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Good morning everyone, and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun! David and Jeff gave us some challenging puzzles last week that contained some very unique clue words. LAPTOP, CACTUS, LAGOON, NEEDLE and CAMERA were my favorites, and the GOOD “IN-STINKS” surprise answer was one of the stinkiest puns we’ve encountered this year. Jeff went over the top on his Mount Rushmore cartoon and all of its superb detail won’t soon be forgotten. With my quick trip down memory lane complete, I settled in to begin my solve and this is how I did it:

All of the clue words came easily with just a slight pause on REVERT and BYPASS. Of those two words, BYPASS would be my pick for the most difficult one. DAFFY is a new clue word that I don’t recall seeing before so a new word on a Monday was a welcome addition.

Moving along to the cartoon, we see a woman talking on her cellphone as she cracks a couple of eggs into a skillet. It was a pretty straightforward panel with nothing jumping out at me in regards to fine detail. The flames lapping the bottom of the skillet and the perfectly cracked eggshells were all that caught my eye at first. Reading the dialogue and sentence, the woman is ending her conversation and intends on turning her attention to her omelet. And that’s when it hit me. Not the answer, but her preparation method for her morning meal. When making an omelet, I always crack the eggs in a separate bowl and whisk the heck out of them until they’re a uniform yellow color with no white strands. It sounds like she was in a rush this morning so I’ll have to forgive her “in the pan” method.

Taking a second look at the cartoon, I noticed that Jeff had drawn a window that show’s the sun just coming up over a tree and a house. I absolutely LOVE when he draws this type of imagery and it’s shadowy effect. It makes the cartoon feel lifelike and very believable. Well done, Jeff! This beautiful sunrise made my day.

The final answer was a 5-4 solve and was immediately visible upon writing out the clue letters. BREAK came first followed by FAST. An easy solve for a Monday, and we’ll no doubt have a challenge sometime later this week. Have a magnificent Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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    • Bypass was a little tricky,and break was a given,but I was tring to get break ‘apart’ rather than break fast for the solution.

  1. 🎶MORNING has broken like the first MORNING…Blackbird has spoken like the first bird. Praise for the singing, praise for the MORNING, praise for them springing fresh fresh from the world…Mine is the SUNLIGHT, mine is the MORNING…🎶

    🍳🍳 The sun is just arising, our girl is on the phone,
    Her DAFFY friend Chip’s such a WRECK he wants to stay at home.
    She’s trying to convince him that he needs to get a grip…
    And all the time she’s trying to BYPASS these eggs that drip.
    He’s going to audition for a role off, off Broadway
    And he’s REVERTing to what she thought they conquered yesterday.
    It now is Monday morning, and she needs to eat and run,
    She doesn’t have time for his nerves…It’s late here comes the sun…
    So she’s telling him that he’ll be fine, he’ll definitely make the cast…
    And she needs to eat this omelet, so Goodbye, Chip, it’s…BREAK FAST 🍳🍳

    Our words…Bypass? Sappy passed by…The rest? Some really good SCRAMBLES here, but I CRACKED the codes… It’s early morning, and Jeff’s showing us “What light through yonder window breaks…” Ah, Romeo…ah, Chip. Our girl, DAWN, is trying to get an omelet going, and it’s not all its CRACKED up to be. Her friend, Chip, the starving actor is on the phone needing encouragement. But Dawn’s starving too!…And she’s in a rush. So she’s trying to tell him that she needs to hang up the phone…and hang up his hang ups! He’s going to ace the audition…The EGGSact same thing she told him yesterday…Anyway, our cartoon asks…The EGGS, she needs to eat her..BREAK FAST! HA! Good one Dave! You’re a regular comediHEN! Ok, eye candy? I love how Jeff LIGHTS up the page with those FLAMES. The whole SHELL game going on is ok, but not that EGGciting…I’ll go with the SUNRISE..Just love seeing that SUNNY SIDE UP! So, There you have it, YOLKS, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Eating too many EGGS can make a person an EGGoholic. Don’t FRY over it, just try to go OVER EASY, and you’ll be BACON it all ok…🍳🙋🏻

      • LOL…I think we’re going to be BEATING these poor EGGS to death this morning!
        Yes, the sunrise looked nice, especially in color. Thanks, Bud, and wishing you a wonderful day too! 🍳🙋🏻

    • Liked your “Good bye Mr. Chips” reference and all the fowl puns you managed to scramble up for us. All that was needed–some Benedictine?

