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Good Monday morning, everyone! It looks like David and Jeff wanted to gently ease us into another week of puzzle solving. Today’s game was on par with what we’ve come to expect for a Monday, so I’ll keep my post to a minimum and patiently wait for the challenges that’ll undoubtedly arrive as the week progresses.

All of our clue words were old friends from the past couple of years. PURSUE, last seen on 6/3/19, was the only one to cause me a few seconds of delay. It looked like USURP at first, but it in the end it solved just as easily as the others. Both of the 5-letter anagrams have been used in the past, while both of the 6-letter ones are coming up as new.

Today’s cartoon has us heading out to the fairways, and it’s there that we see a couple of Jumble characters sizing up a particularly challenging hole. The sentence informs us that the distance from the tee is a whopping 600 yards, and the par 5 indicates that it is expected to take 5 strokes to complete.

Both of our golfers know the general area where the hole is, but they just can’t quite seem to find the green. 600 yards converts to .34 miles so you can easily understand their conundrum. The gentleman on the right can be seen making a finger frame with his hands while his buddy shades his eyes as he looks off into the distance.

The final solve was anagram consisting of 5-letters. There’s no way that David could hide the 2-word solution in such a small amount of letters so it ended up being an instant solve. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Have a great start to your week, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.




8 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/07/2019

  1. Good morning. Today’s jumble was handed to us on a silver platter. This simply was the easiest jumble BY FAR. No need to explain any further. So,take care till tomorrow.

      • Enjoyed your post Mike. It’s funny you feel like a genius where I feel like it was a course for dummies. I dislike anything that is that easy to solve. The brain didn’t even warm up. Tomorrow should be more to my liking. Take care.

  2. The attorney wanted to PURSUE the LEAKY alibi the suspect was describing, but the judge thought he (the attorney) was trying to BAFFLE the jury so he banged his GAVEL and declared a break for lunch.

  3. 🔧Known to never PURSUE a man, she told her niece that it would BAFFLE her BY FAR, and that she’d bring the metaphorical GAVEL down upon her, if she used the LEAKY faucet as an excuse to meet a man…🔧

    🚤 He really loved his little boat, although it became LEAKY,
    And since he was the sober judge, he enjoyed getting freaky…
    To leave the bench and GAVEL for some time upon the sea,
    And PURSUE a day relaxing, he felt he deserved to be…
    But why it caused to BAFFLE the people that he knew,
    He’d never understand it…why wasn’t it his due?
    For all the years he’s practiced…ever since he passed the Bar,
    He felt he was entitled more than anyone BY FAR…🚤 🙋🏻

  4. Growing up we had a 605 yard par 5 hole we called ” The Monster”.Agree the anagrams were a snap,and the puzzle was even easier.Go Browns.

  5. Hi all – PURSUE was my hardest word. I first saw USURP and PERUSE. The answer was certainly a change from the 11 or 13 letter ones we’ve had recently.

    Have a great Monday and week everyone!

    “All he had was a flimsy GAVEL instead of a hammer to fix his LEAKY boat, and his efforts to PURSUE a workaround on the internet continued to BAFFLE him”.

  6. Easy one this morning. Since a couple of last week’s cartoon answers stumped me I’m happy to have a quick solve this morning. Happy Monday to all.

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