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Good Morning, Everyone! 🐔POULTRY IN MOTION?🐔

🎶I love you a bushel and a PECK, a bushel and a PECK though you make my heart a wreck…Make my heart a wreck and you make my life a mess…Make my life a mess, yeah a mess of happiness…Cause I love you a bushel and a PECK…You bet your purdy neck I do..A doodle oodle ooh…A doodle oodle oodle oh doo🎶A Bushel and a Peck” – Miss Doris Day 1950

🐔 The Rooster had a strut on him that opened up your eyes,
A wing spread quite impressive…for a bird of his short size…
And KUDOS were in order, SURELY he had worked for it,
The ORIGIN of working out? You needed that true grit…
The lifting and the push ups, let nothing CRIMP his style…
We haven’t seen such Barnyard Brawn in quite a long, long while…
He’s definitely getting second looks…the hens craning their necks…
They’re calling it a “Treasure Chest” this Rooster’s real GOOD “PECKS”! 🐔

Cock-A-Doodle…New. New? No, not today. Because our words are all old favorites…And two of them take us all the way back to 2012! CRIMP and ORIGIN, while having made many appearances over the years, are coming in as our oldest entries, but we have also seen them both last year. We’ve seen KUDOS a few times, most recently June 2017, and SURELY last appeared on 12/02/18. But with an altered letter here and there, all of our anagrams are masterfully SCRAMBLED, and coming up as originals. And it’s looks like ORIGIN is taking first place in the PECKING ORDER of difficulty today. I tell you YOLKS…How David manages to PULLET off, day after day, without getting the least bit COCKy is beyond me! KUDOS, David! Ok..time to COMB around to our cartoon…

So, how you gonna keep ’em down on the Farm…now that he’s seen…what a little working out can do? Why the little DEVIL…EGGSciting all the hens, while probably leaving the other Roosters feeling so COOPed up on that Farm…We see three FOWL PLAYers today, two adoring females, standing back, a little appreHENsively, while our man of the POWER, Sonny, with his MUSCLES on display, is shown doing a Push-Up…in an effort to PECK up a piece of feed. And what a FEATHER in his CAP…The other Roosters must be so HENvious…But let’s face it…he’s put in the time, and I guess it was CHEST worth it for him. Working out SUNUP to sundown according to the dialogue? You have to give him credit…he’s definitely PULLET all the stops! And now he can enjoy the BRUTES of his labor, and CROW all he wants in front of the CREST of them…by showing off those GOODPECKS“! WELL DONE, David! EGGSactly what we’ve grown to exPECK!

So, eye candy...We see two brown hen houses. Our admiring chickens are wide-eyed, and colored buff, left and white, right. The fencing surrounding the property is green, and drawn with criss-crossed lines to denote chain link. And Sonny has such a look of determination about him, that he almost looks like an Angry Bird…But if you look real closely, you can SEED some food that he’s PECKING at, and a tiny piece of corn perhaps, in his beak…Nicely deTAILed, Jeff….And that ain’t no CHICKEN FEED! So, There you have it YOLKS, Done! Have an EGGScellent day, Everyone! It’s just about the CRACK of DAWN here in New YOLK City…and I think I’ll PECK it in! 🐔🙋🏻







16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/17/2019

  1. MUSCLING the GOOD PECKS in there was a bit of a STRETCH…but I did my best to WORK it OUT..🐔🙋🏻

    ° SURELY anticipating KUDOS and a few GOOD PECKS on the cheek for her decision to CRIMP her hair, she was disappointed with the adverse reaction, and returned it to its style of ORIGIN…

    ° He wouldn’t let them CRIMP his style, he’d SURELY hold his own
    His ORIGIN of thought remains, now that he’s fully grown…
    And if there’d be no KUDOS won, he really didn’t care,
    Determined to be honest, he’d choose how he’d wear his hair…
    Yes it was long, and he knew that it’s not what they’d expect,
    But he enjoyed the way it felt touching on his GOOD “PECKS”

