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  1. Happy Monday everyone. When it comes to submarine puns there’s really only a handful of words that can be used. I guessed down fairly quickly and the rest of the answer was a piece of cake. We’ve had some great sub puns over the years. Some of my favorites are: WATER-TIGHT, GET UNDERWAY and FATHOM IT. This one ranks right up there with the rest of them. Funny yet functional.

    Overall it was pretty standard fare for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. All of our words have been used at one time or another and our anagrams are coming up as new. ARCADE was the only word to give me pause. I thought for a moment about coupling up the A’s but it didn’t seem practical.

    Interesting cartoon of some supplies being lowered into a sub. One of the crates has an oval on it so it might contain eggs. On average, a submarine will carry 15,000 pounds of food for her crew of 140 sailors. Because nuclear subs stay submerged for as long as 90 days straight, the total cost of the food bill is around $80,000 or $571.43 per person.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 9 letters. 7 of them were consonants and 2 were vowels. The layout wasn’t overly cryptic, but it managed to disguise the answer fairly well. David set us up for success by making THE a given. What a swell guy! Have a great start to your week and keep Jumbling.

    When you’re testing to see how deep water is, never use two feet. —Benjamin Franklin

  2. Here are 10 Fun Facts about SUBMARINES:

    10. The submarine is a very economical weapon. Comprising only 1.6 percent of the U.S. Navy’s World War II personnel, the submarine service accounted for 55 percent of all enemy ships destroyed.
    9. Around half of the USA’s nuclear arsenal is inside of 14 submarines.
    8. Both nuclear and diesel powered submarines are equipped with a breathing device known as a snorkel, which allows the vessel to draw fresh air from the surface while running submerged.
    7. The first President to cruise aboard a nuclear submarine was President Eisenhower. He rode the USS SEAWOLF out of Newport, Rhode Island on September 26, 1957.
    6. In clear water, a submerged submarine can be spotted from the air at depths up to 100 feet.
    5. In 1921, a United States submarine, the R-14, having run out of fuel at sea, rigged sails from blankets, hammocks, curtain rods and the ramrod of a 3-inch gun, and successfully sailed 100 miles to port at a speed of two knots.
    4. More decorations for valor have been awarded to members of the submarine service than any other Navy Branch.
    3. In World War II, the Germans lost 782 submarines, the Japanese lost 130, and the United States lost 52.
    2 . On May 10, 1960, the USS Triton successfully completed the first totally submerged circumnavigation of the world. Following the route of Ferdinand Magellan, the submarine traveled approximately 36,000 miles and was submerged for 84 days.
    1. There is a lucky cribbage board that gets passed along from the oldest submarine in the US fleet to the next once the oldest one is decommissioned. The tradition last occurred on October 22, 2019 when the board was passed from the USS Olympia (4/30/83) to the USS Chicago (10/13/84)!

  3. Off to an easy start this week. One of my friends was on a submarine during Vietnam. He took us on a tour of the boat. Everything is in its place and there’s a place for everything. Definitely not a place where someone with claustrophobia would like to work. Wishing all of you a good day.

  4. Hi all – Got almost everything quickly including the obvious answer, but I’m a bit annoyed that I of all people took a couple of extra tries to see ARCADE. 😂 Guess I’ll have to turn in my tokens.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Thanks for noting Pearl Harbor day. You see fewer and fewer mentions of it and D-Day as they recede into the ever more distant past. I may have said this before, but my father told me that when the news came on the radio, everyone had two reactions: One, “Wow I guess we really are actually going to war” and Two – “Where the hell is Pearl Harbor?”

    “The height and WIDTH of his football-playing COUSIN came in HANDY when getting a turn on his favorite pinball machine at the crowded ARCADE.”

    • What tipped me off to PHRD was the military theme of the cartoon. We don’t often see the different branches of our military unless it’s a holiday.

      We all missed a very important date on 12/2. Somehow I forgot to mention that it was DLH’s birthday. Happy belated birthday, David! 🥳 🎂 🎈 🎁

  5. Good Afternoon, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🕹 His COUSIN, the HANDY man of the family, swore that the ARCADE game, DOWN THE HATCH, would fit perfectly in the man cave, but he misjudged the WIDTH so badly that it had to be returned…🕹

    📝 Confusing as it always was, the length, the WIDTH, the height,
    She had to get dimensions…and it always gave her fright…
    Her COUSIN often laughed at her, she never got it straight
    Although she kept a cheat sheet…Things like “4 by 4 by 8…”
    It hardly came in HANDY tho…the girl just couldn’t see
    The way to measure anything…it came out 4 by 3…
    She stood within the ARCADE…with measurements unmatched
    And once again she failed big time…the job went DOWN THE HATCH! 📝

  6. Up Periscope! It’s Monday and only ARCADE stood in my way!! It’s also PHD a day that will live in infamy…. So many lives lost in their youth, unreal. I have a friend who was a submariner and they all seem to be quite hardy and competent. Have a good day……

    • Your friend sure is a brave soul, Mig. We have a shipyard about 15 minutes up the highway and I toured a submarine that’s on display there. Let’s just say that I will never willingly step foot in one again. 😂

      • He is brave, Mike. I couldn’t take the claustrophobia either. And he is a big guy so all the tight walkways and spaces must have worn on him…. Nonetheless he is quite proud of his service and seemingly has no complaints.

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