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Good Morning, Everyone!          💉PATIENTS…IS A VIRTUE 💉

🎶 It’s not just sentimental no, no, no…She has her grief and CARE, yeah, yeah, yeah…But the soft words they are spoke so GENTLE…yeah, It makes it easier, easier to bear, yeah…You won’t regret it no, no…Young girls they don’t forget it…Love is their whole happiness, yeah, yeah, yeah… 🎶 “Try a Little Tenderness” – Otis Redding 1966  https://tinyurl.com/y2y5hf9w

💉As many of us know for sure, a nurse’s life is rough,
The stress dealing with sickness, the hours that are tough…
Attention paid to detail, no room allows IMPAIR
And oftentimes you’ll see them cover here and there and there.
Foregoing LUNCH too often, trying to keep up pace,
Dependable…above, beyond… the good name not DEFACE.
So this guy being surly, as a patient NEWLY there,
Is something that our Nurse don’t need, he’s trying hard to care…
They need more recognition, with the many lives that mattered
No nurse deserves the disrespect from anyone ILL-MANNERED 💉

With no new words to wrap up our work week, we find LUNCH to be our oldest by a long SHOT, not having being seen since May, 2014. DEFACE, seen by 5 of the Early Birds as Facade, caused a blink, while IMPAIR, our most recent entry, last appeared a little over a year ago, on February 4th, 2018, and was the hardest of the group to decipher. NEWLY, the most oft-repeated word, makes its 5th appearance, last seen in 2017, and all of our anagrams are NEWLY given to us by David…

By the inscription on our Nurses ID tag, today we find ourselves in a “JumbleHospital room, where we see our two characters, a male NURSE, named Chris Hunt, according to the photo ID, and a patient…who’s definitely not living up to the name. SOREly lacking not only patience, but manners and respect as well, we overhear our Nurse being spoken to quite rudely. And what a sad commentary on life…Nursing, one of the most noblest of professions, is no easy task. The dedication, sacrifice, and kindness that comes with the job so often goes unappreciated, and our scene today is a classic example. The patient, being an older man, is heard telling the nurse that he doesn’t want his blood pressure taken by “a guy”, and for Chris to go get him a “girl nurse”. Chris, obviously tired and overworked, takes umbrage, understandably so, and offers to get him a time machine instead, since his ideas are stuck in a 50-year old time warp. I guess he’s not having the best day, and just can’t help NEEDLING this guy. Granted, most people tend to be a little cranky when they’re ILL, but it’s still no excuse for such poor MANNERS. And these guys definitely have some bad blood between them! But how unfortunate that the conversation is taking place now, since if there’s one thing that’ll raise your blood pressure, it’s stress…So, with our question asking what the patient was being? ILL-MANNERED. Good one, David…Just what the Doctor ordered…

As for our eye candy today…The panel is colored in shades of blue and green. Jeff’s nurse looks oddly familiar, and not like one of his usual generic Jumble characters. He’s named him Chris Hunt, who just happens to be a cartoonist living in NY, and whom I’m sure is a friend of Jeff’s. But he doesn’t look like our nurse does. The real Chris Hunt is bearded and mustachioed, and has longer hair. So I guess it’s just a bit of Jeff’s bedside humor. The patient is seen holding the Nurse Call Button in his right hand, and the bag of blood on the IV pole near his bed shows the needle going into his arm, covered by a tiny piece of tape. Nice detail, Jeff. The blood pressure cuff is on his left arm, while Chris is seen pumping the Insufflation Bulb with his right hand, while holding the Diaphragm (chest piece) part of the Stethoscope in his left. Nice details, all. But I’m going to go with the patients’ Hospital Gown. Looking closely, you can actually see the tie behind his neck, and it’s adorned with little stars….Ok then, It’s a WRAP…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone...And I have a really good joke about HIPAA…but I can’t tell you...💉🙋🏻


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/08/2019

  1. Good morning. If I had to choose a hardest word it would be DEFACE which only took seconds more to get than the rest. The cartoon answer had me going for awhile but then I noticed the hint given by the rude patient saying he wanted a girl nurse. Another cleaver finish by the boys. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. Good morning again. The NEWLY renovated restaurant with its walls featuring graffiti artists did not DEFACE the place or IMPAIR their fine cuisine for the LUNCH crowd. Angela,I missed you when texting the first time. You hit the grand slam with your choice for the song. No one does it better than him. Enjoyed your entire post. As always, until tomorrow take care.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Yea, I screwed up on the email this morning…and added my write up later…I’m laughing at your sentence! Great imagination! You’re getting soooo good at this. And you swore you could never swing it…Bravo! Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 And I rememeberd how much you liked Otis..I thought of you when I chose it this morning. Thanks for the Shout Out…you’re Aces in my book…Have a good one, Brooklyn! 💉💊🙋🏻

  3. As if to IMPAIR our decision about obtaining a pet, right after LUNCH our NEWLY acquired canine tried to DEFACE the china closet door. Good morning, Angela. Hope your day is advancing nicely..

