Jumble Answers for 02/02/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!              👀   The “EYES” Have It!  👀

🎶There’s a lady who’s sure…all that glitters is gold…And she’s buying a STARE WAY to heaven. When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed, with a word she can get what she came for…Oh oh oh oh and she’s buying a STARE WAY to heaven🎶

❤️ Blonde and PETITE and dressed in black, her hand upon her hip
She takes her leave and basks in what appears to be worship…
The HOUSE was packed with all her fans who came to see her play
The lead role in the CACTUS CROOK, this was the matinee…
Set out in the hot desert, she plays this femme fatale,
Who steals the day and then at night sings in a musicale
Some bristled at the onset, does this play make much sense…
But soon it came together…this play ’bout succulents
And now success is obvious, it’s in its second year…
The adulation’s still in bloom, and so she…TOOK THE “STARES”! 

Today’s words are all old favorites. Perhaps CACTUS caused a slight BRISTLE but as long as you’re careful should you back into it…you’ll be fine. Our cartoon. Jeff’s brought us to Broadway, and we see an actress taking leave. Her fans are all gathered around, looking at her adoringly. I’ve put her in the play, CACTUS CROOK. The name was just STUCK in my head. Our actress, THORNY ALOE, is well aware of the attention she’s attracting, as she says..”I love you all”! All EYES were on her, and she just… TOOK THE “STARES“! Really good one, Dave…You got right to the POINT! The “STARES“! I’m hoping those of you out there who suffer from the “Quotation Trepidation” didn’t just throw UP your hands in defeat today, because this one is truly UPLIFTing! Great pun! Ok, eye candy. I like the images on the phones’ cameras, but they’re not DEVELOPED enough to be really clear…I’m going with the finials on the STAIR case. They have that Cactus look…or is that an artichoke look? Either way, it SPIKED my interest…So, There you have it, Folks, Done!
Have a great day, everyone.  And remember…You can’t always trust STAIRS...They’re always UP to something….❤️🙋🏻

PS: Today’s National Wear Red Day, when we show our support for Women’s Heart ❤️ Health…It’s also Groundhog Day…Wear red…And pray that little rodent doesn’t see his shadow…

26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/02/2018

  1. Ditto on cactus, petite was no snap either. Quickly picked out HER as the 3 letter word and TOOK was a natural then I hit the wall. Was just about ready to give it up and tried THE and viola, still got it! Here in Indiana, Greenwood is considered a “red neck” town but is really a nice place but there are jokes about it. If you do not get it please let me know, What happens in Greenwood every February the 2nd? They throw a shotgun out the trailer window, if it goes off there are 6 more weeks of bowling!

    • LOL…You’re good for a laugh, Hoosier. Hope you didn’t back into the Cactus…Here on Staten Island we have a groundhog too. His name is Charles G. Hogg. Chuck for short. Chuck DIDN’T see his shadow this morning, whereas Punxsutawney Phil did. So I’m figuring while the rest of the country gets winter, and you get 6 more weeks of bowling, SI will get Spring. Fair enough. And I agree…I’ve been to Greenwood…I have a friend Chip…He’s no red neck, although he does have a shotgun…😉
      Have a good one…🙋🏻

    • Petite gave me a problem as I kept thinking of tiptoe instead.Ctook and the came readily in the solution followed by stares,rather than stairs.Chuck,not the groundhog Chuck.

      • Good Morning, Chuck, NOT the Groundhog! You made me giggle! Thanks for that…I too saw Tiptoe for a “tic”. That’s what I call them, those first real quick glances…”tics”. Not to be confused with the “ticks” that I’m sure are on those Groundhogs…Funny looking little things, aren’t they? ..Anyway, I digress…Tiptoe…I’m glad you came down off that…
        Wishing you a great day, Chuck! 🙋🏻

      • Chuck (not groundhog Chuck), now you and Angela have me wondering about the ground chuck I saw at Safeway. Hope it wasn’t ground groundhog-Chuck chuck! Thanks for the CHUCKle.

