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Good Morning, Everyone!  🎶  THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! 🎶 ***

🎶 Here’s a little song I wrote…You might want to sing it note for note…Don’t worry, be APPy…In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double…Don’t worry, be APPy…Don’t worry, be APPy now…🎶 “Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Bobby McFerrin  1988

📲 Some folks today, their heads are THICK, social mores have caused
Too many people who don’t care that there’s a time to pause…
The HOOPLA that surrounds our phones, has immersed us so deep
That even a PILLAR is seen letting his dinner keep…
Community is on the wane, what once we saw portrayed
Is now gone by the wayside…leaping off like that SAUTÉ…*😉
It’s sad to see what we’ve become, some reining in perhaps..
Can get us back together…and get people off THEIR APPS! 📲

Ok…So believe me, I don’t mean to sound critical, but Sauté? Do you see that? The diacritical  acute accent? Or accent aigu as it’s also known by. The little ‘ above the E? And I didn’t type that either…my iPad menufractured it automatically. But have we seen a word of this sort before? A little too risqué you say? But definitely food for thought, no? Anyway again, I definitely don’t mean to sound unappreciative. You all know that I have the utmost respect for David’s taste in words…but I’m just sayin’…Hmm…Maybe we’ll get into a little discourse about it…

Anyhow…Appetizers. APPS for short I guess. And it definitely gave me pause, because I was thinking…”Starters”? Do people say that? And I realized something odd. I never say..”We had such and such for “starters”. I say “appetizers”. But then I also realized that I’ve been in restaurants and have said…”Ok, for “starters” we’ll have…”. What’s that all about? A roll reversal? One from Column A…two from Column B? Did I never before realize that I obviously can’t make up my mind what to choose? Is there more here than meats the eye? IDK! More food for thought I guess…And if this keeps us, I’ll be on a diet before the morning’s over! ..

Getting back to our words…SAUTÉ…as you may have surmised by now, is a new entree on the Jumble menu, according to my sauce documents. And with all fresh anagrams, we’re seeing old favorites with our other three words. Yes, HOOPLA included. I found it way back in 2014, and then again in February of 2018. And while THICK  comes in as our most recent, that leaves  PILLAR..and a post  for that one goes back to 2017. A nice spread with our words today, IMO. And I think I’ll mention that one of the Early Birds was convinced that Thick was Kitch..and when I explained that while the pronunciation might be on the mark, Kitch is spelt KITSCH.  And it was a bitter pill to swallow. In fact, it almost became a loaded subject, until one of the other Birds told him to stuff it…It’s definitely been a contentious morning here! Anyway, phew! We’ve had enough! right? Yes, definitely a mouthful…So I think it’s time we move on to the next course

Ah, family thyme. Together thyme. Or at yeast it should be. Finding ourselves out to dinner with a family of four, I’m sure you’ve all seen what’s here in today’s cartoon. Maybe some of us might even relate…And how true..All too often today, we see teenagers, as well as adults, in the company of others at dinner…and yet totally engrossed in their own world…THEIR phones. And sadly, most of them think it’s no big dill. Instead of taking the thyme to taco ‘bout their day, they’d rather play around with THEIR APPS, and not carrot all about the others. And lettuce face it, Folks…it’s a big missteak! They should be using the thyme to ketchup on their lives, not iggnaw the people around them. And I’m glad the Mom’s not pudding up with it. Because as the waitress is bringing their APPetizers, and Dad’s ready to dig in, it’s the Mom that’s bacon sense here by telling the teens to put their phones down and eat. Peas! Let’s put our carbs on the table here…Kale her old-fashioned if you choose, but I’m with her…THEIR APPS can wait…Well done, David! You’ve dished up another wiener!

And now…we’re cooking with gas! Today’s eye candy is off the charts…Let’s start with what’s already mentioned. The appetizersLoaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks. Two of my favorites…and I’m happy to announce that they’re colored perfectly too…right down to the little cup of (red) tomato dipping sauce for the sticks…The kids are so intent, that the girls mouth is agape, and the boy has his tongue sticking out to the right. The waitress, with her ordering pad wedged into her waistband, is wearing a necklace with discs, two of which show a Smiley face, and the letters: “TGI…”. And on the table, is a little placard, depicting what looks like a pizza, and it reads…”All you can eat…12.99″, with the slogan…”Start Your Weekend Today“! Great details. But…hmm?..Start your weekend?…TGI…? Do the math, as they say! I think it’s pretty obvious what it adds up to! And there’s two glasses that appear to be water for the kids with ice cubes visibly floating…But what really whet my appetite? On the wall in the background…along the black border? A virtual smorgasbord of delight! Left to right, 13 objects, all in gold...A pair of boxing gloves, a slide trombone, a penny-farthing, a bugle, a square-shaped object that I can’t identify, a rag doll, a broom, what looks to be a plunger(?), a drum, a violin, I want to say a golf push-cart(?), an accordion, and a carousel horse…Talk about a menu..and à la carte to boot! This has to be a “real” place Jeff has us dining at today…And maybe a particular family too…But for the one I had in mind, even tho the pic looks a little dated going by the waitress’s hairdo, the timeline seems a few years off course…So there you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And if any of you can identify the items I can’t…please bring them to the table! 📲🙋🏻‍♀️

