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Good Morning, Everybody!        🔧 A GUT WRENCHING EXPERIENCE..🔧

🎶The MECHANIC raised up from under my hood…He shook his head and said, “This ain’t good. Your timin’ BELT’S done, shrunk one size too small, those SPARK PLUG  wires are a little too long. And your main prodsponder’s nearly gone. Your INJECTOR  ports are stripped and that ain’t all. The torque converter’s runnin’ low on torque, and that water PUMP’S nearly down a quart. But we caught it all in time so you’re in luck”. He said, “I’ve got the time and I’ve got the PARTS, just give me the word and I’m ready to start…I think we can bring her in for eight hundred bucks….🎶

🔧🔩 I think everybody’s COUSIN at one time or another
Has been “taken for a ride” by an in-laws sister’s brother
Or a SHREWD friend of a friend who knew,
A guy to do that job for you.
So you really thought it over…it was EITHER him or that place
Where that CHUNKY guy worked with all the grease on his face
And they both sounded ABRUPT when they were talkin’ that talk
And you wondered “Take a POWDER…Should I just turn and walk”?
But the price that he was quoting didn’t really sound that bad,
So you figured “What the heck, I don’t think that I’ll be had…”
So you told him go ahead, and fix the pinions and the rack…
Only half way through, wouldn’t you know?…

The mechanic WRENCHED HIS BACK! 🔩🔧

I sort of TOOK IN the entire puzzle at one time this morning. Jeff has us in an AUTO REPAIR SHOP, with two MECHANICS, one male, one female. The male MECHANIC AUTOmatically caught my eye, because it was obvious that he hurt his back. And then with the WRENCH in his hand, there wasn’t far to TRAVEL to get the solution. WRENCHED HIS BACK. Good one, David. That LIFTed my spirits a little. I’ve been fighting some kind of BUG for two days, and I’m so PLUGged up, that it hurts just to think. I needed the BRAKE, and my BODY needs rest…Anyway, today’s words didn’t cause any PROBLEMS, I think they’re all RETURNing favorites. Shrewd, Either, Abrupt and Powder were easily TREAD. Chunky and Cousin, I was able to GRAB onto quickly also, but they may be new. Nothing to STUMBLE over today. So I went looking for the eye candy. My head feels like it’s in a VACUUM, so my eyes can’t really WANDER that much. But, besides the UNDERCARRIAGE that’s visible, and the GREASE rags hanging from the Mechanic’s pockets, there’s not much at PLAY here. And I’m so cold, that I’m STARTing to SHIMMY and SHAKE. I wish I had one of those old fashioned RADIATORS in my house, like we had when I was a kid. Boy, you could CRANK up the THERMOSTAT, PULL a chair up next to it, and take that CHILL right out of you. Only problem with them, if I RECALL, is that INTERMITTENTly, there could be some FLOODING, if the WATER BLOCKed up and SURGEd out. But, we still did it without HESITATION. You sort of knew when it might happen anyway, because you’d hear the KNOCKING in the pipes…Wow, sorry…Did I just go way OFF TRACK! The eye candy…on the floor, to the REAR right of the LIFT, there’s a tiny SPARK PLUG. I’m RUNNING with that. So, There you have it, Folks. Done! I apologize for being such a DRAG today, and I hope this whole write up didn’t BACKFIRE.  Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with this..It’s Sunday.

Go out there and shout OIL- lelujah! 🔩🔧🙋🏻

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    • Thanks for the shout out, Hoosier, I went back to bed for a few hours. Baby steps…Have a good one! 🔧🙋🏻

  1. Mike, strange thing. I do the Sunday Jumble on line as the one in the paper that is 6X6 is too hard for me. The on line version today says it is 2007 Tribune Media Services and says nothing about
    David or Jeff. The solution called for 13 letters but the CWs only offered up 10. The answer was CLEAN THE PLATE and was of an umpire dining. Rather confusing for a moment. Just wanted to pas this along in case anyone else went on line on Sunday. This morning’s coffee tasted especially good in my new “I Heart Jumble” cup! TYA