  2. The PETITE CROOK sneaked into the dark HOUSE and was nearly impaled by the gigantic CACTUS in the foyer.
    No problems today with the clue words or the solution, although I was a little fearful when I first glanced at the quotation marks–but great pun and homonym.
    Love your name for the actress–Thorny Aloe—Angela, inspired!
    Can’t let this observation pass:
    “Rub a dub, dub three Tubby Paunchy men in the hallway.”

    • Good Morning, Earl. Agreed, really great pun. Dave took us to all new HEIGHTS with that one. LOL at your sentence, good one! I have 2 cactus plants. Or do I say Cacti? Whatever…And I’ve backed into one..on MORE than one occasion…My inspiration for my opening line. Now, one would think that common sense would dictate that I move said plant…But it fits so well where it is…! 😂 So I live with a few scratches…Thanks for the shout out, I was inspired there too…😉 ALOEng story..😉 A lot of winking going on here…
      And I just KNEW those guys would RUB you the wrong way…And that you’d grab on to those “love handles”..well not literally, but…
      Have a good one, Earl! 🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Hey,yesterday while shopping I saw a N.Y. Rat passing in front of my car and I’d swear I saw his shadow. Does that count? I came to a stop sign on cactus unlike a rolling stop on the other three words. When it came to the cartoon I immediately saw took and the. My left over letters had raises. Seemed odd,so as I slowly stopped at each word to check against yours.Naturally I spelled petite as pettie. Changing my “i”for a “T” did produce stares. I should have checked right after I got the words. Better yet,take spelling 101. Earl,no wonder he was a Petite crook having tangled with the cactus. Another good laugh. Angela great job as well and thanks for the laughs also. Enjoy starting the day off with all of you. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Brooklyn. You did not see a rat, did you? Where? I don’t believe you…And no, us seeing the shadows mean diddly! You so make me laugh! Pettie’s good, I guess…Just not today! 😉 You know,… so funny, I took Earl’s thief to be a woman. Yet you thought a man…Earl, bring him/her out of the shadows so we can all see..which is it? Thank you for the shout out, Brooklyn, you know you’re the bomb ❤️ by me! And you help make my morning, too…
      Have a good one! 🙋🏻

      • The CROOK was really a cat burglar so make him or her whatever you prefer. Most men probably would not think of themselves as PETITE but rather SHORT, so I’ll go with HER. No literary licentiousness meant.

        • I have to agree, Earl, the cat burglar is a woman. Licentiousness?!! By no means…This is a family blog here! 😉😷 I think Paul is just such a gentleman, that he couldn’t imagine a woman doing any B&E…(Not that you aren’t one also). It’s just that…Well, you may have read it…
          Paul felt he was in a cocoon…But not anymore…Now, that Monarch butterfly has spread his wings….😂😂 Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine, Earl…🙋🏻

    • Paul, out here they call those “California stops” and the standard joke is that a driver protests his ticket because he “slowed down enough”, and the cop starts beating him. When he cries “Hey, what are you doing, stop!” the cop asks “Well, do you want me to stop or just slow down?”

  4. Hi, all! The word “ascended” gave me STARES immediately so I chose THE also. Three clue words were easy for me, especially CACTUS because of living in Arizona, but I had to “tiptoe” around a “teapot” before getting PETITE so I could back into TOOK, completing the answer of TOOK THE STARES. Done!

    Jerry is off to babysit Diane’s house so some workmen can be there. The video of a guy trying all entrances to the back of her house & breaking out a huge window freaked her out so badly that she bought a brand new house in a brand new neighborhood that will be ready to move into soon so she is getting her house ready to sell.

    Good ol’ dad is glad to help so I got up at 7 a.m., bought 2 Biggie Breakfasts with Pancakes, ate with him, and sent him on his way. Now, as soon as I post this, my song from Steve will be, “I’m Only Sleeping.”

