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Good Morning, Everyone!

🎶 SUMMER me, WINTER me…And with your kisses morning me, evening me…And as the world slips far away, star away…Forever me with love…I’ll WRAP you up and ribbon you, rainbow you…And shower you with shine! Suddenly, magically…Happy me…SUMMER me, WINTER me, always be mine…🎶 ”Summer Me, Winter Me” – Frank Sinatra 1980

🇨🇱 Vacationing in Chile, one must indulge in wine,
From FRUIT that grows so succulently upon its healthy vines…
Varieties exported, ELEVEN kinds and more,
Chilean fruit I often see when I go to the store.
Chile is known for sweaters, alpaca wool so fine,
And our two girls have come across a virtual gold mine.
The cost so small they have no need to HECKLE with a vendor,
Or is the right word Haggle…for a better price to render?
Since winter time in Chile is the opposite of here,
I think it wise they stock up not just to stay warm while there…
I’d bring them home and WATCH the smiles as my friends got together,
And I gave them all sweaters to ward off the CHILE” WEATHER 🇨🇱

“Buenos Dias, Muchachas and Muchachos! “CHILEWEATHER indeed! Here in NY, I’m waking up to 38°, while the Midwest has already seen snow…those pumpkins we just carved? Well as the saying goes…”The frost is on them”! …And I guess we should be used to it, but it’s always a bit of a shock no matter how many times we’ve dealt with it…Like today’s words, we’ve dealt with them all many times before, and none of them left me in the cold, but two of the Early Birds did blink at ELEVEN…(which I find ironic, since we Early Birds number 11…but who’s counting)..,Anyway, let’s wrap this up, and get on to our cartoon…

My first thought after guessing today’s solution was that this may not come that easily, if one doesn’t remember that SANTIAGO is the capital of CHILE. But, if you write your letters down, and study the cartoon, your best bet’s going to be gleaning out the obvious WEATHER…leaving you with IHCLE…and with the quotation marks as a hint…voila! “CHILE”. But whatever ways and means you utilize to get it solved, we have to admit, it’s a keeper…

Today I’m pretty sure we’re finding ourselves at the Santa Lucia Arts and Crafts Market, located in downtown SANTIAGO. We see two women shopping at a stall of woolen goods. Since June, July, and August are winter months in Chile, and with the beautifully crafted Alpaca Sweaters that they offer, one would be wise to wrap up a sale, for dos reasons. Uno, they’ll stay warm while they’re there, and dos, at 15,000 pesos each, roughly the equivalent of $20-21 American dollars,…what a steal! I’d PACA bunch up myself! So, in answer to our question…June, July August can include…”CHILEWEATHER! Good one, David! You’re ever so COOL!

Ok, eye candy…Jeff’s included a lot of little details today. The background shows a ramped highway, with what looks like a tractor trailer followed by a car coming off the exit. Mountains are visible beyond it. Two other stalls are shown in the distance, one with what appears to be ollas, large ceramic jars used for cooking stews and soups, or perhaps they’re baskets of Chile’s fabulous fruits. The one farthest right, with a vendor present, is selling flowers…and a woman can be seen shopping at each one. Two men and another woman are shown to the left of the panel, milling about. The flag of Chile is displayed beside the sweater stall at front, which is under a black canopy. The sweaters are in beautiful shades of teal, orange, purple and burgundy. Four knitted hats are also shown, two standard pull-ons, in lilac and rust, and two stocking-cap types with pompoms, in blue and brown. The yellow sign showing the price of 15,000 pesos is off to the side of the table…And our girls are seen singing the praises of their find. The eye candy though?…I think I’ll go with the sign. I just love a good bargain! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Adios, and have a great day, Everyone…And with it being so “CHILE” this morning, I hope it’s HOT TAMALE!🇨🇱🙋🏻‍♀️…Ok, cue the traveling music...”Wooly Bully” – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs 1965 







25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/02/2019

  1. An odd group of words to try to KNIT into a cohesive sentence and rhyme, but I gave it my best shot…🤷🏻‍♀️

    🍇With only ELEVEN dollars to spend, he knew he’d have to closely WATCH the prices at the FRUIT market, since he’d hate to have the guys HECKLE him if he returned with only soup to ward off the “CHILE” WEATHER…🍇

    🗒 So proud of his accomplishment, he hoped that they would WATCH,
    The FRUITs of all his labor, the job he didn’t botch…
    ELEVEN days he worked so hard, despite the jeers and HECKLE,
    But he stood strong and found a way to produce a fine deckle…
    And now the only thing that’s left to ward off all their blether,
    Is to find out if it’ll work in warm and “CHILE” WEATHER…🗒

  2. Morning, Angela and everyone –
    This was an easy one for me after yesterday’s, which I gave up on. I lost power all day and didn’t get a chance to post. David couldn’t have known that Chile would be much in the news these days.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. So sorry you lost power. I hope all is back to normal. It seemed to be happening all around me Thursday night and y’day, but thankfully I was spared. I live in fear of these majestically beautiful, but old trees…But I wish I could send some of our rain on to Betty. No, David could hardly…he’d need to be a psychic…especially since the puzzles are submitted about 6 weeks prior to them being published. The NY Times had a story y’day about how Chile’s in danger of repeating its’ past…and the word dictatorship was mentioned…It’s a vile word…Anyway, the “chill” is definitely on for NY…both up by you and downstate here by me…Seems wayyyy too soon though, no? I hope it won’t be too cold and windy for the runners tomorrow. Has to be brutal doing that 26 plus with the wind beating against you…And yes, I thought it was an easy, breezy one too, and as always, so clever of David. I enjoyed it, and I’m glad you did also. Hoping you have a much quieter and restful day today, Caroline. Be well. 💨🙋🏻‍♀️

      • All is good now, thanks Angela. I’m with you about the trees. Just this year a branch of a tall maple (can’t recall what kind) snapped off and blocked our street for a while. The homeowner took down the tree, which was diseased. As for Chile, I hope the people fare better this time.

