Jumble Answers for 02/24/2018









Will he or won’t he? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if cartoonist Bill King makes Jeff’s final cut for “Guest Jumbler Week”. This will be the 6th time that Jeff has has coordinated this unique event that runs for one week in November. Until then, you can enjoy some of Bill’s cartoons here.

Bill King’s cousin is magician Mac King and together they’ve created a new book called the “Great Big Ol’ Book-O-Magic” that’s available for pre-order over at Amazon. I’ll definitely be ordering a copy and I hope you consider picking one up as well.

Mac’s Wikipedia entry states that he collaborated with Jeff to create and market the “Magic in a Minute” line of children’s promotions, toys, magic tricks, videos, books, and events but it doesn’t say if he had a hand in this upcoming book. Maybe Jeff can spare a minute to fill us in on the details because who doesn’t enjoy hearing from our favorite cartoonist!

Have a super Saturday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


31 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/24/2018

  1. 🎶I love your FUNNY face, your sunny, FUNNY face…Though you’re a cutie, with more than beauty, you’ve got a lot of…Personal-i-ty for me. You fill the air with smiles…For miles and miles and miles, Though you’re no Mona Lisa, for world’s I’d not replace…Your sunny FUNNY face🎶

    🖌When choosing who’ll replace him, for a week of cartoon fun
    Jeff doesn’t WAVER in his quest to pick the special ones…
    You know it makes him HAPPY, but he’d like us here to think
    That there’s a problem with Bill King, but we know diff, WINK WINK!
    There isn’t any problem with his friend and fellow cartoonist
    And this looks like a preview of just one who’ll make the list.
    “A fine KETTLE of fish” is not a phrase you’ll hear Jeff say
    Because he’s got so many friends to ACCESS every day…
    There’s so many to chose from and you know for sure he’ll cast
    A great group to entertain us, each with a SKETCHY PAST!🖌

    SKETCHY PAST! Good one, Dave! You DREW me right in! A little side note: Each year, Bill King, our featured guest, is voted “America’s Greatest Cartoonist”, by the League of American Cartoonists. He and his wife, Joetta, take great pride in this. Coincidentally, Joetta not only chairs the League, she’s also its sole member. SKETCHY? You be the JUDGE? Eye candy? Once again, Jeff’s DRAWN us a plethora of wealth! Bill’s signature bow ties? The “on the rocks” he’s holding in the younger profile shot for “Magic in a Minute” that’s showing on the terminal screen? His spiral notebook, with the COMICal Unicorn, and reading “Property of Bill King”? Those iconic pencils behind both men’s ears? The fact that the committee member eerily resembles Jeff in an older, less handsome way? (Could he be “another” relative? Can we spell Nepotism, kids…Can Bill spell Mississippi, kids)? The members ID badge, without a name? So much to (COMIC) CONsider! But, as entertaining as they all are, my eye is SWINGing over to that Stapler on the desk. It reads “JUMBLELINE”! Now, how FASTENating is that? Have a great day, Everyone! See you in the Funny Papers! 🖌🙋🏻

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  2. Having ACCESS to the tea KETTLE made the driver HAPPY and he did not WAVER in his praise for the warmth the beverage provided.
    Today’s words were not difficult and the solution was quite obvious, although when I started writing out the circled letters I was a little nervous with so few vowels.but that may have made the play on words more obvious—enjoyed that.
    Thanks Mike and Angela for all the background information—I was clueless and have to admit I had no idea who Bill King was and had forgotten that Jeff has replacement artists. Quite a day for learning and I am always in awe of your expertise in Jumble knowledge.
    Plethora, again? Poor Paul possibly pales??
    Good Saturday everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Plethora!…LOL….And my Pal Paul…
      I’m practically convinced that pretty soon Paul will be pleased as punch to partake in perfecting not only his own profound, poetic pieces here on these pages, but he’ll prepare himself to not find the word plethora so perplexing. I predict that all it’s going to take is a little persuasion on our parts, perhaps a little playful pat on the back, and a promise that we’ll perpetually promote his prowess. If that doesn’t get him pumped, and possessing the proclivity to perform, I’ll probably ponder other paths in which Paul might prove proficient…
      Perhaps stand up comedy….He’d be perfect!! 😅
      Thanks for the shout out, Earl. And your tea sounds perfect too! Have a great day! 🙋🏻

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  3. Morning, everyone –
    I had to jumble both waver and access on my pad and didn’t get the very clever answer right away. After about ten minutes, I saw past and sketchy followed quickly. Funny story, Angela, about the League’s award.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thank you for the shout out! I also got a chuckle from the league award, and who could blame Joetta? I too have a PENchant for championing the men in my life who COLOR my world! Glad you didn’t WAVER and stuck with it. It was truly clever and cute today! Have a good one! 🙋🏻


