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Good Morning, Everyone!  💸💸 INTEREST…ING…VERY INTERESTING 💸💸

🎶 Tried my ATM card, county bank…It flashed me no funds…Even told me no thanks…Wouldn’t give it back to me…(It’s all I could afford)…SPENT (no it just don’t last)…Yeah it goes too fast (it ain’t coming back)…I don’t know where it went (spent it on your friends)…All I know is it gets spent (yeah it just gets spent)…Yeah, the MONEY gets spent…🎶 “Spent” – Trick Pony   2001

💸 A winters night two friends we see perhaps on a HIATUS,
And one doesn’t want to IMPOSE on his friends offer gratis
Sometimes when short of money, maybe FORAGE comes to mind,
But with an ATM machine…you feel there is no bind…
The only thing you gotta know and this might come out COARSE
The interest on a cash advance? Liken to choke a horse…
I think of it like slot machines…OUTRAN is a good word,
These one-armed bandits are disguised…and sense is sometimes blurred
Our guy would be much smarter not the cash advance to choose,
The interest rates are so absurd…avoid it and DEFUSE…
What could become a headache…Me? I’d hit my buddy’s stash…
‘Cause once one reads the card statement? You’re really PRESSED FOR CASH!💸

Before I get into today’s puzzle, I want to back up a bit to yesterday. After all the HOOPLA surrounding SAUTÉ, it turns out that it wasn’t a new word after all. I dug a little deeper, and found that it was used in the puzzle of July 13th, 2013…and I think that wasn’t it’s first appearance either. And you know me, I hate thinking I steered you guys wrong. So in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m righting my wrong. I realize that to some of you it may not amount to a hill of beans, but I pride myself on putting my money where my mouth is, so I had to let you all know….Ok. That being said, I’ll try it again with today’s words…

I came up with two anagrams that we’ve worked with before, SIPEMO, and SITUHA. COARSE  was seen only 10 days ago, FORAGE and DEFUSE are from last summer, and hopefully I won’t regret this, but OUTRAN? Well, as far as I can tell…it hasn’t run in any of our races before today. But the way my filing system’s been going? I wouldn’t bet the bank on it...And it’s also the only word that really gave a few of the Early Birds a slight run for their money...(Although the Scare in COARSE got stuck in their craws too, and spooked them for a second, and I wonder if David planned that all along. If so? Nicely played)!

Ok. What we have here today, are two men, bundled up against the cold, with one of them getting ready to donate blood. And if you’re in the habit of making cash advances, you know where I’m coming from. “One-armed bandits”, “Blood banks”…however you refer to it, a cash advance on a credit card is usury not the best way to go. As the birthday guy is telling his friend, PRESSing that credit card option? The interest won’t be in his best interest! The rates are so absurd, we wonder what we did to make these credit card companies hate us so much. You may as well be putting your Donor card in there.. because it’s gonna end up costing you an arm and a leg! But hey…it’s easy, it’s convenient…and let’s face it, Folks…When you’re PRESSED FOR CASH?  ATM stands for “At This Moment”... ‘Nuff said…

Eye candy? Jeff’s easily recognizable, despite the dialogue, 😉 especially wearing a Wilco cap. His generous friend, the Birthday Boy? He’s been featured in Jumble cartoons before..Maybe it’s one of his poker buddies, Donnie, who was recently seen on Facebook? Maybe it’s Nate Bargatze, the comedian? Just guesses. If not, I’ll just withdraw my choices..But the Money Shot this morning is what I can’t see. I can’t help but wonder where they’re off to tonight”..dressed as they are. Anybody care to invest a guess? Let me know…So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and I’ll leave you with a little ATM humor….

An older, unfit guy walks into a gym. His gaze immediately falls upon a beautiful young woman lifting weights. He walks over to one of the trainers, and says…”I’d love to impress that woman. What machine do you suggest I use”? And without missing a beat, the trainer says…”You just passed it coming in…the ATM in the lobby”…And you can definitely put your money on that!😉 💸🙋🏻‍♀️

8 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/16/2020

  1. Morning, Angela and Everyone –
    Outran was the toughest for me, even though we’ve seen a number of clue words with out, most recently outage. Despite Coarse being used recently, as you point out, it gave me some trouble, too. For the answer, I solved the words in reverse order, first coming up with Cash.
    Good catch recognizing Jeff.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. For some reason, I find Outran to be an odd-duck kind of a word…and IMO, with Coarse leading with Scare, it kind of stops you in your tracks. And you’re right on the MONEY pulling CASH out of the mix. That was the key. I’m glad you stuck with it, and I hope you’re enjoying your day! 💸🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🐖 Despite wishing he could DEFUSE the situation on his own, and not have to IMPOSE on the teachers while they were on HIATUS, he couldn’t help but notice that he OUTRAN the good FORAGE for the animals, and what was left was too COARSE for use…and since he was PRESSED FOR CASH, he needed their assistance…🐖

    💃🏻💲Her beauty was the kind that could IMPOSE on any man,
    With nothing COARSE about her she’d acquired many fans…
    The story told about how she helped FORAGE for some food,
    While on HIATUS last year only helped allure allude…
    She’d OUTRAN competition, any barb she could DEFUSE,
    She seemed the perfect woman, any man wished he could choose…
    But to have her walk besides him came a catch with all that flash…
    She’d never go for any guy the least bit PRESSED FOR CASH 💲💃🏻

  3. Hi all – HIATUS is one of my Hall of Shame words, so I recognized it. Saw the “OUT” after a minute to get OUTRAN (just like OUTAGE recently I think?) and got IMPOSE after putting the IM at the beginning. COARSE took me the longest. After last Sunday, I saw OSCAR first. Then thought RUNNING LOW for the answer, but then happened to see the correct one.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Your use of USURY made me laugh Angela, and is the “Very Interesting” a nod to Laugh-In’s Arte Johnson?

    “He was PRESSED FOR CASH, but nevertheless had to IMPOSE an immediate HIATUS on his plan to FORAGE for truffles when he was unable to DEFUSE the confrontation and barely OUTRAN the property owner’s COARSE language and huge shotgun.”

    • Good Morning, Steve. Tks..TBT? I laughed too…I felt like a million DOLLARS 😉when it hit me! Along the same line, I laughed at your sentence. Not the easiest words on the BILL, right?…And yes. 👏🏻👏🏻..Arte Johnson! Have a great day! 💸🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Good afternoon. Enjoyed today’s jumble. You had to think a little for a couple of words. The cartoon answer took a little time to get. I got the last two words then the left over letters gave me the first word. I wasn’t pressed for time today so I was able to put it aside and go back to it after a few phone calls. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Paul. Good Afternoon. I enjoyed it too…it’s a fun solution. Hope you’re having a great day. 💸🙋🏻‍♀️

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