characters are dressed in vibrant colors. The blue encompasses the glass showcase and the 2 pizzas, except for the one SLICE of pepperoni being served to Mookie. That one is colored yellow, with the sausage pieces in red, and the crust a light brown. Nice detail, Jeff. But that pie as well as the plain cheese one next to it, contain 5 and what looks to have been 6 slices respectfully…Mamma Mia! Are you kiddin’ me? We’re in Brooklyn!…And in Brooklyn, we do 8 slices to a round pie. Period! Great play on words, and great art work. But…”Do The Right Thing”?…Those pizzas just ‘ain’t CUTTING it…no matter how you SLICE it! 😉 Have a great day, Everyone! Mangia Tutti! 🍕🙋🏻

  1. Due to our Sun nite blizzard we still did not get our papers,but I did access the puzzle online.
    I was at first trying to solve slice as ‘ slise’ and then was momentarily stumped by defied.But getting the anagrams solved ,the final solution was a breeze.

    • How much snow did you end up getting, Chuck?! It must have been significant to interrupt service for two days!!!!
      Another easy puzzle but the surprise answer was a good one. Lots of vowels, too!

    • Happy to hear the good news, John! I’m hoping for a few tough puzzles to finish off the month. Those Guest Jumbler Week ones were impressive. 🔥😎🔥

  2. On the 17th of this month, we had DEFIER, and a lot of people were shaking their heads and asking if that was really a word. And now, 10 days later, we have DEFIED!
    Angela, nice catch that the movie is “Do the Right Thing”. I hadn’t noticed that.

    • Hi Mike. Good Morning. Nice catch yourself on the similarity of the words…But at least we can all agree that we’ve used the word Defied at one time or another, right? Defier is just an odd word in itself…And Thanks for the Shout Out. I’m thinking Paul may ask me why I didn’t put up 🎶That’s 🍕 Amore🎶 😉 Playing in my head, of course, but it sure didn’t fit this movie…Have a good one, Mike. 🍕🙋🏻

      • Believe me Angela,I was very aware of the missing song and if you would have picked “That’s Amore “by the late great Dean Martin. You would have hit a grand slam without a doubt. But hey,I just figured with only 28 more shopping days left till Christmas,you might be in a little hurry. By the way,I like my pies a little burnt so when you pick up a slice the end doesn’t bend towards the ground. I hate a wimpy pie.

        • ROTFL…😂😂 Brooklyn, you kill me! Good Morning! I’m with you, I hate a “wimpy” pie too…I like to “feel” a little something when I fold it…But, Paul as much as I love Dino’s song, it just wouldn’t fit here today. Think about it…That’s such a happy uplifting song, and sadly this movie wasn’t. Something popped in my head when I was answering Mike M, I think it’s a better fit. .Anyway, you’re right, I’m running around like a chicken without a head. Y’day I Cyber-shopped myself into a coma, and I only have one tree up so far..2 more to go, besides doing outside…I feel like it all just crept up on me…And I haven’t even started writing my cards out yet…I did Shop Rite at the crack of dawn this morning, but now I’m trying to relax with another coffee. Maybe I’ll do a poem for you…And thanks for the laugh, Brooklyn…you never fail! 🍕🙋🏻

        • Here you go, Brooklyn. For you…🙋🏻

          🍕 The year was 1969, the summer hot and long…
          And feelings came to surface…who’s to say what’s right or wrong…
          The men felt thy could SCOFF at things and be so nonchalant,
          An IGLOO seemed much warmer than the words they used to taunt…
          All sanity DEFIED the both of them that day,
          The weave and BOBBLE all around, but then wrong words we say..
          There has to be a better way…’cause words cut like a knife..
          We need more love, instead of hate…to be the SLICE OF LIFE…🍕

  3. His workers were known to SCOFF at the BOBBLE head designer who DEFIED convention and built an IGLOO shaped office.
    No problems with words or solution this Tuesday Morn. Good Day, all.

