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Good Morning, Everyone!           🔢 COUNT ME IN 🔢

🎶 “When I’m worried, and I can’t sleep, I COUNT my BLESSINGS instead of sheep. And I fall asleep….COUNTING my BLESSINGS …🎶 “Count Your Blessings” – Rosemary Clooney 1954       https://tinyurl.com/ycrt89mg

I think BLESSINGS seems to be the key word here today…This entire puzzle was ONE…Our words are all old favorites, and except for MOSTLY which appeared back on July 13th, 2017, the other five? – All repeats from the first four months of this year. But they were an easy, breezy, group…with not a pause to COUNT amongst them..NOBODY seems to be stumped this morning…

Today we find ourselves in Ancient Rome, at the ABACUS STORE. The owner,  STEVANO, as I’ll call him, seen off to the left, bearded and holding his hand to his chest…has grown his ABACUS BUSINESS from just a JOB, into a very successful enterprise. ONE can see from his COUNTenance that he’s very pleased with his lot in life, and is heard saying that he has a “new house and a new chariot”…He is truly BLESSED! And I don’t think he ever FIGUREd as much….We see his two employees, CiZERO, meeting and greeting, and the other, CASHius talking  “upgrading”..competing. It’s definitely ONE prosperous business…and something Stevano knows he can COUNT on to bring him many, many years of BEADitudes!  So what does it all ADD UP to? ..He now can COUNT HIS BLESSINGS! Great pun, David! I give you a “X”!

Ok, eye candy…Our panel today is very easy on the eyes…The “brick and mortar” work is a soft shade of gray…All of our CHARACTERS are dressed in white and they all look very nice TOGAther. The sole woman, easily outNUMBERED, is wearing her hair in an UPswept style, and there’s some strands of BEADS at her neck. The men, except for CiZERO at the entranceway are all sporting facial hair of some kind. ‘ZERO, as he’s less formally known, does look very young…the little SHAVER! All of the ABACI are colored a peachy brown shade…We see an ITER, (a Roman footpath, a Road) leading up to the store, and the grassy landscape leads to Rome in the background…(You know..all roads.., etc)! 😉 CASHius wears a wristwatch, showing a tiny Sun Dial. Great detail, Jeff. And Stevano wears Golden cuffs on both his wrists, a sign of his wealth. But the candy may be a little hard to put my FINGER on today…and I’ll tell you why…See the big “A” atop the archway? See the little placard on the desk near CASHius reading “ABACUS X”? And notice that he’s using the word “UPGRADED“? See the lanyard around his neck? It displays a tiny BEADED store symbol…So is it just me, or is Jeff, with his amazing sense of whimsy really PUSHING the envelope today? Does anyone else see a connection between STEVANO and the first of his JOBS? Hmm…Jeff? Did I ADD this UP right? So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I apologize for being so much later than usual with the post today…Had to make it to Mass…to COUNT my BLESSINGS! 🔢🍎🙋🏻

21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/25/2018

  1. OOPS…LATE! I really didn’t CALCULATE time right this morning! 🙋🏻

    🍎🔢 This guy with the Abacus Store, he really scored a win,
    No wonder he’s just standing here with such a big wide grin.
    Some people called him GENIUS, but MOSTLY it was guts,
    He took a shot, a daring guy…there were no if, ands, buts.
    He knew that he SHOULD stick with it, not just leave it to fate,
    But NOBODY believed him when he said he’d “Calculate”…
    Refusing any INVITE, he worked around the clock,
    To him it was a work of art, despite the jeers and mock…
    But he knew he was ready, the time had come to SCULPT…
    The patents paid, he was secure and now there’d be no mulct.
    Unveiling to the public…he would finally stop their guessing…
    The Apple of his eye complete..and now he’d COUNT HIS BLESSINGS 🔢🍎.

  2. Nobody should invite a genius over to sculpt mostly nudes. Eddie Fisher had also had a huge hit with his recording of Count Your Blessings. Genius was really a tough one. Happy Sunday to all..

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Well done, very well done.👏🏻 Kudos! As the years went by, a lot of people covered the song. I think it’s most closely related to Bing Crosby though, and he crossed my mind this morning, but I grew to dislike the man so badly after reading (in the 80’s I think it was), about how he mistreated his children. It really upset me, and I couldn’t think of him kindly after that…(and you know I don’t do leftovers)😉 …In fact, I remember seeing “The Color Purple”, and hating Danny Glover with such a passion..that it wasn’t until “Lethal Weapon” came out two years later before I could even look at a picture of him! And he is the sweetest man, too. I follow him on Twitter now, he gets better with age. Anyway, when I went to get the video clip this morning, I came across Bing’s rendition, and it’s really nice..but then I caught the one of both him and Rosemary together, from “White Christmas”…And after I gained my composure…(and it was one ugly cry too), I opted for hers’ alone. But here, take a look…Especially at this time of year? A little gut-wrenching…Very touching…Good old Irving Berlin, huh? The man had the ” lingua d’oro”, the “Golden Tongue” as my Grandmother used to say…Anyway…That’s ONE for Genius..let’s see what develops..Have a good one, Chuck…Enjoy the music…🔢🙋🏻