    • LOL! Good Morning, Chuck! Paul with the graffiti artists, you with the untrained pup! Now here’s evidence of diversity! No redundancy today, that’s for sure! .😉 ..The puppy and the china closet…I’ve seen that happen! 😂 Great imagery, Chuck. Very well done! I haven’t attempted anything, since I fell asleep after posting..and I’m still getting my sea legs. And I had a thought a few hours ago too…but it’s gone now! 😂 But the day’s ok so far, thank you. …Ok..Let me think…🤔🙋🏻

  4. I think ILL-INFORMED would have fit the cartoon and conversation better, IMHO!

    • Good Morning, Clay. The lack of awareness concernig male nurses being the prompt? You raise a valid point. But my mind went to “bedside manner” as soon as I saw it, so IDK, you can’t go by me. And I think the patient’s being so abrupt and rude was key also. Well, as I’ve said before, it’s out there now…so it’s open for discussion…Lets see if anyone hitches their wagon on to yours…💊🙋🏻

    • Very interesting. And I’ve never seen Walt Whitman looking so unlike a grizzly bear! 😉🙋🏻

  5. Is the joke…What do you call a provider if he/she is found to have violated patient confidentiality?


    • ROTFL! 😂😂 I don’t know..I’m just hearing it for the first time! Good one! And I’m very taken with your use of he/she describing the provider…After you just sent that article on gender issues! 😉 Good follow through! The article is very interesting. I was totally unaware…Notice we’re saying “male” nurse, not just “nurse”? (Well, I did anyway. David didn’t). .”He that is without sin among you, let hm first cast a stone at her…” I’m guilty! And the pronouns are running amok! 😉🙋🏻

      • I just copied and pasted the joke, so he/she was already there. Didn’t realize it till you pointed it out. lol

        • Ah, see that…And here I thought you were just 💉 NEEDLING me! And I’m trying so hard not to uspset the Medicine Cart…I mean the Apple Cart! 😂🙋🏻

  6. Chuck…I gave it my best SHOT. 💉💉🙋🏻

    ° The ILL-MANNERED group of NEWLY inducted Cub Scouts, were chastised for, 1-The flag they helped DEFACE, 2-their tardiness at LUNCH, and 3-their overall judgement.. which prompted the word IMPAIR to be bandied about…

    ° The young boys’ face all NEWLY scrubbed, he went to take his place…
    His Mother having warned him…”Don’t you dare our name DEFACE”..
    Wishing the ceremony over, he longed to go to LUNCH…
    But he stayed still to not IMPAIR the actions of the bunch.
    And wouldn’t you just know it, he slipped and glasses shattered,
    And sure enough reports went home that he was so ILL-MANNERED!

    • Good Morning, Professor! You’re so not alone on the DEFACE! Even after I had the puzzle completely solved, and went to do the research on the longevity of the words, I was looking for Facade! And I’m saying the word in my head…and I’m like…huh? I don’t know if it was the power of suggestion, with the guys saying the word, or I glanced at the list and just got side-tracked, but I had to give myself the mental head-slap, and sit NURSING my wounds for a moment…And as for IMPAIR, the anagram’s an excellent one. Smooth OPERATOR that David! Have a great day, Prof! 💊🙋🏻

  7. I got hung up thinking the first word was man, but my husband thought of ILL and it was easy from there. Loved the HIPAA joke.

    • Hi Caroline. Nice to see you. Yes, you’d have been hard PRESSured sticking with man..And yes, there are some HUMERUS HIPAA Jokes…Just a HIPAA-go-lucky subject! I’m hoping Betty checks in. I wanted to dedicate my post to her, she being our NURSE in residence, but I wasn’t sure of the “room TEMPERATURE”, and I didn’t want to seem TACHY! Hope you’re having a great day, Caroline. Be WELL! 💊🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – This nurse needs to slip some DEE-CAF in the guy’s IV line to chill him out. Speaking of which, I also saw FACADE until I rechecked and got DEFACE. IMPAIR took a couple of tries until I put the IM at the beginning. The answer stumped me for awhile. Since the patient’s sitting up, I saw that DIS-INCLINED fit the circles, but there was no ‘C’. Finally saw ILL and got it.

    I think the Chronicle colorist got it right (probably by accident) and colored the bag light grey as a saline solution rather than red for blood which probably wouldn’t be done so casually.

    Angela, the only joke I can come up with is – When the doctor realized he had mistakenly exposed his patients’ data online, he uttered a HIPPA-critic oath.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    • A few different ALTERNATIVE Medicine answers today, huh? Good Morning, G. You have a point with the bag…I don’t know what the SOLUTION is though…I have seen many a person getting blood while just HANGING out, awake and interacting. RED about it too…So I’m not sure. I guess it’s all in the same VEIN, though, right! Nice joke…👏🏻 How about…What’s a person who complains too much about HIPAA? A HIPAAchondriac. And then there’s the exact opposite…who finds HIPAA to be a sweet thing..The HIPAAglycemic…Ah, it was worth a SHOT! Have a good one, Steve! 💉💊🙋🏻

  9. Hi Jumble! I receive the Jumble answers but could NOT find the answer to the cartoon on Feb. 28. It went from Feb. 27 immediately into March. What’s up? Could you tell me the answers for “Between the Baltic and the Mediterranean, they visited sites… ____ “___” __ “___” ? It’s driving me nuts! Thanks! Kathy

    • Hi Kathy..Every so often, for reasons we don’t completely understand either, the emails don’t get through to everyone. It’s happened to a few of us. Just to be sure though, always check your Spam/Junk folder ..But I did check back to that date, and the puzzle’s intact here on our blog…The answer that day was FROM “SEE” to “SEE” . Hope you’re having a great day, Kathy. Take care! 🙋🏻

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