        • Hi Caroline. Yes, it’s always a problem when we get a storm…I was just hearing on the news that there’s still thousands without power. I’m glad all is well by you…Funny what we take for granted, right? As for Chile? We can only hope…Have a great night, Caroline. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. But why would anyone want to leave the warmth of a northern summer to go to Chile? Maybe because they want to help a heretical organization such as Greenpeace save the whales, some of which may be nearing extinction. So they are going to Chile to help Greenpeace, which is a WHALE HERETIC.

    • Good Morning, Jim. Needless to say, you never fail to have me shaking my head! And that’s about all I’m going to say….except to wish you a great day! Enjoy! 💨🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Angela:
    Last year during his first performance at the Austin City Limits festival, Paul McCartney was waving what he thought was the Texas flag, but was actually a Chilean flag. (They’re very similar.) There’s an article here. https://tinyurl.com/y3ygswv6 The following week, his second show had an actual Texas flag.

    • Hi Mike. How’ve you been? I hope you’re doing better with the loss of your dog😥. You know I saw that mentioned this morning somewhere while I was doing some research, but I didn’t have the time to stop and persue it. So thanks for this…Poor Paul though, huh? That had to be embarrassing! Hope you’re doing well, Mike. Good to see you here…🙋🏻

      • Angela:
        I’m slowly getting over the loss of my dog. I’ve done some research online for dogs of the same breed available for adoption, but so far, I haven’t seen much. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

        • YVW, Mike. And how cool is it that you’ve begun “looking”…I know I don’t need to tell you what a positive step that is…And sooner or later, you know too that if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. Be well, Mike, and keep in touch. 😘🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Angela….I’m with you on Jim B. Chile’s in the 80°s. (Equator?) Me thinks sardonicism. No matter – have a great day all! Almost forgot….HECKLE was my slow word and the solve was a given.

  6. Good morning. Another feather in my cap. If I keep this up I might make chief. The cartoon answer took a little longer to get than the words but it finally sunk in. Angela,never heard that song by the chairman of the board. I didn’t miss anything. It’s to slow for me. Now the second one was a hit that I enjoyed. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. You have me smiling…Swing and a miss, huh? Well, TBT? It’s not up there on my play list either. I never cared for the song….but you know me, I go with the flow…it just seemed to fit. And as for 🎶Wooly Bully🎶? It still tickles me after all these years too. And I’m glad you’re amassing those feathers..with quotation marks to boot!…But even if you weren’t, you’re still Chief material to me…😉 Have a great day, Brooklyn! Stay warm…💨🙋🏻

  7. On his daily WATCH, patrolling around Buckingham Palace til ELEVEN, people often HECKLE him and even toss FRUIT debris in his general direction.

    • Hey Chuck, Good Morning! Way to go! Nicely done! 👏🏻👏🏻I especially like your use of WATCH as a noun, where I went with a verb…All 3 times! You schooled me! 👍🏻 Here’s to a great day, Chuck! Enjoy! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Like Paul, the cartoon answer took a while to come together, but finally came to me. Good Jumble.

    • Good Morning, Bob. Yes, it is a very good Jumble. As clever as it is easy….And I’m all for the quotation marks! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and please do so again. Have a great day, Bob! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Hi all – HECKLE brought up my usual blind spot of having to guess between EL or LE at the end, but the answer letters showed it. I guessed CHILE CLOTHES, but the letters showed WEATHER.

    I’m always amused by how hard the simple number words like ELEVEN or NINETY can be sometimes.
    Thanks for all the great details and info about Chile, Angela! I’m all set now if that’s ever the subject of an Asimov quiz.

    Have a great day and weekend everyone!

    🎵”The drone of flying engines
    Is a song so wild and blue
    It scrambles time and seasons if it gets through to you”🎵
    (Joni Mitchell’s “Amelia”)

    “The crows needed to fatten up before the CHILE WEATHER arrived, so the farmer had to stand WATCH to prevent HECKLE and Jeckle from stripping all ELEVEN acres of his FRUIT trees”.

    I guess I should include this for Angela and Caroline:
    🎵”I woke up today and found frost perched on the town
    It hovered in a frozen sky, and gobbled Summer down.”🎵 (“Urge for Going”)

    • HECKLE and Jeckle? LOL! 👏🏻👏🏻 They popped into my head this morning too😉 Nice!…But as for Chile? YW…Only…God no to the Quiz….(Geography!!!!)😉….and it’s definitely too early to get out the “entire” winter playlist. I’m sooooo not ready! Have a good one, Steve! WE’Ll talk later!😉🙋🏻‍♀️

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