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Good Morning, Everyone!             🚗 COUPE de GRA…NDPARENTS! 🚗

🎶 Baby you can DRIVE MY CAR...Yes I’m gonna be a star…Baby you can DRIVE MY CAR…And maybe I’LL LOVE YOU…Beep beep’m beep beep yeah…Beep beep’m beep beep yeah…🎶 “Drive My Car” – The Beatles 1965    https://tinyurl.com/hp725y2

🚗 The day comes when most people can’t do the little cars…
The bending and the crouching down…not kind to the lumbar…
With age may come some tightness, some body parts grown THICK,
And it becomes UNEASY to do somethings as quick.
Perhaps the end of TIPTOE, the day would come you knew,
When Grandkids would be ready to maybe you OUTDO
And if you were so lucky to hold on to some wheels,
That now have become classic…imagine how that feels?
So that’s why these two people have definitely scored a hit…
This Granddaughter got one great car and TOOK A SHINE TO IT! 🚗

With no new entries today, David’s STEERED clear of giving us any troublesome words, so except for a tic at TIPTOE, the other words came easily. With an appearance on September 22nd, UNEASY ranks as our most recent entry, on its third go around, and THICK comes in as our oldest having last been seen on November 29th,’17. TIPTOE STANDS TALL with its’ 7th appearance, and all four of our words are newly anagrammed. And now, it’s time to SHIFT GEARS and get to our cartoon…

Parked in the driveway of what appears to be an adult reTIREment community, with homes all bearing the same architecture, we see Grandparents smiling happily as they watch their Granddaughter SHINING the car they’ve just gifted her. Telling her how they hope she loves the car “as much as they did”, and admitting that “it needs a good “CLEANING“, and she answering that she does love it…this dialogue is practically SPELLING out our solution…Our girl..TOOK A SHINE TO IT! Good one, David! You OUTDO yourself each time!

Eye candy? The ground is shaded entirely in green, and even though we can see where the grass ends and the pavement begins, it all looks FLAT. If you BACK UP even further, across from the property there’s a Golf Course and a flag is shown standing. In between the identical houses in the background, 5 Palm Trees can be seen, and all of it is silhouetted in black. The bespectacled Grandfather is dressed in a gold polo shirt, with dark shorts, while his wife is shown wearing a purple top. The Granddaughter wears a powder blue sleeveless top with black shorts, and is barefoot. The hose is black, the bucket silver with soapy blue water within it and a puddle below it, and the shammy is beige, with graphics shown alluding to a SHINE being put on the car. And as excited as she looks, I doubt she’ll ever get EXHAUSTed keeping this car clean. And the SPORTS CAR is a bright red, with an antenna and windshield wipers displayed and SPORTing spoked wheels and immaculate white walls. And the object DRIVING it all home? The license plate, bearing the printed Jumble “J”. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and it’s been a bit of a GRIND, so I’m taking a BRAKE! 🚗🙋🏻


15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/02/2019

  1. Good morning. Agree with girl Friday that even though I was dancing around this word Tiptoe, it finally popped into view. As for the cartoon, it was a blind solve. A very clever one at that. Angela, nice job as always. Thank you. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Man Saturday! 😉 And I agree with you that today we’ve been given another PASS. Thanks for the Shout Out, and you’re very welcome, it’s always my pleasure. Hope you enjoyed the dance, Brooklyn! Be careful out there! ❄️❄️And have a great day! 🚗🙋🏻

  2. Good Morning, Chuck! I’m not that DRIVEN, but despite being TIREd, I got it into GEAR, and decided to PARKtake…So, here GOes…🚗🙋🏻

    ° With the ground covering being so THICK, she found it almost impossible to TIPTOE in her heels and became more UNEASY realizing that she’d never OUTDO the girls in sneakers…

    ° The night was raw, the sky so dark, and looking THICK with snow,
    He really dreaded leaving home, but duty made him go…
    He’d never OUTDO others, he’d TIPTOE through the ropes,
    A Watchman for the neighborhood…he felt just like a dope.
    Forever so UNEASY, he’d wish there some excuse…
    That would suffice to let him slide, without getting abuse…
    But here he was, out on the street, his teeth clenched in a grit,
    Flashlight in hand, he turned it on, and TOOK A SHINE TO IT

  3. All 4 anagrams were a snap for a Sat as was the final solution,surprisingly so.We finally got back on the road for a twin watch duty in Dixon,so the Ark Dem online version served me well.

    • Hi Prof. Good Morning. Yes, easy, breezy one today. Enjoy your family, and have a great day…🚗🙋🏻

  4. Good morning, Angela. Hope you take a shine to my little ditty. Through THICK and thin, he tried everything to OUTDO his athletic opponent- including an UNEASY TIPTOE walk on the high wire.

    • Good Morning, Chuck.Yes, I definitely do take a SHINE to it…👏🏻👏🏻 Very much so! (And now I can’t stop ..🎶Shine on Harvest Moon🎶 from playing in my head).,,THICK and thin? Kudos! How’d I allow that one to get past me? Great phrase…Great sentence! Hope you’re faring well with the snow…March certainly’s showing us who’s boss! Have a good one, Chuck! ❄️🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – All the words were easy today. I got the answer right away because it reminded me of a previous Jumble where a new girl got a job at the carwash, and her co-worker “Took a shine to her” (after I guessed “Took a swipe at her”).

    Not much else to add, so stay safe and have a great day.

    • Hey G, Good Morning. So funny you’re saying that, because I pulled it out this morning, from back in May 2017…(I wish I could post it)..but for me it wasn’t just the similariy in the puzzles’ answer, I could swear it’s the picture too. I could swear there was a puzzle with parents standing in the same positions, giving their daughter her first car, or telling her about safe driving or insurance or something along that line..Only after an hour and a half, I threw in the towel. Do you rememeber it? DRIVING me crazy! 😱 I had to shelve it because it was 2 AM and I was falling asleep, but I asked Lou to take a look when he gets a chance…Maybe someone out there might rememeber…🚗🙋🏻

      • Can’t say that I do remember anything specific. It certainly could have been done, and it could always be a Just Jumble.

        • Hmm. “JJ”, maybe. But I’m leaning a lot more towards the paper. Oh well…Maybe now that we SPOKE about it, it might ring a bell with one of our readers…🤔🙋🏻

  6. I just read something I’d never heard before about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb that didn’t concern the weather – that it could have been inspired by the fact that at this time of year, Leo the Lion is rising in the East at sunset while Aries the Ram is setting in the West. 🦁 🐐

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