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Happy Thursday, Jumble fans. David and Jeff dealt us a whopper this morning, and the idiom “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” pretty much sums up my feelings about it. All of the clue words were a piece of cake, but the final solve put me through the wringer. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier!

If you play the Jumble every day, you probably noticed that all of the anagrams looked kind of familiar. That’s because three of the four were used around May of this year. Our oldest, ESSAY, was used in May of 2018, but the double letter trick of coupling similar letters made it an instant solve. The speed at which all of the anagrams were completed had lulled me into a false sense of security, and that mindset would clearly be my downfall as I made my way to the cartoon.

Jeff offered up a panel featuring a caricature of himself, along with a few of his close friends, seated around a table playing poker. Our favorite Jumble artist has been feeding us a steady diet of playing card themed cartoons over the past couple of months, but he pulled out all the stops on this one and packed it full of detail. The wood-grained bar in the background makes the setting appear to be a pub, but with most everyone that I know having a man-cave of their own, it just might be a personal hideaway of one of his friends.

The smack-talking dialogue informs us that Jeff is the big winner of the night, and he can be seen raking all of the chips on the table toward himself. His shirt of choice features the word “MICHIGAN” with the tittle of the “i” being replaced by a football. The friend that he’s having a dialogue exchange with has the number “12” on his jersey, and I’m happy to see that Jeff finally had a character wearing the number of the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady!!! In all honesty it’s probably not, but this Patriots fan can dream, can’t he?!

The female is obviously Lissa Sears, and the other gentleman with a drink in his hand looks familiar but his name escapes me. The bar has three draft taps and the last one features a goose head from the Goose Island Brewery. There’s football being played on the wall-mounted tv, but my favorite detail was the bar foot rail bracket just above Jeff’s left shoulder. He didn’t miss a trick!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 13-letters. It’s the longest so far this week, and it also proved to be the most difficult one for me to conquer in quite some time. After writing out the letters, LUCK seemed to be the logical 4-letter word. Try as I might, none of the other letters would make up the beginning 7-letter word. I self-jumbled the letters nine different times before STACKED finally came into view. UP came next, and WELL finished it off. Jumble puzzles like today’s masterpiece can spoil longtime fans, but also frustrate novice players to no end. It’s just the luck of the draw, folks! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/03/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone…Todays’ words were easy enough to DEAL with, but with MILDEW being a word that has its’ LIMITS, I had a feeling my HANDS might be tied…but I still WENT ALL IN, and let the CHIPS fall where they may…Have a great day, Everyone! ♥️♠️🙋🏻

    📱After being hired by the DIY website and asked to write an ESSAY on using CAULK to abate MILDEW, he found it a little hard to wax POETIC, but was told that for a beginner his work STACKED UP WELL…📱

    ⛴ He knew the MILDEW in the boat seeped in throughout the season,
    Because he didn’t CAULK the cracks…there was no other reason.
    But longing for acceptance to the new POETIC club,
    He wrote ESSAY after essay…only here’s where lies the rub…
    The time he spent composing should have been spent on the boat,
    And maybe then it wouldn’t be a big mold-ridden float…
    So now he sits and ponders…he can’t sail nor make words gel,
    He really messed up big time…he sure hasn’t STACKED UP WELL ⛴

  2. Good morning. Well the hammer fell hard today. I got stumped on Poetic and failed to get the cartoon answer. After seeing the final clue I can’t understand why I didn’t get the easy answer. I couldn’t get luck out of my head and that prevented me from thinking clearly. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. I think today’s solution most likely will COME a little easier to anyone who plays poker. STACK is a poker term, either a noun or a verb. Players usually “stack” their chips, ie, put them into piles. And a “stack” is how much money you have to play with. “To stack” means to “go all in”, to bet your whole stack. And a player with a short stack is someone who has a small number of chips compared to his opponents. The guy in the jersey’s been featured a few times, and we last saw him on 11/10/18, https://tinyurl.com/y3olrr5q, playing with Jeff in another foursome at a private game. He always wears a cap, and he seems fond of jerseys, jewelry and fancy shades. I’m pretty sure that the guy with the glass in his hand was last seen on 06/29, https://tinyurl.com/y5dwuyg4, and that game was set in a casino… And the last time Jeff spoke of a Stack, he made final table and went all in with a SHORT one…but that night he came up empty, even though he was holding Aces then too. This time though, he obviously played very WELL…and he’s sitting pretty COUNTING all the CHIPS that are STACKED UP! Our puzzles are great every day, but today’s might just be a little BETTOR! Here’s to the winners! 🍷🙋🏻

