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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Even though we’ve reached our midweek puzzle, we find ourselves still parked on easy street. The only challenge that I encountered today was a slight hesitation on RIDDEN, but using the “double letter trick” of coupling up similar letters brought it quickly into view. It was also a new clue word making its debut into gameplay, while the remainder of the quartet, and the final solve, came up as repeats. EXCITE was last used about a year ago on 10/18/18 making it our most recent repeat, while FLING flung into action on 3/4/17 making it our oldest. Yesterday we found all of our solved clue words in reverse alphabetical order, whereas today it’s all of the anagrams that are perfectly arranged in reverse for us.

Today’s panel brings us to the Fancy Food Mart where we see a bargain shoppers dream. The cartoon sentence informs us that they recently discovered some cases of sparkling water that are past their prime, and they’re priced to move at 80% off. The first question that popped into my mind was, “Does bottled water go bad?”

The general answer is no, but there are a few caveats. The biggest one was how the water is packaged, and glass is far superior to plastic for many reasons. Plastics do “expire,” and will start to leach their chemicals into the water after just a few years. The process can be slowed by storing the bottles in a cool, dark place. If you open a plastic bottle and it has an off-taste, the experts say it (probably) won’t harm you but it might not be pleasant to drink. The best long-term storage option is to freeze it, and then to be absolutely sure no harmful bacteria remains, you can boil the heck out of it!

Transitioning back to the cartoon, we see 33 bottles of water in the panel. The logo is a drop of water with a smiley face, and the box names the brand as “HAPPY H2O.” As the customer on the left contemplates purchasing a bottle, the clerk, identified as John by his nametag, offers a thumbs-up gesture as a quality assurance indicator.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. In an attempt to hide the Q, David tried to spell out QUALI in the first few letters, but I didn’t take the bait. LIQUID was easily spotted within the remaining letters and were added on to arrive at the solution. The fun cartoon and new clue word didn’t quench my Jumble thirst, but the guys will be back to pour us another round tomorrow. Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday!




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  1. Good morning. Three days running now with an easy breezy jumble. All the words and even the cartoon answer was an instant read. Once I saw the Q in the 10 letters the answer was obvious. Until tomorrow stay well. I’ll try to get back later and view everything.

  2. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone…H20…TO GO?
    I’m with Paul. Easy, breezy…Clever and cute!…Have a great day! 💦 🙋🏻

    🎶 WATER I got to do to make you love me…WATER I got to do to make you care?…WATER I do…to make you want me… And I wake to find that you’re not there?…🎶 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – Sir Elton John 1976 https://tinyurl.com/y53ole3v

    💦 While water itself don’t “go bad” the problem with the drink,
    Lies with the plastic bottle…there’s some QUACK factors to think…
    Stored properly it might be safe, but if they chose to FLING,
    It anywhere it could be over RIDDEN with some things.
    While water sold at 80 off may EXCITE this guy here,
    The color, taste, etc…most likely isn’t clear…
    It’s my opinion, bottom line..this Fancy Food Mart should,
    Just absorb the inventory loss…and do consumers good.
    One never knows for sure ’bout plastic and the penetration…
    It’s probably much safer just to spill the LIQUIDATION 💦

    • Haha! Great sound choice. Still out here working the puzzles. Try to log in to keep up with you and others.

      • Thank you, Jim. I took some license, but it’s what immediately came to mind. And there’s never a time limit on the puzzles…plus we’re always here to lend the helping hand. Enjoy your day! 💦🙋🏻

  3. An eclectic group of words to meld today, and the word Liquidated was definitely different…But a few possibilities came to light…💦🙋🏻

    🚴🏻 As a young boy, he and his brother had always RIDDEN their bikes to the pond where the ducks would swim, and it would EXCITE them to FLING berries at the ducklings and hear them QUACK..so it really saddened him to hear that the property was being LIQUIDATED…🚴🏻

    🏇 Horses no longer RIDDEN, their owner called a QUACK…
    He owned a number of them and their expensive tacks…
    Where once the stable did EXCITE and entertain the folks,
    The last few years it went downhill..it’s now the brunt of jokes…
    In total disarray it stands, the owner chose to FLING,
    Equipment and all kinds of stuff…he def ruined everything…
    He owes his creditors so much, and the fliers printed stated…
    “November 1st and 2nd…Contents will be LIQUIDATED…” 🏇

  4. Hi all – Even though the double letter trick worked on the third word, it still took me the longest. It wasn’t an “offal” solve – that is, a DINNER of INNARDs – but it took a minute to convince myself that RIDDEN was correct. I thought the answer might be something like CARBONATED because of the ‘sparkling’ reference, but writing the letters and having a QU showed it right away.

    Excellent sentence and poems today, Angela.
    Thanks for the store name Mike. I never could have seen it if I hadn’t gone online.

    Have a great day, everyone, and I hope the A’s game tonight is as WILD as the Nationals’ was last night.

    “The carnival owner thought it would EXCITE the crowd to see a duck RIDDEN by a cat, but a loud “QUACK”, a violent FLING and a city investigation put a stop to that and the whole operation was quickly LIQUIDATED”.

    A report on Peet’s “Songs From the Ceiling” this morning. As I walked in, Creedence Clearwater was just finishing “Bad Moon Rising” with the lyric “There’s a bad moon on the rise” which is supposedly often misheard as “There’s a bathroom on the right” – which there is in Peet’s. Then the Beatles’ “Get Back” started up, so I sat down to listen mostly because I wondered what they were going to play after that. “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” started up, and I “got back” home to do the Jumble.

    • Out of curiosity, does Peet’s play any recent music? I’m just wondering if it’s their business model to play older hits. Starbucks, as you may know, does some indie stuff but mixes in pop every now and then.

      • That’s a good question! They don’t play oldies all the time. I’ve heard folk-like music and a variety of other things. I think the problem may be that if they play anything later than the 90’s, I might not recognize it! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  5. Speaking of bottled water,my son’s friend,Tim,aged 40, said if he realized people would buy bottled water at as much as a dollar a bottle,and invested in those companies,he’d be rich today.As far as the anagrams,ridden gave me reason to pause,but the final ‘liquidated’ solution was a quick solve.

    • Here are the current food prices at Disney World, Chuck. They show the price increases from 2018 to 2019. Absolutely outrageous!

      Regular soda: $3.99 – up from $3.29
      Large soda: $4.49 – up from $3.49
      Coffee: $3.29 – up from $2.79
      Orange Juice: $4.99 – up from $4.29
      Bottled soda: $4.50 – up from $4
      Bottled water: $3.50 – up from $3
      Powerade: $4.50 – up from $3.50
      Mickey Pretzel: $7 – up from $6
      Mickey Ice Cream: $5.75 – up from $5

  6. Figured the answer before the words. Had trouble with RIDDEN as it’s almost never used these days, very few DRIVE their horses downtown or malls to shop. Considered REDDEN but no, needed the “D”s and “I”s. Finally the “Q”. It HAD to be liquidated. Whew! Tomorrow all!

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