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Good morning everyone, and happy first day of February! I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground, but that didn’t stop me from trudging outside to fetch my paper for today’s Jumble. Cracking it open and beginning my solve, the first three clue words were instantly recognizable. The fourth word is where I ran into some trouble and found “LENDEE” as the solution. It is a perfectly valid word with a definition of “the person to whom something is lent”, but it struck me as too obscure and my gut feeling was that David had another solution in mind. A few self-jumbles later, NEEDLE was found and I felt comfortable enough to move on to the cartoon with my new answer.

Looking at Jeff’s panel, and seeing the carved heads in the background, I knew the setting for this piece was Mount Rushmore. Noticing that there were only two presidents carved meant that the monument wasn’t complete and would possibly be part of the solution. Two men are having a conversation and one of them is holding a set of plans that show what the final sculpture would look like.

Reading the dialogue and sentence, we learn that Jefferson’s face has a crack in it and the supervisor has been requested to check it out. Doing some research on the architect responsible for the monument’s creation, I discovered that Gutzon Borglum was in charge and his likeness is probably the character to the right in Jeff’s drawing.

There were two details in today’s piece that I noticed and they were very difficult to see in the tiny newspaper panel. The first is an oversight in the architectural drawing that “Gutzon” is holding (which is upside down). The second head from the left would be President Theodore Roosevelt, and there are no glasses on his face in the plans. In no way does it impact the piece or the final solve. The second detail would be the construction equipment above Jefferson’s head. It really added to the piece by showing that there was a problem and construction had been halted. Look at the image below and I think you’ll agree that it was a perfectly placed detail by Mr. Knurek!

Moving on to the final solve, I started out by noticing the three E’s together at the end of the letter layout. Just to the left of them were H & D bringing HEAD to mind. THERE was next to come into view followed by UP for the finish. This puzzle and cartoon was an excellent way to start the month, and I look forward to seeing what the Jumble team has planned for the rest of it. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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    • Needle gave me no trouble but I thought the 5 letter word solution was ‘ahead’ but I was missing the second a ,so when I switched to the 4 letter word being ‘head’ ,’there’ came into view for the final solution.

  1. Bees around the HYBRID honeysuckle vine near the front PORCH caused a major FAULT with Aunt Sally’s NEEDLE work this morning.
    NEEDLE was the only word to slow me down this today. The solution came quickly after I wrote the circled letters out—all those Es helped.
    Thanks Mike for the details. You certainly have a sharp eye–and if Angela is reading this she will appreciate the reference to one clue word.
    Clever cartoon clever play on words.
    Sunny upstate this AM but it is supposed to change drastically tonight and tomorrow. Have a great Thursday everyone.

    • Thanks, Earl! Your sentence was especially well thought out this morning. You definitely have a way with words. Let’s just say you sculpted them into a work of art. 😎👍🏻

    • Good Morning, Earl. Enjoyed your sentence. Terribly UNDER the weather today, but I’m going to take a CRACK at this. The reference…Bees? For BUZZ? Our shared nicknames? And if not, off the TOP of my HEAD, Honeysuckle, for 🎶Honeysuckle Rose🎶, one of my favorite songs? But I don’t remember ever doing it here, so that could be CLIMBING up the wrong tree…I’ve CHISELed away at it, and that’s all I got….Don’t leave me HANGING…🙋🏻

  2. 🎶 I’d like to someday be the owner of the first house on the moon, There would be no neighbors, and no population boom…You might say that all I do is dream my life away, I guess it’s true, ’cause I’m STONE in love with you…I guess it’s true, ’cause I’m STONE in love with you, I guess it’s true, ’cause I’m STONE in love with you…🎶

    🏔 🏔 Construction of Mount Rushmore has history galore
    The Internet has information after, during…before
    I sat out on my PORCH one day before I took the trip
    And figured that I’d read up so that I would be more hip…
    A NEEDLE in a haystack is what it seemed to be
    There was so much to read about, the FAULT would lie with me…
    If I couldn’t get background info to tell all the kids
    I’d never let them down before…(here I’m throwing HYBRID)…
    I ended up for days and nights poring through all the data..
    And read as much as possible because to me it mattered
    But it was really worth it, cause I definitely learned enough
    To hear the kids say… “Zia really knows a lot of stuff…”
    So for every question I said “Yes”…The answers were prepared
    Yes for everything except, “Can we watch you HEAD UP THERE”? 🏔🏔

