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Good Morning, Everyone! 🦟🦟 SHOO FLY…DON’T BOTHER ME 🦟🦟

🎶 Oh, FireFLY why can’t I…Latch onto you no how…Oh, how I love you but gee…
While you set the night on…FireFLY, shine a little light on me…🎶 “FireFLY” – Tony Bennett and Kermit the Frog 1998

🦟🦟 There’ll always be a story about the ruined picnic…
Where flies abound and nothing you try seems to do the trick…
It’s definitely not a FABLE, each one a little THIEF,
They come around and touch your food…enough to cause you grief.
You just wanted to eat outside, ATTAIN a little peace…
But swarming flies descend on you…ruining aperitifs…
(And here’s where I leave PODIUM, there’s no where it will work…
Trust me I’ve tried a million ways…I’m done with all the twerks).
So maybe they should move inside…and just admit defeat,
It’s better than the wait while these flies HAD A BITE TO EAT…🦟🦟

Obviously today’s post is a little FLY but night, but it is a Holiday, and there’s so many other things going on. First and foremost, my concern for all those being affected by one more cruel twist of fate by Mother Nature. Our thoughts and prayers 🙏🏻 go out to everyone in Dorian’s path. And we’re faced with another cruel twist of fate by man…another mass shooting…There just aren’t words anymore…And there is my personal life…So, bear with me, I’m dancing as fast as I can…but I’m not as FIRED UP as I usually am…

We’ve no new words today, and I’m pretty sure our anagrams are all newly DISHED out. There wasn’t enough THYME to check it all out. THIEF takes the CAKE as our oldest entry, going as far back as May 13th, 2014, where it appeared as Hetfi. The newest word we’re MEATing today, is PODIUM, last seen as Odimup, on October 23rd of last year, and it’s followed by FABLE, with a showing on November 6th, ’17, as Blafe, with ATTAIN a runner-up at November 3rd, ’16, where it was anagrammed as Tantia. I thought that was a cute scramble, Tan Tia – A Spanish Aunt who’s been out in the sun…I know, I hear the groans, but that’s what I was thinking…Anyway, the Early Birds and I found nothing on the MENU to CHEW about, it was all pretty CUT and DRY…Ok, now let’s take a BITE out of our cartoon…

Today we’re attending an outdoor barbecue in celebration of Labor Day, the American Holiday where we honor our workers. We see a backyard scene, and what appears to be two couples, and the teenage son of the homeowners. And what I’m sure started off as an enjoyable, relaxing meal, turned into something that TICKed them all off. Uninvited guests…And we all know how that STINGS, am I right? With a table set up with food, MOSQUITOES have invaded the property, and the BUZZ is that the day is ruined. I mean, let’s face it Folks, there’s no greater REPELLENT to a good outdoor MEAL than having to SMACK more than your lips…So, in answer to our question…The STRUGGLE was real, when the the Mosquitos too…HAD A BITE TO EAT! Good one, David! You SERVED UP another WEINER!

Ok…Eye Candy…There’s a lot going on here today…We see a brown picnic table, complete with its attached bench, and it’s set with a large green bowl of Potato Chips, a second smaller green bowl of what looks like Potato Salad, with its serving spoon placed inside, paper plates, Cheese wedges, and a lit Citronella Candle…which obviously isn’t living up to it’s FLAME. Both of the women, and the male guest are seen SWATTING as they’re getting BIT. But for some reason, Jr. seems to be SPAREd. Hmm…I wonder if they RIBbed him about that, since his only concern is the FLYing food. The female host, slapping at her arm, drops the entire plate of Burgers and Hot Dogs that she’s bringing to the table, and the Burgers becoming dislodged from the buns and FLYing around is a cute detail. But it’s the cook that caught my eye. DECKed out in his while apron, he’s seen reaching up to SWAT at three swarming Mosquitoes..but he’s doing it with the spatula…My thought? Let’s hope the two don’t MEAT. But what really has me ANTSY is his look. He seems so familiar, that I think we’ve seen him before. And if memory SERVES, he may be a friend of Jeff’s. Anyway, his name is on the tip of my TONGUE, but I’m DRAWing a blank…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Maybe not as WELL DONE as usual, but done nonetheless. I apologize for offering it up so pieceMEAL, but I was forced to do it all on the FLY….Have a GRATE day, Everyone, and I’ll leave you with a little Holiday Picnic humor…MOSQUITOES can be like Family…Annoying, but they carry our blood!

