Jumble Answers for 02/04/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!      🏈 Are You Ready For Some Football? 🏈

🎶Well it’s Sunday night! and we’re ready to strike!…Our Special Forces are in full flight. We’re coming by air and on the ground, SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL’s takin’ over the town. We gotta get ready, we gotta get right…It’s gonna be a battle in the NFL tonight…So get ready, I mean get ready…Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? 🎶

🏈🏈 So it’s Sunday night, and they’re sure sittin’ pretty
At the US Bank Stadium, these two are almost giddy.
Despite the temp forecast being 15 below…
There’s a dome to protect them, so let’s just go.
Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve waited all year…
And now here’s the HOOPLA and now here’s the cheers!
The excitement INFUSEd into all of us fans,
No MISFITS today, no shrinking VIOLETs, man.
The lucky couple we see, did they have to DISOWN
A family member? Somebody had to be known…
50-Yard Line, right in the front row…?
You seriously wonder what they had to forego.
With nothing IMPAIRing seeing players collisions…
This is a win, they scored the best FIELD OF VISION! 🏈🏈

Super Bowl Sunday!! It’s here, SPORTS FANS…The big game between the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New England Patriots! And Jeff has brought us right to the excitement! But first, our words. Today, Dave gave us a real pre-game WORKOUT! I’m pretty sure we’ve had these words before, but talk about SCRAMBLING! These were as impromptu as they come! HOOPLA? Didn’t it have an H at the end at one time? DISOWN? Show of hands…Who saw Wisdom? Hello? Is the AUDIBLE working? Oh, just me? Well…They’re all winners today, and the EXTRA POINT definitely goes to Dave! So, our cartoon…Jeff, take your place on the SPECIAL TEAM, because you KICKED some….today! The 50-Yard Line? Who’s POCKET did these two line? Great seats…And the couple is bi-partisan! He’s a Patriot fan, wearing his Tom Brady jersey, and she’s SPORTing Viking’s QB Sam Bradford’s. This couple has found the NEUTRAL ZONE! How cool is that? Reminds me of a story…A couple we know went through a divorce. My 5 year old nephew, a die-hard Yankee fan like the rest of his family, asked me if I knew about it. I was caught off GUARD. So, not knowing how to discuss divorce with a 5 year old, I DEFLECTED and asked him what he thought. He leaned in close and whispered…”Zia, they couldn’t be married. The mother is a Mets fan”! Imagine? The humanity! From the mouths of Babes…Anyway, I digress. The game. Jeff’s also showing us another Minnesota Vikings fan, this one donning his Nordic helmet and his Fran Tarkenton jersey! “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”. No, Toto, we’re definitely in Minnesota! Too bad the Vikings got SACKED. Ok, so the dialogue…”What a view”…”Don’t need the binoculars”. We can SEE they’re right on the FIELD…The question…”They had a great…”? FIELD OF VISION! Way to go, Dave! TOUCHDOWN! Great PLAY on words! Ok, eye candy. Despite all the great details with the jerseys, the Vince Lombardi Trophy today has to go to the woman’s earrings..They’re tiny FOOTBALLS! How cute is that? So, There you have it, Folks, Done!
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, Everyone! And I hope the game doesn’t let you DOWN! 🏈🙋🏻

32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/04/2018

    • Good Morning, Big Guy! Thank you! ..And the stuffed shells and the hams, and the turkey..etc., etc, etc…
      Not to mention my GRAVY! 😉 Go Eagles! See ya on the Gridiron! 🏈🙋🏻


  1. It must be Sunday as my mind wouldn’t work.I got violet right away and also thought hoopla ended in an ‘h’,and saw window rather than disown.The rest of the words had me stumped as usual on a Sunday.Finally,the rest of the words kicked in.Going on to the solution,I was trying to put in views rather than vision,but after getting ‘field of’ solved,vision kicked in.Enjoy the game and go Eagles,an anti Brady and co. vote.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck. Dave definitely did BLITZ us today. These weren’t your run of the mill words. He went LONG, don’t you agree? Chuck…A little bit of a Jumble hint, if I may: When Jeff uses a word in his dialogue? Pretty SAFETY say you won’t see that exact word in the solution.
      I wish you a good game too, Sir, and although I won’t say I’m anti-Brady,🙄 I will say that I’m hoping to be emulating the Steve Miller Band, and singing 🎶Fly like an EAGLE🎶 when day is done….Have a great one, and Enjoy! It’s always a pleasure to see you here! 🏈🙋🏻