  4. Just a little info… Bill King was a Guest Jumbler in 2015 where he came up with the brilliant clue…To learn his rope tricks, the magician had – – – I’ll let you blind solve the answer. Bill is a dear friend. I worked with him in the 90’s creating premium toys for cereal companies and fast food restaurants. When I showed him my first Jumble book, Jumble See and Search, he showed me the book he illustrated for his magician cousin, Mac King, Tricks with Your Head. I told him that if he were to make a comic showing how to perform magic trick I could get them syndicated. They did and I did. Since then David and I have been working with Mac and Bill on creating the world of Mac King’s Magic in a Minute. Bill is truly one of the most talented cartoonist I know. And a dear friend. He lives down the street from David and if anything were to happen to me, I’m sure Bill would take over the Jumble cartooning duties. So, if anything happens to me, arrest Bill!

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    • TO BE “TAUT”, KNOT bad, KNOT bad at all!
      Jeff, I’m sure if anything were to happen to you, David would first call for a PANEL of your peers to be DRAWN up. Then he’d hire Bill, only after the TRIAL RUN, and as long as charges were no longer PENding! Live Long and Prosper, Jeff! 🙋🏻


    • Hi Betty. How’re you doing? Today was not only easy and clever, it had that extra special something that Jeff gives us every once and a while. The stapler had me LOL…Happy Saturday to you also…Ciao! 🙋🏻


  5. Saturday in Indiana in late February…Easy puzzle and Indiana flooding from the Michigan border to the Ohio River, Cincinnati to Evansville. Rain for the next week. Gathering animals is set of 2! Hope the Hippos know how to play jazz…..groan

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    • Take a deep breath and hang in there, Hoosier Man, you’ve been through it before. There’s a bar in Australia, Hippo & Co. Live Jazz every Wednesday night…So if you can hold out til then? I’m sure those River Horses will make you some Sweet music! Stay dry…Harry! 🙋🏻


  6. Good morning. Mike,Angela an Earl,you three are a PLETHORA of knowledge. When Angela thought I compared you three with “Muderous Row” I wasn’t thinking of the Yankees. I was thinking of Duke Snider,Carl Furillo and Gil Hodges’s. Wouldn’t think of jumping ship and switching to the American League. As for using the words in a sentence,I bow to your superiority. Can’t mess with perfection. By any chance are you all wearing High Boots? Lol.All in jest. In today’s puzzle,I came up with waver right away but didn’t think it was correct. The other words came quickly. Even the cartoon answer was an instant blind solve. My son and daughterinlaw were going out the door and I asked them to check the first word and they too came up with waver but also thought it was wrong. It’s possible they felt that way because they were in a rush,after all she has two masters. When I decided to check we were surprised we had it right all along. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey, Brooklyn, Good afternoon! You’re late! You had me worried. I was gonna send the Boys out looking for you! For a minute there I thought it was Sunday…And I can’t speak for the others, but you know I ALWAYS have my high boots on…being from Brooklyn myself, I know how it can pile up…but we learned young how to side step it! Am I right, Bro? .😂 Waver may have thrown you guys because I think we’re more familiar with the word WAIVER, like giving up a claim. This WAVER is like a back and forth opinion, or let’s say somebody who may enjoy BOTH the Mets AND the Yankees…Just Sayin’! Got nothing to do with loyalty, mind you..just Aaron Judge..ok and maybe now just Giancarlo Stanton, too. (God, I’m going to need Confession, huh)? 😂 But, you’ll note that I didn’t mention any names when I said Murderers Row, Paul. In fact I have a Carl Furillo doll and an encased Baseball card somewhere in the vault…along with the 8 X 10 autographed glossy of Joltin’ Joe…What can I say? I just LOVE my Baseball! So, plethora? Did you aPPreciate that little homage I Paid you this morning? Damn near Pulled a muscle with that one! Glad you had an easy time with it today, it was a Piece of Pie! Have a good one, Brooklyn! 😘🙋🏻


  7. Hi all – Nice touch putting the circled letters in color in the header up above there!
    No problem with the words, but had to write out the letters and ponder the answer.

    🎵” ‘Cause you’ve got
    Walk, with personality Talk, with personality
    Smile, with personality Charm, with personality
    Love, with personality
    And plus, you’ve got a great big heart ❤️”🎵
    Now there’s a song worth the (Lloyd) PRICE of admission.

    Angela, I wasn’t familiar with your song until I looked it up. But “Though you’re no Shirley Temple”? That’s the best faintly offensive compliment (I was going to say “left-handed”, but I know better than to go *there* 😉) since Springsteen’s “You ain’t a beauty but hey, you’re all right.” He may be lucky to get a second date!

