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Good Morning, Everyone! 👚THE CYCLE OF LIFE 👚


🎶 You got me going in CIRCLES (oh ROUND and ROUND I go)…You got me going in CIRCLES…(Oh ROUND and ROUND I go, I’m SPUN out over you)…🎶 “You Got Me Going In Circles” – The Friends of Distinction” 1969

👚 While years ago a washer could last for many years,
Today the life span’s not the same…no matter wear and tear…
And since of course they’re VITAL, we’re at the mercy of,
Appliances we’re forced to SWITCH, no matter push or shove…
I try to treat mine gingerly, so that I don’t INPAIR,
The mechanism any way, I give it lots of care…
I don’t have really dirty clothes, my lifestyle never made,
The kind of grime that one might have if trudging through a GLADE
So whatever is the story of our couple here unfurled…
I wish them loads and loads of luck while they GIVE IT A WHIRL! 👚

Ending our week with four old favorites, ALL of our words today have been in play loads of times over the years. I have to come clean though, I only DASHed back to 2011, where IMPAIR appeared on June 25th, and it would have been our newest entry also, (03/08/19), if VITAL didn’t GAIN on it by 5 days. Almost a wash…We’ve last seen SWITCH in 2017, and GLADE is our only word whose anagram has been through the wringer…twice. It’s appeared on August 16th, 2013, and August 9th, 2014 exactly as it does today. So I guess that makes it a re-CYCLEd favorite, doesn’t it? And except for the slightest bit of a twist and turn with Vital, ALL of the Early Birds agreed that today’s words were easy, BREEZEy! Ok, with that all wrinkled out, let’s turn the TIDE and press on to todays’ cartoon…

So…The scene of the grime – The Laundry Room. We see our couple, excited over their new washer. Anticipating loads of fun, our woman has her finger poised at the ready to start that initial run. Their little girl, peering in at her stuffed bunny…not so excited. Worried that her stuffed bunny may get dizzy, WHIRLing around in the machine, the poor kid looks about to fold…she’s definitely not as happy as they are to be hare…But with our guy saying that he needs a clean shirt, it’s obvious they’re pressed for time, and Mom can’t wait to GIVE IT A WHIRL! Good one, David! You never hang us out to dry!

Ok, eye candy…This isn’t my first DREFT. I was having a little trouble getting started with the eye candy, so I threw in the towel earlier, but I’ve BOUNCEd back, and I’m ready to give it another whirl…Ok, let’s get down to the nitty-GRITty…I don’t know, a family of three, and all we’re seeing is a load ready to go, and a small basket lying atop the machine? I thought for sure there’d be a lot more…but maybe I’m just being clothes-minded. They’re ALL barefoot, but I don’t know how to SPIN that. Our little girl, looking in on her bunny, has a picture of another bunny on her T-shirt. I guess she’s a rabid fan…And there’s a name on the washing machine, but even though I’m enlarging it, it still looks a little smeared. It might say Jumble, since the first letter looks like Jeff’s signature looped-capital J, but I can’t be sure…Maybe he’ll come clean and let us know. Ah, I’ve SPOTted it…Inside the machine, if you look real closely? There’s a green T-shirt that reads “Poi“. Now that I see clearly! So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And I’ll leave you with some old laundry humor…Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could throw ourselves in the dryer for 5-10 minutes and come out wrinkle free and two sizes smaller? Ah, 🎶Live and LET DRY🎶…And with that, I’m taking a powder…👚🙋🏻







10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/18/2019

  1. I took two totally different SPINS here…🙋🏻

    🌖 Deciding to GIVE IT A WHIRL and walk through the GLADE, they realized that it was VITAL they stay close together, since the SWITCH from daylight to dusk would IMPAIR their vision…🌖

    ⚾️They traded for the SWITCH hitter, they figured he’d fit in,
    They’d put him in the three spot, next week he would begin…
    As long as he stayed healthy, then nothing could IMPAIR,
    What they expected of him…the ball he’d truly tear.
    They practiced outside in a GLADE, surroundings were quite VITAL,
    And he did well just as they hoped…so now on to the title…
    They hinged their hopes upon this guy…they made him the teams’ pearl…
    Spring trainings done…the time has come to just GIVE IT A WHIRL ⚾️

  2. Good morning. Enjoyed both posts Angela. I think the Yankees could have used your guy last night. They have been terrible these last two games. The cartoon answer was easy as you say but I had a devil of a time with the five letter words. Can’t explain why they took so long to get. Just a brain freeze. I had something I hadn’t had since I was a kid. All those commercials lately with Spam perked my interest so I bought one. I fried up three slices and had them with scrambled eggs,soft large curds. Now I know why I haven’t had Spam since I was a kid. It really is terrible but I still have a half a can to go. Ill finish it. It will be a good reminder to leave somethings buried in the past. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • ROTFL! Good Morning, Brooklyn! You kill me! I can’t weigh in on it though, because I’ve never tried Spam. And trust me, I’ll pass…The 5 letter words…As I mentioned in my post, a few of my friends went back and forth with Vital this morning, and I see it has a few votes in the poll. Personally, I’ve always considered the 5 letter words to be harder than the 6…but I’d be hard PRESSED to tell you why…just the way the minds’ eye looks at it I guess..As for the Yankees. Being a Mets fan like you, I’m not out on the ledge, but as a NY’er? It’s an embarrassment…Stranding ALL those men on base? WT?…And there’s never been any love lost between me and Houston. So, IDK…it was just hard to watch. But the CC thing? Now that made me cry…I love CC….Anyway….Thanks for the SHOUT Out, Brooklyn, and I hope you have a great day…See ya on deck..🙋🏻

  3. Being a long time Cleveland Indians fan,seeing the demise of the hated Yankees is a sight to behold.I couldn’t believe Tores,who had been hitting,striking out with the bases loaded ,no less,and the team making 4 errors,ouch!As far as the anagrams and puzzle,an easy,peasy,solution,especially for a Friday.Off again to Washington,Il,Utica,Dixon,and Bloomington,Il,so not sure if I can get around to the weekend Jumbles.

    • Good Morning, Professor. I agree, an easy, breezy one today. Enjoy your time with the kids! 🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – Second day in a row, a rare instant solve on everything, although I did check the spelling of IMPAIR to be sure it was right.

    Angela, I think we covered most of the laundry detergents last time, so I’ll just repeat my SHOUT-out for an excellent writeup today.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The zoning SWITCH for the GLADE was defeated, since it would IMPAIR its VITAL function of providing habitat for the deer and wildfowl.”

    David Bowie – 🎵”Got your mother in a WHIRL…🎵

    • Hey Steve…Thanks…and nice job on your end too. 👏🏻👏🏻 Have a good one! 🙋🏻

  5. Super easy week so far but then again that statement is subject to change without notice. Just about the time I get complacent with the solutions, we get a real stumper. But it’s been a fun week so far. Keep warm all you mid western and east coaster folks. Happy Friday.

    • Ah, Ye of little faith! It’ll be fine! 😉 And yes, it has been an easy fun week. Thanks for the “warm” sentiment…it just seems a little too early to be fighting these winds! Have a great day, Betty! 🙋🏻

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