Have a safe, Happy Labor Day, Everyone! 🦟🦟🙋🏻









22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/02/2019

  1. Good morning,Happy Holiday. My choice for hardest word would be Podium. It seemed to take forever for me to finally get it down. Today may be Monday but this jumble wasn’t our typical easy gift. I struggled on the cartoon answer as well. Should have gotten the hint when one of the girls said they must be hungry. I finally solved it long after I ate. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…Sorry I missed you earlier…Crazy day! Seems you’re not alone being unable to get the answer….The voting shows that to a good number of people there was more than MEATS the eye with today’s solve! And I got a chuckle out of your using the word ATE. Have a great Holiday, Paul! 🌭🙋🏻

  2. There is an old FABLE going around that in order to ATTAIN good standing in his gang, the THIEF had to steal the PODIUM from the local public auditorium.

    • In keeping with your theme. Would you say it was Hard for the Few or Easy for the Many. Or was it Hard for the Many and Easy for the Few. Just putting it out there for the Many or Few that would like to know more or less.

  3. The anagrams went quickly even podium,as for the puzzle I had the “had a ___ to eat ” with the b,t,I and e but was temporarily stumped to come up with “bite”.Enjoy the so called end of summer with the Labor Day Holiday.

  4. This morning’s puzzle was not laborious. Everything fell into place without difficulty. Hope all of you have a good holiday.

  5. Hi all – Pretty easy Monday Jumble – the double letter trick worked twice in the same word for ATTAIN, and I was expecting an element from IUM, but it helped just as much getting PODIUM. Was able to guess the answer.

    Happy Labor Day to everyone!

    “The THIEF was also such a good con man that the FABLE he conjured up allowed him to ATTAIN a spot on the PODIUM at the policeman’s ball where he also HAD A BITE TO EAT for free!”

  6. PODIUM worked so much easier here, where I didn’t have to BITE the bullet and try to work it into the theme! 🌭🙋🏻

    ° His dream always being to ATTAIN literary fame, he stood at the PODIUM about to read an excerpt from his FABLE about Woodland creatures who HAD A BITE TO EAT, when a THIEF entered the Bookstore and proceeded to disrupt the entire presentation…

    ° To him it was a FABLE, there’s no way he’d believe,
    That he’d ATTAIN a living building tables with their leaves…
    He’d rather try his hand at other pieces made of wood,
    A PODIUM, a bookcase…he felt he’d be quite good.
    But now he felt his talent was being robbed each day,
    A THIEF of sorts was taking his Woodworking dreams away…
    But not one to give up so quick, he’d not admit defeat…
    And lunchtime’s when he’d ponder…as he HAD A BITE TO EAT

  7. I answered the cartoon puzzle first and then breezed through the first 3 anagrams. I had a little problem with PODIUM though. Happy Labor Day!!

    p.s. Thanks again for adding the answer to the cartoon as part of the voting.

    • Hi Timothy. I do the puzzle that way too, I solve it first and then turn to the words. And it looks like PODIUM STANDS as today’s stumper! As for the answer as part of the poll, we noticed so many comments saying people couldn’t get the solve, so we figured we’d make it a part of the voting. And it’s proven a success! A FLY away hit! 😉 I’m glad you’re one of our pro voters! I wish you a Happy Labor Day, too, Tim. Enjoy! 🍔🌭🙋🏻

  8. I knew the answer, but there was no circle around another E, so somebody messed it up !!

    • Hi Briana. Sadly that happens once in awhile both online and in the papers. And it definitely can mess up the puzzle for a player. I went looking at a few publications both online and in print, besides my NY paper, but I haven’t seen it. And I’m sorry you’ve experienced it today… But I am glad you stopped by, and I hope you’re enjoying your Holiday! 🌭🍔🙋🏻

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