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Good Morning, Everyone!                  💸 WHOA…BELLY  💸

🎶 Next to a beauty queen…Used to the finer things. Yeah, I missed work for three days…Kissin ‘ on you, didn’t get paid…I couldn’t help but think...I CAN’T AFFORD to love you…But I can’t afford not to…Hoo-hoo-hoo…🎶 “Can’t Afford to Love You” Blake Shelton   2010     https://tinyurl.com/yd28l4bw

💲🍝 He didn’t think that dining here a GAMBIT would compare,
For SURELY he’d have forgone that steak extraordinaire…
The bill reads like a TARIFF, his stomach starts to churn,
He feels like something THATCH-like’s making his throat burn.
This meal will leave him BARREN, his budget shot to shreds,
He’s hoping that he’s brought along those anti-acid meds…
His wife is looking at him ’cause his skin’s tinged COBALT blue,
She’s wondering what’s happened…has he come down with ague?
The bottom line, they’ve wined and dined, they’ve definitely had their fill…
The food was good, and now what’s left is STOMACHING THE BILL!🍝💲

Sunday words always bring that extra little BITE of a challenge…and today was no exception. It’s not that our words were particularly hard today, it just seems that they were perhaps a bit more cerebral and masterfully anagrammed. You needed that thinking cap today. The two words that I couldn’t find in the archives, THATCH and GAMBIT for example, are not words you’re likely to hear ACROSS THE TABLE at your next DINNER party. SURELY we’ve seen TARIFF and BARREN, the former in September 2017, the latter two way back in 2016. And our last and most recently used word, COBALT?…Well, did it make you blue? I looked back to November 2017, when it was last on the MENU, and it didn’t pose a problem, but I think today’s anagram might be a little harder to DIGEST…So, how’d you FARE with our words today? Drop us a line and let us know. Ok..On to the MAIN COURSE

Today we find ourselves amongst the EPICURES. Except our poor protagonist seems to need a CURE! Having just finished a “delicious MEAL” at a “fancy Restaurant“, we overhear PEYTON, PAY for short, asking his waiter how his BILL “got so big”-“Whoa BELLY“, this is so much” The suddenly sickening look on his face, prompts his wife, the lovely DINAH to ask if he’s “feeling alright”...while the waiter is asking if there’s a BEEFPay meanwhile is SWALLOWING hard, and doing a SLOW BURN. He has no idea how he’s going to CHARge this MEAL, since it’s obvious he’s BITTEN off a lot more than he could CHEW, and the STEAKS are high.  Poor guy..he needs a pill after seeing this BILL! And what we have here Folks is what’s know as…”As the STOMACH Turns...” So the problem? STOMACHING THE BILL! HA! SAVOR that one Jumblers! Great play on words, David! It may have COST us an EXTRA moment or two…but it was very WELL DONE!

Ok, eye candy…It’s hard to igGNAW how nicely our couple is DRESSED. We see Pay, (who bears a striking resemblance to Larry David) in a Gray suit jacket worn OVER EASY a Black sweater with a Green collar. Dinah, wearing a Burgundy dress, with SCALLOPed sleeves, sports a string of pearls, lying just below her NECK BONE. Obviously, they both have good TASTE. The dining chairs and tablecloth are both shades of blue…COBALT perhaps, and two Pink Brandy snifters are sitting on the TABLE, in front of our couple. A single bowl is shown, with two spoons. Perhaps a little SORBET to cleanse the PALATE? (You know, so you don’t CHOKE when you see the BILL)! The panel is shaded Gray, and Black silhouetted DINERS and a waiter are seen along the background. There’s a lot of hands in motion. Pay is holding the BILL, which lists numerous dollar signs, in his left, while his right is raised towards his face. Dinah is reaching across to him sensing something’s gone aFOWL. And the waiter has his left hand raised, pointer-finger extended in SUPPERcation…But the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE? If you look real closely…the waiters’ Serviette? The best yet! There’s a tiny scripted “J” to match the one on his jacket…MEN..U can’t make this STUFF up! Great detail, CHEF! I guess the Jumble Guys are SERVING us more than just puzzles! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to all our Jewish brethren…May your Festival of Lights shine brightly…Happy Hanukkah! 🍝💲🙋🏻



27 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/02/2018

  1. COBALT coloured THATCH would SURELY liven up a BARREN landscape but it would be a foolish GAMBIT and violate a TARIFF on artificial roofing materials.
    Not too challenging for a Sunday Jumble–even though I mistakenly wrote BANNER instead of BARREN and that slowed me down a trifle. Enjoy meterological winter everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. A beautifully painted picture! 👏🏻 “N” 5 of my Early Morning Jumblers saw Banner also….Have a good one! 💲🍲🙋🏻


      • So sorry you had to “B” foiled like that! I’m hoping that By coming here we could “B” of some help! Wishing you a great day! 🙋🏻

  2. Problem I had was trying to spell tariff w only 1 f ,but after looking up the correct spelling I was good to go as was my Ohio State FB team yesterday with their big win over NW to win their second straight Big 10 Championship.

