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Good Morning, Everyone!        🦝 POACHIN’ And ENCROACHIN‘ 🦝

🎶 C’mon and hold me …Just like you told me..Then show me what I want to know…Why don’t we STEAL AWAY...Why don’t we STEAL AWAY away…Into the night…know it ain’t right…Into the night babe…🎶 “Steal Away” – Robbie Dupree 1980

🦝 🥚The Raccoons are a wily lot, with fingers so to speak,
They manage to get into things which can lead us to shriek.
This Farmer here is stymied…this will WEIGH upon his mind,
The LONGER that he thinks about and tries so hard to find…
His eggs that have gone missing…although not quite a POUND,
He’s still concerned and really wonders if they can be found…
But till he finds a way to stop these SOCIAL little pests,
He may be doomed to deal each day with this type of unrest.
Destructive and quite cunning…these thieves are just the dregs,
And I feel for our Farmer left to ponder his POACHED EGGS…🥚🦝

With no new words and all new anagrams, we’re seeing entries today that go as FUR back as 2011, while they all also appeared just last year. SOCIAL comes in as our oldest, and also our most oft repeated, with a showing way back on 11/27/11, and 10 more after that, until it last LAID out here on 04/10/18. POUND was last seen on 02/12/18, while LONGER CLUCKS in as of 05/14/18. And it’s WEIGH that takes its’ place as the most recent of all, with its last appearance being 08/04/18. And while none of them were BACON us SCRATCH our heads this morning…The Early Birds agreed that if they had to FIND any one of them the hardest, they’d probably PECK SOCIAL, because it took more than one FRY to UNCOVER. So with that all unSCRAMBLED, let’s see what Jeff’s HATCHED up FUR us today…

Having been down on the FARM quite recently on August 17th…we FIND ourselves back here aHEN today. But instead of a Rooster doing the CROWING this time, today it’s being SERVED up by two POACHERS. Rocky Raccoon and his pal BullWINKle are seen doing what Raccoons tend to do best…STEAL. Already born with that BANDIT’S MASK, I suppose they never really had much a choice, you know, products of their envIRONment and all, but that doesn’t make it any easier to DIGEST. Having just raided the Henhouse, they leave the poor Farmer 🎶Bewitched, Bothered and BePILFERED🎶…And that’s no YOLK…Standing SCRATCHing his head, he can’t MASK his confusion…he just can’t imagine where his EGGS have disappeared to…while all the while Rocky’s sitting under a tree and CROWing that the “Masked Bandits strike again”…. And not only will this prove to be an EGGSpensive loss FUR our Farmer, but let’s face it Folks, it’s downright CRIMINAL! And it’s definitely leaving the poor guy in HOT WATER! So in a nutSHELL? With BullWINKle loving them “RUNNY”? The Raccoons enjoyed their…POACHED EGGS! Good one, David! You CRACKED me up!

Ok, eye candy…A Rooster is shown perched atop the middle henhouse, with three hens on the ground, one on the ramped entranceway at right, and a fifth broody hen visible through the opening of the house on the left. But they’re not what STEALS the spotlight this morning. If you look real closely, the cracked EGG in BullWINKle’s hand? Well the YOLKS on him! Literally! That ‘cup’ RUNneth over!…And a little bit can be seen dripping from his lip, too. Nice little trEAT, Jeff. So, There you have it, YOLKS, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…No, SCRATCH that…Keep your SUNNY SIDE UP, and make it an EGGScellent day instead! 🥚🙋🏻








16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/14/2019

  1. Poached Eggs had me SCRAMBLING! 🍳🙋🏻

    ° Being so obsessed, she decided not to WEIGH herself any LONGER this week, and just eat POACHED EGGS, since that extra POUND that showed up really put a damper on her SOCIAL life…

    ° He took the job, he’s in a bind, he’s needing money quick,
    But working at this market might not help to do the trick..
    A POUND of this, a pound of that…he seems to WEIGH all day,
    And the days are getting LONGER…there must be a better way.
    His SOCIAL life is suffering…the hours so diverse,
    He’s thinking ‘bout the diner..but that might prove to be worse…
    ‘Cause there he’d probably stand all day…a strain on his bad legs,
    And anyway he hates the look of wet, runny POACHED EGGS…

  2. These raccoon thieves had better watch it. If they continue poaching, the EGGHEAD COPS will catch them.

  3. Good morning. Before I start I have to give you props for your song choice puns and use of the words plus all the hidddn treasures in the picture. Enjoyed both posts Angela. From watching cooking shows if you want a more perfect poached egg you crack it open into a strainer then drop it into the swirling boiling water and you have no loose strings. The gas is off at this point. No problem with either the words or cartoon. Got to admit the answer was brilliant. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! And thank you so much. You’re so sweet. 😘 Would you believe I’ve never POACHED an egg in my life? I hate runny eggs of any kind…Loose strings? I may loose my breakfast! 😂 But kudos to you for both watching cooking shows and zipping thru today’s puzzle…And you’re right, it’s definitely a brilliant pun today! Have a good one, Brooklyn! 🦝🙋🏻

  4. On a rare Sat at home,I could solve the puzzle w a real paper rather than an online version.It’s hard to see the B&W picture in my paper,but having solved the 4 anagrams w no problem,I could make out the eggs in the picture,so poached eggs was a quick solution.

    • Good Morning, Professor. That’s why it’s always an advantage to take a look online. My paper prints in color, but I’d still never see any details if I didn’t go online. But today there isn’t all that much color. The entire background is shaded gray, and there’s just green grass and bushes with shades of brown for the raccoons and the tree at front. But the YOLK in the opened EGG is colored yellow..and I did think that was a perk!😉 Have a great day, Prof. Enjoy your down time! 🦝🥚🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – SOCIAL should have taken longer, but I only had to look twice because I’ve been stuck on it so many times before. And speaking of LONGER, that took me the most jumbles. EGGS had to be in the answer. SCRAMBLED didn’t fit, so I thought STOLEN from the cartoon which showed POACHED. Cute!

    Thanks for the details Angela. If one raccoon is named Bullwinkle, then I guess Frostbite Falls Minn. has raccoons as well as moose, and the name Rocky for the other one is very appropriate, since his rival, Dan, has POACHED the girl of his fancy.

    Have a great Saturday, everyone!

    “When his friend started to POUND the vending machine at the town SOCIAL LONGER than anyone could stand, he decided to WEIGH in with some not-so-friendly advice”.

    • Hey G…Note how BullWINKle is written…With the 4 middle letters capitalized….Bull WINK 😉 le. The key was the WINK! It’s a trivia aside to the old cartoon…Rocky and Bullwinkle! I knew you, for sure, would get it! 🤔🙋🏻

        • Yes, I know it did. And I acknowledged your picking up on it. .Maybe I worded it wrong..said thought instead of knew. What I mean was, I did the WINK because I was trying to go “subtle”…😉 to see if anyone took the bait. Your mentioning FF really threw a hint…But it doesn’t look like my “aside” went “over” well anyway…😔🙋🏻

          • Now I understand what you meant. Have a great day, with all the sports etc to choose from! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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