  4. Good morning. Agree with Mike and Jobn on Defied being the hardest of the words. Had to go back a second time to get it. The cartoon answer was an instant solve. You might say I got an epiphany. It just popped into my head. Thought the answer was a perfect slice of reality. A cute finish to a very good jumble. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Great job on guessing the surprise answer, Paul. I had to look at the letters for a moment before it came into view. DEFIED is the big winner in the poll right now which isn’t surprising after reading today’s comments. Enjoy the day! 🙂

  5. Hi all – Only IGLOO took an extra look. And after a string of words that misled us by putting DE at the beginning instead of ED at the end, David gives us DEFIED with both!

    Angela, thanks for the movie note confirming my suspicions. The first thing I noticed was that the camera looked big and clunky. Then when I saw that the director was black, I said “Aha, I wonder if that’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ “, and sure enough. And about your song, in the movie “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”, the Funk Brothers’ bass player says that he thinks “What’s Going On” “was our finest work”.

    Have a great day, especially all “Tuesday’s Children” like me.
    Good wishes to all you dealing with bad weather. As for us, we’re getting exactly what we need this week – a series of rainstorms through Friday, none of them exceptionally heavy, spaced out so that the flooding danger is minimal, but enough to bring us out of the drought conditions and up to normal for the year. It would have been nice if they had come sooner, but we’ll take them.
    And one more coincidence – today’s Chronicle has a feature that shows one of the writer’s top six front pages of all time. One is from 1967, and among the headlines about Lyndon Johnson, the Vietnam War and the Grateful Dead getting arrested, there were these two – “Rain Storm Hammers Bay Area”, and “Rain Aids Forest Fire Battle”. The more things change….

    • Hey Steve…Thanks for the Shout Out, but this isn’t the Funk Brothers. https://tinyurl.com/y97nxjp8. I know where you may have gotten that from, because I saw it before when I went looking for what year the song was cut. The Funk Brothers were Motown Records’ studio band, and a few of them are featured here. And I think years later they covered the song themselves. I’d have to look that up to be sure. But this is pure MARVIN GAYE, https://tinyurl.com/y8gzk8vm, the so talented, but so troubled Rhythm and Blues and Soul singer of the 60’s-80s…A man destined to go much further with his music too, if he hadn’t been shot and killed by his own father. His story is anything, if not colorful. I think you’ll find these links really interesting….As for the “Fire and Rain”…well that’s another whole “song”, altogether, huh? 😉 To Marvin and Sweet Baby James…both beautiful poets and both way before their time…🍷🍷….And I’m so happy you guys are finally getting the much needed rain. Ciao, Bello🍕🙋🏻

      • Well, as that link says, “What’s Going On was the first Marvin Gaye album for which Gaye is credited as producer and Motown Records’ main studio band, the session musicians known as the Funk Brothers, received a credit” and the musicians themselves send so in the movie so that’s what I was referencing.
        Hope you’re not too overworked preparing for the holidays. It’s not even December yet! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Hey Steve..I took a quick look, and I saw something about Chaka Khan performing it with them for the documentary. I never realized that they did backup for so many of Motown’s hits. Overwork? I think it’s kind of synonymous with the Holidays, no? 😉 But at least I got one more tree up, so that just leaves the kids one..The one that takes the most time! 😂😂 I just need to get the shopping done. That’s the toughest part, the shopping and the wrapping…Hope you’re night’s going well…Sharks at the Sabres..Good Luck..🙋🏻

          • The documentary was a revelation (Standing in the shadows of Motown). My highest recommendation. One of the best scenes was when they go into a record store and ask the customers if they like Motown, and they all say “Oh yeah, Supremes, Miracles, Temptations” etc. “Do you know any of the musicians who played on the records?” (Sheepishly) “Uhhh….no.” Demonstrates the point right there.

            Shopping still? I thought that was what Cyber Monday was for! 😂

            Sharks looked extremely bleak until Pavelski salvaged a point. Didn’t realize that the Sabres have TWO Rasmuses! 😂 See you tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Shopping still…And I started 2 weeks ago…Bleak…now that’s one we haven’t used yet this season! Pleasant dreams, G..💤🙋🏻

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