    • Good Morning, Professor. And did it TAX your nerves until you got it? 😉 So, those Buckeyes of yours? What’s in the water out there? Steroids? They SURELY gave us a game! You know how there’s like a lull a portion of the time in a game? And sometimes a quarter can go by and there’s a lot of running, but you yawn? Well…not with this one! Right out of the gate, it was a scoring duel. Amazingly exciting start to finish, with that 4th Qtr one to SAVOR! And they covered that spread like whipped cream over hot apple pie, didn’t they? You’ve much to be proud of Prof! A well-deserved Championship! Bask in the glory, and enjoy your day! 💲🙋🏻

  3. Hi everyone – COBALT took me the longest. I had no trouble getting GAMBIT, but I looked it up and found out I was wrong about its meaning.

    • Hi Caroline…Cobalt…Another of those words that you wonder how often you’ve spoken in your life…Maybe never! And I always remember that to be a little bit of a side perk when I learned to do the Jumble. As a child, when I’d get stuck, I’d ask if “such and such” was a word…and my Father’d say…”Look it up”. And there you go! Increasing our vocabulary…Learning while having fun. What could be better? 😉 Wishing you a great day, Caroline! 💲🍲🙋🏻

      • Hi Angela – Cobalt, like Joe Namath, was something I hadn’t thought about at all until recently, when I heard that children were mining cobalt in the Congo.
        Yes, I do enjoy learning a little from the Jumble and posters.

        • Cobalt mining in the Congo? Well, see that? You’re definitely one up on me..I had no idea. We all take away different bits of information from here, don’t we? Last I remember speaking and/or hearing of Cobalt was years and years ago when first learning computer programming… Look at us…on two totally different tangents…and all because of a puzzle game! You gotta love it! Have a good one, Caroline! 💲🍲🙋🏻

        • PS: I did CATCH your Joe Namath mention, but I figured I’d let it PASS today….😉 🙋🏻

  4. I too saw banner at first but cobalt took me the longest as well. No problem with the puzzle solution. Good start to a Sunday morning. Happy day all.

    • Good Morning, Betty..Cobalt? Is it ok if I just say..”Read above”? 😉 The solution was a keeper! So clever and who amongst us hasn’t been there? All that “good food” suddenly sinking right to the bottom of your stomach! LOL! One thing that I am now hearing from my Early Birds, is that they thought “Cost” to be the last word, and it threw them off for a bit. I often wonder if David purposely COOKS that up…You know, slips in an alternate word doable with the letters in an effort to side track us…FOOD for thought, right? 😉 Happy Day to you too, Betty. Enjoy! 🍲💲😂

  5. A bit of irony, Angela. Last Sunday’s NYT crossword, which we always receive a week late, has the clue for 12 down “Super Bowl lll M.V.P.” Enjoy this beautiful day!

    • Hey Chuck…Good Aftermoon. LOL..Any chance you’ve read my above comment to Caroline? Hmm…”Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in…” 😂😂 I also remember a clue in the same puzzle..”Place for a Stud to go”…Now how’s THAT for irony??!! (FYI: I wanted to go with Studio 54..but..A heads-up..it didn’t fit, so don’t even bother to try it)! 😂 Yes, it’s a heck of a coincidence…But do you mind my asking..Why are you getting the puzzle a week late? Do you tip that delivery person? Sounds like you’ve got a seriously disgruntled deliverer on your route! 😉 Have a good one, Chuck…but as far as beautiful? Here on Staten Island, it’s rainy and so foggy you can hardly see where you’re driving…Still beats the snow though…💲🍲🙋🏻

