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Good Morning, Everyone! 💨💦 WEATHER WE’RE READY OR KNOT...💦💨

🎶 You were the sunshine, Baby, whenever you smiled…but I call you STORMY today…All of a sudden that old RAIN’S fallin’ down…and my world is CLOUDY and gray, you’ve gone away…Oh, STORMY, oh, STORMY, bring back that sunny day….🎶 “Stormy” – Classics IV 1968

 💨💦This puzzle is so timely…the Storm Season is here,
When suddenly it’s CLOUDY…after it had been so clear.
The forecasters all tell us…”Thing’s aren’t KOSHER…please take heed”…
And people scurry to prepare and gather what they’ll need.
As History has shown us, Mother Nature has the grit,
And precaution may help guide us, but there’s no way to OUTWIT
The force of wind and rain She brings, though Science helps us spot,
We’re no match for these Storms, destruction being their MASCOT.
We carry bags of sand, and shore up to hold back the rain…
We do whatever we can do, while feeling stress and SPRAIN,
But once the downfall does begin, most of us sit and look,
The Weather Channel showing how we’re PEBBLEs in a brook.
We only hope with damage done, our lives will not transform…
A Hurricane? Inevitably…it TOOK PEOPLE BY STORM…💦💨

If I may, I’ll begin by saying I’m my biggest critic. Rushing, (as I seem to be doing every Sunday morning lately), I wrote up my poem and put it out and ran to get ready for Mass. I wanted a better use of Sprain, a singular use of Pebble, and a way to use the solution phrase that I always end with, that wouldn’t cause the tense to be off…I’m 0 for three! .. C’est la vie….

While I love the Sunday Jumble, the 6 for 6 as I call it, it can be trying. The research! But I WEATHERED the STORM, and this morning I went as far back as 2010. Nothing NEWS to report, we’re dealing with all old favorites, but today we do have one Sweet Repeat with our anagrams. And I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment, considering that I came up with a total of 36 previous uses of our words, and that’s only going back 9 years! Once again, a testament to David’s amazing ability to produce these puzzles we all love so much. (MASCOT did have a repeat 2014 to 2016, but that really doesn’t affect us today). Ok. So, we have CLOUDY, PEBBLE, and KOSHER, which are making appearances 3, 4 and 5 respectively… They were all in play last year, with Kosher being our oldest, having SWEPT THROUGH on 12/04/10. SPRAIN, making its 12th appearance since 2011, is the only word of ours today that appeared in 2019. And that leaves OUTWIT, showing up for the 9th time since 2011, and being the repeat anagram, having appeared exactly as it does today, back on 09/24/17. And while today’s anagrams are all extremely well done, the Early Birds and I found them all to be a BREEZE, with SPRAIN having the oddest OUTLOOK…And with that all CLEARED UPlet’s take our cartoon by STORM…

The year, 1982. We find ourselves in a living room of a home in Michigan. It could be Wyandotte, the birthplace of our artist, Jeff, or it could be Northville, as depicted on the young mans’ High School Gym Bag. Either way, Folks…it’s June82 and we’re in Michigan. Our theme concerns the debut of the WEATHER CHANNEL, which was on May 2nd, 1982, and our cartoon shows a couple fixated, watching the coverage of HURRICANE ALBERTO, which decimated a large part of Cuba and as the man STATEs Florida, during the first week of June ‘82. With the birth of the Weather Channel, PEOPLE were now able to witness a major STORM firsthand, and it brought the devastation right into our living rooms. PEOPLE were fascinated, and spent hours watching things unveil. From the dialogue we overhear that the woman is on the phone speaking to someone who’s also watching the Channel, and the sons’ words are reinforcing the fact that they’ve been glued to the TV. “Are you ‘STILL’ watching this Channel”? Suffice to say, the WEATHER CHANNEL…TOOK PEOPLE BY STORM! Now THAT’S a clever one, David! I HAIL your prowess!

Ok…The Eye Candy…The details in today’s violet-shaded panel are WIDESPREAD. Jeff’s done a fantastic job. The carpeting looks to be SHAG. The TV depicts a reporter in Florida, his mouth wide opened…obviously gasping for air, trying to speak while being totally WINDSWEPT, his hair and tie blown back behind him. Two Palm Trees are shown, swayed and bent from the force of the wind. A traffic sign lies on the ground, with a Speed Limit reading of 35 MPH. An overturned trash can lies besides it. Across the bottom of the screen, a Yellow Border reads “HURRICANE ALBERTO HITS”, with the WEATHER CHANNEL’S boxed logo seen at the right hand corner. The TV sits upon an entertainment center, showing a silver-colored Cassette Deck placed atop a receiver. The detailed volume controls and tuner knobs are visible. Great tiny details. The High Schooler, wearing a purple alligator-logoed Lacoste polo shirt, is holding the aforementioned Gym Bag, which is red, but the Horse image shown is reversed as to how Northville High depicts theirs’. A TV remote control is seen on the couch between the couple. But what’s catching my eye this morning is the White Princess Phone, with its longggggg stretched out cord that the women’s speaking on… Now that RINGS a bell! So, There you gave it Folks, Done. Gave a great day, Everyone…and please be assured that any quips I’ve made are just Jumble business as usual. My true feelings and my heart are with those of our readers unfortunately in the path of these horrible storms. May you all be well. 💨💦🙋🏻