    • Good early morning, Lelia. Not too much of a challenge today, and the pun is a keeper for sure. It’s great when family pitches in to help one another, right? It’s always a blessing…Get some rest…and pleasant dreams! Take care. 💤🙋🏻

  5. Angela, you really gave me a long good laugh. No it wasn’t a rat but honest to God it was a raccoon stopping in his tracks so I wouldn’t run him over at Avenue “O” and east 54th street at around 11:;45 am. I immediately started to laugh thinking since New Yorkers get a bad rap about having so many rats (and we do) I’d substitute the raccoon for a rat for today. It’s your fault I’m out of my cocoon. I thank you for that. Lelia,Sorry for your troubles. It had to be scary seeing that on camera.

    • Well, Paul, you know I gotta call ’em as I see ’em. If I made you laugh…well that’s just a bonus, Bro! I never saw a rat in Brooklyn, never! But now that you mention it, I’m sure near Mill Basin, and the water there must be some. IDK. Those beautiful homes, but they do jut out towards the water, so who knows. Raccoons have gotten out of control. My cousins tell me. I think it all started for us after Sandy hit. So much of these animals natural habitats were destroyed. Here on SI, if you ask me, we ended up with Jersey wetlands in our backyards…We have an insane amount of turkeys running around near the South Shore, and there’s deer on Victory Blvd! People are seeing raccoons, and possums, and did I tell you about the skunks? Skunks! I ripped up the entire back of my house, decks and all, because we saw a skunk burrowing under my neighbors. Cameras rolling, he came out the next night…The skunk, not my neighbor! You know he was setting up house!! Uh uh, that was enough for us. My neighbors been here like almost 50 years, and it was a first for him…and a last..Ugh! You know I can’t even do a spider!!! Sandy changed a lot, and now they’re multiplying….
      Well, I’m glad you didn’t hit the raccoon. You’d have nightmares thinking it was on your tire treads! Cocoon? Hmm, what cocoon is that, Brooklyn? 😉 Happy to oblige…Anytime! ❤️🙋🏻

  6. I have to agree, Earl, the cat burglar is a woman. Licentiousness?!! By no means…This is a family blog here! 😉😷 I think Paul is just such a gentleman, that he couldn’t imagine a woman doing any B&E…(Not that you aren’t one also). It’s just that…Well, you may have read it…
    Paul felt he was in a cocoon…But not anymore…Now, that Monarch butterfly has spread his wings….😂😂 Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine, Earl…🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – I had a feeling the last word ended in AUS, but that did point me in the right direction for CACTUS. Since I had already had my coffee, I wasn’t distracted by “PEET-IT” and saw PETITE pretty quickly. Saw STAIRS and wrote the letters to see the answer.

    I presume our actress is saying “My eyes – and everything else – are up here!”
    Have a good weekend everyone!

    • Yea, 🎶PEET it, PEET it..No one wants to be defeated….🎶
      Well she is ascending the staircase.., no? Have a good one, Bud!

      • I thought of that song too, but didn’t until just now think of the combination of Michael Jackson on a staircase – an INCENDIARY MATCH-up. Pep-SEE you later. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • I’m always on it with you, Bud….🎶🎶 Mediocre minds….Talk to you later 🙋🏻

  8. Hey Betty, if you’re here today, thanks for the local color info on the Hitchcock movies yesterday, some of which I didn’t know. Wasn’t the fancy restaurant Ernie’s also in Vertigo? I remember being amused when Herb Caen was appalled and considered it the final proof that SF was no longer a sufficiently sophisticated city, when it was finally possible to eat there without wearing a coat and tie.

    • Hey Steve. It wasn’t the actual restaurant in Vertigo. Hitchcock “built” an Ernies’s out in Hollywood for the scenes. And then he flew the Gottis out there to be in the movie. Old time Hollywood…🙋🏻

      • Thanks for the info. I wonder if I could have gotten into the fake Ernie’s wearing a fake coat and tie.

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