  6. Good afternoon. Got a late start today, but it was worth it. It took some time to get the words but I stayed with it. The hardest word for me was Cobalt. It was the color of blue on my last car and really looked good. The cartoon answer also took some time because I copied down a wrong letter. After I corrected that I was able to finish the answer. Thought it was clever. Angela, nice job as always. Another song that I never heard before. Like his voice but I would pass on the song. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Brooklyn. And a Good Afternoon to you too…I got a late start myself, as you can see from the email time. I fell back to sleep, and then went to Mass before I started today…I’m still all out of whack! Cobalt’s tricky, we don’t see it that often. And your car must have looked sharp…I have two dresses in that color, and they do make a statement. I’m glad you stuck with the words, Bud…it’s a good feeling when it all comes together, right? And it was very clever..it gave me a laugh! Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I’m agreeing with you again on the song pick. He does have a nice voice, and I like him, but I just randomly went with the song because I couldn’t think of anything that fit both the Stomach issue and the Money aspect…Some days we EAT the bear, and some days the bear EATS us, right? 😉 Have a good one. Brooklyn…Speaking of…How’s the fog there on your side? It was brutal this morning when I went out to Church…💲🍲🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – My hardest word by far was BARREN; not a No-BRAiNER, kept seeing BARNER or BANNER. First word wasn’t CATCH, so put together CH and TH to get THATCH; LY trick for SURELY, double letter for TARIFF (after thinking it had two R’s for a minute.) COBALT took a couple of looks, also.
    I figured the answer had to have THE BILL and an ING word, but came within a whisker of giving up until seeing STOMACH at the last second.

    Happy Sunday, everyone!

    Great post and details Angela. I had a BAL reading it, but I laughed at the programming term until I read your link and found that you have the advantage of me after all; I never heard of the COBALT language. You’re a LAMP unto my eyes, and I would have felt like a CAD mistakenly correcting you. At least you didn’t LISP saying it, but I’m glad I don’t have to fling a SNOBOL your way to correct the BASIC spelling of COBOL and that I can give you the highest marks instead of only a C++. 😉😂🙋🏻‍♂️

    Off topic, how could Cal ever have been favored in the Big Game? Must be an oddsmakers thing to adjust the betting. Cal is on the right track after getting rid of Sonny Dykes and actually playing defense, and they had a surprisingly good season, but beating Stanford would have been a big upset.

    • Ah..Grasshopper….By the time time I finish reading your means to the ends…Let’s just say I give you an A for effort! 😉 You do take a BYTE out of it! 😉 And that whisker comment is new. I’ve never HAIRd you mention that before. Is that a CAD 😉 reference?…So, now…my COBALT..and your riff! ANIMATED.., but SURELY you don’t mean it when you say you were grading me! 😉 You know me well enough, after all this time, to know that had I been wrong, I’d have easily admitted it. I’ve been wrong soooooooo many times in my life, I’m PROGRAMMED to deal with it! And as I’ve always said, there’s no shame in making an error, the shame is in not having the B—s to admit it…And we borh know I don’t bounce that way! 😂 So thanks for the Shout Out, and I’m glad I gave you a chuckle! As for the game? You know my feelings about losing…I was raised a Mets fan, and I have the scars to prove it…But beating Stanford?…SMH! Just be grateful you’re not a betting man! Have a great day, G…and you could never be a CAD to me!😘🙋🏻

      • Cal Bears go to the prestigious “Cheeze-It” (“the cops?”) Bowl 12/26 in Phoenix 🙄
        Better than nothing, and we should know. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Just the name alone…!! 😂😂 Not all it’s CRACKERed up to be! Sometimes nothing’s ok! 😉 Ok, I’ll stop…🙄🙋🏻

  8. Better late than never, Angela. I loved your father’s reply to you when you asked if such and such was a word!! As far as the NYT crossword goes, it comes in the D section of our local paper. Its (local paper) connection with NYT must be screwed up. Our paper deliverer probably could care less. The stud clue didn’t register with me. Fabulous connection! Go Pats..

    • Hi Chuck…Never too late…Thank you. He ❤️💔 was a great teacher…He had me Jumbling as soon as I was reading. Joe Namath, the “Stud”? LOL! Just something that I thought funny last week when I did the crossword. I probably was just a little too broad in explaining..or not explaining. Anyway… I should have realized that you WOULDN’T think of him as one! LOL!! As for your paper, I was just joking about your carrier, you know holding the puzzle back for a week because you might have stiffed him on a tip? Again…sometimes my broad sense of humor doesn’t translate that well…especially on paper…And if there’s any screw up with the paper, chalk it up to NY! We’re notorious for screwing up! But the Go Pats? Hmm…I just can’t say it, Chuck! 😉 I’ll give ’em their due..but that’s as far as I go! They did play a good game.😉.Hope you’re enjoying your night! 🙋🏻

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