 PS: Some really good alternative song choices for today:

🎶Stormy Weather🎶 – Miss Lena Horne-1943 and

🎶Windy🎶 – The Association-1967

🎶Enjoy! 🎶🙋🏻






15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/15/2019

  1. I found these a bit challenging…a very eclectic group of words…They truly taxed my bRAIN this morning! 💦💨🙋🏻

    ° After he was injured trying to lift the teams’ MASCOT, his Aunt told him to treat the wrist SPRAIN by soaking it in KOSHER salt, and that TOOK PEOPLE BY STORM…(plus he too thought it to be a bit of a CLOUDY solution)…so he decided to OUTWIT them all and get rid of the PEBBLE-like lump that formed by exercising it instead…

    ° They needed a new MASCOT, as soon as the next game,
    The current one nursing a SPRAIN that left his right leg lame…
    He slipped upon a PEBBLE, you’d think he’d OUTWIT though,
    So tiny yet it did him in…the details CLOUDY…so….
    Although it don’t sound KOSHER, he’s not up to perform,
    But the accident’s still sketchy and…it TOOK PEOPLE BY STORM

  2. One CLOUDY day, our team’s MASCOT thought it KOSHER to try and OUTWIT the other team’s MASCOT in a footrace, but in the process stepped on a PEBBLE which resulted in an ankle SPRAIN.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. You’ve been MIA for a few days…I hope all is well. I give you major props today, Sir…👏🏻👏🏻 This was no easy task, and you’ve done an excellent job. Great take! Hope you’re enjoying your day! 💦🙋🏻

      • Good afternoon, Angela. It was a tough one! All is well here. We all need a little break now and then as you should well know. Stay well..

        • Hi Chuck. Glad all is well..and yes, there’s much to be said about taking a break! Have a great day! 💦🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – The double letter trick worked to get the B’s together for PEBBLE and the OUT showed OUTWIT. KOSHER took several jumbles, but I couldn’t STOMAC the fourth word – MASCOT took me the longest – again. Maybe I’ll recognize that, MOSAIC and CASINO next time. Knew the answer contained BY STORM, then TOOK, and finally PEOPLE.

    I really liked the period-appropriate audio gear. Looks like a cassette player/recorder on top of a receiver or amp (or pre-amp) with a 6-band equalizer.

    Nice reference to Lesley Gore’s 🎵Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows🎵 in the voting!

    Have a great day, all! I’ll pass on a sentence; not having any luck fitting these words together.

  4. Kosher took me the longest anagram to solve this morning and the cartoon answer took a bit of time as well but I did get it eventually. We actually have some predictions of light rain in our area —- and it’s only September. Hope all of you have a good Sunday.

    • Hi Betty. Kosher seems to have taken the lead in the poll, and the solve is coming around the stretch, so you’re in good company. A little light rain is always a good thing. Let’s hope you get just enough to keep things green. Wishing you a good Sunday too, Betty. Enjoy! ☔️🙋🏻

  5. Good evening. Headed out shortly after church to meet most of my family at the cemetery then we all went to my youngest child for brunch. My wife’s brother was supposed to come in for the weekend but he hurt himself and couldn’t make the trip so we kept the plans that were made. Had trouble with the words but finally finished it at Long Island. Actually had two of the words made but never saw people or by. Since I’m now watching the Met game I thought it was best to give up. Angela I loved all your song choices and your post. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. Thanks for the Shout Out…Sounds like you had a good day…Glad you gave up on the puzzle and not the Mets😉 We so need these wins…Have a good night Brooklyn…🙋🏻

  6. Got home after 7 tonight after a whirlwind trip to Naperville and back for a surprise birthday party for our ‘baby’ , Mark,Dad of the Dixon twins, Kate and Jane,for his 40th birthday,to tackle today’s Jumble.Mascot kept looking like comatose ,but having solved that anagram the final solution followed quickly.On a related note,before the advent of an Internet access to instant weather,I too was an avid watcher of the Weather Channel.

    • Hey Professor. You definitely rack up those miles..Glad you enjoyed your day…And I think all the avid golfers were big fans of the Weather Channel, right? Have a great night ,Prof. 🙋🏻

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