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Good Morning, Everyone! 🍷🍜READING BETWEEN THE WINES 🍜🍷

🎶 I didn’t get it from my Grandma’s BOOK upon the shelf…I didn’t get it from a magical and CULINARY elf…No, a little birdie told me you can’t make it by yourself…And that’s the RECIPE for making love…🎶 Recipe for Making Love” – Harry Connick, Jr. 1990

🍷🍜Whether cooking outdoors and using BUTANE,
Or stove topping a dish of my Grandmothers fame,
There’s no PRICE one can put on a really good dish,
And cookbooks have fulfilled quite many a wish.
Though I don’t own a cookbook, I’ve cooked all my life,
I enjoy it so much, there’s no room for the strife…
But prepping a book takes a FORUM I’m sure,
And a lot of the EXCESS probably stays on the floor.
Deciding what goes and what stays must be tough,
And trying to figure how much is enough…
Goes into a cookbook and then people clip…
Recipes that they favor…from the “MENUSCRIPT” 🍜🍷

So, what’s on our MENU today? Well, I can tell you that there are no specials, Folks, David’s serving leftovers…but with a side order of all new anagrams. And let’s be honest…you can never go wrong with a staple, am I right? So it’s all good. And it all boils down to this…Our oldest word, FORUM goes back to 10/30/12, while BUTANE, our most recent was served up on 12/21/18. As for our other two…both PRICE and EXCESS have appeared many times on our pages over the years. And the only little nibble this morning was BUTANE, because just as last time, unbEAT tried to cut in…(see that link above)…So, with all this well and done…let’s see what today’s cartoon brings to the table

The year, circa 1960. The place, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today we find ourselves at the home of the late, iconic chef, Julia Child, and her husband, Paul. Credited for whetting her appetite for cooking, Julia met him when she was 31, and until then had never cooked. Food for thought, don’t you think? But his love of fine food created the palate on which Julia began to create her art. We see Julia, at her typewriter, working on her first book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and telling Paul that she’s finishing up “the beef chapter”…and we know what a showpiece her Beef Wellington went on to become. But back in the day, before personal computers and word processors, authors cooked up their ideas by either writing their thoughts down on paper, or typing on a typewriter in order to compile their Manuscripts. And with the mention of chapter, recipe and dinner in the dialogue, and since Julia’s writing a cookbookVoilà…It’s a “MENUSCRIPT”. Bien joué, David!

Eye candy? Sitting by a draped window, we see some bushes and an expanse of grass. Paul’s nattily dressed in a blue vest atop a shirt and tie, while Julia wears a short sleeved mauve blouse. At one side of her typewriter we see a large stack of finished pages, while at the other sits a much smaller unused pile. But where’s the beef, you ask? You butter believe it’s going to be Julia’s signature strand of pearls. And we all know that pearls go with everything…So, There you have it, Gens, Fini! Passez une bonne journée tout le monde! And I was intending to make some butter puns, but the margarine for error was just too large...Au revoir...And as Julia would say…Bon appétit! 🍜🍷🙋🏻





22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/04/2019

  1. I KNEADed a little extra motivation this morning, having so much ON MY PLATE, and the abrupt change of SEASONS having me feeling a little under the weather…Here on Staten Island we’ve seen a 40° drop in TEMPERATURE from one day to the next, and believe me, people are BEEFing about it. And we do have an odd MIXTURE of words today…But, taking it all with a grain of SALT, I PRESERVED…I mean persevered and COOKED this up..🍜🙋🏻

    Realizing the PRICE they’d pay if they didn’t deal with the EXCESS waste of BUTANE supply, he planned to attend an environmental FORUM to gather data for his MENUSCRIPT.

    They both loved to go camping, and gathered up supplies,
    But noticing the PRICE of things came as a great surprise…
    They tried cutting down EXCESS, and look for some things used,
    But the FORUM they’d attended left them just a bit confused…
    Was BUTANE the best way to go…or should they try propane?
    Which one would last the longest…and not just quickly wane?
    With everything costing so much, their finances have dipped…
    They really need to write up a financial ”MENUSCRIPT”…

  2. Good morning. No stress for me today. When I saw the 10 letters in quotation marks I caved in right away. I’m sitting here free of anxiety and having a nice cup of coffee. I had a little hesitation on Butane and when I looked at the cartoon it was time to move on. Loved your song choice Angela. The video was enjoyable as well as his singing. Now that I have all this extra time I’ll enjoy reading the rest of your blog. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…How you make me smile! That’s it? Just a look and you threw in the “impeccably clean towel”?😉 After you at least gave it a shot yesterday? And yesterday turned out to be quite the killer. 60 % of our readers felt the STEAKS were too high! But, I’m glad we’re here to help…And you’re not alone…Between the solve and BUTANE..it’s got the majority of people BURNED UP today too… Glad you enjoyed the music…I could listen to Harry Connick all day…(and he’s quite a DISH besides) …Enjoy the coffee..I think I’ll join you..Too bad we can’t sit and CHEW THE FAT! 😉 Have a great day, Brooklyn! ☕️🙋🏻

  3. BUTANE defeated me had to look it up and then the 10 letter answer left me on the floor. The letters seemed to lead from RECIPE but after an hour shifting letters I surrendered. Good thing too I was so far from MENU+ xxxgg

    • Seems like a lot of players are reaching their BOILING POINT with the solve today, and I really thought it would be an easy one to DIGEST…But not to worry…we’ll have another one SERVED up tomorrow…We’re like a DINER here..open 24/7! Have a great day! 🌭🙋🏻

  4. Ouch, second day in a row that I couldn’t come up with the cartoon answer! I kept looking for a play on words with recipe so was totally headed in the wrong direction. Guess we’re getting our comeuppance from those easier puzzles earlier in the week. Oh well, better luck tomorrow. In the meantime, have a happy Friday all.

