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Good Morning, Everyone! 🥋JITSU YOU KNOW…THEY’RE NOT THE SAME 🥋

🎶 Here we go LOOP de LOOP…Here we go LOOP de li…Here we go LOOP de LOOP…On a Saturday night….🎶 Loop de Loop” – Johnny Thunder 1962

🥋This Judo move is HOTTER than any that they’ve seen,
No LEVITY is spoken here it’s not a PRANCE they mean…
An OUTLAW look upon her face as ONWARD she does press,
A brow in serious FURROW, she’d give it nothing less.
A new technique she’s pulled off, and they’re getting the full scoop,
And what we see…the end result?..He’s def THROWN FOR A LOOP…🥋

With just a tad shy of 50 past appearances, I’ve traced our words this morning as far back as September 2009, (FURROW), with OUTLAW coming in as our newest entry, having been seen just a few months ago in May. And it’s only the anagram TROHET that’s been in play before…both on 02/12/17, and 03/29/19. So with that being said, let’s flip over to our cartoon…

Attending a Judo class, today we find ourselves watching a young girl who’s just THROWN her male opponent FOR A LOOP. ** And between seeing him THROWN to the ground, with the LOOPing motion Jeff’s drawn, and our question telling us that she’s implementing a “new technique”…in addition to the two other Judoka on the sidelines discussing her prowess, (especially her center of gravity”, )…we’re being told that surprise** was definitely the element here. It’s a great pun, definitely kicking the double entendre up a notch…Well done, David…Another good one under your belt

Eye candy? All of our characters are wearing Judogi, the standard Judo uniform. Besides the four Judoka we see at front, another two men are shown at back, grasping one another’s arms, in what looks like the beginning of a throwing technique. Their faces intent as they lock eyes, both men have their tongues sticking out in concentration…And looking closely, we can see that it’s Jeff and David, as worthy opponents…Nice move, Jeff…I guess JUDOn’t know who you might meet in these places! So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with a little Martial Arts humor…A man saw a martial artist on the street, recognizing him from having seen him perform on TV. Impressed, he waved excitedly at him, calling him over. As they reached one another, the artist, looking confused said “I don’t believe we’ve met”…And the man answered, “No, we haven’t…but I recognize JUDO“…Ba-Boom…Drop the 🎤 mic! 🥋🙋🏻‍♀️







10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/03/2019

  1. I had to FLIP some thoughts aROUND for a while, and they did THROW me off a bit, but I was determined to BELT this out…Hoping Everyone is enjoying HOUR extra sleep! ⏰🙋🏻‍♀️

    💃🏻 THROWN FOR A LOOP when they dubbed her an OUTLAW because she chose to introduce the latest dances with a little HOTTER type of PRANCE, she forged ONWARD just the same, injecting a little LEVITY into the steps, and it was only the FURROW of her brow that gave away her nervousness…💃🏻

    🤾🏻‍♀️Wanting a place for kids to PRANCE, with LEVITY abound,
    He should have looked more closely at the rutted piece of ground…
    A FURROW deep but hidden below the blades of grass…
    Had caused some kids to trip as they went ONWARD all en masse.
    And looking like an OUTLAW now, he felt himself grow HOTTER,
    As criticism of his choice became the days main fodder…
    But never did he think he’d be so chastised by the group…
    And humiliation set in as he was THROWN FOR A LOOP…🤾🏻

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  3. Hi all – I had to pause at HOTTER and FURROW until I tried the double letter trick which solved them instantly. I was stumped by PRANCE – got the answer from the letter layout and backed into it when the letters NRP showed that the word must start with PR.

    You’d think we were starting Daylight Saving Time and everyone was an hour late, but maybe they’re all enjoying their extra hour of sleep! Don’t forget to test your smoke alarms if you’re so inclined.
    Great song, and thanks for all the Judo details Angela. I’ve had several friends who took classes in that, but I never did.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    “There was no time for LEVITY when the pursued OUTLAW made his trail even HOTTER by forcing his horse to PRANCE ONWARD through a FURROW-crossed field where both were THROWN FOR A LOOP.”
    Like this guy: https://tinyurl.com/GDFOTDEV

    • Hi Steve….Thanks for the Shout Out, and Kudos for your sentence 👏🏻👏🏻. And a great Sunday to you too! 😴🙋🏻

  4. I was stumped by ALL the words, but solved the answer by looking at the cartoon and seeing the half circle drawn over the throw. THROW, yeah….. that’s it! And a LOOP! Got it! Now to check the answer. Yea that’s right! Pitiful…huh? Have a great Sunday, a tasty Sabbath meal, and say one for me.

  5. Hi Everyone –
    I got the short words – a of course followed by for – and then tried to find a word with Th in it. That led me to thrown, with the letters for loop left. Not a bad Sunday. Thanks, Angela, for pointing out Jeff and David – so funny.

    • Hi Caroline…It is funny..especially the way they’re glaring at one another. But I had to go back in and do an edit a while ago, because I noticed that David has his tongue sticking out too. It made it all the more funny! Hoping you’re having a wonderful day, Caroline…🥋🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Good evening. I decided not to give up and that’s why I’m so late. I put it aside twice but kept coming back to it. The words weren’t that hard. From 1 to 6. They were solved in order of 5,6,4,1,2,3. The cartoon answer took me hours to get and finally I saw Thrown which gave me the others right away. Great job Angela,loved all your work. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Paul…I think I had an easy time of it because it’s a phrase we often use, so it came to me quickly. I do the answer first…But it’s good that you stuck with it…👏🏻👏🏻.And thanks for the Shout Out😘…But if I understand your system, (I did before, but now I’m not sure), you got Levity first? Kudos there, because it stumped people today….Hoping you have a good night, and stay warm…the freeze is on the way! 🥋🙋🏻‍♀️

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