    • Good day all. My vote goes to ORIGIN, KUDOS slowed me a little, I’d never seen it used before so I hesitated then went on. I solved it not because I understood it till Caroline reminded me – PECS, but it was only two words that made some sense. After viewing the cartoon, I was expecting something with CROW. Angela, your fishing expedition made me crave seafood. Thanks to the grandkids I’m now pretty much on ground beef with Mac&cheese. Not too bad & EASY. Throw them in skillets, cover them, turn on the heat, ten minutes, chew, chew, chew!

      • Hey Jamu. You got the solve.,,that’s what counts. Do you know I’ve never had mac & cheese in my life? Wishing you a great day! 🐔🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Kudos and Origin were neck and neck for hardest word for me. I had to choose one so Kudos won. The cartoon answer was fairly easy. I saw Good right away which left me with Pecks. The bird pecking for his food was your clue to the answer. Another clever finish. Angela,loved your song choice. Doris Day had a very pleasant voice and was enjoyable to watch. Also loved the puns and use of the words. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • God Morning, Brooklyn. I’m pretty sure you’ll be in GOOD company with your 2 word choices today. The numbers are climbing. Glad you enjoyed the music, and thanks for the Shout Out. Wishing you a great day! 🐔🙋🏻

  3. Hi Everyone –
    Like Paul, origin and kudos were the toughest for me.
    This is one of those answers that I got but at first didn’t get. Later I realized the reference was to pectorals. I vaguely remember that expression.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. I wondered if the word might not immediately ring a bell with everyone, which is why I peppered my post with muscle and chest…and I did add the link to Pectoral Muscles…just in case…😉 Hope you’re enjoying your morning! 🐔🙋🏻

  4. Well I’ve got nothing in the way of a ditty today but did solve the puzzle in short order. Doris Day? Pillow talk among other feel good movies way back when it cost .15 cents for admission to those grand theaters of old. Great poetry to accompany the solve. Have a great day all!

    • God Morning, Jim. 15 Cents? It boggles the mind! Thanks for the Shout Out, and I hope I conjured up a few good memories for you…Hoping you have a great day too! 🐔🙋🏻

  5. SURELY, KUDOS should be alloted to whomever discovered the CRIMP in the gas line since this could have been the ORIGIN of a major catastrophe.

  6. Hi all – Got SURELY quickly by putting LY at the end. ORIGIN took quite a few tries; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I’ve been stuck on that before. I saw IRONING INGROWN GROIN but didn’t want to think about that any further.
    The answer letters showed GOOD which let me back into KUDOS. I just don’t use that word much, so didn’t see it for awhile.

    I SURELY haven’t thought of that song in decades Angela, thanks. Funny coincidence that I was just reading about Doris Day yesterday. Too bad she didn’t star with Gregory PECK in Guys and Dolls. I seem to remember BUSHEL being a good old Jumble word that we haven’t seen lately.

    Have a great day everyone!

    “The discovery of the Higgs Boson earned KUDOS for the Large Hadron team and SURELY put a CRIMP in competing theories of the ORIGIN of the universe”.

  7. Steve – Guys And Dolls? There’s a scene where an unknown, now famous Broadway performer appeared; don’t believe he was on for no more than 10 secs. Can you guess (know) who? There’s another where an extra – Harrison Ford – is standing at a bar, hamming it up a little to get noticed. This one I don’t remember the name of The film, if you know help out, please? Thanks & have super comfy cool day.

    • No, no idea on either one of these. Maybe someone else knows. 😉
      It is nice and cool here; our short heat wave finally broke last night.

  8. Guys & Dolls – Jerry Orbach, barber shop scene: “Why it’s good old reliable Nathan… Nathan, Nathan Detroit”.
    Harrison Ford? Comedy (idk year 80-82). Leads were known B movie performers; don’t remember who or name of movie.

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