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Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! It was another routine solve this morning. All of the anagrams were brand new, but none of them ruffled my feathers. I did take a second gander at HERMIT before it finally came to me. It looked awfully familiar and that’s because we saw it exactly one month ago today as THEMIR. The other three clue words were old friends from 2018. GAUZE showed up in August, IGUANA in October, and PRONE in November.

Today’s cartoon was cut and dry. No frills, no fuss. I couldn’t quite make out if the panel showed the geese flying at dusk or dawn. If you think about it, they could be leaving early in the morning and are unsure how long the journey South will be or they’re almost there and hope to make it before sundown. It would have been fun to see a landmark so we could gauge their whereabouts though.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. David offered up a bit of misdirection by constructing his layout to spell words such as IN and HIT. IN seemed like a great place to start, but I passed over it and found UP instead. The rest of the answer flowed organically into place leaving us with a familiar idiom that has been used numerous times in the past. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone…The words were easy, BREEZY…I had them as soon as I took that first GANDER..The rhyming though?… A little FOR THE BIRDS! But, I was still GAME..So I HONKered DOWN and gave it a shot,…Only just as anyone who’s gone out to buy GOOSE feather pillows, and found that you couldn’t even afford the DOWN payment…I got a little FLYstrated, and felt as if I were on a wild GOOSE chase…And even though I know I can’t say…”MI, GRATE job”…At least it’s an honest, STRAIGHT FORWARD effort, and not some propaGANDER. No harm…no, FOWL. Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s a little traveling music… https://tinyurl.com/yxg3vorc. 🦆🙋🏻

    📒With the Professor’s last-minute assignment, a paper on whether or not an IGUANA was PRONE to live as a HERMIT, she felt a GUAZE-like veil come over her eyes as she realized her plans for tonight were now UP IN THE AIR…📒

    👗The dress with the IGUANA print had definitely caught her eye,
    The material was GUAZE though, which she wasn’t PRONE to buy…
    And she wondered if it worth the price, would she end up wearing it?
    Or second-guess it too bold…making it closet’s HERMIT?
    So she took it in the dressing room…not sure she really cared…
    Until she saw the way it fit…it was all UP IN THE AIR…👗

  2. Good morning. Thanks guys for such a great jumble today. I had no blueberries with my cereal so maybe that’s why my brain was a little slow today. Only one word was an instant read. I was stuck on PRONE so I went to the cartoon and seeing the answer right away I knew I needed a P and R. I actually laughed out loud when I finally got the word. You actually shake your head at why such an easy word took so long to get. I really enjoyed it today. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. Hi Everyone –
    I had mirthe (mirth) instead of hermit, but because the answer was so easy, I was able to find my mistake. Very cute idea of geese conversing on their way south. Cute sentences today, too, Mike M. and Angela.

    • Do you know why one side of the V formation is longer when geese fly South?
      Because there are more birds on that side!!!

      I apologize for the dad joke, Caroline, but I couldn’t resist!

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Thanks for the Shout Out…As for those talking geese?…I guess they wanted to be sure there wasn’t any mis-IN-FORMATION! Have a wonderful day! 🦆🙋🏻

  4. Iguana with all its vowels gave me a slight pause,but it came quickly as did the other anagrams though hermit did look like mirthe.The puzzle with the geese up and away was a blind solve.We’re off on a rare Mon Tues trek rather than a weekend jaunt,to attend grand parents luncheons in Naperville yesterday ,and another today in Oglesby.

  5. Hi all – I’ve finally seen IGUANA and HERMIT enough to recognize them today. HERMIT has been harder for me because the G and U are a tipoff now for IGUANA. I wonder whether David is a Japanese food fan and deliberately used the anagram, because A UNAGI is eel sushi.

    Mike, for a second I even wondered whether the cartoon showed a full moon, but I think you’re right about it being dawn or dusk. Probably dusk because it seems they’ve been flying all day and just realizing that they won’t be on time.

    Angela, the DOWN payment made me laugh!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The lagoon’s championship cage fight between the IGUANA and the HERMIT crab seemed to end with the lizard PRONE on the deck and needing GAUZE to stop the bleeding, but the referee’s foul call left the final decision UP IN THE AIR”.

  6. To help keep his pet IGUANA warm this winter, the HERMIT decided to line its cage with GAUZE where it was PRONE to lie PRONE most of the day.

  7. Another eezy PEEZY jumble. IGUANA was my slow word, the solution was a given. Although I’m sure jumble afficionados are displeased with it and prefer sixteen letter hyphenated answers in quotation marks I’m satisfied. Have a great and cooler day all!

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