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Good Morning, Everyone…      🗺  PACIFICALLY SPEAKING…🗺

🎶 How much do I love you?….I’ll tell you no lie. How DEEP is the ocean?…How high is the sky?…🎶 “How Deep is the Ocean? (How High is the Sky)… – Miss Ella Fitzgerald 1958

🗺 Between the devil and the deep blue sea…we all have heard the phrase
It’s like the rock and hard place…one more FABLE for our days…
The deep sea like an OUTLAW…takes a MUNCH of the unknown
And studying the details leads to what’s there to be shown…
The Mariana Trench could be an ARCADE game for sure
To win you reach the depth…and see how much one can endure…
The deepest ocean trench there is somewhat unimaginable…
Is what the Mariana is…whose depths have become FATHOMABLE…🗺

Ok so…You know how I’m always sensing that certain things ring a bell and then that gnawing thing starts up? Well…The Mariana Trench? I mean, c’mon…not exactly something one would easily forget…am I right? Water you kidding me? It’s in a league of its own…And it’s not like we come across it every day…Well anyway, the bells were going off, so I plunged into the Jumble trenches…and shore enough…Water you low! I got to the bottom of it…There it was. February 20th, 2018. A Mariana Trench puzzle. Deep, huh? Water the odds? Anyway, I thought you might enjoy having a second look…And as far as the run down on today’s words? We’ve seen them all in our travels, with both CNUHM and LAFEB appearing as is…and the only word in the game to cause the Early Birds a pause was ARCADE. The rest went swimmingly. So…let’s get down into the trenches and see how our cartoon measures up…

Just as in 2018, this morning we find ourselves in a classroom. Only this time it’s middle school being taught. And as we hear the teacher giving his students the lowdown on the Mariana Trench…Low and behold…who’s that speaking up? Doesn’t it look like the same kid from back in 2018? Only today he’s saying that he now “totally” gets it? Could it be? IDK…TBT? I can’t fathom that it took this kid so long to understand the subject matter…Guess he’s not the deepest thinker, but he just may finally be ready for a promocean! And in case the depth of the whole comparison with Mt Everest and all, and the leagues vs the fathoms has gotten you down? Well, considering that it might not be the easiest thing to get to the bottom of…here’s a little ** something I came across that Pacifically deals with it…Might help make it a little more FATHOMABLE…Or it just may add to the confusion…as it did with me…Math? I’m wayyyy under water! 

** Unit Descriptions: 1 League: 4 000 meters. A general or metric league of 4 kilometers. Leagues based on the mile are typically smaller at 3 miles, however there are many variations. Used by Jules Verne in 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea. 1 League (metric) = 4 000 meters (SI unit).
1 Fathom: Unit of length measuring exactly 6 feet or 2 yards (international foot of 0.3048 meters). Primarily used to measure water depths. In SI units 1 fathom is exactly 1.8288 meters. 1 fm = 1.8288 m.

So, There you have it Folks, Done! Once again, we sea how educational our Jumble can be…And deep down inside? There’s nautthing wrong with that at all. Be well, Everyone…and stay safe. 🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

PS: Here’s the song I used last time…Nice piece of music…Enjoy! 

🎶After all this time after all these seasons…After your one decision to go to the WATER for reason…Now it’s only the OCEAN and you, and all these lines will all be erased soon….They go out with the TIDE, then come back with the WAVES…It’s only the OCEAN and you…🎶 “Only the Ocean” – Jack Johnson 2010


13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/15/2020

  1. 🎰 It was only FATHOMABLE that the game about the FABLE of the Frito-Bandito OUTLAW that was always seen with something to MUNCH on, would became a favorite at the ARCADE…🎰

    📚 He started on a FABLE, loving them since he was young,
    The stories with the morals where his interest always clung…
    Since they called him an OUTLAW, he figured that he’d show
    That he could be a writer…and to the ARCADE he’d go…
    The lights and all the noise there somehow felt so good to him
    He’d MUNCH on chips and think about Aesop and Brothers Grimm…
    The management ignored him…they were quite habitable…
    And he felt his dream for a book was pretty FATHOMABLE…📚

  2. Typical of a Friday Jumbke rather than a Monday one,arcade gave me reason to pause at first,then fathom was a given for the cartoon solution,but I didn’t realize fathomable was even a word.But then it was Friday,though when I woke up I thought it was SaturdayStay well..

    • Hi Professor..You’re not alone. .I’m still struggling to keep the days straight too. And I think you’re not alone with both Arcade and Fathomable…But save for the Math, 😉 it is a rather brilliant solution…Be well, Prof, stay well….🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. It used to be that the jumble quote was a clue to any word missed. Now, the quote or expression is not at all useful and most often not discernable

    • Hi. I’m sorry you feel that way. I do think that today’s solution may not be the easiest, with Fathomable hardky an every day word, but it is a good one. Be well, and stay safe. 🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. The Ella Fitzgerald song was new to me. I always love hearing her.
    Munch was the only clue word I didn’t have to back into, with Arcade being the toughest. Thinking that the answer might end in able helped me find Fable, which gave me the F for the answer.
    Wishing everyone a great, safe weekend.

    • Hi Caroline. 👏🏻Kudos on going with ABLE! Good solve! And as for Miss Ella…she definitely owned that song. Her phrasing is impeccable. Be well, Caroline, and stay safe. 🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Good morning. Thanks Angela for your post and great song choice. No comparison between your first song to the second one. Like George Washington I cannot tell a lie. Arcade gave me grief before I finally came up with it. Actually I solved the cartoon answer and knew I needed two As and an E. It wasn’t a blind solve but seeing the letters, the word just magically appeared. I have stayed away from the bocce court but I hear that yesterday there was about fourteen people there and they were playing. They think they are keeping their distance but in reality they aren’t. Just to have a conversation they have to keep reminding the other guy to stay apart. That’s funny because so many of them are hard of hearing. Then there is a few stubborn guys that don’t wear masks. Your namesake Angela was surprised that the cops just passed them by. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…How’d I just know which song you’d favor?😉 As I told Caroline, it’s hard to beat Miss Ella. I too knew the puzzle’s answer immediately…maybe it’s the “Sailor” in you? 😉 And I’m surprised too that the cops didn’t break up the Bocce game. I don’t know what to think…All I can say is that with having lost six people to the damn virus, I’m taking precaution…Does it suck? Definitely…but to each his own. Please be careful out there, Paul…Be well and stay safe. 🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Like Chuck, I wasn’t sure fathomable was a word but lo and behold it is. Everything fell into place easily this morning so I’m off to a good start. Hope all of you have a good day.

    • Hey Betty. LOW and behold indeed! 😉 And wishing you a good day too. Be well…and stay safe. 🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Hi all – I had to jumble three times to get ARCADE. Then I had no idea about the answer. I thought it might end in ED or ER, but when I wrote the letters, the “F” showed the solution. Seems to me that UNFATHOMABLE is used much more than this.

    “Promocean” made me laugh, Angela. I guess the kid was in a league of his own in finding the subject unfathomable back in 2018.
    I’m not going to do the math, but it’s curious that 20,000 shows up in both “20,000 LEAGUES Under the Sea”, and “The Beast From 20,000 FATHOMS”.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    • Hey Steve…Yes, I agree on the “UN”…The solve was a bit of a thinker…And thanks for the Shout Out. As for the Math part? You do realize who you’re speaking with, right? 😂 Be well, Steve, and stay safe. 🗺🙋🏻‍♀️

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