    Whether or not I learned about Mt.Rushmore in school, it could never compare to what I SCRATCHed up from the Internet. Before, words failed me, unlike today’s that were easy, breezy old favorites. As for our cartoon, it ROCKS! Jeff shows us the Memorial located in South Dakota, and has the dialogue stating that the supervisor is needed on the mountain. I guess there’s a WRINKLE in those plans he’s holding. SEAMS like Jefferson needs some FACE work! Snuck that one in, huh Jeff? Anyway, the supervisor will get the FACE LIFT and HEAD UP THERE! Good one, Dave! It didn’t CRACK me up, but it did bring a smile to my FACE. OK, eye candy. We can SEE that Roosevelt’s glasses are missing in the blueprints. Not much to LOOK at…But way up top, near the workman’s shed? There’s a scaffold..and Jeff’s drawn two men up there, to the HEIGHT of Washington’s HEAD. See, that’s just it. It looks like Washington’s HEAD to me, and I’m hesitant to say this…I don’t mind being wrong, and I could be way off, but is Jeff pulling a fast one on us? Has he reversed the two heads? And if so, has Jeff rewritten history? Hmm..So, there you have it, Folks, Done.

    Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Take nothing at FACE value…and take nothing for GRANITE! 🏔🙋🏻

    • Interesting use of NEEDLE today. The Needles are also in South Dakota and it was Borglum’s first proposed location for the monument. Great puzzle all around! Although I don’t see the two men, I’ll have to go search again! Have a super day, Angela!

      • North Dakota, South Dakota, Dakota Fanning…Not my day…My HEAD’s killing me! 😂 Today, I NEED-LE the help I can get. Thanks, Mike, and I wish you the same. 🙋🏻

          • Ugh! Tks. Mike. No good deed goes unpunished…The results of nursing my sick friend…
            But, on the bright side…he’s feeling sooooo much better! 😷🙋🏻

    • No one is moving to the head of the class today. The original design of Mt. Rushmore had Jefferson on the left of Washington. They even had Jefferson’s face half way finished on the mountain until the discovered the cracks. “After nearly two years of work on Jefferson, the rock was found to be unsuitable and the partially completed face was “erased” from the mountainside using dynamite.” The more you know…

      • Hey Jeff. I’m totally confused..Not that it’ll take much today…Despite being in the throes of a brutal Vertigo attack, I just went back to find something I remembered reading once. Not that I believe EVERYTHING 😉 I read on the Internet, but this is taken from Wikipedia: “Construction of Mount Rushmore”:
        “Thomas Jefferson’s head was started next, to the right of Washington. Before the head was complete, Borglum requested that it should be blasted off due to poor rock quality. Jefferson’s head was restarted on Washington’s left. Jefferson’s head was dedicated in 1936.”

        But, please, don’t go by me. For two reasons. 1) I’m “directionally challenged” I believe they call it. Left-Right confused. Thanks to my Grandmother who believed left handed people were akin to the “Devil’s spawn”…(It always sounded better in Italian)..so she tied my left hand behind my back for almost a year…The good part though, I’m now ambidextrous…
        And, 2) I didn’t spend any time reading anything related to Mt Rushmore this morning.
        You know I now spend almost every waking moment reading about you….(see Sunday’s puzzle…😉)…Swear…
        So, I’m just going to say that I loved your cartoon today, as always, and Right or Wrong, (or Left..), you’re TOPS in my book, and I’m still labeling the bottom of my shoes…😂
        Have a good one! 🙋🏻

      • It’s that stage left/right thing. There are pictures showing Jefferson’s head carved on the audience left, Washington’s (stage) right.

        • LOL..Jeff…You do realize you’re talking to me,…The directionally challenged one!
          …I need a mirror just to read your sentence!!! I’m going to do a Scarlett, and try this again tomorrow…I can’t even hold my own HEAD up today!
          Love hearing from you..Your devoted Hoosier Fan….Lefty…👈🏻👉🏻🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. I had very little trouble with the words. I went straight down the line and paused at needle. That would also be my choice for the hardest word. When I looked st the scrambled letters for Hybrid,it was like seeing a picture in my head. The only difference was when I (like always) double checked the words,it came out just a little—-different. I had Hybird instead of Hybrid. In this case.no harm no foul.as the letters still remained the same for the cartoon. The answer for that was pretty simple. Putting the letters down on paper the solution became evident. Like tossing a coin and having it land on Heads more than once or having a Heads up triple play. Or better yet hitting the nail on the Head. I think you get the picture. Until tomorrow stay well. As always Mike,thank you so much for the extras. Enjoyed it immensely.