  2. HOOPLA resulted when VIOLET, the MISFIT of the family, tried to DISOWN her son and INFUSE her animosity to IMPAIR any reconciliation.
    Not happy with the clue words this morning—too many verbs with prefixes and a compound word. No problem solving the puzzle or unscrambling, but trying to make any kind of sensible sentence was too much, so I settled with what you see—my FIELD OF VISION much more limited than the cartoon.
    Have a SUPER SUNDAY everyone. See you tomorrow.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Quite the contrary! I got a real chuckle from your sentence. The Misfit of the family! It’s about time we honor the Misfits amongst us! Your point of VIEW is just fine…
      Hope you enjoy your day! 🏈🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Clay. I do remember your discussing this with Mike. Unfortunately, I can’t view the puzzle. For some reason, neither my iPad nor my iPhone lend themselves to opening a lot of these Uclick games. Friends have tried to forward them to me in the past. But I do know from their efforts, that it is always a different puzzle. I would enjoying seeing a vintage puzzle too. Hopefully Mike will be able to view it. Thank you for sending it, and I hope you have a great day, Sir! 🏈🙋🏻


      • Clay, I don’t have a desktop. I’m thinking that later when I go to my brothers for the Super Bowl Party, I’ll try bringing it up on his. If you can, and you have an iPhone, maybe you can try it there? Tell you the truth, I’m curious.. Thanks for the reply…🙋🏻


    • The Uclick games run on Flash and aren’t supported on Apple IOS. The program the have for the Daily game does not accommodate the six words and longer answers of the Sunday puzzles. So Uclick goes deep in the archives for a Classic Jumble from Henri Arnold and either Bob Lee or Mike Argirion. Go Pats!

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      • Ah, Jeff. Thats the word I couldn’t think of..Flash. I remember reading that. Thank you. I have a bunch of vintage Jumbles in with the keepsakes from my Father. They have such an odd look seeing them now. The faces were drawn so differently. I see you forgot to say..”So, there you go” or “The more you know”. Your trademark closings…I’ve grown used to them. This other closing you’ve used, I’m going to ignore….So, There you have it!
        Have a good game, Jeff. Enjoy! 🏈🙋🏻


  3. Morning, all –
    None of the CWs gave me much grief but the answer was another story. The only word I had was probably OF, so I just tried making 5 and 6 letter words. This finally gave me field and it was easy from there. Being from Bills country, I hope Philly wins.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. It was a very cute answer…Visual Field immediately came to mind for me, because I’m seriously overdue for my Visual Field exam. Not a big fan…After a while, I think I’m just clicking at air! Those little dots drive me dotty! 👀
      I’m with you, Go EAGLES! We shall see…Enjoy the day, and the game! 🏈🙋🏻


  4. Actually had a blind solve on the answer today! I do the Sunday Jumble online and it is timed; finished up in 3:47, (MM:SS, not HH:MM for the wisecrackers in the room!).

    Gathering with friends this afternoon for the game. Our contribution will be shrimp cocktail, bruschetta and some of my home brewed pale ale. Go Eagles!

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    • Good Morning, John. Kudos! I FLEW through it also..just like an EAGLE! I did the gravy..(I hope Moose isn’t watching), the stuffed shells, the rice balls and a few side dishes…The hams and the turkey are being done by the Patriot fans…(read HAMS and TURKEY) .We start eating around 3. Whoever’s left standing usually enjoys the game! 😉 No home made brew for us this year, though. Last year my cousins, who are vinters in training brought the wine…None of us were left standing for the game…(Note I said “in training”) Have a great game…and way GO EAGLES!! 🏈🙋🏻


      • Ah, Caro.❤️ You caught me! But listen, I have 35 people here asking…”Who made the gravy”?
        So…Can we ALL be wrong? Hmm…And now that you mention it, we do have a Turkey here, too….And for that we have BROWN GRAVY. 😂..So, All’s well that ends well..See on the Gridiron, Big Guy! 🏈🙋🏻