      • Earl! I was wondering if anyone would get the MR CHIPS reference! Bravo, Sir, Bravo! You warmed my heart like the sunrise!
        And FOWL puns, a SCRAMBLE? Two more gems! Benedictine, with my eggs? How’d you know that? Did I ever tell you? 🍳🙋🏻

  2. When the DAFFY driver missed the BYPASS, the WRECK that ensued forced many to REVERT to side streets.
    Great post Mike. I missed the fact that the woman was cracking the eggs directly into the frying pan–a “n-no” as far as I’m concerned. Always appreciate your attention to details that are not always evident, at least to me.
    No words gave me difficulty today and the solution is the kind of play on words that I enjoy.
    Have a mundane Monday everyone and take it slow. Hope you had a healthy BREAKFAST.

    • I did a few searches to see what the professionals had to say about the “in-pan” method. It can in fact be done but on very low heat.

      You had some easy words to work with this morning, Earl. I had a feeling your sentence would go down that road. Well done as always. Happy volunteering day to you, my friend! 😎👍🏻

      • I saw a cooking show awhile back where the cook did it that way. I tried it once but stopped because I didn’t want to ruin the frying pan by scratching it. I don’t even remember why he did that.

    • Gentlemen. EGGScelent commentary on the culinary skills, but I do crack them very gently right into the skillet, on a very low heat. No one’s RUN away yet. Now, when I SCRAMBLE…those I BEAT to death, in a dish first. Different strokes…for different YOLKS! 🍳🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. I had no problem at all today. Breezed right them and yes a slight pause at bypass. When it came to the cartoon answer I did have to write down the letters and then the answer came quickly. I must say Jeff threw (for Angela) a touchdown play with the answer. Enjoyed this one. Thank you again Mike for your extras. They are always informative. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Sunshine! It was an EGGStraordinarily enjoyable puzzle today, I agree. And whoever threw me the touchdown, I RAN with it….You always make me smile…
      Have a great one, Brooklyn. 🍳🙋🏻

  4. Angela–I didn’t know you did Benedictine with your eggs. A little bit of serendipity? My reference was to “eggs Benedict,”. I’ m not imagining something–that is a dish, isn’t it?

    • Earl, too funny! I don’t know if it’s serendipity, or me tipping my hand! 😉 First, the Eggs Benedict. Yes, you’re right, it is a dish. Originated right here in our good old NY in fact . For a supposed hangover! I make it often, and it’s a deliciously decadent, may I add. The Benedictine…That’s what threw me! I do add some to scrambled eggs at times. (In fact, it was an Englishman who turned me on to it, so that’s why I thought you may have done so also) But not at breakfast..,We’re not savages! 😂 So, I may have missed your reference, and I apologize, but you really caught me off guard! And if you haven’t tried it, you should do so sometime…it’s delicious! 🍳🙋🏻

      • My experience with Benedictine is with brandy, and then only as a bar waiter in Rye NY, to earn cash for college. I’ll buy some to keep on hand when
        I am on a scrambled egg kick. 🐓 🍽
        I know that emoji is a cockerel, as the Brits say, but I could not find a hen.

        • Earl…We’re really pushing the envelope with the Serendipity today…I’ve done time behind the stick too!! Very enjoyable. I like brandies. If you like pears, there’s a brandy called Clear Creek Pear Eau de Vie. There’s real pears in the bottle…So good. The emoji? It’s adorable…And they all look the same to me! Know what? I think I’m doing scrambled eggs for lunch…You’ve talked me into it…And it’s late enough to break out the Benedictine! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful, albeit cold day, Earl. Mundane Monday? Not so far! 🐓🙋🏻

      • Angela, one thing that has always amused me watching NHL Center Ice is the commercials that only appear in certain cities. When Vegas started this year, I saw they were the only place to advertise hangover-prevention remedies. But the Eggs Benedict sounds *way* better than theirs. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Don’t know if it’s all true or part folklore, but that’s what Mr Benedict said it was. A remedy…You’ve never had eggs prepared as “Benedict”? So good…Vegas? Over indulgence? No..You’re kidding me, right? 🎲🎲🙋🏻

  5. No fast break today. Got the answer as I started working the words. CWs were easy, aside from bypass. That one, I had to back into this morning.