    • Brooklyn, ROTFL! I don’t know what I’d do without you in the morning! And your term paper was quite a TAIL! Yes, you used the word correctly, and I sincerely thank you. You’re a Swetheart. ❤️ And don’t ever feel uncomfortable around me, we’re landsmen! But that Hybird? It’s the Geese, Paul…I’m telling you, subconsciously..It’s still those Geese! And, I’m not sure who’s who either, by George! Have a great one! 🙋🏻

  4. In writing my term paper,I missed both of you guys. Earl, well done nice job. You did get me to laugh. Angela,you’re the bomb. Now you have me thinking “who’s who,”and in what order do they belong. ? P.S. I hope I used that word in the right way. Getting out of my comfort zone here. Lol.

  5. Only now realizing that the Poststar.com Jumble is big enough to see some of the details you see and I miss in the Uclick version. I will now look at both everyday! Can’t remember if you ever answered or I forgot your answer as to why the Sunday Uclick Jumble is always different than the Jumble you solve on Sundays? Can you do both or is it because the Uclick Jumble is not from the same weekday and Saturday Jumble creators?

    • I use the Post Star to see detail. I don’t use the Uclick site you reference so I’m not sure why the puzzle is different. Jeff adds the date to his cartoons, so is it a new puzzle with the correct date for Sunday? If so, I’ve surely been missing out!!! Be sure to let me know, Clay, because I’ll most likely forget to check on Sunday. 😎👍🏻

      • The Uclick one also has the correct date but obviously a different artist. More of older style. Maybe a classic Jumble from previous years used just on Sundays? All the other papers I know of either do not have a Sunday Jumble or have the one you comment on! I will send you the link this Sunday for you to look at!

  6. Needle was the word that tripped me up this morning but I finally figured it out and had no trouble with the cartoon solution. My Grandson & I visited Mount Rushmore last summer. I pictured it much larger than it is in reality. Guess I was thinking of that Alfred Hitchcock movie North by Northwest with Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint climbing the monument in an attempt to get away from the evil James Mason. There is a hidden room in the back of Lincoln’s head which contains biographies of the four presidents and a copy of the U.S.Constitution. Tourists are not allowed there. We could only climb the stairs and not get anywhere close to the actual sculptures. It is nonethe less impressive. Hope you feel better soon, Angela.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Betty. I did some reading on Mount Rushmore this morning but didn’t come across the room you mentioned. I’m definitely going to look into it as it sounds very intriguing. Have a great day! 🙂

    • Hi, Betty, Nice to see you. Thank you. I’m pretty sure it’s Vertigo. Actually, I’m hoping that’s all it is…We tried the climb at Rushmore…And after taking turns carrying the little darlins’,…
      We ate lunch….😂 Hope you’re having a good one….🙋🏻

      • Vertigo, North by Northwest; I’m so confused I’m going PSYCHO!
        (Just an attempt at “breaking shoes” Angela – get well!)

        • Grasshopper, Good Evening…Oh, too soon?
          No mas…It hurts when I laugh….
          But, which shoe? Right? Left???? 😂🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – For some reason FAULT took me extra time, and then NEEDLE even longer. Sometimes no trick works, and I just stared and NEEDLE popped out of nowhere. I wish I knew how to make that happen. Had to write the letters to get the answer.

    I would have just let the moss grow over Jefferson’s face and tried to convince people that he had a beard like Lincoln’s, but the sculptors did it right.
    There is an absolutely fascinating PBS “American Experience” about Mount Rushmore and Gutzon Borglum, but it looks like it may only be available on DVD, not YouTube. There are “secret room” videos there, though.

    Have a great day everyone, and hope you feel better Angela.

  8. I really liked learning about the history of Mt. Rushmore and Betty’s personal experience. There are some funny drawings online of Mt. Rushmore from behind.