  5. Good morning. Great job Angela. I had very little trouble with the words. The first two words I was stuck on and my children thought I needed help and got them, thinking I gave up but I started to do cleaning for company and took a break. They had me laughing yelling out we got the words for you. They were surprised that I just took a time out. The cartoon answer was a quick solve for me. We all thought the answer was a little lame. Sort of like when the actor says “what’s my motivation”. It didn’t move us. But hey, can’t always knock a home run. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Brooklyn, Thank you so much! I’m running behind schedule, So.. Good afternoon! I’m still cooking…You’re just too much! The answer was lame! Well excuse me! LOL.. And I think you may need a do-over here. Of all days, you’re giving me a Baseball metaphor? Have you no shame, my Good Man? Or did you throw that in purposely just to shake things up? Hard to tell with you…You’re a sly one! I’m thrilled that you had such an easy time with it today, you usually get a little DEFENSIVE on Sunday’s…no OFFENSE intended! Hope you have a great day with your guests, Paul…And thanks for the laughs! ⚾️? 🏈🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – Took an extra pause to sniff out VIOLET, and only got DISOWN quickly from having been stuck on it before. Speaking of which, it was “day of the prefixes”; DIS-own, IM-pair, IN-fuse, MIS-fit. The standard binocular specification is “Field of view”, but that was close enough to make a cute hint for the answer.

    Angela, thanks for pointing out the Bradford jersey. I saw the Vikings jersey and then the Brady, and when I just glanced at her jersey that says BRAD I thought it was the same and that they were both Patriot fans, and that the cartoon had a deadline causing Jeff to assume that the game would be Pats/Vikes. (“And that’s the way it is.” “Goodnight, David. Goodnight, Chet.” “Goodnight and good luck!”)

    If the Vikings had made it and beat the Patriots, we’d all be saying “That’s Incredible!” (Remember the TV show co-hosted by Tarkenton?)

    Have a super Sunday! Special shoutout to all the non-football fans who will be able to enjoy a semi-private somewhat deserted day for their favorite activities; hiking, biking, etc.

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  7. Hey Grasshopper. Viking logo on sleeve, number 8 visible…Had to know. I’d have liked to see the Vikings in it, being home and all, but what can we say? Incredible? Maybe, but a hell of a lot more fun, right? Great cartoon all around…Earl mentioned the prefixes too….we had a plethora today. But don’t you think the non football fans enjoy today also? The commercials, the food, the camaraderie? It’s just a SUPER day! Goodnight, David, Goodnight, Chet! Cute reference. But maybe we should say…Goodnight, David, Goodnight, Jeff! Just for the heck of it! 😂 Talk to you later, Bud! Enjoy! 🏈🙋🏻


  8. I got tripped up by violet. Had to put the puzzle away and come back to it after church. Disown always gives me pause but figured it out sooner than violet. Knew field of was the first part of the cartoon answer and finally got the rest of it. Whew!! Not a big football fan here but suppose if I had to pick a team I’d go for the underdog Eagles, even though Tom Brady is a Bay Area fellow. Have a Super Sunday all you sports fans!

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    • HI Betty. There were a few outstanding words, that’s for sure. We got our money’s worth today, right? I like the underdogs too, and I’m just hoping we get a game…and not a romp!
      Hope you have a great day, Football or not! Be well. Ciao! 🏈🙋🏻


  9. Angela, I do dislike the word “Plethora”. The dizzy (I’ll be nice here) female on Storage Wars uses that word a lot. Somehow it just doesn’t sound right coming from such a strange girl. I don’t usually watch football however,this year I did watch the last two rounds. I just found out that not everybody is allowed to catch the ball.My two rummies clued me in on that fact. Probably the fault of a childhood experience. Back in 1950-52 my much older cousin went out with a second stringer by the name of Eddie Sharkey of the Cleveland Browns. They took my sister with them to Washington for a game and he said they would lose. Then they took me to Philadelphia for a game. Again he said they were going to lose. We froze out buns off on the 50 yard line. I took it as the games were fixed and certainly didn’t enjoy freezing. I do enjoy a passing game though. Since most are picking Phil, I’ll go with the Pats. This is actually the first party that I’ll be at. This is only the second time that I took some boxes. I have two 20,two 50,and one 100..Good luck to all.


    • Paul. I’m taking a break from the food just for you. Actually, I’m taking a break from the food because I’m tipping over already! But who cares? I’ll just run non stop for the next week! So now, plethora..Who’s the strange one tho, me or the Storage Wars woman? I’m confused! You know your stories slay me, right? Somehow you have one for every Sport! 😂 I have my boxes too, I took 5 of them…Makes it interesting if nothing else…😉😉 That’s a WINK, WINK!!! I hope you have a blast, and good luck with your picks. See ya on the Gridiron, Brooklyn…Ciao! 🏈🙋🏻


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