    Have a great Saturday everyone.

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    • Hey Grasshopper..Is your take on 🎶Personality…🎶from the lyrics of mine? I’m trying to make your musical connection. But I went with Fred Astaire’s 🎶Funny Face 🎶and I’m looking for the Shirley Temple. He mentions the Queen of Sheba, and the Mona Lisa, it’s a great song, but have you found another rendition? I’d love to hear it. I especially love the line..”if you can cook the way you look”!😂 And yes, wise decision to refrain from those “left handed” remarks! You know how sensitive some of us are about that! OUCH! Talk about Rope Tricks! 😂😂 As for Bruce..Let’s be honest….Don’t you think he got that second date? 😉 Talk to you later, Bud! 🙋🏻


      • Interesting, maybe there are two versions? I just typed “I love your funny face lyrics” into Chrome, and this popped up:

        “Your thousand laughs I found
        In having you around
        Though you’re no Shirley Temple
        For worlds I’d not replace
        Your sunny, funny face”

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      • I just did exactly that and I see it. And all the other versions use Peter Pan in that stanza…(These P’s are killing me today)!!! 😂 I never search that way, if I’m ever unsure I just search by song title. This is kind of like a “left handed” (ahem) approach, but it works without even knowing the song title. This could make things a whole lot easier! 😂😂 There’s also a version by Ella, and she’s got Ronald Colman and Gloria Swanson thrown in there! Talk about FaceTime! 😂 And Steve? Lloyd Price? (another P)! The 🎶 connection? 🙋🏻


      • I search that way sometimes if there is a lyric but I don’t know if the song title is in them, like today. Usually, a list of other sites also comes up below the lyrics that Chrome chooses, and I’ve had good luck with AZLyrics, although nobody’s perfect. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Speaking of mistakes, under the title Chrome says “Fred Astair, Richard Rodgers”. (!) Surely they meant GINGER Rodgers? 😂 It says it’s a Gershwin song. Many different versions listed with different words, very strange.

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      • I saw there was a video, but I don’t need to see it. It must be them two. I’m sure it’s a typo. Anyway, I’m good. I usually only search so that I can copy and have less typing to do. I’ve found a lot of typos with lyrics, haven’t you? 🙋🏻


      • If they’re having trouble differentiating, tell them Ginger’s the one wearing high heels and dancing backwards! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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  8. Hi, all! Interesting Jumble today and very informative comments from Mike. I learn something new every day.

    I had a quick 3-minute solve with a little pause on ACCESS and writing the letters before solving the cartoon sentence.

    Earl, the first thing the clue words made me think of, just like you, was being HAPPY about having ACCESS to a tea KETTLE with no plan to WAVER before enjoying a cup of something hot. I’ve been freezing for 2 days.

    Steve, yesterday our weather forecast was sunny with zero chance of precipitation, yet when Jerry & I headed out, it was overcast, sprinkling, and freezing cold to me because of the wind. I obeyed your advice to button up. I look forward to saying hi to you. Joyce had early dismissal on Thursday & needed me, yesterday I shopped while you did laundry, and today I have laundry. Sometimes real life doesn’t just call, it shouts.

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    • Hi Lelia – And “money doesn’t talk, it swears.” I’ve seen how cold it’s been there! I thought of you and had to laugh this morning at the “songs from the ceiling” at Peet’s today. The second one was the Beatle’s “In My Life” that we listened to around Christmas. The first gave me a wry chuckle because it confirmed my suspicion that people often don’t listen to lyrics. It was from our friend Warren Zevon, and the song is meant to be funny because he describes outlandish behaviors but people improbably dismiss them as being normal. But to make the song work, the lyrics have to be *way* over the top, and I’m sure that the company that picked the songs would have been surprised if they had been paying attention. It reminded me of when I raised my eyebrows at your having played “Bohemian Rhapsody” for your daughters and you went back to check the sheet music.


      • Hi, Steve! “Songs from the ceiling,” Beatles, “In my life I love you more.” Sweet song, I love it.

        Looking at titles of songs from you, I didn’t find a Zevon, so Googled him. Ugh. I hope Peet’s didn’t play the “bad example one” or most of them for that matter.

        I have definitely been guilty of singing songs around the house without listening to the words I was singing or knowing what they were saying.

        Enjoy your 54 today and I will tolerate my 57 better than I did 59 yesterday because I’m staying inside and the wind it 7 mph rather than 18.


      • I would rather they had chosen “When Johnny Strikes Up the Band”, or even “Werewolves of London.”


      • Hi, Steve. I like “When Johnny Strikes Up the Band.” I missed it while looking for song titles that might fit your description of “outlandish behavior.”


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