    • Good Morning, Harry. Mike’s off today. Not every paper and online site carries the current puzzle on Sundays. We’ve had many questions about it before. You’re just realizing it, because as a rule you don’t stop by here on a Sunday. What you’re seeing is a puzzle from 2/25/2007, which was also a Sunday. David wasn’t yet the author of the Jumble then, nor Jeff the chief cartoonist. At the time, Mike Argirion was the wordsmith, and Henri Arnold the illustrator. Jeff took over for Mr. Arnold in 2008, and David replaced Mr. Argirion in 2011. As for the puzzle, the confusion comes from you not being a Baseball fan. The umpire always “Cleans the plate”, so to a Baseball aficionado, the answer was a Snap…as you would say. I hope this helps, and personally, I think you sell yourself short by eschewing the “real” Sunday puzzle. Where’s that Hoosier hubris you Indiana boys are so well known for? Hope you’re keeping dry Harry, and I wish you a great day! And I’m glad you’re enjoying your mug! Ciao! 🙋🏻

      • I got the answer before I got any of the CWs. They mystery here is that there were only 10 circled letters for CLEAN and PLATE but the letters for the word THE were not anywhere in the CWs. Tis on Shockwave for those of you that want to see it.

        • Sorry, Harry. I see what you meant now. I took the confusion to be with the meaning of the Baseball phrase, while you were referring to the 10 vs 13 letters. I stand corrected, and credit you with CLEANing up that confusion! Evelyn Woods would be proud, eh? 😉
          Have a good one, Hoosier! ⚾️🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Moose. Good one. Thanks, and I hope you’re right. Raining cats and dogs here…Buckets! Heard it’s the same by you. But, “better than snow”, right? 😂
      Hope you have a great day, Caro! Ciao! 🔧🙋🏻

  2. Morning, all –
    Easy Sunday for me. Our cars (14 and 18) spent a lot of time in the shop last year so we recently got a new one.🚙 Hope you feel better soon, Angela. Couldn’t tell from your excellent post.
    I’ll be interested to hear what’s up with Harry’s puzzle.

    • Caroline, I’m hoping this is you. Your name isn’t printing. But it “sounds” like you. Thank you for your kind words on both counts. I went back to bed and got a few more hours sleep after posting. My head now seems to be holding itself up for the last 15 minutes, so that may be a good sign! The puzzle Harry’s talking about is the usual vintage Jumble that’s distributed on Sunday’s by a lot of papers and on-line sites. We’ve received quite a few questions about it in the past. Why it’s done, I’m not sure. I think Jeff may have told us once, but my memory’s not up to speed this morning. It has caused a lot of confusion, and once or twice readers have chastised us here. Of course, it has nothing to do with us; but when people looked in here, and saw the marked difference, they figured EITHER we SCREWed up, or we had the “answers”! 😂 I even remember having a woman give me her anagrams one Sunday, and I gave her the words and solution for her puzzle. It was my mitzvah for the day! Hope you have a good one…despite all the rain! Ciao! 🔩 🙋🏻

      • Hi Angela,
        Yes, it was me. I’ve forgotten a few times lately to fill out my info when it doesn’t appear automatically. I must have missed the previous discussions about the vintage Jumble, so thanks for explaining the situation again. We’re expecting more rain and high winds.

        • Hi Caroline. My data here goes out of whack every once in a while also, I know it can be frustrating. But as I said, it “sounded” like you! 😘 You’re very welcome, no thanks necessary. Yes, there where a number of Sundays when it was questioned, and as I said, it seems a little odd, but it is what it is. I wish I could remember the reasoning behind it. If it comes to me, I’ll pass it on. Same weather forecast for us, but hopefully just for today. The rest of the week looks good until Thursday at least. But as I told Moose…”It’s better than snow…” 😂 (I just laugh at that, because every one you meet says it)! Have a good one, Caroline. Ciao! ☔️🙋🏻

        • Caroline. With Harry mentioning Shockwave, I now remember part of what Jeff had told us. Someone was questioning why he couldn’t open the puzzle Harry uses. I’ve tried myself a few times, to no avail. The gentleman and I use Apple products, and Jeff reminded us that Apple doesn’t support the Adobe Flash player that’s required to do the puzzle on Shockwave. There was more to it, but this part just came back to me. Ciao! 🙋🏻