    What a thoroughly entertaining Super Bowl!

    • I thought you’d get the blind solve right away, John!

      By the way, is your page-a-day Jumble desk calendar out of whack? Mine skipped most of February and is, lacking a better word, jumbled until mid-March! It’s driving me so batty that I put it in a drawer until April. ☹️

  6. Hi all – I got the first word quickly because of all the DAFFY Duck cartoons. BYPASS took the extra time today.

    Those flames “lapping” the skillet (nice imagery!) – “Now she’s cooking with gas!” How’s that for an archaic expression?

    I was most impressed with the one-handed egg cracking technique, which I’ve seen on cooking shows but never attempted – certainly not both hands at once and right into the breakfast.

    Angela, Fry’s Electronics mascot in ads is a cartoon integrated circuit (IC) named “Mr. Chip” but I don’t think any authors sued them over it.

    The last time I heard ‘revert” I got a laugh out of it. I was particularly slobby, watching a ball game with a beer beside me, and my wife walked in and exclaimed, “Oh No! My ‘guy’ is reverting!” 😂
    “Are we not men? We are DEVO!”

    Quick Super Bowl note – John Madden was funny this morning. One of the co-hosts on KCBS, Susan Leigh Taylor, said that in the future they should require the teams to play every fourth down. Madden said “You know, that’s how kids play the video games – they *always* go for it on fourth down. And that game yesterday *looked* like a video game!” 😂

    Have a great day.

    • LOL…I’m trying to tell you guys, it’s ALL in the wrist!!! Trust me! It takes a little practice..but what doesn’t? Try it, Grasshopper…It’s not that HARD..BOILED…
      Steve, “MR” Chip is real. He lives in Indiana, (Hence my Hoosier connection), and he used to work for me. We “shipped” him in to NYC, along with 50 some odd others from around the country to work on a conversion project. We’ve remained steadfast friends. He’s still “starving” as far as the acting goes, though. I do try FEEDING him my best lines of encouragement….🙄
      Madden? We both have a soft spot for him, don’t we? But, say what you may, the game’s “in the books” as they say….And what a glorious game it was! Ciao, Bud! 🍳🏈🙋🏻

      • Madden didn’t say “video game” in a disparaging way. On the contrary, they were all in awe of how great a game it was. (Madden sounded cutely (not *acutely*) embarrassed when they all said “You mean YOUR video game!”)

        • I didn’t take it as he did, Steve. We know he’s got a great way with words. And I can just hear that barreling laugh of his. Let’s face it, the man’s always been a good “promoter”. Self not withstanding! Gotta love the guy… He’s a classic! 🏈🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all! Mike, your recap of last week brought back some fun memories. Your description of today’s cartoon evoked pleasant, peaceful imagery in my mind.

    Doing the cartoon answer first, as usual, I glanced at the boxes and said “crack open” but upon reading the sentence again, the word “quickly” told me that the 4-letter word would be “fast.” Didn’t get “break” until after solving the words. I would call it a “tasty” pun.

    My most memorable experience of seeing eggs cracked into a bowl using only one hand was in the movie Sabrina when she took cooking lessons in France. She had to break several eggs into her bowl while retaining all the shells neatly nested in that same hand. Wow!

    Mike, we use your method of breaking eggs into a bowl first & whisking them well, but we have the ulterior motive of checking for pieces of shell before the eggs hit the pan. We are sloppy egg crackers. That French chef would be shaking his head.

    Have a great day, all. Maybe I’ll make a quiche for dinner. Just saw a recipe for an easy, spicy, Southern quiche with ham on Google.

    • Hi, Lelia, and good afternoon. I didn’t think I was going to hear from you today.