*** A Bonus song for today! ***


22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/15/2020

  1. 🩰 Practicing so much with all the HOOPLA surrounding her need to perfect the SAUTÈ, her ankles began to swell and feel THICK, so leaning against the PILLAR, she grabbed her phone and decided to check out what advice the experts offered on THEIR APPS…🩰

  2. 🚚 He had been known for many years as a respected PILLAR,
    So you can just imagine when the news broke that he killed her…
    The stories THICK with motives, the HOOPLA ran amok,
    The bottom line he mowed her down with his expensive truck…
    Then he went home to SAUTÈ steak, and people said perhaps..
    The answer might be online…so they returned to THEIR APPS…🚚

  3. This Jumble is strange and somewhat obscure. First of all, SAUTE is NOT an English word. SAUTÉ is. They either need to include the accent or not use the word. Without the accent, the word rhymes with “clout”. The solution, THEIR APPS, is obscure to anyone who doesn’t know about computer applications. Because of this, there are many shadow solutions. The best one is THIS PAPER. How can you solve a Jumble without reading the paper? And on the same page as the Jumble in my paper there are such PAPER HITS as Dennis the Menace, Wumo, and Sally Forth. Maybe it’s SPITE HARP. Maybe the kids want to play harp solos on their smartphones to spite their parents. If the paper is mostly nonsense, then shove it down the TRASH PIPE. Or maybe the kids are consulting Google Maps (that’s Maps, not Apps) because they are in a different phase in growing up; i.e., PHASE TRIP. Or maybe they want to buy PIPER HATS so they can be like the Pied Piper and lead all the rats down the creek.

    • Jim…I questioned Sauté…and I acknowledged that some might not be familiar with the word Apps by my title song and the APPS link I included in my post. And as far as being unable to do the Jumble without a paper? Not so….there’s a number of on-line sites that offer it…Have a good one.📲🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I, too, faltered on saute but did get it after a while. I couldn’t get the solve and absent mindedly asked my wife who has never looked at or worked a jumble if she could offer help. She gave me a blind solve with the correct answer; I am chagrined. Good day all.

  4. Good morning. I wasn’t worried about today’s jumble, in fact I was very happy it was so easy to get for a Saturday. Maybe the hammer will fall tomorrow. We’ve had a plethora of puns today which confirms that our gal Friday was definitely on her A game. Great job Angela. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning! LOL..I’m glad you weren’t worried Paul..👏🏻. No need getting all bent out of shape over a tiny little puzzle, right? And you know I’m happy if you are! As for the hammer? Never fear…you’re getting way too good at this to worry about that any more! And way thanks for the Shout Out…I had a lot to work with…Have a great day, Brooklyn! 📲🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi all – I used the double letter trick twice, once to get PILLAR, and then to see POOL and then HOOP to get HOOPLA. I actually thought APPS and dismissed it because I didn’t see how it would fit, but when the letters showed THEIR, I realized it was a pun on “appetizers”.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    To answer your question about having seen an accented word like sauté Angela, I’m not feeling any sense of déjà vu about it.
    I’ll have a go at the objects, which I would never have seen without going online. The square thing looks like a board game to me – possibly Monopoly? Your ‘plunger’ looks like a garden rake, which means the odd wheeled thing could be a thing you rake leaves into. Just my guesses.

    • Hey Steve…Good Morning. You do know the question was tongue in cheek,😉 right? You must…’cause the déjà vu is an APP…I mean an apt 👏🏻 answer!😉 And while board game seems PLAYable…I’m thinking the plunger-looking thing is Catch Ball, ‘cause they all seem too whimsical to have anything to do with something like raking leaves…They’re child-play related…more like being at a Toy Fair! 😉 I’m still at the DRAWING board with it! 😉 Have a great day, Steve! 📲🙋🏻‍♀️

        • Under? I put asterisks after the title at top….and then the legend at the bottom…denoting the Bonus song…Isn’t that how something like this is usually done? 🤷🏻‍♀️

            • Yea..but I guess it’s not prominent enough…My bad. And I also figured that it was known that anything in blue print denoted a link…I have to think of another way…Any suggestions? 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Maybe I needed asterisks before the title also? Encase it? First time I’ve done this..I wasn’t sure…🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I agree sauté ,the auto correct inserted the accent symbol, needed the accent symbol, and I wasn’t sure hoopla was a word. So I dub this puzzle as weird at best.

    • Hoopla is leading the pack, Prof…You’re obviously not alone with it…Hope your day’s going well! 📲🙋🏻‍♀️

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