    • Good Morning, Betty. I really think this whole thing today is a case of not seeing the PORRIDGE for the PEAS! Looking to “feed” instead of “read”.” Paul, is saying the word Recipe in his dialogue. I know the question’s been BRAISED this week about a key word being repeated in the solution, but with all due respect, I think Recipe as part of the answer would have been way too blatant. But so far, both you and the reader above have seen it in the letters, so it’s definitely carrying some WEIGHT. And now I’m wondering…may that have been David’s intent? Just to FIRE us up? STEAMS that way…But as you’ve said, OIL’s well that ends well..😘 .And here’s to tomorrow! Have a great day, Betty! 🍔🙋🏻

  5. Butane also held me back but having gotten that solved,menu- script was a solve after considering prescription first.

    • Prescription! Now that’s NOVEL! Just what’re you trying to say, Professor? That you’ve no TASTE for French food? 😉 it’s a good one! And I’m glad you were able to CUT through the MAIZE! Wishing you a great day, Prof! 🌮🙋🏻

      • I guess I’m just a meat and potatoes guy,but I do like French fries,does that qualify as liking “French” cooking,

        • LOL! For sure I’m wayyyyy a meat and potatoes girl too, Prof. Oh, and pasta, of course..one of the major food groups…😂 And yes, French Fries most definitely count! Especially ❤️ POUTINE! But French food per se? Not my cup of tea either. ..Foie gras? Uh…nah! 🍟🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Things went well until the last word and the answer. Last word almost spelled PEANUT, or would you rather have your lunch BE TUNA on a TEABUN, possibly served by the Andy Griffith Show’s AUNT BE, or an egg UNBEAT? I probably missed this last time also, don’t remember.
    After trying words with CHILD or JULIA, I thought I had the answer from the book title with MASTERPIECE, but it didn’t fit. BESTSELLER fit, as did BESTCELLAR as in SALT CELLAR, but that was a stretch. Good Friday challenge.

    I got to watch Julia Child’s show many times on its original home of PBS’s WGBH in Boston, and it was always fun. The entire four-foot-long fish, the Yule Log and the spun-sugar windmill were memorable.

    Sorry your weather’s so cold Angela, especially with baseball coming to town. Maybe the Ump will yell “Bundle Up” instead of “Play Ball”.

    Have a great day and weekend, everyone!

    • Oh, it’s WARMED UP some by now…We’re flirting with 60, and the sun’s out. I can’t remember what the weather people called the SAUCE of the extreme TEMPERATURES…you know how they love to PEPPER their forecasts with all these new half-BAKED phrases. As for the GAME? I think that by the THYME they yell…”BATTER up”? There might be a CHILL, but let’s face it…they’ve BEAN through WURST…Have a good one, Steve! 🥘🙋🏻

  7. I found your site yesterday because I could not figure out the answer. I enjoyed reading your entire post so I have bookmarked the site. Lo and behold, I, again, could not get the answer today. Keep writing!

    • Hi Pamela. Welcome, and nice to MEAT you! 😉 I’m glad you found our site, and we appreciate your bookmarking us. If you sign up though, you’ll get our email each day, and you can become one of our group here. We’re always looking to expand our fan base! 😉 Thanks for taking the time to let us know you enjoy what we offer… We definitely enjoy doing it for you…Wishing you a wonderful night, and we hope you’ll comment again in the future. Take care. 🙋🏻

    • Hi David. Thank you so much for thinking of us, and taking the time to send us the video. So it wasn’t intentional, but you did know that Recipe could be spelt from the letters? I have to be honest, I never saw it. But we did discuss how the word was used in the dialogue, spoken by Paul. I guess it just made for a more interesting solution…And you mentioned clever…well, that it definitely was! You just keep amazing us day after day. Thanks again, and I have to say that your exuberance for all this is contagious…I can never watch one of your videos on Facebook without smiling…And you and Daisy have just given me yet another. Here’s to a great night, David! Enjoy! 🍻🙋🏻

  8. Shout Out to Steve….We spoke too soon! The temps at 53° and falling…and they’re talking wind chill! WIND CHILL! And freeze warnings for those NY’ers upstate. Ok, the Bronx ‘ain’t upstate, as we say in Brooklyn…but it’s close! 😉 Let’s hope there’s long Johns to go with the long balls tonight! See ya on deck! 🍻⚾️🙋🏻

    • A rare treat to hear Bob Costas doing the game on MLB Network (especially since we had the ESPN CREW 🙄 for the A’s wildcard game).

      • Hey Steve, I agree. I’d take Costas over that crew any day. Guess what’s playing through my head? 🎶Everyone knows it’s windy….🎶. Enjoy the game. Talk to you later,⚾️🙋🏻

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