      Thank you once again for the kind words. The explanation of your solve was succinct and well stated. CRACK OPEN never came to mind although I can see how you could arrive at it now that you’ve said it.

      Jacques Pépin is my favorite chef and he always tells you on his cooking show that you must crack an egg on a flat surface and not on the rim of a bowl so that any bacteria on the shell doesn’t contaminate the egg. I often think of him when cracking them open.

      Quiche always sounds good but I’d stick with broccoli, onion and cheddar cheese. I told my son that I prefer broccoli to Oreos the other night and he thought I was crazy. It’s true though! It’s one of my favorite foods.

      Have a wonderful Monday! 🙂🙂🙂

      • Hi, Mike! Thanks for quoting your chef’s reason for breaking an egg on a flat surface. I have always done it that way but have been unable to verbalize my reason to Jerry when he insists on breaking them on the rim of the bowl.

        If I had my choice between Paula Dean’s quiche recipe with ham & hot sauce and yours with broccoli, cheese, & onion (lots of fresh diced sweet onion) I would pick yours every time.

        It made me smile when you insinuated the other day that you related to Jerry’s belief in putting off today what you can do tomorrow because you, my dear one, are NOTHING like Jerry. I love him tremendously but you do not put jobs off (storing your wood chips in August) and you are neat & clean whereas Jerry thrives in clutter and is a junk collector, hoarder, & slob. The whole inside of our house (my territory) is neat & clean like yours. Our yard, our garage, and where he sits to watch TV are his territory and they are jam packed with worthless stuff. If you could see how little space he left in our garage for me to park my car, you would want to rent a dumpster & start filling it with the junk before your unbelieving eyes. In one corner is a large stack of more than fifty 13-gal plastic trash bags filled with aluminum cans that he won’t let me recycle. I dream about that dumpster, but it would break Jerry’s heart. He loves his junk. I am married to Jerry AND his junk. The neighbor men love it because if they are building something & need a tool or miscellaneous piece of something, they come to Jerry.

        Where all that came from is your saying that you prefer broccoli to an Oreo cookie, as do I. I am not a sweets eater. There are a few I like but not many and I don’t do desserts. When I was young I hated going to my friends’ birthday parties because their mothers verbalized how weird it was that I did NOT want a plate covered with cake & ice cream. All day while watching at least 10 hours of TV, Jerry eats cake, cookies, candy, little marshmallows, cinnamon twists, & more.

        You are a Type A personality, as I was in my prime, and still am compared to some my age. I have been called all the names for Type A’s; compliments from my friends and negative ones from low energy people, which I don’t understand because I just enjoy being energetic, but it doesn’t bother me if they are not that way. It take all kinds, like Jerry & me.

        Gracious, Mike! I’m glad you don’t mind my over-abundance of detail at times, but I will finally say, “See ya’ tomorrow.”

        • Well you surely have a way with words, Lelia. I first saw your post and couldn’t believe how long it was. That was a lot of detail! And it doesn’t surprise me that we’re alike in so many ways. When you first started posting in the comments section, I had the instant connection feeling and I knew you were someone that I’d be close with in my personal life. From the birthday cake at parties (I never eat any) to the joy of a clean living area (minimalist mentality), we’re definitely cut from the same cloth. 🙂

          I’ve been busy planning my son’s 10th birthday bash and have just about every detail finalized. It’s a Nerf gun party (similar to last year) where the kids are on teams and they just go crazy shooting at each other. We provide eye protection so it’s very safe and it was a big hit with all his school friends last year. I also create a large round target and have a competition where the child who hits closest to the center wins a prize. It’s coming up fast, but with our type A personality, all the details are done and we can enjoy the party wothout worry.

          Have a wonderful and joyous day, Lelia. 7-10” of snow for tomorrow so hopefully we can build one more snowman this year. 😀😀😀

      • Hi again, Mike! Thank you for every word you said to me, which I will treasure in the same safe spot in my heart where I keep compliments from my grandchildren. Your kind words made me shed a “happy tear.”
        Thanks for telling me about the 10th birthday party, and thanks for being you.

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