  3. In the POWDER room there was an ABRUPT silence when my less than SHREWD COUSIN made a remark EITHER about her aunt or her CHUNKY friend.
    For a Sunday puzzle, today’s was relatively easy—no words gave me grief and the solution was apparent from the cartoon and the dialogue.
    Overcome by your impressive knowledge of car parts, et. al. Angela. Those puns must come from either first hand knowledge or relatives who took the time to instruct you in what you should know. And “Amazing Grease” Ouch, you are treading on one of my favorites, but I’ll let it pass, just this once.
    Didn’t know you were ill—get well soon and take it easy. Never a good time to be sick but February? Double yech. As my grandmother would say: Sleep and chicken soup.
    Restful Sunday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. I agree, today was a very simple puzzle for a Sunday, especially with the cartoon and it’s dialogue. No monkey WRENCH thrown into the works today! Thank you for the shout out. TBT, I was with a mechanic for a few years, and just from listening to him speak with people on the phone, and his fellow “grease monkeys” when we were out, I learned the “words” and the meanings. As far as putting anything into PLAY, it’s a red light for sure! I’m a tad averse to grease! (And I should give my “mechanic” a shout out here, because he’s as honest as the day is long. Just sayin’)! 😂 I apologize if I upset you or anyone else with Amazing Grace, I too am fond of the song. No offense was intended, it just came into my head, and it made me laugh. I’ll chalk it up to the fever causing poor decision making…Just this once! I also agree, that February can be a cruel mistress….Not feeling well the past few days, I wasn’t up to cooking, but early this morning my friend brought me a ton of chicken soup, so I have that covered. Now if I can just learn to sleep like a human, I may be on the road to recovery! Still pouring buckets here…hope it’s better by you..
      Wishing you a dry, peaceful day, Earl! Ciao! 🔧🙋🏻

    • Earl. I forgot to say that I chuckled at your sentence, and wondered how you knew what was going on in that POWDER room! Hmm! 😂 I also found it amusing how our use of the word POWDER differed so greatly. Enjoy! 🙋🏻

  4. Glad I made you smile and you know I have a vivid imagination and have seen some interesting interactions in ladies’ rooms on tv and in films. Your pun with grease/grace just hit the wrong note this Sunday morn, the last of Black History month. But you are certainly forgiven and I shoiuld try to remember that others have their own way of thinking and seeing things. It’s all good –a cliche I really do not like but hey, it works here.

    • You most certainly did! And let me assure you, Earl, that no matter HOW vivid that imagination of yours is…”you ‘ain’t seen nothin'”!!! 😂😂 Whatever gets into us women in there. I’ll never know! Even I’ve been taken aback! And I don’t FOLD EASILY!!! I’m going to take the song parody down, Earl. It’s too insensitive in light of what you’re telling me. Please know, that half the time I don’t even know what date it is, nor do I really care. I think it may have been you that I told how the guys had a pillow made for me that read…”Get a damn calendar”! I’m guilty of not knowing the date constantly. So I didn’t even consider the connection to Black History Month. I feel terrible, and it’s not worth my “playing to the room”. I’m truly sorry for upsetting you, forgiveness notwithstanding. It’s not all good, if it hit you so strongly. Consider it gone. And I hope we’re still “all good”. ❤️

  5. Was pretty easy for a Sunday puzzle. Had a blind solve and all wrapped up within three minutes. Have been under the weather and didn’t even check in yesterday. Need to get outside and clean yesterday’s powder out of the driveway before it warms up and rains today. Winter in the Inland Northwest can be special!

    • Good Morning, John. Yes, today was child’s play, but very clever nonetheless. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well…A lot of “under the weather” going around, so be “Careful out there”. (One of my all time favorite TV catch phrases). And trust me, winter’s no walk in the park here EITHER! Have a good one, John! 🙋🏻

        • Ding! Ding! Ding! (God, that’s so loud…and my head is killing me)! Give the man a kewpie doll! You win! Best show ever, period, IMO. I cried like a baby at the finale. I don’t think there was one character that I didn’t love. From the very first episode, right? Andy Sipowicz, flawed and troubled, but yet so endearing? Andy Sipowicz, on the courthouse steps, “Hey, ipsa this…”? Andy Sipowicz, one of the best portrayals of a NYC cop ever. ( Can you tell I had a crush)? Yep, Phil Esterhaus. And even though we grew to love Stan Jablonski, and his, “Do it to them, before they do it to us…” it was never quite the same. Good call, John. (And yes, I do realize that I could have just said that, but I didn’t want to disappoint you)!! 😅😅 Have a good one, John! 👮🏻🙋🏻

      • Angela, you seem to be mixing up Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. Dennis Franz as Andy Sipowicz was the latter. Saw Dennis Franz in a restaurant in Coeur d’Alene a few years ago. He caught me looking at him and gave me a Sipowicz snarl and head bob, as if to say, “yeah, what about it!?”; made my day!