  4. Hi Everyone –
    Not an easy one for me. My first thought for caulk was Kucla as in Kukla, Fran and Ollie. They were before your time, Mike. And instead of poetic, my idea was etopic, which I checked and realized I was thinking of ectopic. I felt pretty sure the last two words of the answer would be up tall but eventually got well and then stacked.

  5. Poetic came quickly,but caulk gave me reason to pause.I also thought luck had to be the 4 letter answer,which messed up stacked as the 7 letter answer.

  6. Poetic took me the longest to solve and it has tripped me up before. Like Caroline I kept seeing ectopic. The cartoon answer eluded me. I’m not a card player however I figured the answer had something to do with the chips but couldn’t come up with stacked. Good challenge this morning,

  7. CAULK was my most difficult word possibly because Southerners aren’t as cautious about caulking. This year has been so hot that the caulking has probably melted and is waiting for cool weather to reset. lol?

  8. Hi all – If you were distracted by “Kukla, Fran and Ollie” on the second word, you’ve been around awhile! (Oops Caroline, just read your note! No offense – great minds, and all! 😂) I’ve always wondered about the U and L in CAULK anyway. Despite the double letter trick and Y at the end, ESSAY took me the longest after seeing ASSEY first. Thought “THEM” would be the last answer word, but some letters were missing; same for CARD, HANDED or HAND. I couldn’t get the answer, even after assuming the first word ended in ED and the middle was UP or AT.

    Thanks Mike, I was wondering what beer would have a duck’s head on its tap handle! And I had a different quarterback in mind when I found myself wondering Y. A. TITTLE would be a word I’d never encountered before.

    Thanks Angela for the meanings of STACK! I didn’t know it meant how much money you had or to go all in, and the only short stack I’d heard of was at a pancake breakfast.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “His ESSAY waxed POETIC on his palatial home, but in reality he lived in a cold water flat covered with MILDEW from a bad CAULK job”.

    Well, I guess it just wasn’t my night for Bay Area sports yesterday (all together now — “YA THINK??” 😂) By the time the A’s had finished the 7th still down 5-1, it was time for the Sharks’ season opener to start, so I switched over and they went down 2-0 before five minutes had passed! Oy. (Or Angela; “Ma Die!”, right?) At least the A’s gave us a fun ride all season long.

  9. New to this site. I enjoy the Jumble every day for many years. I get it in print (newspaper) and digital (online newspaper). Neither format allows me to see any of the details mentioned (like MICHIGAN). Zooming in just makes the image worse. Where can I view a hi-res image?

      • Thank you for the reply. I went to the tinyurl but the image is even smaller that the image I can get in my newspaper or the digital newspaper image. I must need to “adjust” some setting or other. My “device” is a Windows 10 Dell laptop (only a year old). This is not a real problem as I have been solving Jumble for many years with the “clues” that I can see. I have been reading another Jumble page that is similar to this one but not as in depth.

        • Hi again…I’m so sorry the link didn’t work well for you. Sadly, I’m no techie, so I can’t imagine why you’re having such poor results. I’ve clicked on it again just now, and it opens to a full page layout for me. I took a while to reply because I asked a few people if they knew why it didn’t open for you, but I’m coming up empty. Again, sorry. Here’s the actual link, without using tiny url. Maybe it might give you better results. I hope you can get it to work for yourself, because it’s amazing what you’ll be able to see with the panel magnified. Jeff hides little gems all over. Wishing you a great night. Be well. 🙋🏻


        • Just a thought…Maybe one of our readers may know why you’re having difficulty with the link? As you mentioned, it could be something with your settings. So if anyone out there reading this may have an answer, we could use your help! Thank you! 🙋🏻

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