  9. HI, all! Great description of your solve, Mike. I solved by knowing that a synonym for “supervisor” is “HEAD.” Reading the dialog words “on top” I now had “HEAD UP.” The rest, including all 4 words, was quick & easy.

    After one load of laundry & lunch, I’ll tell you our Super Bowl plans, Mike. I surely loved your two comments to me that I just now found after sleeping almost until noon.

    Steve, loved the Beatle lyrics you gave me from “I’m Just Sleeping.” I need to frame them and put them on the wall. More later.

    After reading all of today’s comments, I am thinking that my solving NEEDLE so fast is because of my being a seamstress so many years. Our second Sears purchase at $7 per month, when the stereo was paid off, was my sewing machine cabinet that right now still has many packages of needles in the top drawer. I also crocheted a lot with really big needles.

    I already told about how much Jerry & I enjoyed visiting Mt. Rushmore last time it was in a cartoon. I picked up every free brochure, giving us a lot of info, but I learned even more today, including the secret room. Thanks!

      • Hi, Mike! Your Super Bowl plans with chicken wings (Jerry’s favorite!!) and finger foods sound delicious and perfect. Years ago I heard so much about Super Bowl parties from friends, the news, and food ads in the paper that I invited all family members who didn’t have plans elsewhere to come here. I, too, planned simple finger foods and set out paper goods & toothpicks for stabbing meatballs.

        Long story short, the next day I wrote myself a note to never have another Super Bowl party, listing: I didn’t get to see any of the game. Diane’s husband ignored stacks of napkins, wiped his hands on the seat of his pants, & returned to sit on the couch. Grandchildren ignored stacks of games & activities to hang out in the kitchen while Joyce & Diane ignored them, expecting grandma to take care of their needs, as usual.

        Jerry LOVES having no Super Bowl party so ours will be like yours with chicken wings & quick finger foods but only for two. That will be fine because I have 2 family parties scheduled for Top Shelf Mex Food during February.

        Last, but not least, I know that you will be planning a very SPECIAL party this month for a very SPECIAL one who will be turning 10. I remember when he was only 8 and caught a big bass in Mexico. Then when he was 9, he won a very important poster contest & rode in a parade. Now he is 10 already. Boy, they surely grow up fast!

        P.S., after I posted my LATE post last night beginning by thanking you for the larger picture of the cute bunny, I thought about having used the expression “I am one scared rabbit!” Wouldn’t it be something if Jeff planned for that rabbit he drew to be a PICTURE PUN of “one scared rabbit.” Just thinking.

      • Hi, Steve! I’m posting the Beatle song, “I’m Only Sleeping” at the head of my bed to remind me to take a nap when I need a nap because so many times I should have been napping and I was sitting here typing comments to you.

        Your Do Not Resuscitate instructions and changing “When” to “If” made me partly chuckle and partly wonder how you got into such a funny mood. Whatever it was, Jerry & I need to be like that after being so somber for such a long time with too many doctor’s apts.

        I am going to check with Google again about finding that food commercial in which he says, “Food is Gooood.” I will post that one in the kitchen to remind me to eat when I am hungry instead of sneaking in here to type. Right now I’m supposed to be showering to wash off the doctor’s office cooties from yesterday.

        There are 2 things I have been wanting to tell you for 3 days but don’t even have them written yet, but I will soon. Great to say Hi! See ya’!

        • By the way, I call those comments “Nap Busters” – when I start a nap and something occurs to me that’s just too good or funny not to post. “Oh well, guess I gotta get up.” Fortunately it doesn’t happen *that* often.

        • This post should have come first:

          Same here, only I’ve put my topics off for a week or so. Soon though.

          Don’t worry about the site being erased. Whenever anyone comments (after my first comment of the day), I get a copy in my email right away, so I’ll see it.

          Loved the story about your private Super Bowl party. Tell Jerry I consider him my fellow hermit and role-model!

  10. Much of the film Vertigo was shot here in San Francisco, at Mission Dolores, the Mark Hopkins Hotel and the De Young Museum. A very high end store I Magnin & Co. And a lovely florist Podesta Balcocchi were also used in the movie but are no longer part of the San Francisco scene. Mission San Juan Bautista about 90 miles south of San Francisco is the mission used in the scene where Kim Novak falls to her death. North by Northwest was filmed at Mt. Rushmore.

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