        • John, I totally did! I completely blurred them. And now I’m thinking of Furillo. So then who was the Captain on NYPD Blue? I’m going to have to Google both of them. But Franz? I think he was on Hill Street Blues, wasn’t he? This is overwhelmingly confusing! I blame the fever! 😂
          I read that he lived in Idaho. I could never picture him there, he was so NY gritty to me. But from what you’re saying…he took the role with him!!! LOL..I can see where it’d make your day! Thank you, I have a lot of musical cops to play! There’s goes the early night! 😉 Hope you’re having a good one! 👮🏻🙋🏻

        • Hi John. Yes, I know. But I knew there was some kind of connection with Hill Street Blues. Franz played a detective named Sal Benedetto on the show in 1983, who committed suicide. Then he was brought back to play Lt. Buntz from ’85 until the show ended in ’87. Steven Bochco who wrote for the show knew he had a winner with Franz, so years later when he created NYPD Blues, he brought him in as Sipowicz…👮🏻🙋🏻

  6. Good morning. Today is the first day this week I was able to get the days jumble without having to try different methods. Earl I like your no-nonsense approach to using the words where Angela gives us the politicians spiel. It is fun to see two views. I do hope you feel better Angela. Today’s puzzle was not completely easy for me. It took a second look on the three last words. Thecartoon answer again was an instant blind read. The final answers have been great all week. It’s not because they were easy but because it fit the picture. I’m not shaking my head thinking it could have been better. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thanks for the get well wish, I’m hoping so too. And now…Let’s really get under that hood!
      Brooklyn, I know how we both feel about Politicians! Not exactly on the Christmas card list! So…I’m not sure where to go with this! 😉 Not even a LOL! Should I keep it to 10 puns or less? Should I come right out and ask you if you think I’m taking kick backs from the NRA? I know you softened the blow, by saying it “was fun”, but again, no LOL! Should I resort to no nonsense from now on??? So many questions! Glad you stuck with it, Paul, and it definitely was a good week of solving. Hope you enjoy your day, rainy or not! Ciao! 🔩🙋🏻

      • No way should you change Angela. It’s nice to see two views for the same words. Either way,the Long or the short always gets a smile. Like I said before,it’s a gold and silver medal for both.

        • LOL…Paul, I didn’t say I’d change…Let’s not get crazy now!! 😂 Maybe just curtail it a tad! You know I’m just breaking your shoes, Brooklyn, it was the ” politician” tag that threw me! I don’t use that kind of language! ROTFL…We’ll have to think of something else! I mean, I do have my pride! 😉 Are you watching the Mets? 10 runs, and we’re only at the 6th? I want to say something, but this isn’t the place for such a phrase…..Let’s just say they need to save some of these runs for when it counts! 😉 Hope your day is going well…Talk to you later, Bud! ⚾️🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – I know we’ve seen COUSIN because that’s the only reason I got it quickly. Might still be looking at it otherwise.

    Caroline, my old car problems were solved when it got stolen in 2015. And I still give thanks to those guys because it got me off my lazy — to go get a new, much safer one that I don’t have to worry about – not even a smog check for 6 years. Otherwise, I’d probably still be trying to keep the old one running.

    Great song, Angela! Although I thought it must have been done by Mike and the Mechanics at first. In the comics, the character “Farley” often took his car to a new-age garage called “Leo’s Psychic Auto Repair” which showed the mechanics dancing around the lift and chanting.
    Hope you feel better and that there’s at least a spring training game to take your mind off your bug. 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Hey Grasshopper. Thanks, but no, no Mike and the Mechanics on this one. 😂 It’s Country: Alan Jackson, 🎶The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues”, and it’s funny as all get out! But Lou told me a little while ago that I’ve used it before…And he probably knows better than I! You know I wasn’t sure about Cousin, because I do a lot of the Jumbles on the Just Jumble App, and sometimes the lines get blurred. I’ve seen the Farley garage, and they may just have the right idea! A little Hare Krishna never hurt anyBODY! Thanks for the Get Well shout out. I’ve got both games on, hoping at least one’ll LIFT my spirits. Two wins would be a real 😂 BOONE!!
      Have a good day, Bud! Talk to you later! 🔩🙋🏻

      • Interesting that you had heard of Farley’s garage, because the strip began here as a local “Travels with Farley”, then got wider distribution as “Farley” and I don’t know how widespread it got. He later wrote (and still has a credit on) “The Elderberries” despite having passed away a while back.

