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Good Morning, Everyone!           👥 HEADS UP! 👥

🎶 You go to my HEAD, with a smile that makes my temperature rise…Like a summer with a thousand Julys…You intoxicate my soul with your eyes…You go to my HEAD…🎶.”You Go To My Head” – Frank Sinatra 1947 

👥 A lot of people can’t FATHOM the thought of such a climb,
They’d OUTLAW it completely and not give it any mind..,
Quite SHAKEN by the height involved, a HUMBLE choice would be…
“I hate to be ABRUPT, but these here climbs are not for me.
DEFINE me as a coward, but I’d need vertigo pills…
If I were to attempt this, and look to HEAD FOR THE HILLS“👥

For the first Sunday of the month, we have no first-time words, and each of the six were last used between April and November of 2018. DEFINE, last seen on November 18th, comes in as our most recent, while SHAKEN was anagrammed exactly as it is today, way back on October 17th, 2014...And to be HONEST…none of our words today went over any of the Early Birds HEADS, so without any further hold UP…let’s get to our cartoon…

I was HIGHLY surprised to see another CLIMB-themed puzzle today, since we just SCALED one yesterday. And the phrase “The Agony of DE-FEET” is running through my mind, since ironically I’ve been hit with a bout of vertigo for the past few days that’s literally knocked me off my FEET….And the CLIMBate has a lot to do with it…But, I digress…Today, once again, we find ourselves at MOUNT RUSHMORE, in the Black HILLS of Keystone, South Dakota. Having been brought here three times last year, in February, March and July, and before that in May of 2017, today’s visit though takes a totally different slant. While the other four puzzles dealt with the building of the monument, today we’re reaching all new HEIGHTS, coming as tourists…We see a family of four, Mother, Father, son and a daughter…(who is the only character whose FACE is not visible, since her HEAD is turned). We overhear the son telling his parents that they’re “5700 feet above sea level“…5725 to be exact, but what’s a few FEET between HEADS? Going for the solve, I was ABE..L to see HEAD right away, and I knew it had to be our four letter word…and after eliminating THE… HILLS loomed LARGE and our answer fell into place. HEAD FOR THE HILLS...Good one, David…As I said yesterday…another VERTI-GO getter...

Eye candy? The mountain is totally shaded in gray, with five trees showing, drawn in black…We see Roosevelt and Lincoln’s HEADS, and why Abe’s was singled out in the question, IDK..That one’s over my HEAD, and if anyone knows the answer, please speak UP. Our family is dressed in different colored T-Shirts: Teal, Rose, White and Purple, left to right, and there’s no other color in the panel. But the eye catcher? Looking closely, you can see what the son is reading from. A SMART PHONE. And he’s getting his information about the Monument right then and there at his fingertips. So convenient…And I can’t help but think…We’ve come a LONG WAY, Baby…So, There you have it Folks, Done…Have a great day, Everyone…Take nothing for GRANITE…and ROCK ON! 👥 🙋🏻

And HAPPY CINCO de MAYO to all our readers who’ll be celebrating.
!Canta! 🎶 Baila! 💃🏻Celebra! 🍷








14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/05/2019

  1. HEADS UP! …Good Morning, Chuck B…We haven’t seen you in a few days…Hope all is well 🙋🏻

    He was slightly SHAKEN, and couldn’t FATHOM why she was suddenly so ABRUPT in pressuring him to DEFINE their relationship, and not looking to be the OUTLAW, he tried his best to be HUMBLE about it…but in the end, as she suspected, he did HEAD FOR THE HILLS…

    • Good morning, Angela. I am fine. I need a little break every now and then, as I guess we all do. When the OUTLAW tried to DEFINE his ABRUPT change to HUMBLE citizen, most of the general public still couldn’t FATHOM the reasoning, but some were visibly SHAKEN by his explanation.

      • Hi Chuck…I’m glad all is well. Great take on OUTLAW, 👏🏻👏🏻…Well done. The Western angle went right OVER my HEAD…I thought this was a real odd mix of words. Here’s to a good one…🍷🙋🏻

  2. Morning Everyone,
    Sorry, Angela, that you aren’t feeling your best, but you still nailed your commentary and sentence.
    I was hung up for a while thinking that all was in the answer. Once I thought of Head For, the rest came easily.
    As for Lincoln, I think he is the favorite of many in this country, including probably the African American family that is featured.

    • Hi Caroline…Good Afternoon,,,Thank you very much, you’re too sweet. I like your take on Lincoln, and you make a very insightful point. I spent way too much time searching the cartoon and googling articles thinking I was missing something related to him, but I finally just threw in the towel. My head couldn’t deal with it anymore…I’m glad you stuck it out for the solve…Hope you’re enjoying the day, and Thanks again.🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – Saw all the words today for some reason. Wasn’t sure I’d get the answer. I first guessed “Look for the”, “FACE the left”, and SEE LEVEL (which was already in the dialog and would have required quotes). Finally saw HILLS, which gave it away.

    Have a great day everyone. Hope you feel better, Angela.

    “He couldn’t DEFINE or FATHOM the cause, but was SHAKEN by the ABRUPT change when his best friend transformed from HUMBLE accountant to biker OUTLAW, embezzeled $40,000, and decided to HEAD FOR THE HILLS”.

    • Hey, G..Your sentence made me LOL! Kudos on your take! 👏🏻👏🏻 You done good! And I find it funny that both you and Chuck went for a “transformation”, while my guy stayed somewhat true to form.😂 .LOL!! Hope you’re having a great day..,🙋🏻

    • PS…SORRY,G. I meant to thank you for your wishes…I’m hoping so too…Thanks, Bud! 👍🏻🙋🏻

      • Good luck and get well. By the way, the $40,000 was a movie reference. 😉🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Thanks…I’m trying. 40 G’s? Biker movie?…I’m drawing a blank…Wait..Psycho?..My head hurts..I need another hint! 🤔🙋🏻

          • Excellent!! 👏👏 The audience thinks the whole movie is going to be about the $40,000 dollars stolen, and it suddenly becomes completely irrelevant after one night at The Bates Motel.
            I’m due for a nap also, later. 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Yea, That was the least of the “crimes,”, right? 🔪🔪🙋🏻

  4. Good afternoon. Pressed for time so I’ll just say I looked up Abrupt but stuck it out and was able to solve the cartoon. Scrolling back up I caught Angela’s song choice which couldn’t have been better. Will view everything later. Later gator. Geez,hanging out with the young folks has given me a whole new jargon.

    • Hey Brooklyn…You can always make me laugh! I guess we’re never too old to “get with it”, huh? 😂 I know you like an early puzzle, especially on Sunday’s with Mass and all, but I just couldn’t get it going this morning, It’s not really “going” now either..but I’ll give it a shot. 😉 Thanks for the Shout Out, and I’m glad you hung in there to get the solve…So, those Mets, huh?…After that forced “Double Header” last night, I feel for them taking the field again so soon this afternoon…and it was a tough loss besides…I hope their HEADS are into it…Enjoy whatever you’re HEADed for…Catch you later…Gator! 🐊🙋🏻

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