  3. My jumble online answer had incite rather than invite??
    As far as my solving the anagrams,genius gave me room to pause as did the final answer,until blessings popped out.W an abacus in the cartoon and being a math guy,I was looking for numbers in the solution.
    How about my Buckeyes destroying Mich and taking no prisoners yesterday?As you said each team was over the ‘over under’ betting number by themselves.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Chucks, back to back! It’s a Chuck Roast! Hmm..Food for thought! 😂 Genius got you too? You know I just went back to look, and it caught a NUMBER of us last time too, when it appeared as NIESUG. And you’re COUNTED in that NUMBER, Chuck! Funny how some words just don’t register, isn’t it? Incite, though? Did you notice? Someone just posted that I did something similar above…I posted the word INCITE by mistake,a typo! (Uh oh, the mail’s gonna be brutal!!😉) What’s funny is how even though it could be understandable, with the letters being right next to one another on the keyboard…it actually spelt out a correct word! What’re the odds? Anyway…The game? What can I say? You’ve said it all…It was really something…Ok..I better go get out my sword and shield…😉 Wishing you a great day, Prof! Bask in the glory! 🔢🙋🏻

    • Prof…When you said “your jumble on line answer had incite rather than invite”..Did you mean what you received from me, or was there a typo also on an on-line site that you visit? 🙋🏻

    • Hi Karen. Thank you for pointing it out. Typo…and I missed it. I’ve corrected it above, and I’m just glad that it didn’t have any affect on the letters that were needed for the solve. Have a great day! 🔢🙋🏻

  4. SHOUT OUT TO DAVID! …David, I’m hoping not to break the bank, but I’m happy to join forces with SHOPPING GIVES, and help raise money for your GIANT Word Winder Educational Programs. Come tomorrow…Once the clock strikes 12…Let the games begin! And Kudos again, for all you do for education! 📚🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Pretty easy for a Sunday. I paused at GENIUS, and I seem to remember getting stuck on SCULPT recently, so I saw it this time.

    Yes, the “Abacus X” sign and the upgrade make it clear it’s an Apple parody, but it’s even more appropriate because upgrading the beads is completely cosmetic and does nothing at all to improve the operation of the product. I’m sure he’ll charge more for it, though.
    If he tries to upgrade to make it wireless, all those beads are going to go bouncing across the floor.

    I got my exercise this morning Angela, when you jogged my memory with the song. I recognized the lyrics but never would have thought of it otherwise.
    Thanks for the word ‘mulct’ also. I’m sure glad they didn’t use *that* in a puzzle. And thumbs up for Cicero and Cassius!

    I hope everyone has a great day.

    • ROTFL!!! What am I going to do with you, G? You’re like one of the Littles..You know when you tell them…”Don’t say %€£¥<+"! And the next thing you know they're all saying it! Could you "sense" how evasive I was trying to be? 😉 Did it not give you any pause? LOL! You're totally incorrigible! But I love you just the same! I have to say I'm really surprised with Genius, though. So far you've all mentioned it, and yet this morning 11 of the 11 had no beef. Go FIGURE! 😉 I LOL'ed at the "cosmetic" remark…It's too true not to laugh at…and so is the 💸💸💸! The song? I put myself through enough angst already…😢 But thanks for the Mulct Shout Out…How often can ONE use a word like that? I was this 🖖🏻close to euphoric! 😂😂 See, all those Latin classes did pay off! And my fellow Romans and I thank you again for so blatantly letting the "gatto fuore dalla borsa" (God knows how I'm killing that one…I can almost "hear" my ancestors turning over!)!' 😂😂 Have a good one, Steve. You've made my day! 😘🔢😂

  6. NOBODY SHOULD INVITE the GENIUS to the symposium, mostly because of his inclination to SCULPT away at everyone’s ideas.
    I like Chuck’s sentence better than mine–but I wrote earlier in the day and did not post
    Easy puzzle for a six word Sunday and lots of letters.

    • Hi Earl. Good Afternoon. The coincidence with the opening words is amazing, but after that…two totally different stories! 😉 Your sentence is your usual masterful use of our words, and you never disappoint….And I have to agree, today’s puzzle was a gift! Have a good one, Earl.🔢🙋🏻

    • Hey Chuck…It was the “Color Purple”. I’m trying to remember if I even knew him that well before the movie came out. I just found his character in it so disturbing, that I hated the man. Crazy, I know! And yes, I had enough people telling me that I needed to “disassociate” 😂, but I had just never seen such blatant cruelty and ugliness towards a woman before, and it really upset me. Hats off to good acting, huh? I still for the life of me can’t understand how with all those Oscar nominations, the picture won nothing…I thought it was an outstanding movie. 🙋🏻

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