        It also makes me smile a bit to be called “Bud”, because that was my grandfather’s nickname – the only thing I ever heard my grandmother call him (usually when he would tell an off-color joke in front of the grandsons and she would say “Oh, BUD!”) (She knew the job was dangerous when she took it, though!) 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • The guy, Frank wrote “comic ” books from years ago. I think I still may have some around here somewhere. It has to be the same guy. We all call one another Bud. Well they don’t call me it so much! It’s like a term of endearment, I guess. Someone you’re comfortable with. It’s ok to call you that, right? The off color jokes! LOL..they were always told around the Grandsons…I use to get so jealous…they were never told to us Granddaughters..I would have to wait until later to get them from my brothers! LOL..🙋🏻

          • Of course it’s ok; like I said, it makes me smile to remember. I may have already said that I resemble him more than any other family member, which is the only reason I have to smile when I look in the mirror! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️
            (Yes, the cartoonist is Phil Frank).

          • Yeah, the “jealous” – there’s a 1969 Dick Cavett interview with Joni Mitchell where she tells how her agents etc wouldn’t let her go to Woodstock because they “couldn’t guarantee her safety” but “all the boys got to go have fun” and you can practically see the steam coming out of her ears, and I’m sure that’s the last time she ever let anything like that happen. 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Italian families? Please. Years ago the double standard was constantly taken to all new heights! I used to fume! Of course my Grandfather was way old School, so it was tough when I was little. Things changed as we girls got older, we “Americanized” him! Joni didn’t know half! 😂🙋🏻

    • Steve, I know what you mean about a new car, though I’m sure it’s no fun having a car – or anything – stolen. I thought our insurance would go up a lot but it didn’t because of all the safety features. And the car is much more energy efficient.

  8. Hi, all! Angela, I’m sorry you’re sick. Wish I could send you some Arizona heat, but we’re having a cold spell that has me shivering also. Delighted to hear about your gift of chicken soup. That is one thoughtful friend!

    I agree that with the mechanic holding his back with one hand and a wrench in the other, the answer was obvious, but I got the answer before seeing the wrench. I could not believe how quickly I solved the words, even that SHREWD word with only one vowel.

    My SHREWD, CHUNKY COUSIN was ABRUPT in deciding to take a POWDER to EITHER a warmer climate here or overseas. (May I go, too? I’m freezing!” No, I’m not leaving, Steve, because I know this cold weather is short-lived, and I remember your warning about the unbearable humidity in other climates. In Arizona, as you know, it’s a DRY HEAT.)

    • Hi Lelia – It’s been “a fair piece” since I’ve heard “take a powder”! That’s different from “Powder your nose”, right? 😂

      Our local sportswriter Bruce Jenkins is down in Scottsdale, and said “It’s just a rumor, but someone said he saw Jack Frost and Santa Claus chatting between innings at the Charro Saloon.”

      • Hi, Steve! Big difference in distance, as you already know. You have to go further to “take a powder” than to “powder your nose.”

        Well, bless my soul. I had no idea that with the hundreds of winter visitors we have in Arizona, I should keep an eye out for Santa and Jack Frost. What about the Abominable Snowman?

        You say “fair piece,” I was taught “fer piece.”

      • I had forgotten about the supposed sighting in California of Bigfoot and the lady suing California for not acknowledging her article & photos. Takes all kinds.

    • Thank you, Lelia. I don’t sleep enough, and I run myself into the ground. It hasn’t been cold here really, not the cold that we’re used to in February. If anything, it’s been too warm. Very strange weather. My friend brought over a ton of food this morning, including breakfast. Very sweet of him. My friends and I are all very close. I know I’m blessed with them all. We always have each other’s backs. Only bad thing is, one of us gets sick…we all end up sick! So now, it’s my turn! 😂
      Yes, the puzzle was a real gift for a Sunday, I was surprised. I hope you enjoy your day, and thanks again for the well wishes! Ciao! 🙋🏻

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